Featured Mix: Everyday Junglist Podcast 486 – DJ Rhi Spect

Episode 486 brings us a mix from the boss of Devon’s Road Recordings, Rhi Spect!

Rhi’s mix has a beautiful flow and great track selection, combining atmospherics with tuff amen tunes and some forthcoming bits from Devon’s Road Recordings! Rhi Spect smashed it!

Let’s meet our dj for episode 486, Rhi Spect:

1. Who was my biggest musical influence? –
It’s really really hard to pick one influence! Unless i can just say my family – as I’ve raved with brother, who is a sick 93 hardcore dj (DJ Hijack) and sister from being a teenager to this day and we’ve discovered new music together, gone through changes in our music taste together, plus my brother bought me my Technics for my birthday, which was the best bday present ever and was the start of my djing journey, so that was a game changer. My dad was also a massive influence for me musically, he plays harmonica & saxophone in blues bars, festivals & carnival every year and is self-taught. I mean come on, family has gotta be my biggest musical influence as I probably wouldn’t be that into music at all if it wasn’t for growing up with music surrounding me.

If it has to be an artist it would be DBridge I think… but it’s so difficult as there’s so many artists I rate!
Dbridge is one of my biggest influences, from being part of Bad Company who made some of the best drum & bass tracks which I will always love, probably as they were the tunes I first bought and started mixing with and still do, to his own releases which for me, are always soulful, dark and moody. One of my favourite tunes ever is Inner Disbelief, proper moving, but with that bad bassline that you have to wait for and then today running Exit.

2. Tell us about anything new and upcoming for Devons Road Recordings
, We have just released the tune Just u & me on limited edition 10″ dubplate, we have Volume 2 of Time and Motion coming out in April and exciting releases coming from Bomb Shelter Crew and Anti Traxx later this year plus we are looking forward to more parties at Four Quarters in Peckham, SE London where all the crew get to test out their dubs! The next one is on Thursday April 6th and it’s free entry.

3. I’m having a bit of insomnia. What’s the best sound to fall asleep to, ocean waves or a spring rain storm?

Luckily, I don’t get insomnia, but if I needed some sound to help me sleep, I’d choose ocean waves. I think that would be more calming than lively spring rain!

For more music from Rhi Spect or to purchase music from Devon’s Road Recordings, please click the links below:

Instagram @ dj_rhispect
Instagram @ devonsroadrecordings

Enjoy the sounds of Rhi Spect! Everyday Junglist Podcast!

Simon Bassline Smith- Midnite- Deep Jungle
Heavyweight-Untitled 4- Heavyweight- Volume 2
Basic Rhythm- Help Me Revival EP- Basic Rhythm (Bandcamp)
Bomb Shelter Crew-J ust u and me- Devon’s Road Recordings
Stones Taro- Yakasugi- Breaks n Pieces
Bomb Shelter Crew- W.I.L.- Devon’s Road Recordings
Anti Traxx- Poison Pill- Devon’s Road Recordings (forthcoming)
Kola Nut- Untitled- R Whites vol 2
DJ Sofa- So Soft- Myor Massiv
Type- Emilio- Type (Bandcamp)
Shay- Push Up- AKO
Stones Taro- Mint- Lost City Archives Vol 4
Harmony- Dance with me- Deep Jungle
Bomb Shelter Crew- Deep Love- Devons Road (forthcoming)
Tek 9- Slow down (Enjoy remix) – AKO
Bomb Shelter Crew- Come wid it!- Devons Road (forthcoming)
Kid Lib- Jungl3r- Deep Jungle
Bomb Shelter Crew- Scattered Souls- Devon’s Road (forthcoming)
Cheetah-Cloud- Sine
Stretch- Kisses- AKO
Street Science- Come to Me- Desert Storm
J Majik- Meridian-Infrared Records
Kloke- Tuff Luv- Future Retro

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