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Featured Album: The Aerosoul Album by Leke Aerosoul

Compilation album featuring tracks from some of jungle and DnBs finest producers. Coming together to raise money for Leke and his family.

Released May 26, 2023

Kindly mastered by Bob Macc www.scmastering.com
Design by Blueskin Badger

1. Alaska – Aerosoul (2023 Remaster) 08:40
2. DJ Trax – Layers 06:52
3. Harmony – Optimistic 06:14
4. The Last Ronin – Mentwist 06:46
5. Deep Blue – Destroyer VIP 07:02
6. Seba – Love Cycle 06:02
7. Double O – Leke Funk 04:57
8. Nookie – Deeper 04:57
9. John B – Stay 05:17
10. Manix – Return To Belgium 05:03
11. Equinox – Summer Vibe 06:04
12. Madcap – Dedication 05:54
13. K-Super – Eternal Xtasy 05:18
14. Just Jungle – Stand Off Solid 05:35
15. Inertia -Serenity 05:52
16. ASC – Tears 08:09

Featured Album: Devon’s Road Recordings – Time and Motion Volume 2 CLIPS

Clips taken from our 2nd compilation Time and Motion Volume 2 featuring 10 tracks from 10 different artists spanning the rave genre from melodic breakbeat tracks through to hardcore junglism!

Get the album here

Behind The Label: Primitivizm

We found out that one of our previous interviewees, producer and DJ Indidjinous has been very busy since we last had a chat with him in 2019, so of course we needed to know more! His latest LP ‘Animal Style’ will be released on his new label Primitivizm via bandcamp where you can download it for free (pay what you want, even if that’s zero) for a limited time. Get it here!

Hey Indidjinous and thank you for answering our questions. We last had a chat with you in January 2019 – what have you been up to since then?

We were still doing Tech Itch Recordings label nights back in 2019, so we hosted a few shows in London and Bristol that year. Releases since then include my second collab LP with Centaspike, a remix, a single track and a solo EP on Biotic, an EP on AGN7 Audio, and an uncharacteristically jungly couple of tracks on Detrimental Audio with Fushara.

How did you cope with the lockdowns and everything surrounding that period?

I was doubly lucky because I was able to work at home and I am married so I wasn’t totally isolated. So I didn’t have the economic or social stress that many had. Musically it was challenging because our event plans were ruined but it didn’t take too long to realise it was a golden opportunity to focus on production. So it was a time of adaptation and ultimately led to where I am today with the studio, sound meditation practice and Primitivizm.

How did Primitivizm come about?

In 2021 several milestones converged to inspire Primitivizm. First, I had my 100th track released, so it felt like time for a new direction. Second, I finished my first solo dn’b LP. Third, my sound meditation project kicked into high gear. I felt a need for a central outlet that tied everything Indidjinous together in one place. That’s Primitivizm.

Where did the name come from?

Primitivizm captures the primal essence that is the foundation of my sound, particularly when I use the didjeridu, the world’s oldest wind instrument. It’s also a nod to the art movement known as “primitivism” which takes inspiration from ancient art. Primitivizm translates that visual tradition into auditory form.

What kind of music will be released on Primitivizm?

Primitivizm will feature all my solo work. That includes drum & bass tracks, soundscapes for sound meditation, didjeridu recordings, other live jams, and mixes via Primitivizim Radio. I will continue releasing on other labels like Biotic and Tech Itch Recordings, but those will be mostly collabs with artists on those labels. For now Primitivizm will be based at a Bandcamp store, but will eventually expand to a standalone website that will offer didjeridu lessons, DJ and meditation events, merch, and possibly hand crafted didjeridus.

Will you be releasing other artists too?

Only if it’s an Indidjinous collab.

First release is your LP ‘Animal Style’; what can you tell us about it?

