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Exclusive: Conjunction Recordings Content LP Promo Mix

Tracklist for the guest mix:

Catalyst.AD – Reflections of Ten
Catalyst.AD – Deception
J Centrik – The Path Not Taken
J Centrik – Answer To Everything
Ascension – Enchanted Quest
J Centrik – Signs of Life
Konnect – Dystopian Summer
Catalyst.AD – Too Far Gone (Conrad Subs Remix)
Catalyst.AD – How Did We Get Here Remix
Ascension – It’s Time
Carnagous – Stampede
Konnect – Six Foot Deep (Conrad Subs Remix)
Catalyst.AD – Off the Chain
Carnagous – Trojan Horse
J Centrik – Fine You
Catalyst.AD & K.I.M – One Time
Carnagous – Pillage
Catalyst.AD – Nose Bone Funk
Carnagous – Tribal Static
Ascension – Fade Away
Catalyst.AD – Form of Expression (Conjunction Dub)
Catalyst.AD – Guardian (Conjunction Dub)

Behind The Label update: Conjunction Recordings + Exclusive Guest Mix

Conjunction Recordings is a label run by Catalyst.AD & K.I.M since 2018 and we had a chat with Catalyst.AD in 2020 & we felt like it is time for an update to check what has been going on since then…

If you want to read the interview from 2020, head to it HERE

Hey Paul aka Catalyst.AD and thank you for answering our questions. Massive congratulations to your success with your label! Last time we spoke was in 2020 when the label had been running for a year or so. What has been going on since then and has anything changed in terms of your vision with the label and how you work? It’s been a busy but enjoyable 3 years for us as a label, we originally set it up as an “underground bass music” label but the majority of our music has been drum and bass with some occasional 140 BPM tracks featured on our E.P’s. Variety is still key for us which is why we launched the “Dreamology” series which showcases the deeper more liquid side of the music. We also have plans to launch a number of bandcamp exclusive releases that will feature a variety of music up and down the BPM’s. The label was originally going to be a platform for my own music, however our vision has changed a little after receiving some amazing music from some of our friends within the scene, as well as music from some exciting new artists such as J Centrik who’s tracks have been really popular. In honesty, its grown faster than we imagined which has been great so opening the label up to other artists has been a big plus for us.

You mentioned in 2020 that you were aiming for around 4-6 releases per year where the focus is on quality rather than quantity, was this something that became reality or did you have to change your approach? With the obvious implications of the pandemic we did question whether to put things on hold but soon came to the conclusion that the music had to carry on regardless. I’d say we have averaged about 3 releases a year with the majority being 4 track E.P’s, in addition to this we have also had some free download releases that are only available from our label shop. These seem to have gone down really well too which is encouraging.

What are you looking for in terms of releasing music? As a label, we are always happy to listen to new up and coming artists, however, we are not concerned how many social media followers they have, we are purely about the music. We tend to favour the deeper side of the music, anything that has a groove and a real element of musicality, whether it be raw cutting edge techy drum and bass or deep liquid rollers, we feel the label has a versatile approach to what we release.

What can artists do to get in contact with you guys? Artists can submit demos to us via email – info@conjunctionrecordings.com. We always ask that Artists also send us a little bit of information about themselves even if it’s just a link to a biog. We like to know their musical influences and background.

Your latest release is out NOW on Bandcamp and it sounds wicked! It got a mixture of new & familiar names and fresh music – what can you tell us about that? So with the next release being our landmark 10th instalment, we wanted to do something special and go a bit bigger. We started preparing for this over a year ago and the aim was to showcase all of our artists that have featured so far. The end result is a 10 track album with a couple of tracks from each artist. We decided to aim this straight at the dancefloor with quality hard hitting drum and bass that will hopefully leave a mark. We drafted in our remix man Conrad Subs who did an amazing remix of Konnect’s “Six Foot Deep” to accompany their aptly entitled “Dystopian Summer” which they began working on during the covid lockdown. J Centrik also came up trumps with his contributions that were a little different to his deeper liquid style of drum and bass, however he really surprised us with his versatility and the promos have been received really well. MC turned producer Carnagous has also gone from strength to strength and came through with two absolute bangers that we knew would fit well into the project. Another artist who is fairly new to the label is Ascension who dropped his debut track on our last Dreamology E.P. He is another artist who has really impressed us with the music he has sent us and his two tracks on the album are also really suited to the labels sound.

