Featured Radio Show: Rhi Spect on AAJA with special guest Basic Rhythm

Latest show on @aajamusic from Rhi Spect ft new releases, Devon’s Road material and exclusives from @lmajor @rundrmusic @hooverianblur @moakz and @thebombsheltercrew and @stretch_ako plus wicked guest mix from @basicrhythm jam packed with dubs, exclusives and future bangers!

Rhi Spect

1. Tim Reaper & Coco Bryce – E Is For (Sonar’s Ghost Remix)Tim &
Coco’s Pack Of Lies
3. Kid Lib – Not Right – Time Zones
4. Hooverian Blur – Skatterbox Triple Menace / Skatterbox
5. Joden – Sw££tst
6. BOMB SHELTER CREW – JUST SHHHHHH – Devons Road Recordings
7. Charla Green, Outrage, Tim Clay, Digital – Drumbeat 160 Jungle EP
8. Moakz – Back To The Earth – CODERCRDS006
9. L Major – On A Praye
10. DJ Monita & K-Rox The Bommer – Skeleton Recordings
11. TYPE – Soon Come Chaos
12. L Major – Too Bad
13. Sully, Coco Bryce, Dwarde & Tim Reaper – Synergy (Sully Remix)
14. Anti Traxx – Westpoint – Devons Road Recordings
15. Demented Soul, Stretch, Enjoy Demented Soul – Stay (Stretch &
Enjoy Remix)


This accomplished and talented DJ/producer and former Rude FM DJ has been working steadily behind the scenes in jungle/dnb for some time and in the last 5 years has had a string of successful releases on labels such as @repertoiresound Sneaker Social Club, Future Retro and Straight up Breakbeat – all this as well as running his own label Raw Basics and preparing for the launch of @musiquenocturnerecords coming this year. His sound is gritty, his drums are serious and precise and his bass is weighty so you can expect a no-nonsense mix with a lot of rhythm. Enjoy!

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