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Featured Mix: Rupture x Rinse FM with Double O & Coco Bryce

Featured Mix: Free From Sleep 013: Djinn

One of Manchester’s finest DJ and producer, Djinn steps up for our 13th FFS mix. Known for her versatility and uncompromising style which captures the raw essence of Jungle & DnB. From a deep selection of intricate breaks with dark dubbed-out basslines, atmospheric cuts, & forward-thinking soundscapes.

For us, she delivers a masterful flow of atmospheres and emotions driven by a mellay of breaks, poly-rhythms, and in-your-face kickdrums that effortlessly blend into each other. Definitely not one to go unnoticed…

Source Direct – A Made Up Sound (Metalheadz)⁣⁣
Photek – The Seven Samurai (Science)⁣⁣
ASC – Process of Elimination (dub – Samurai Music)⁣⁣
Effra – Clueless (dub)⁣⁣
Dotka Venom – Dreadnox (dub – AKO Beatz)⁣⁣
Dreadmaul – Cave People (dub)⁣⁣
The Untouchables – Mutant Hunters (Untouchables)⁣⁣
Last Life – The Minimal (dub – Samurai Music)⁣⁣
Acid Lab – Another Radius (Guerilla Bass)⁣⁣
Jem One – Pandoras Box (dub)⁣⁣
Ink – Rising Clouds (Cylon)⁣⁣
Earl Grey – Living Wake (Hypercharger)⁣⁣
David Louis – Self Acceptance (dub)⁣⁣
Equinox – All Massive (Scientific Wax)⁣⁣
Champa B – Mob Tactics (dub)⁣⁣
Innervisions – Inside Yourself (Reinforced)⁣⁣
Breakage – Old Skool Ting (Digital Soundboy)⁣⁣
Acid Lab – Mindgame (Guerilla Bass)⁣⁣
Photek – One Nation (Sanctuary)⁣⁣
DJ Pulse – Stay Calm [Equinox rmx] (Creative Wax)⁣⁣

Free Download: In-Reach Summer Selections 004 – Promo ZO

This week we welcome Promo ZO for the fourth mix in our Summer Selects. series. Kent based Promo ZO’s career spans right back to the days of the now defunct Limelight Club, React Records and more presently Sundown Festival. Zo certainly has a deep rooted musical journey to share. Don’t forget to catch her weekly show representing on Bassdrive every Wednesday from 2-4 PM (GMT)

Soundcloud – @promozo
Facebook – www.facebook.com/PromoZO/
Instagram – zopromo
Twitter –promozo

Featured Mix: Metalheadz Podcast 68 – SCAR

Stepping up for their first official podcast since joining the label in 2014, SCAR are a duo who’ve now delivered 2 albums with work on their 3rd already ongoing. This electic podcast looks at their influences and personal tastes ranging from Orbital, Meat Beat Manifesto, Moby, Carl Cox, 2 Bad Mice and many more 🎶

1. Massive Attack – Unfinished Sympathy
2. Orbital – Chime
3. The Beloved – The Sun Rising
4. Dionne – Come Get My Lovin’ (Remix)
5. A Guy Called Gerald – Voodoo Ray
6. Adamski – Killer (Feat Seal)
7. Renegade Soundwave – The Phantom
8. Adventures Of Stevie V – Dirty Cash
9. Silver Bullet – Bring Forth The Guillotine
10. 4 Hero – Mr Kirk’s Nightmare
11. Future Sound Of London – Papua New Guinea
12. Inner City – Good Life
13. G.T.O – Pure
14. Moby – Go
15. Carl Cox – I Want You (Forever)
16. Shut Up & Dance – Twenty Pounds To Get In
17. Meat Beat Manifesto – Radio Babylon
18. Silver Bullet – 20 Seconds To Comply
19. Dee Patten – Who’s The Bad Man?
20. Ragga Twins – Hooligan 69
21. Bitin’ Back – She’s Breaking Up
22. Shut Up & Dance – The Green Man
23. MI7 – Rockin’ Down The House
24. Ragga Twins – Shine Eye
25. Timebass – Fireball
26. 2 Bad Mice – Bombscare
27. Altern8 – Infiltrate 202
28. Bizzare Inc. – Playing With Knives
29. The Scientist – The Exorcist
30. Tronik House – Up Tempo
31. Dave Charlesworth – The Energizer (Side B)
32. Lennie De Ice – We Are IE
33. Zero B – Lock Up
34. The Criminal Minds – Baptised By Dub

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Featured Mix: Shine Shack Sounds #030 – Sweetpea

It’s our pleasure to be back in Episode #030 with a mix from Sweetpea. She’s the true definition of girl power and her hard work and passion for the music is an inspiration to other women in Drum & Bass.