Animal Style is experimental techstep drum & bass. Some tracks stretch the genre’s definition like the dark-jazz halftimer ‘The Den’ with its offset kick drum and ‘Tarantism’, an industrial/tribal war dance built around an unusual break. Clear tributes to my formative influences are sprinkled throughout with ‘Vespertine’ reminiscent of Tech Itch, ‘Twilight Predation’ exuding Dom & Roland vibes, and ‘Scavenger’ inspired by early Teebee. My didjeridu is heard across the LP, bringing a guttural, animalistic contrast to the mechanised programming. Massive thanks out to the mighty Macc from Subvert Central Mastering for making these tracks shine!

Your album was made in the new North London studio which is a collaboration between Tech Itch Recordings & Biotic Recordings, what can you tell us about that?

After our elaborate plans for a Tech Itch/Biotic soundclash event called BIO-TECH in 2020 were ruined by the pandemic, Biotic label owner Facs and I decided to build a new studio where we could keep our vision alive during lockdown. The studio has been a real refuge throughout covid that has spawned all sorts of music experiments, including a live jam project featuring myself, Facs, Scythe and City Pains, and two monthly radio shows on WeekendRushFM. Second Thursdays are Primitivizm Radio from 8-10pm, third Thursdays are BIO-TECH Radio from 8-11pm. 

I know you also have completed a yoga certification programme to be a sound meditation facilitator, how did that come about? For people who are not familiar with this, can you explain what a sound meditation facilitator is?

Sound meditation events, or sound baths as they are known, are guided meditation sessions centred on spiritual instruments like gongs, shamanic drums and singing bowls. Think of the mysterious, percussion-less voids before drops on a typical drum & bass track, and extend that vibe to an hour or two and you have a sound bath! The didjeridu has its origins not as a musical instrument but more of a ceremonial device, so it adapts well to the Naad Yoga tradition from which sound baths originate. I am hosting my first public sound bath on 21 May in Notting Hill alongside three other graduates from our training. Join us for something different!

This sound meditation event is 90 minutes long and will feature myself and three other practitioners on a variety of traditional ceremonial instruments including the didjeridu, gongs, bells, chimes and various forms of percussion and vocalisation. Tickets are available here

What is next for Primitivizm and Indidjinous?

After the Animal Style LP, Primitivizm will shift into low gear with a sci-fi meditation soundscape LP later this year. Expect an expedition across rich layers of sonic vibrations featuring equal parts digital and analogue instrumentation.

Thank you!

Exclusive Interview: Illmatika & Sofi Mari

Hey Illmatika & Sofi Mari! Thank you for answering my questions for us.

Let’s start from the beginning. For those who are not familiar with your names – can you tell me a little bit about yourself, how long you’ve been doing what you are doing and how you ended up in the music/dnb scene?

ILLMATIKA: I’m an artist/host and I’ve been doing it for more than a hot minute, ended up in the scene by giving a demo tape to my barber who was on pirate radio on weekend rush 92.3

SOFI: I’ve been involved as a drum and bass vocalist and host MC since 2008, starting in Miami. I met some mates in middle school who introduced me to d&b and I got into it properly from there. While a couple of them would practice spinning, others would MC, and I would improvise singing over those sets too. That led to me jumping on the mic at house parties and as time went on I met Stereotype [Formation, Intrigue, Driven AM] while at college for music business. I was already working with a jazz fusion band at the time and upon finding a fellow d&b head, that DJ’d and produced, I didn’t hesitate to agree to working with him on some drum and bass.

Do you guys remember your first rave?

ILLMATIKA: I remember my first rave: it was Voodoo magic at Equinox, Leicester Square. MC flux was there on the night and I remember MC Five O and Andy C. I also remember lots of ravers on that night approaching me for pills and drugs and I had no idea why they continually were asking me. Later on I would find out why.

SOFI: I can’t say I really remember my very first rave, as I’m sure it was a house party of some sort in the early 00’s. Global Gathering was a massive rave in downtown Miami that was thrown in what I think was 2002 or 2003 and that was my first proper experience in a major club setting. I remember Goldie, Fabio and Grooverider were playing in the main room and Africa Baby Bam of the Jungle Brothers hosted an outdoor stage with hip hop. I’ll never forget that night. The music was incredible, everyone was there to simply let go and have a great time. I ended up meeting Baby Bam after he let some of us jump on the mic to freestyle. I sang and he approached me asking how serious I was about being a vocalist. That led to him linking me with producer and drummer [Mike Cupino] who asked me to join the jazz fusion band he was in. That was when my professional vocal journey started. It’s mad reminiscing over what’s happened since that one night.