Are there more exciting releases we can expect from Conjunction in the near future? Absolutely, before the year is out there will be another 4 tracker from myself entitled the “Form Of Expression” E.P. that will feature some exciting new tracks that capture a lot of my influences from over the years with a fresh, forward-thinking twist. After that we have our next volume of the “Dreamology” series so expect to hear some amazing new deep drum and bass from J Centrik. As earlier mentioned, we also are aiming to launch our bandcamp exclusive arm that will feature some very exciting experimental music from the artists on the label.

Where can we find your releases and keep updated with everything Conjunction Recordings? Our releases can be found in all major digital stores such as Juno and Beatport as well as streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music and Tidal to name a few. The best place however, is our bandcamp store where we release music exclusively 2 weeks before general release. You can also find free tracks here too. Our website (conjunctionrecordings.com) not only provides a direct link to our bandcamp store, but also contains news updates on what we are doing as well as information on all of our artists. You can also keep up to date with the label via our socials – Facebook / Twitter / Instagram and we always feature previews of forthcoming releases as well as mixes and radio shows at soundcloud.com/catalyst-ad. We also have a little special something lined up for Bandcamp Friday so keep your eyes peeled for that 

You have also done a mix for us which we are looking forward listening to, what can we expect from that? I really enjoyed putting this mix together as it contains purely music from Conjunction Recordings. It’s an hour long mix that contains all the tracks from the forthcoming “Content” album, as well as some hand picked tracks from the past 3 years and some fresh dubs that will be coming out later this year, so you have a bit of past, present and future! Check out the mix from Catalyst HERE.

Aside from the label; what have you & KIM been up to lately and is there anything we can look forward to hear? K.I.M. and myself have been in the studio working on some new material that will no doubt surface on release within the next year or so. We have also been DJ-ing regularly at local events hosted by Rollercoasterz (shouts to Zanya and DJ Hi Top!). I have also been continuing my radio shows on RudeFM.com, the station is now 31 years old and is a radio station that really gives me the platform to showcase the music to a like minded audience.

Any final last words? Would just like to thank all of our followers so far whether you buy our music or listen to our radio shows, it really is appreciated. Also would like to thank all of our artists who have helped the label grow so much in 3 years and George Guzi who is our mastering engineer. Also can’t forget the DJs that play our music and of course London’s number one D&B station RudeFM.com who provide us with a great platform to showcase our music.

Thank you!

Exclusive: Healing Crew Jazfest Promo Mix

Exclusive Interview: Bassline MC (Happy 50th Birthday!)

Hey Jazmah aka Bassline MC and thank you for answering my questions for Drum+Basics – what an honour! Let us start from the beginning… How long have you been an MC & how did you get started?

Well, I would say around about 19-20 years ago and I actually got into it by complete accident really. So at the time before internet/soundclouds/spotifys etc, people listened to actual radio radio. I used to listen to Rude fm 88.2 whenever I could get the chance. So it turns out they were having a party in Bromley by Bow, at Club Rose I think. Me and a friend went down there. He actually got kicked out and but I stayed. They had an upstairs floor, which I only just realised… I went up there and it was going off. I basically asked if I could have a go and they crazily said yes. From there I met most of the Rude Fm family and ended up moving in with dj Haze in a flat in Hackney. We started doing a few sets together on the radio and it went from there. Along the way I met Keira from EOC. I remember jumping on the mic for them at Plan B in Brixton during that time which was around 2004. And that where it all started really…

Do you remember your first rave? The first rave question, that is like when did you lose your virginity type question. You’ll never forget it. My first rave was Jungle Fever ‘The Lion returns’ 1994 at Roller Express. For me it was basically a game changer, I was well into the music, I loved it so going there was like the cherry on top of a cake. I remember standing in the rave and thinking ‘this is me for the rest of my life’

What drew you into this music scene and what do you think is special about it? Jungle is an combination of reggae, sound system culture and rave music all in one form. Before I got into jungle I listened to loads of acid house, rave and hardcore. When I heard Voodoo ray for the first time…I was like yeah I’m in.
But the first time I heard jungle or (jungle techno) what it was then called, I can only describe it as akin to what people say their first religious experience was. I remember being in my bedroom, trying to find something to listen to on the radio. As the station I normally listened to got hit by the DTI (old heads will know hahaha) and I basically came across jungle techno. I loved it instantly and have not looked back since. For me personally what I think is special about this music, is that I was born a jungalist and the music found me. I have met my friends for life through it, had some amazing nights and experiences through it. It still excites me to this day.

You are a legend in the scene and seem to be one of these solid MCs who never gets repetitive or outdated – why do you think that is? I think I just try to be myself really. What you see on stage is the same person you see off it.

Do you ever get bored of this music? I think everybody that are into this music has times were they get bored or dislike it. But then you hear a track or listen to a set and it brings you straight back into it again. Well for me yes! haha!