Hosted by Laurie Charlesworth

Intro Track: Alix Perez – Concrete

1. Arkaik – It’s raining in my mind
2. Kin:etic – Feelings mutual
3. Shy FX feat Sinead Harnett – Too shy (Breakage Remix)
4. Black Barrel – What you need
5. NC-17 – All weapons out
6. El – Switch
7. Fokus, Ben Soundscape, RoyGreen and Protone – Frequencies
8. DOt and Complier – Instance
9. Wreckless and Conscience – Don’t care
10. Sweetpea – ??????????
11. BCee – D.O.N.D
12. Incorporate – Contra (Smeerlapp and Kaiza Remix)
13. Sublimit – Twelve steps
14. Subtle Element – Morphine (Amoss Remix)
15. Sweetpea – ??????? ????
16. T95 ft DRS – On site
17. Hyroglifics – God given
18. KOTR – Saturns strings
19. Wingz – Strained (Koherant Remix)
20. Kusp – Shelter (Rizzle Remix)
21. L-Side ft MC Fats – Steppa dub
22. Molecular -You know
23. Mozey ft Shady Novelle – I can be your future
24. L-Side -Rave tune
25. Myth – Check it
26. El – What
27. Siege – Plastic people
28. Culprit – Kaos theory
29. Enei – Rollin Machine
30. Kaii concept – Super spreader
31. The Sauce ft Jakes – 3 dots
32. Break and Kyo – The edge of time (Workforce Remix)

Featured Mix: DJ Stylie ft. 2Shy MC – A Trip Down Memory Lane PT 1 (1992)

… Do you remember the early 90’s rave scene, more to the point were you there? White gloves, whistles, glow sticks & who could forget the Hi-Vis vests. Ravers coming from all over the country to party all night long to f**kin great music!!

‘A Trip Down Memory Lane’ Part 1 is the first instalment from a DJ & MC that lived and breathed the early 90’s rave scene, becoming childhood friends to ravers then into a formidable duo over London’s pirate FM airways.

This 60 minute mix brings 23 of the biggest anthems from 1992, Selected and mixed by DJ Stylie featuring 2Shy MC.

After 12 years apart working on separate projects this compilation brings us full circle and back together where it all started!

Sit back, turn this up loud and enjoy the trip down memory lane…..

Peace, love and great music!

Free Download: Streetlight Vol 1 – Repertoire

1. Mizeyesis – Call To The Ancestors 06:12
2. Sebastian Gee – Modulate Philosophy 06:58
3. Yaxx – Elsa 04:31
4. Layton – Break 04:36
5. Rozzer – Telegenics 06:58
6. Art Cuebik – Photegraphik 05:41
7. Atlas x K Super – Deaf Drums 05:47
8. Odd Harmonics – Drums On E 05:51
9. Skwig – Airbound 04:44
10. Qant – Negative Space 05:05
11. Kratos – Sedative Suite 05:53
12. WDDS – Canicule 06:18
13. RUNDR ft. B-ahwe – New Dawn 06:05
14. SenseNet – With You 07:08
15. Sourpuss – The Bellucci Dream 05:34
16. Amalgam – Undertoe 05:21

Introducing Streetlight Vol 1 – A non-profit compilation available for free download, aimed at shining a light on new and underrated producers.

– Backstory –
We get tonnes of great demos from new artists, so much so that we found it frustrating when we had to turn music down simply because it’s unfeasible to release it all on vinyl.

So we’ve trawled our inbox from the last year and reached out to the artists that have caught our eye (or ears, should we say!). We picked the best of the bunch to be mastered by DJ Sappo to form the inaugural Streetlight compilation.