How are you guys coping with what’s going on in the world right now? Has it affected your creativity in any way?

ILLMATIKA: It can be hard at times however there are some positives from it. It has given me more time to be around family and more time to concentrate on writing; but the performing side is very hard to take not being able to do. So some days I’m feeling very creative, other days I just can’t be bothered.

SOFI: I’ve managed this whole year by placing more focus on my well being and overall health. The initial shut down and uncertainty of both the hospitality and entertainment industries caused me to uproot myself and relocate. It’s been a roller coaster of emotions and although I’ve managed to get some writing in, I haven’t been as creative as I was aiming to be this year. These releases have been the silver lining: reminding me that you can’t force something. When the time is right you will know.

Let’s chat about the track! ‘Perfect Summer’ is a beautiful tune which really takes me back to warmer and more easy going times…. Late summer nights, watching the sunset, no worries about tomorrow… What was the inspiration behind the track and the lyrics?

ILLMATIKA: The concept of experiencing that very ‘perfect moment’ was the initial idea for the track. For example: having that perfect evening or having that perfect bite of a chocolate, and then it grew from there… The energy of the track really came from Mr Joseph. He sent me the beat and from there I thought of Sofi Mari because we had been talking about getting on a track together for a while and this seemed like the perfect opportunity.

SOFI: Illmatika initially sent me the track with his first verse recorded. That verse, and the feel good summery vibe of the track itself, inspired me to write from one of the possible viewpoints of a woman (or anyone really) being approached by someone who is interested in them. I did go based on some of my own experience as well as experiences I’ve known others have had.

How did you put the track together?

ILLMATIKA: In terms of putting the track together I had an idea of the arrangement and I shared that idea with Sophie before going to the studio, once we got to the studio the magic came together quickly with Sofi’s big pad of rhymes and writing on the spot and recording.

SOFI: Most of it was done separately until Illmatika and I got together to record in studio. I arrived and realised my verse was a bit too short so I got straight to adding more to it while Illmatika recorded. We’d accomplished all recording in that one session. It was great. I really do miss being in a proper studio setting.

How long have you been working on it?

ILLMATIKA: The actual making of the song didn’t take long at all. We spent maybe 3 hours in the studio together. Sofi and I with the beat and it was done and we sent Mr Joseph the vocals so he could put the finishing touches to it.

SOFI: This collaboration was one of those lucky ones where we all got it completed and recorded within a matter of days. Illmatika and I were pretty shocked at how quickly and smoothly it all came together. We kept wondering what the catch was—Haha!

It is coming out on Liquid V on the 2 December (today!). Big label and big release! How did that come about?

ILLAMTIKA: We’ve all had previous releases on liquid V so it was a case of just sending the track to Bryan G and he loved it and said it would be good to release on liquid v.

SOFI: It’s been amazing to represent and be represented by such a legendary and well respected label in the game! Thankfully we’ve all had past releases on the label, so that definitely helped us. Illmatika and Mr. Joseph got this particular single locked in for us. Bryan Gee was feeling it once he heard it and, well, here we are!

Illmatika; can you tell me a bit more about your artist name and how that came about?

Long story, I’ll tell you when I see you.

Sofi Mari;  You are living in the USA at the moment, but have been living in London too – can you tell me how you ended up in London in the first place?

I was born in the UK and have family there. Once I finished my bachelors degree back in Florida I wanted to live in England, even just for a little while. I packed up and moved over, initially aiming to move to Bristol. Locking in a place to live there was challenging and I ended up in London thanks to friends I knew living there.

What is the hardest part of doing a collaboration?

