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Featured Mix: Bass ‘n’ That March 2021 w/Junior Buzz & Rhi Spect

Bass ’n’ That Sunday – 28 March 2021

March’s Bass n That show is a tale of two opposites featuring some brand new tracks and some original 93 hardcore taking

Rhi Spect bringing summer garage vibes, dark two-step, acid, rave and breakbeats taking the bpm up to 160 followed by 90 minutes of ORIGINAL 93 hardcore from Junior Buzz.

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Soundcloud – @juniorbuzz

Twitter – @jnrbuzz

Featured Mix: Spearhead x WWDNB Show – Sweetpea & MC Chickaboo

Spearhead x WWDNB Show – Sweetpea & MC Chickaboo – 11th Apr 2021

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Featured Mix: FULL SPECTRUM Bristol #36 – Pod Imiya

Based in Manchester, Pod Imiya plays a mix of jungle and drum n bass styles from all eras, dropping in hardcore, IDM and sped-up electro. Starting out as a regular DJ at Hit & Run, she has gone on to play at nights across the UK such as Rupture, License to Jungle, Chicken Shop Events and new Sheffield-based night Anomalies, which showcases the wonkier side of 170bpm.

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Featured Mix: EQ50 Presents Foundation Mix

To round off our ‘Women Jungle Producers of the 90s’ series we have a special mix from DJ Flight & Mantra ft MC Chickaboo. The mix exclusively features music made by those in our posts, with releases ranging from years 1993-2001 covering a range of styles. We loved putting this together – completely spontaneous and unplanned, we felt a different energy while recording and were so happy with the end result. It’s left us feeling inspired, invigorated and eager to continue highlighting the stories of women too often overlooked and under appreciated. Hope you enjoy the set.


1. Tamsin & The Monk – A Better Place – White House
2.. DJ Rap – More Time – Suburban Bass
3. Kemistry and Storm – Signature – Reinforced
4. Tango and Fallout – Intrigue – NMI International
5. Jo – Imagine The Future – Awesome Records
6. Dj Rap & Aston – Get Rushed – Suburban Bass
7.Helen T – Etherial – Dee Jay Recordings
8. Harmony and Xtreme – Wicked & Bad – Deep Jungle
9. Eternal Bass – Infinity – Eb
10. Flynn and Flora – String 4 String – Independent Dealers
11. Flynn and Flora – New world – Independent Dealers
12. The Rood project – Thunder – White House
13. Jo – R-Type – Awesome Records
14. Dj Spice – Step Off – Back 2 Basics
15. Dazee and Substance – Confusion – Ruffneck Ting
16. Flynn and Flora – Agent Blue – Independent Dealers
17. Jordana – When Worlds Collide – Jungle Sky
18. Helen T – Something Special – IDM
19. Harmony & Xtreme – Boo – Deep Jungle
20. Wildchild and Floyd – Influenza – Redmaster Records
21. Microtek – Untitled – Fifth World
22. Helen T – Hal’s Warning – IDM
23. DJ Rap – Spiritual Aura – Dee Jay Recordings

Featured Mix: ESO 028 – Coco Bryce

Netherlands based Coco Bryce AKA Chaviniski blesses the mix series with his blend of breaks, jungle and everything in between.

Coco Bryce


Featured Mix: Arkoze & Minikin – Deep Within 003 + Guest Mix – Taelimb

In the third episode we’re not mixing alone.
Talented London-based producer joined us so we’re bringing you a special 2-hour edition. The first hour, you can enjoy our usual b2b set ( arkoze & minikin ) and the other hour belongs to Taelimb as our special guest.

We’d like to thank Max for taking his time and recording absolute fire mix for our series.

Enjoy and don’t forget to spread the word and share :)

Featured Mix: WDDS with K Super

K Super guest mix on WDDS latest radio session is now available over on the 1020 Radio Mixcloud along with the WDDS 2 parts of the show either side of the mix


May be a black-and-white image of one or more people and text that says "Part K Super Digital Escape (Mamasan) (Repertoire) Manifesto Next 9th Johnny _aw Common Origin (XL Recordings) Kola Nut Gamma Ray (Silent Force Recordings) Photek The Rain Photek Remix (Razors Edge) Seiji Storm Report (Reinforced) Atlas Super Deaf Drums (Repertoire) Earl Grey Blue Rhythm (Hypercharger) Paradox Nucleus The Drummer Some Remix (Paradox Music) Paradox Cabalistic (Esoteric) GMT Jem One Transpose (.etalhadz) Atlas Super Kira (Ruff Cutz) Alpha Omega Snake Eyes (Skunkrock Productions) Seba Shapeshifter (Secret Operations) Martsman and Bad Matter Cold Love (Lightless Recordings) [0] 1020.live"

Featured Mix: EQ50 17 – The Untouchables

Kay is a drum and bass DJ, producer based in Belgium. Her unique style is a mixture of heavy bass lines and percussive energy. She has had releases on many labels as part of the Untouchables duo such as Samurai music, Rupture, Cylon and Hardware to name a few. The Untouchables style is minimal, dubby and dark.