Featured Show: The Fabric Show ft. Calibre, Equinox & Blackeye MC, Mantra & Sherelle on Red Bull Radio

If you’re missing live Drum & Bass, Mantra and fabric are here for you as we journey through some of the best music the scene is making right now in these unusual times, plus go back to some of the genre’s origins.

As well as going in the mix herself, Mantra plays part of an Equinox and Blackeye MC set from a Rupture night at the legendary London venue and welcomes Calibre to share three Roots/Reggae tracks he loves and talk about his new album ‘Shelflife Six’.

Before the show finishes with 6 Figure Gang’s Sherelle picking the Final Tune.

You can listen to a b2b between Sherelle and Addison Groove from Red Bull Music presents Refractions HERE

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Featured Mix: EQ50 Mix Series 08 – Philo

Philo is a bass music connoisseur and bad gal reppin from Cologne, Germany. When she rinses out, you can expect a fine tuned blend of old and new flavours: from deep, atmospheric D&B through to dubby jungle, footwork and tribal amens. She’s one part of Degree Recordings, a writer for German D&B mag Trommel&Bass, and you can lock into her show on Jungletrain.net every second Wednesday from 11pm CET.

Featured Mix: Law – All Om Unit Mix

A selection of my favourite 160bpm+ Om Unit productions.

Not a “drum and bass” producer by any stretch, but without doubt my favourite producer of the last 10 years.

Amazing DJ too. Go see him if you ever have the chance. Whatever the tempo.

00. Joseph Campbell intro
01. Om Unit – Fuzzd an Soup
02. Om Unit – Long Summer
03. Om Unit – Vertigo
04. Om Unit – Spiritwerk
05. Sully – Helios (Philip D Kick Remix)
06. Omni Trio – Renegade Snares (Philip D Kick Edit)
07. Sinistarr – 555 (Philip D Kick Remix)
08. Philip D Kick – Work That
09. Roni Size & DJ Die – It’s A Jazz Thing (Philip D Kick Edit)
10. Philip D Kick – Drown
11. Philip D Kick ft. DJ Spinn – Vibe Off
12. DJ Taktix – Horns For 94 – (Philip D Kick Edit)
13. Philip D Kick – Drips
14. Om Unit – Shack Up
15. Mahakala – The Realms
16. Om Unit – Adventures In Eden
17. Philip D Kick – The Riviera
18. Om Unit & Djrum – Ruins
19. Danny Scrilla ft Om Unit – Free Flight
20. Om Unit – Ulysses VIP
21. Om Unit – Slowfast Matrix
22. Om Unit & Sam Binga – NeverBeenToBerghain
23. Om Unit & DJ Kust – Underground Cinema
24. Om Unit – Dreadcomms
25. Nasty Habits – Shadow Boxing (Om Unit Remix)
26. Om Unit – Sleepwalkers
27. SOS – Spacefunk (Om Unit Remix)
28. Om Unit & Sam Binga – Windmill Kick
29. Om Unit – Timelines
30. Om Unit – Parallel
31. Jubei & Goldie – The Prayer (Om Unit Remix)
32. Blocks & Escher – Broken (Om Unit Remix)
33. Om Unit & Synkro – Reflections
34. Om Unit & Kid Drama – Untitled 1
35. Mahakala – Blue

Featured Mix: DJ Rhi Spect – Rollers For Ravers

Featured Mix: Taelimb – Method Twenty Four Agency Mix 004

Guest Mix from one of the first members in the MTF family who has been big in our scene since the beginning. Loads of fresh music from his upcoming release on demand records.

Pegasus – Taelimb
Klinical – CNTROL
Amoss – ???
Gimme more – Taelimb
Shamane – Submarine
Simple things – Grey Code
Execute – Conscience
Shelter – Alix Perez and Kahange rmx
Egg box – Taelimb and Fearful
Flexion – Evolved
Acid train – Taelimb
Fever dreams – In:Most Feat Mistrust
Black Mould – Taelimb
You make me feel – Conscience
Arkaik – Labmaster
Amoss- ???
modify – Wingz
Refreshers – Constrict
Lost moments – Wingz
Wasteman VIP – Taelimb
Stay at home – Arkaik
Agua Viva – Qua Rush
Empty Streets – Cyantific
Different – Druid
Soft Start – Monty
Mantis – Dawn wall
Paradiso – Submarine
The Shaman – Fre4kncy and Klinical