How do you prepare for a set? For bookings I always really want to know who I’m working with, so I can try and gauge how to work the set. If its someone new I try to find old sets and have a listen. Usually pre rave I still get really nervous. But try and channel that energy into the set.

What music do you listen to outside of dnb/jungle? I listen to loads of different podcasts and whole heap of techno!

BIG party for your 50th which we are super excited about; what can you tell us about the line up?

Well, the line up is a really special one for me. I’m a massive Kemistry and Storm/Metalheadz Bluenote era fan so to get Dj Storm to play was amazin; I actually felt emotional when it was confirmed. Dj Storm is an amazing DJ so having her bless my party is massive for me. Dj Stretch is also a legend. I love the reinforced and Tom n Jerry sound; so pivotal to our scene – so having him on board blew my mind a bit lol

Nookie; another giant in this music – again I was properly gassed when he came on board, he used to always smash Essence Of Chi nights to bits and I know he’ll do the same at JAZFEST. Healing Crew: They were literally the first name on our artist list. They’re some of my oldest friends and there was no way we could do this without them. LS Dare: I’ve known him for nearly 10 years and he’s also one of my close friends. He’s always supported and helped me on journey. He runs the whistles and horns nights, which is doing bits at the moment.

Mystery guest DJ: Again another person who has helped me on my journey. Can’t wait for their set. Can’t say too much or I’ll give it away!

Flava; legend from Rude FM – she was the first person I thought of when thinking of a Rude fm dj. We became friends via radio before we actually met. She is well excited for the night. The Rush hour set will special.

Also all the mcs; Miss Trouble, Agman Gora, K-Eye, Blackeye are all mcs that I’ve worked with over the years, they are all fantastic. Special mention to K-Eye coming from Ibiza to mc on the night.

What advice would you give any upcoming MC who wants to make it in the scene? Just be yourself. And be nice… It helps.

Any famous last words? Shouts: Keira EOC, Peds Corner crew, Break, Rupture Family, Dj Haze, Fugee, Rude FM, Ben Jones (Young-gun). I don’t want to miss anyone out so big up to everyone who helped and supported me in this journey. Thank you all…and Love.

Big mix from Healing Crew uploaded to get you in the mood for Saturday <3 You can listen to it HERE

See you all on the 1 July for the big celebration of Bassline MC

11.30PM – 06.00 AM


STORM (Classics Set)
STRETCH (Reinforced Set)
FLAVA & BASSLINE MC (Rude FM Rush Hour!)
With vocal support from…


Further info:
07817 706484

Exclusive Interview: DJ Stretch

Hey Stretch and thank you for answering my questions for us! Been a while… Last time we interviewed you in 2016 you linked up with DNB 4 Life for events, started to sell merch & had some cheeky collabs with a few big names. What has been happening since then?

Wow, it’s been that long since we had a chat! Well, let’s see if I can condense this and I’m clearly going to miss out on a lot of things… So, we started releasing compilations and solo LPs on the label and continuing to push awesome music and stay true to our sound with some great releases. Started a few sub labels which have now become household favourites and the supporters are growing. AKO Nights have really taken off which has been an unbelievable journey and makes me very proud that I continue with it. When lockdown happened, I wasn’t sure we would continue but after doing a boat party and our first club event last year was absolutely amazing plus having a few legends pass through to show support meant a lot.

AKO celebrated 25 years and that makes me very proud to see the journey the label, music and artists have made in that time.

We managed to put together a 25 year documentary during lockdown and I must send a personal shout out to Verity from Rave Report for all her hard work and N.E Girl who did the editing on the documentary. We also released some Nike/AKO combo merch. I worked on and released an album with my brother Enjoy, we also had a big release on Metalheadz in collaboration with Reinforced records earlier this year.

How did you end up in the dnb/jungle scene?

I was always listening and buying music from the acid & hardcore days and was a big Reinforced fan along with Production House, Suburban Base, Moving Shadows etc and was going to raves when I was underage with my cousin Stephen. I’d gone round my mates Joseph house and seen him making music on his Amiga and eventually I bought myself an Amiga. My brother was also a DJ and was playing a lot of that music, so I was digging and learning. Eventually I connected to Reinforced through a family friend and started to learn my trade as I was DJing in my bedroom a lot. I also linked up with a friend from the area and we started to make music when the tune ‘Worries and The Dance’ was made, and after a special night at AWOL the tune absolutely blew up and completely changed my life in music and has given me the opportunity to travel the world. That’s a condensed version, there’s obviously a lot more that went into my past.

