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Featured Mix: Dj Future 2021 Dubplate Steppa Roller V.I.P Lock Down Mix

Featured Mixes: Sunandbass EQ50 Special 1 & 2 hosted by Marcus Intalex Music Foundation Radio & DJ Flight

During SUNANDBASS 2019, we were proud to host EQ50’s special talk presented by Marcus Intalex Music Foundation Radio. The talk was hosted by DJ Flight who brought together and interviewed many of the badass womxn from our community and which ultimately inspired us to present them bit by bit this December calendar.

These conversations are finally to be released as videos and podcasts for you to (re)discover little by little.
It goes without saying that the MIMF would be deeply grateful for any kind of donation.

Stay tuned. Stay home. Stay safe. Lift up your spirits.


It has only been a little more than a year, but it feels like another era since DJ Flight held the EQ50 talk for us on a sunny September day in La Cinta Beach Bar. Aren’t you curious what happened to everyone? Digging deep into how the community will respond to the urgent call for equality further sparked by the blacklivesmatter movement, but also how including and encouraging of equality can be displayed in a COVID world swept void of gigs. What are future plans and has anyone had space for creativity while major life changing events happened nonetheless? DJ Flight brought us an update with Chickaboo, Reid Speed, Philo, Sweetpea, Mantra and Alleycat, and a big thank you to all these artists for taking part. Now, go and grab some of these yummy Christmas cookies and a hot chocolate, listen and enjoy.

Finally, what can we say about 2020? Apart from souls lost and dreams shattered, we‘ve learned a lot of lessons this year. To honour what we have lost means to make every day count. Let’s build on it and join forces to create a happier and better place. There were so many people volunteering and ready to help selflessly, raising money through music for charity. A lot of virtual events were inclusive and showed how successful and colourful we’d be if we leave no-one behind. Whatever the future is going to be, it is in our hands to write a happy ending and share love, trust and respect. It may be hard to predict where the world is going in 2021, but let’s not sit around and wait for something to happen. This year, we will bring on the SUNANDBASS monthly podcasts, interesting talks, label releases and make new dreams come true. We hope this is a year where we can all create new things and continue to push through these difficult times together.
Let’s rise above the challenge and look forward to 2021 and beyond!


Featured Mix: SUNANDBASS Podcast #106 – Klute

It’s a new year and there is a lot of hope for the future, especially now that our first podcast of 2021 is from heavyweight Klute. A true rebel and rogue, the sound of Klute’s Commercial Suicide label is one of the pillars that represent what SUNANDBASS stands for musically today.

Featured Mix: A-Man & MC Gusto – LOCK IN 21


Alix Perez, Halogenix – Unlustrous
Sustance – Be Forgiven
Break, DLR – CitySlickers (Skeptical Remix)
GEST, Quadrant & Iris – Sequential
Myth – Icicles
Enei – Icon Face
DLR & Break – HitThe Target
Invadhertz – Put Me Down
Alix Perez & Fracture – Realise
Myth & Trex – RushDem
Sustance & Monty -Lapis
FD – First Sound
Enei – Rollin Machine
Total Science – Lightweight (Break Remix)
Monrroe – Your Lies
Dunk – Paradise
Breakage – Different Tings
Subtle Element – HumanInstinct
DLR & TotalScience – Spluurge
Particle – Camberwell
Breakage – B Side Bubbler
Phaction – I Have You ft Leo Wood (Ill Truth Remix)
Kyrist – Looped
Flava D – Horizen

Featured Mix: ‘Deep Within’ Session 001 by arkoze & minikin

First mix from a brand new series ‘Deep Within’ by arkoze & minikin. We’re going to bring our all time favourite tunes along with the most recent music from various artist including us.

Next mix will be up in 6 weeks time. Stay tuned 🎵

Featured Mix: EQ50 14 – Sofi Mari

We’re giving you something special for December! We want to shine a light on all the incredible vocalists and MCs in our scene.

Meet Sofi Mari a vocalist and lyricist with over ten years of experience within drum and bass. Originally known in the scene as “Sopheye” she has seen releases on labels like Function Records, V Recordings, Inperspective Records, and Fokuz Recordings, to name a few. She’s hosted sets for legends in the game such as DJ Storm, Bailey, Jumping Jack Frost, Flight and even has her own live show with Septabeat.

Sit back and enjoy an hour of Sofi Mari’s wicked music, all compiled together beautifully by Anca (who will get her own mix series slot next year).

Thanks to all those that have listened and contributed to the mix series this year. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
We have some fire lined up for 2021.

Featured Mix: Resident Advisor Podcast 757 – Tim Reaper

Modern-day jungle from an old soul.

Read the interview Here

Follow @tim-reaper on SoundCloud.