ILLMATIKA: The hardest part for me is ensuring that I’m not dominating a discussion and allowing for office to put their point across because I think, at times, once I get a picture in my head that’s the only thing that I can see. But I think with a collaboration it’s important to listen to all points of view and ensure that you are all happy with the representation that you are giving of yourselves on the music.

SOFI: I’d say the hardest part is simply making sure everyone gets their fair say in the process of getting the work completed. It’s a proper challenge when having to remember a collaborative effort is actually a team effort; there’s no I in team. That and the distance. Some people would much rather work together in the studio, but often can’t due to where everyone involved lives.

What’s next?

ILLMATIKA: More music on continuing to spread that soulful sound within the dnb arena

SOFI: Looking forward to more collabs with both Illmatika and Mr. Joseph for sure! I’ve also got another 2-track EP with Mozey forthcoming on liquid V later in December. Keep an eye out for that too!

Any famous last words?

ILLMATIKA: Yeah big up and thanks for having us! Shouts out to the liquid V family and shout out to all the people that have been supporting us in buying our music, commenting and giving us good vibes.

SOFI: Big shouts to Illmatika and Mr Joseph here for such a great experience working with them. Bryan Gee, Jumping Jack Frost and everyone involved in the V Recordings camp, as well as everyone worldwide who has supported our journey and music! And thanks so much to you, Drum and Basics crew, for interviewing us. All Love!

Thank you guys and big up!


Buy the tune here.

Follow IllMatika, Sofi Mari & V Recordings on Social Media;




facebook.com/IllMatika ‘dnbsoulbrother’

facebook.com/V Recordings

Instagram.com/PLanet V

Free Download: Streetlight Vol 1 – Repertoire

1. Mizeyesis – Call To The Ancestors 06:12
2. Sebastian Gee – Modulate Philosophy 06:58
3. Yaxx – Elsa 04:31
4. Layton – Break 04:36
5. Rozzer – Telegenics 06:58
6. Art Cuebik – Photegraphik 05:41
7. Atlas x K Super – Deaf Drums 05:47
8. Odd Harmonics – Drums On E 05:51
9. Skwig – Airbound 04:44
10. Qant – Negative Space 05:05
11. Kratos – Sedative Suite 05:53
12. WDDS – Canicule 06:18
13. RUNDR ft. B-ahwe – New Dawn 06:05
14. SenseNet – With You 07:08
15. Sourpuss – The Bellucci Dream 05:34
16. Amalgam – Undertoe 05:21

Introducing Streetlight Vol 1 – A non-profit compilation available for free download, aimed at shining a light on new and underrated producers.

– Backstory –
We get tonnes of great demos from new artists, so much so that we found it frustrating when we had to turn music down simply because it’s unfeasible to release it all on vinyl.

So we’ve trawled our inbox from the last year and reached out to the artists that have caught our eye (or ears, should we say!). We picked the best of the bunch to be mastered by DJ Sappo to form the inaugural Streetlight compilation.

Featured Release: Skylark – Ergo & Pressure Points

Strasbourg-born producer Skylark emerged to the drum&bass scene in 2016 with his debut on Skankandbass and has since then continued his successful journey with releases on labels like Overview, Methlab, Dispatch Recordings & Flexout and more.

His latest release ‘Ergo’ & ‘Pressure Points’ out on DIVIDID this month, truly shows his passion and excitement for the music he makes. It’s definitely Skylark’s unique sound which we now recognize, but what these tunes also shows is a new depth to the 24-year old.

Pressure  Point is out 5 June & Ergo on the 19 June, head to DIVIDID’s BandCamp to get them.

Follow Skylark on Instagram & Facebook

Read more about Skylark in this article from UKF and in this article from DJ Mag.


Photo by Theo de Maillard

Featured Release: JSR002: Andy Skopes – Ready For The Syndicate // Foolish

Jungle Syndicate Recordings are releasing two Andy Skopes tracks where all the profits will go to Cancer Research UK in his memory.

‘Andy was one of the kindest souls we have ever had the pleasure of knowing and his loss has been felt throughout the music industry and beyond.

