Featured Mix: Everyday Junglist Podcast 483 – Jungalice

Welcome to episode 483 of the Everyday Junglist Podcast!

483 brings us the stylings of Jungalice!

Jungalice’s mix combines old and new tunes! This set shows masterful track selection with amens, rollers, ravey tunes and atmospheric tracks! Jungalice puts together an AMAZING, energy filled mix that all of you will enjoy!

Let’s meet our dj for episode 483, Jungalice:

1. What are your top 3 drum n bass/jungle tunes of all-time?

Honestly I could never pick 3 definitive favourites. I like such a wide range of dnb and jungle it would be way too hard to choose!
My 3 favourite at the moment are (in no particular order ) Baiana – Nia Archives , Photing – Harmony & Fire – Sully.

2. What lead you to working at RK Bass?

I was hooked when I first bought my first ever record there. I couldn’t stop going back and eventually ended up volunteering before being employed by RareKind, it just felt like where I was meant to be.

3. If you could be Batman or Robin, who would you be and why?

Umm I think I’d have to go for Robin on this one, he’s a trusty side kick who’s always there when you need him, and his life generally seems a bit happier and less stressful!

For more music from Jungalice and to check out RK Bass Records, click the links below:

Instagram @ jungalicemusic
Instagram @ rkbassrecords

Enjoy the sounds of Jungalice!

1. Full Train – Stones Taro
2. Down To The Foundation – Double O
3. Plum Sauce – Fluid Haunts
4. Planet X – Arcane Ft. Samurai Breaks
5. 161 – Baithead
6. Crazy Eyes – Harmony
7. Loosen Grip – T-Cuts
8. The Cold – Cold Leader
9. Just Can’t – Charla Green
10. Do You Know – LMajor
11.JUNGLE TEKNAH – Sherelle
12. Outta London – Decibella
13. Piano Soul – Harmony
14. Goliath – Enei Ft. DRS
15. 0860 – Fracture Ft. Eastman
16. Rhythm Remix – DJ Rap & Voyager
17. Uncanny Valley – Kloke
18. Spiritual Aura – DJ Rap
19. Age Of Insanity – Folosaphers
20. Can’t Get Enough – Tim Reaper & Dwarde
21. Harmony & Extreme – Temple Of Heaven
22. Be My Night – Hornchurch Hardcore
23. All On Me – Subjects
24. Cause Of The Phaerohs – Arcane
25. Recognize The Rush – Cold Leader
26. Hold You – Lemon D Remix

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