Tracklist /

Response & Pliskin – Plastic Face (Tim Reaper Remix)
Coco Bryce – Night Safari
Nebula – Cosmic Blue
Dwarde & Tim Reaper – Globex Corp Vol. 6 A1 (Equinox Remix)
Worldwide Epidemic & Tim Reaper – Losing Control
Ant To Be – Nineteen
Special Request – Elysian Fields (Tim Reaper Remix)
Basic Rhythm – Cool Down The Dance
Sonar’s Ghost – In ‘a Soul
Ricky Force – Forlorn
DJ Mindhunter – Mindthief
Percussive P – Enter The Dragon
Decibella – Be True
Mr Sensi – Ayers
Duburban & Jahganaut – Tonight
Phineus II – The Nebula
Dwarde & Gand – ??
LMajor – Roll Away Clean
Msymiakos & Tim Reaper – Placidity
The Chalice Crew – Righteous Teachings (The Most Sounds) Verse I (Master)
Dev/Null & Tim Reaper – Give It 2 Me (Coco Bryce Remix)
Sully – Werk
Dwarde & Tim Reaper – Hydraulics
FFF – Obedience
Special Request – Pull Up (Tim Reaper Remix)
Dev/Null, Dwarde & Tim Reaper – Globex Corp DJ Tools B2
Tim Reaper – Who Run It
Champa B – Cookin’ Up Ya Brain
Dead Man’s Chest & Josimar – Out There
Phineus II – Time To Play
Necrotype – Exclusive To Bandcamp EP Track A1
Harmony – Amonzo
Pete Cannon & Tim Reaper – You’re The One
Unknown Artist – GBBL01 A1

Featured Mix: KLYNCH – The Isolation Mix Part 7 (All vinyl)

The Isolation Mix Part 7


1. Mantra & Gremlinz – Under The Wire
2. Amit – Dual Sense
3. Dead Mans Chest – Farseer
4. Dead Mans Chest – Cuthroat Harcore
5. Monita & K-Rox – Smart Kid (Threshold & Theory rework)
6. Digital – Space Funk 2000 – (Nasty Habits remix)
7. Monita & K-Rox – Abandoned (Invaderz remix)
8. Jem One – Heart of Glass
9. Facz – Asylum
10. SR – Skat
11. Jem One – Scorpion
12. 2D33P – Secrets of The Universe
13. Threshold – The Lost Knight ~ R.I.P Antidote ❤

Featured Mix: DJ Mag On Cue: Tim Reaper

Check out the interview; djmag.com/features/cue-tim-reaper

Exclusive Interview: Illmatika & Sofi Mari

Hey Illmatika & Sofi Mari! Thank you for answering my questions for us.

Let’s start from the beginning. For those who are not familiar with your names – can you tell me a little bit about yourself, how long you’ve been doing what you are doing and how you ended up in the music/dnb scene?

ILLMATIKA: I’m an artist/host and I’ve been doing it for more than a hot minute, ended up in the scene by giving a demo tape to my barber who was on pirate radio on weekend rush 92.3

SOFI: I’ve been involved as a drum and bass vocalist and host MC since 2008, starting in Miami. I met some mates in middle school who introduced me to d&b and I got into it properly from there. While a couple of them would practice spinning, others would MC, and I would improvise singing over those sets too. That led to me jumping on the mic at house parties and as time went on I met Stereotype [Formation, Intrigue, Driven AM] while at college for music business. I was already working with a jazz fusion band at the time and upon finding a fellow d&b head, that DJ’d and produced, I didn’t hesitate to agree to working with him on some drum and bass.

Do you guys remember your first rave?

ILLMATIKA: I remember my first rave: it was Voodoo magic at Equinox, Leicester Square. MC flux was there on the night and I remember MC Five O and Andy C. I also remember lots of ravers on that night approaching me for pills and drugs and I had no idea why they continually were asking me. Later on I would find out why.

SOFI: I can’t say I really remember my very first rave, as I’m sure it was a house party of some sort in the early 00’s. Global Gathering was a massive rave in downtown Miami that was thrown in what I think was 2002 or 2003 and that was my first proper experience in a major club setting. I remember Goldie, Fabio and Grooverider were playing in the main room and Africa Baby Bam of the Jungle Brothers hosted an outdoor stage with hip hop. I’ll never forget that night. The music was incredible, everyone was there to simply let go and have a great time. I ended up meeting Baby Bam after he let some of us jump on the mic to freestyle. I sang and he approached me asking how serious I was about being a vocalist. That led to him linking me with producer and drummer [Mike Cupino] who asked me to join the jazz fusion band he was in. That was when my professional vocal journey started. It’s mad reminiscing over what’s happened since that one night.

How are you guys coping with what’s going on in the world right now? Has it affected your creativity in any way?

ILLMATIKA: It can be hard at times however there are some positives from it. It has given me more time to be around family and more time to concentrate on writing; but the performing side is very hard to take not being able to do. So some days I’m feeling very creative, other days I just can’t be bothered.