Enjoy the mix!!

Featured Mix: J J Frost b2b Bailey – Lockdown Sessions

Featured Mix: Madcap – Dispatch Label Mix March 2021

Next up in the mix for the Dispatch Label Mix series is Madcap. Following the exceptional “Trouble EP” featuring Andy Skopes and Singing Fats, Madcap steps up for the next instalment of our mix series, featuring some favourite Dispatch tracks, tunes from the EP and other bangers.


01. Satl – ‘Just Words’ (The North Quarter)
02. Hydro, War, Mateba – ‘Detroit’ (Utopia Music Dub)
03. FD – ‘Hazmat (Instrumental)’ (The North Quarter Dub)
04. Andy Skopes & Madcap Feat. Singing Fats – ‘Trouble’ (Dispatch Recordings)
05. Villem – ‘Waiting For You’ (Spearhead Dub)
06. Madcap – ‘Original Strut’ (Mac II Recordings)
07. Soul Intent – ‘Tribal Gathering’ (Dope Plates)
08. Breakage – ‘Tape Bubbler Spesh’ (Index)
09. Jaybee – ‘Whispers’ (Innerground Dub)
10. Tactile ‘Aldebra’ (Commix Remix)’ – (Dispatch Recordings)
11. Loxy & Resound – ‘Clones’ (Dispatch Dubplate)
12. Madcap – ‘Rude Tribe’ (Soul Deep Dub)
13. Decon & Paul SG – ‘The Jam (Madcap Remix)’ (Jazzsticks Recordings)
14. Andy Skopes – ‘Don’t Try & Hide’ (Dispatch Recordings Dub)
15. Hydro & War – ‘Fugue’ (Utopia Music Dub)
16. Andy Skopes & Denial Feat. Blackeye – ‘Missions’ (Dispatch LTD)
17. Andy Skopes & Madcap – ‘Scatter’ (Dispatch Recordings)
18. Loxy & Ink – ‘Headz Roll (Loxy, Ink, Resound & Gremlinz Remix)’ – (Razorz Edge Dub)
19. Ink, Loxy & Resound – ‘Think’ (Razorz Edge Dub)
20. Madcap – ‘B-Boy (Digital Remix)’ (Myriad Recordings Dub)
21. Zero-T – ‘Hurt Inside’ (Dispatch Recordings)
22. Dub Head – ‘Spaceship (VIP)’ (Dispatch Recordings)
23. Andy Skopes & Madcap – ‘Empty Soul’ (Dispatch Recordings)
24. Madcap ‘Badlands (Zero-T Exiled Remix)’ (Myriad Recordings Dub)
25. Madcap ‘Mind Control (Villem’s MK-Ultra Remix)’ (Myriad Recordings Dub)

Featured Mix: J J Frost & Sofi Mari Liquid Lounge Vol. 3

Featured Mix: junodownload.com – International Women’s Day 2021 Guest Mixes

Now more than ever is time to step up and make a stand for gender equality, and it’s a duty, no matter the gender, to help and spark this long overdue change. With Covid-19 hitting hard across all industries, many report the pandemic being particularly harmful to women’s employment. Music industry is not an exception to this, on the contrary. Already pre-2020, the women’s presence in festivals’ line-up still did not reflect the broad talent of female artists and their audiences. Although organisers are starting to act on this, the way to equality is still long.

We agree with the vision of Wired magazine when it states that women will dominate – and dismantle – the music industry. They will “anchor the cultural conversation” and remake the music biz.

Giving visibility is probably one of the most critical aspects to consider. At Juno Download, we strive to keeping alive the commitment to give equal attention to female artists throughout the whole year. For International Women’s Day we have decided to celebrate women in music with this page, featuring the work of well known female DJs and producers, as well as emerging talents. Enjoy their sounds!