He was such a humble artist who played gigs for the love not the money and made music purely for his and others’ enjoyment; music was his true passion. From his first release on Jerona Fruits Recordings in 2007 through Soothsayer Recordings in 2008, Fizzy Beats and Utopia music in 2009 and V Recordings in 2015 right up to his latest on Metalheadz and Inperspective, Andy’s sound is truly unique to him, whatever the style. His edits, pads and bass are instantly recognisable and the two tracks on this vinyl are no exception.

We are releasing these tracks in memory of Andy and his music, loved by so many.

On behalf of Andy, his family and friends please join us in continuing his legacy by promoting his music, old and new. Through this he will live on in our hearts, minds and sound systems, forever.

To honour Andy and the person he was, all profits from this release will be donated to Cancer Research in his name.’

You can pre-order the release from Band Camp now, shipping will start from the 27th July.

Exclusive Interview: A sides.


A sides is no stranger within Drum & Bass.


Beginning back in 1992 with his own releases & setting up Eastside records with Ola, we’ve seen & heard how versatile his releases are.


A sides has a long history within music & M_A wanted you guys to have an insight into his music career.





A sides you’re known to be a veteran within the music industry.

What’s your opinion on this status that you’ve been given on social media?

It’s a strange one as I’m still active within the music industry but I mean can you really apply the term veteran to someone who is still active? any how i’ll take it as a compliment :)

Lets chat about the history of your production and record label…

Going back to 1991, can you count how many releases you’ve had?

Looking back its way over 550 but then you’ve got to take into account all the remixes, compilations, all the engineering I’ve done which i never got credit for which never had my name on those releases & only got paid an engineering fee but overall we are looking at 600 plus figure which includes non D&B.

Production wise I started messing around way before 1991 purchasing a multitrack the recorder and my first set of SL 1210’s at the age of 15 with my wages from a milk round

Thank’s for being guarantor Mum x

Tell us about your transition from Hardcore to D&B?

Originally i came from Old School Electro and Hip Hop to Hip House to Hardcore then over to all genres of Drum & Bass.

 Music then & music now?

A lot has changed within music I have made tempo wise from the early days.

starting at round 122BPM & now working at around 175BPM but Drum & Bass music still remains fresh and innovative and groundbreaking which is great and production skills are second to none.

I do feel the D&B is misrepresented commercially to the masses because what people are hearing in the mainstream is very watered down and isn’t real Drum & Bass. People need to dig deeper and find the real side of D&B, what it really is!

So going on from that.

Do you think having D&B compilations in high street stores like HMV can help educate?

I haven’t really paid it much attention but I think compilations can help if they are compiled well and contain a mixture of commercial and more underground Drum & Bass.

D&B Releases?

From my current experiences i feel that the industry is changing when it comes to releasing music.

I am always thinking of ways to restructure how i release my music in the future.

Labels are starting to see more income from streaming from places like Spotify etc and are also setting up their own stores i.e Bandcamp to sell their product direct.

Vinyl is becoming more of a collectors market now.

I see a lot of labels using crowd funding through sites such as Qrates to do limited vinyl presses and it can be profitable on limited presses if it’s set up correctly.

I think most people who buy vinyl nowadays are either serious collectors or people who appreciate the art side, the cover and they like to read the sleeve notes and sit at home and just play a record on 1 turntable.

They are not worried about how loud it is any more as you can have your loud digital version if you are a DJ.

RIP Loudness war!


Quart Sector releases?

My idea was to have the Quart LP released as 5 individual digital EP’s / Sectors over a period of 5 months and then release the whole album and some exclusive bonus content as a single package in the new year along with crowd funded vinyl releases, something special.

I feel a lot of albums get overlooked nowadays because there are so many tracks on them and people tend to forget about them very quickly especially if there are a lot of albums coming out in a short period of time so to release as 5 parts helps to prolong the life of the music and also prolong my publicity as an artist.

Your views on Quantity & Quality of releases?