SOFI: I’ve managed this whole year by placing more focus on my well being and overall health. The initial shut down and uncertainty of both the hospitality and entertainment industries caused me to uproot myself and relocate. It’s been a roller coaster of emotions and although I’ve managed to get some writing in, I haven’t been as creative as I was aiming to be this year. These releases have been the silver lining: reminding me that you can’t force something. When the time is right you will know.

Let’s chat about the track! ‘Perfect Summer’ is a beautiful tune which really takes me back to warmer and more easy going times…. Late summer nights, watching the sunset, no worries about tomorrow… What was the inspiration behind the track and the lyrics?

ILLMATIKA: The concept of experiencing that very ‘perfect moment’ was the initial idea for the track. For example: having that perfect evening or having that perfect bite of a chocolate, and then it grew from there… The energy of the track really came from Mr Joseph. He sent me the beat and from there I thought of Sofi Mari because we had been talking about getting on a track together for a while and this seemed like the perfect opportunity.

SOFI: Illmatika initially sent me the track with his first verse recorded. That verse, and the feel good summery vibe of the track itself, inspired me to write from one of the possible viewpoints of a woman (or anyone really) being approached by someone who is interested in them. I did go based on some of my own experience as well as experiences I’ve known others have had.

How did you put the track together?

ILLMATIKA: In terms of putting the track together I had an idea of the arrangement and I shared that idea with Sophie before going to the studio, once we got to the studio the magic came together quickly with Sofi’s big pad of rhymes and writing on the spot and recording.

SOFI: Most of it was done separately until Illmatika and I got together to record in studio. I arrived and realised my verse was a bit too short so I got straight to adding more to it while Illmatika recorded. We’d accomplished all recording in that one session. It was great. I really do miss being in a proper studio setting.

How long have you been working on it?

ILLMATIKA: The actual making of the song didn’t take long at all. We spent maybe 3 hours in the studio together. Sofi and I with the beat and it was done and we sent Mr Joseph the vocals so he could put the finishing touches to it.

SOFI: This collaboration was one of those lucky ones where we all got it completed and recorded within a matter of days. Illmatika and I were pretty shocked at how quickly and smoothly it all came together. We kept wondering what the catch was—Haha!

It is coming out on Liquid V on the 2 December (today!). Big label and big release! How did that come about?

ILLAMTIKA: We’ve all had previous releases on liquid V so it was a case of just sending the track to Bryan G and he loved it and said it would be good to release on liquid v.

SOFI: It’s been amazing to represent and be represented by such a legendary and well respected label in the game! Thankfully we’ve all had past releases on the label, so that definitely helped us. Illmatika and Mr. Joseph got this particular single locked in for us. Bryan Gee was feeling it once he heard it and, well, here we are!

Illmatika; can you tell me a bit more about your artist name and how that came about?

Long story, I’ll tell you when I see you.

Sofi Mari;  You are living in the USA at the moment, but have been living in London too – can you tell me how you ended up in London in the first place?

I was born in the UK and have family there. Once I finished my bachelors degree back in Florida I wanted to live in England, even just for a little while. I packed up and moved over, initially aiming to move to Bristol. Locking in a place to live there was challenging and I ended up in London thanks to friends I knew living there.

What is the hardest part of doing a collaboration?

ILLMATIKA: The hardest part for me is ensuring that I’m not dominating a discussion and allowing for office to put their point across because I think, at times, once I get a picture in my head that’s the only thing that I can see. But I think with a collaboration it’s important to listen to all points of view and ensure that you are all happy with the representation that you are giving of yourselves on the music.

SOFI: I’d say the hardest part is simply making sure everyone gets their fair say in the process of getting the work completed. It’s a proper challenge when having to remember a collaborative effort is actually a team effort; there’s no I in team. That and the distance. Some people would much rather work together in the studio, but often can’t due to where everyone involved lives.

What’s next?

ILLMATIKA: More music on continuing to spread that soulful sound within the dnb arena

SOFI: Looking forward to more collabs with both Illmatika and Mr. Joseph for sure! I’ve also got another 2-track EP with Mozey forthcoming on liquid V later in December. Keep an eye out for that too!

Any famous last words?

ILLMATIKA: Yeah big up and thanks for having us! Shouts out to the liquid V family and shout out to all the people that have been supporting us in buying our music, commenting and giving us good vibes.

SOFI: Big shouts to Illmatika and Mr Joseph here for such a great experience working with them. Bryan Gee, Jumping Jack Frost and everyone involved in the V Recordings camp, as well as everyone worldwide who has supported our journey and music! And thanks so much to you, Drum and Basics crew, for interviewing us. All Love!

Thank you guys and big up!


Buy the tune here.

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facebook.com/IllMatika ‘dnbsoulbrother’

facebook.com/V Recordings

Instagram.com/PLanet V

Featured Mix: Decibella – The History Of Jungle Show (Dejavu FM)


Free Download: RinseFM: Metalheadz with Commix & Jem One – 18 November 2020