Nowadays you don’t have to outlay much money to get a release out there in a digital format so really you can do what you want to musically which can be a good or a bad thing so labels can be more risky about what they release as they don’t have to pay large amounts of money on vinyl manufacturing.

Every label is different though some will have less releases but better quality and others will have more releases with less quality.

Swings and roundabouts but the label that releases the better quality would hopefully shine through!

Record Labels, your thoughts on them at present?

Some are good and some are bad :)

If you are keeping it real and in it for the right reasons then i salute you!

What’s your opinion on production, the track length times becoming shorter?

Production is great and just always seems to get better and better as technology evolves.

It doesn’t matter to me about track lengths I can roll them out in the mix either way as DJ on Serato, I don’t mind a 3 or 4 minute tune but I do agree a lot of song lengths are getting shorter.

Part of me thinks with the track being shorter it makes it more radio friendly especially commercially but it can also make a song sound more interesting if things are happening quicker but for me sometimes i love a track that just rolls out too.


A sides, you’re also known to be a global Dj.

Are there any countries you haven’t played at an event?

I haven’t been to India, Indonesia, Bali,Turkey, Vietnam, Venezuela, Peru, Chile, Egypt, Ukraine, Malaysia etc but I think I have played in more countries than I haven’t lol.

So do you think that’s due to lack of D&B knowledge or event promoters?

Some countries have very small scenes if any so I may never get to play those ones.

I also feel a good established agent always helps but I do a lot of my own bookings direct, I also wish i got more love from UK promoters like I do from other countries but got to say thanks to promoters like Innersoul, Launch and Soul In Motion who have shown me great support in the UK.

Do you think events are looking all the same lately, not much variation on line ups?

I don’t really venture out to a lot of nights so it’s hard to say but I prefer the more underground events where promoters book a varied line up and keep it quality.

Label nights can all be the same but it depends on the label roster and how often they do that label night in the same city.

My ideal night is to have several rooms all playing different styles of music.

Forthcoming events, tours, projects end of this year & 2017?

I think I’m in Cardiff on 2nd December and then off to the USA over Xmas and New Year before heading straight to New Zealand from early Jan till April for the Sun And Bass tour.

Project wise I’m looking to get in the studio in New Zealand with Nathan Haines to work on new Sci-Clone projects for Metalheadz and hopefully before i leave the UK a collaboration with Serum. The Quart project is now a wrap for me so its time to move on to the next episodes!

Well it’s been a pleasure asking you these Questions.
Thanks for letting us interview you.


To get up to date news on forthcoming releases from A sides click these links.





Also Quart Sector 4 release is out this Friday…

Check it out.


Lunar Records – Phil Tangent.


Well finally Mr Phil Tangent has announced his new record label Lunar Records which will feature the best in atmospheric moving D&B from upcoming producers & well known & even a sneaky first release on the label from himself.


To keep up to date check social media page



Heres a sneaky clip of the first forthcoming release! 




Drum+Basics Presents: Let It Roll Recordings.


Let It Roll festival is expanding their empire into new territory as they welcome their first release as a label, the Opening EP – https://soundcloud.com/let-it-roll-recordings/sets/opening-ep/s-wlJuw


Aptly named, this 3 track EP will take you on a grimy, euphoric journey ending with the title track by Drum and Bass heavyweights Rido and Counterstike called “Let It Roll.”


Offering a two chapter, 10-minute-long introduction leading up to the title track “Let it Roll”, the Opening EP is set to become a truly seminal release in the wake of what’s been one of the biggest years for Drum & Bass so far.

“New Chapter (Part 1)” begins by building up a theatrical crescendo of strings as electronic sounds start to permeate the melody.

“New Chapter (Part 2)” comes in harder and is an indication of what’s to come in the 3rd and final track on the EP “Let It Roll.” An eerie, atmospheric start with pulsing, menacing electronic sounds creeping in the lead up to the instantly recognizable vocal. Then, the drums are unleashed.

Download now….https://pro.beatport.com/release/the-opening/1665267







Interview and Guest Mix: Kush T

This is very exciting for Drum+Basics! We’ve been lucky enough to get an exclusive guest mix from Southampton DJ and producer Kush T. His ‘Tense / Waiting’ is out on Terabyte Records today so we wanted to know a little bit more about him…

Who are you?

I’m Pete, otherwise known as Kush T, a Digital Music student from Oxford studying my final year in Southampton.

How did it all start?

For as long as I can remember I’ve always had a keen interest in music. I wanted to be in a band at an early age so that was when I taught myself to play the guitar and drums as well as a bit of piano. This inevitably led to me discovering Drum & Bass through a good friend of mine when I was about 16. So I grabbed myself a pair of turntables and that was it, I was hooked.

I’ve always been more of a Drum & Bass DJ but eventually it got the stage when I wanted to dedicate myself more by learning to make the music itself. It was until a bit over a year ago I started producing thanks to my mate Ant (Knauf) who gave me advise and the rest. I’ve never looked back since.

Describe your music in one sentence…

If I had to describe my music, I would say it is deep, experimental and minimalistic aiming to portray emotion and purpose across to the listener.

How’s your studio set up and what would be a dream studio?

I’ve got a rather modest set up at the moment consisting of 2x Mackie MR5, MacBook Pro 13″, Focusrite Saffire Pro 14 soundcard, 2x Pioneer 1000s mk2 and DJM 600 mixer.
My dream studio, hmm this could be fun. Definitely would consist of a Virus TI and a pair of Adam 8s. Oh and a banging view of the Caribbean. Can’t really go wrong there!

What kind of music do you listen to?

All sorts.. UK Hip Hop, Funky Garage and Ska are a few that come to mind. But it all depends what mood I’m in really!

You have a release on Terabyte Records – How did you end up working with them?

It all started earlier this year when a mate of mine passed a few tracks over to Sam from Terabyte and it all led from there. At the moment I’m focusing on my final year at uni, so finding time to get creative in the studio has proven to be difficult. It will all be over soon though, thank god for that! But not to worry, theres a lot in the pipeline at the moment so 2014 looks to be a busy year.

What’s in store for 2014?

Producing, producing and more producing.. I’m working on a number of collaborations at the moment, as well as a few remixes and getting knuckling down with my new EP. If all goes to plan they should all be finished in 2014, so keep your ears pealed!

What’s been the highlight of 2013?

A hard question that! But I’d have to say a highlight that stands out to me was my set down in Cambridge the other week supporting XXXY and Randomer. The night surprisingly had an awesome atmosphere and supporting DJs/Producers that don’t fall under the Drum & Bass category was interesting to say the least! To be honest with you, I wasn’t expecting there to be decent nights going down in Cambridge! Haha, so the moral of the story is not to jump to conclusions!

And you’ve been kind enough to do a guest mix for us…

The guest mix I have provided begins with a deep chilled vibe which escalates into a variety of Drum & Bass styles including a few exclusives from myself and Knauf. So sit back and enjoy!


Track: Break – Chaos Theory
Producer: Minor Rain

Any last words?

For starters, thanks for having me! I also just want to give a massive shout out to the Terabyte boys for all the hard work they have done. Its always great to witness hard work pay off. Saying this, next year is definitely something to look forward to. So until next time!






Minor Rain – In My Place
Kush T – Hyperspace ft. Serge
Mute & Mako – Cali Sleaze
Survival & Silent Witness – Visitation
Basher & Frankee – Weep
Kush T – Tense ft. Serge
Maztek – iMaz
Rido – They Think That
Amoss – New Jack Swing
Icicle – Anxious
Enei – Count To Ten
Knauf – Coppa Rod
Memro – Colony
Minor Rain – Canyon Sunrise
Spectrasoul – Sometimes We Lie (DLR Remix)
M-Set – Summer Love ft. Hannah Eve

Disco77: A release roundup

Halloween is supposed to be a truly terrifying time of year and and after looking at the sheer number of new releases out today my bank balance has had the fright of its life!  So this week rather than try and write reviews, I’m going to run through my pick of the week’s new releases. Read More