Of course, most of us know that you are not just a DJ, you are also a label owner for AKO Beatz which you started in 1995 if I am right and then re-launched it in 2014 after taking a break from it. How has it been since the relaunch for your label?

It’s definitely been the best decision I’ve made as the label is in such a strong position and has made all the hard work, highs and lows, worth it and I still feel like we’re just getting started with all the plans I have.

What is the hardest part of running a label?

I think the constant costs, especially in terms of price of vinyl materials going up; a lot of people don’t understand that material constantly keeps going up and some of us are constantly trying to keep the price down. the love for music can only go so far when you’re actually trying to run a business as well. The way the world is going at the moment, you just have to be on your A-game and smart about what you’re releasing, which is a positive thing also. Impatient artists can often get on my nerves sometimes, they don’t realise I actually have a 9-5 job, and a family life outside of music so I have to balance everything and not burn out. Also, people think they can have an opinion on how you run your label…

What is the best part with running it?

Working with a lot of the artists on the label; I have conversations with them and we always end up feeling motivated and eager to get the studio to do something. I have a lot of these conversations with Decibella, Marc Mac, Enjoy & Threshold to name a few. Getting new music, locating unreleased gems & finding new artists who want to learn and seeing them shine when the moment comes on the label.

The creative side when talking concepts, I always drive to look at the next thing.

What do you have planned for AKO Beatz in the future?

There is a lot planned, so here is a few…

The AKO Major Defence sub label; we have the new Defender 2 album coming and we’re in the process of doing a Major Defence game and some more comic books. We have a couple of solo artist albums planned, an I’m looking into animation and I’m building something a little bit different. We have a couple of solo artist albums planned, including an AKO10 album that has been sitting there for a little while. We have more nights planned along with collaboration nights with other labels, and a new line of merch dropping soon. Currently, we are updating the website which is looking really nice and should be ready within a few weeks.

Where did the name come from?

AKO stems from the 47 Ronin Samurai from AKO in Japan and The Guyver, which was one of my Alias name on Reinforced so I’ve merged the two.

How do you choose artists to be released on AKO?

I’m looking for a vibe; a soulful sound where it’s not sounding mechanical or following a format like a lot of tunes I hear. I also don’t want to hear blatant copying or remixes of mine or music on Reinforced – that’s an instant no with me and it gets shut down. Just be true to yourself and take your time when producing your tracks.

You are also running a very successful night for AKO Beatz, usually Halloween (which I still haven’t been able to go to) – do you have more of these planned? What do you enjoy with organising raves? 

Yes, we will be doing AKOWEEN as it is now known as. I couldn’t stop the AKO nights even if I wanted too. It has a special family atmosphere. The AKO Tribe get excited around that time of year so we’re just finalising a few things now, so expect an announcement soon.

I love the build-up to the night; you see the excitement on social media where people planning their outfits and DJs thinking about their sets. The crowd level up every single year with their costumes and their energy especially on the night. I think my favourite part of the night is when I play because that’s me giving back my gratitude to the crowd for supporting the night and that moment is my time to escape from thinking about everything around me and just concentrating on playing music. I also love that we have a very diverse crowd and everyone feels welcome when they come through the doors, and that’s important to me and artists that perform.

What do you find hard? I think sometimes trying to do most things on your own can become a lot, and then on the night it can be really busy and you don’t get time to take it in and I’ve always said I’ve never fully enjoyed an AKO night from start to finish because I’m busy running around but I get satisfaction from people being happy and DJs enjoying their sets.

We have seen you have been in Japan as well which looked absolutely fantastic! How did this come about? What would you say is the difference between the crowd in the UK & Japan if any?

Originally it came about as I was planning to go and see my brother Dego out there and a couple of my friends Nami and Yuki, as I wanted to explore more of Japan especially the AKO shrine of the 47 Ronin samurai which is a big influence of the label. A couple of people caught wind of it and after some discussions decided we would do a gig or two out there and as time went on the gig became bigger which involves Goldie which made me very happy as it can be quite a buzz to meet your people in another country to enjoy your passion.

I think the crowd in Japan really appreciate you coming out and respecting their culture as an artist or human being. When I played there was no MC along with Goldie, but we connected through music and there was a relationship that is quite crazy. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, this music connects us and the atmosphere felt the same like being in London. At some point it was an intense atmosphere which I love, where the crowd know something is coming and you know as the DJ something is coming and when it comes the atmosphere is electric. They’re happy with you experimenting and they will feel if you’re in what you’re doing or not, so you can’t come there being too confident and lazy. Japan is definitely one of my favourite places to play and can’t wait to go back.

Producer, label owner, running a label night, DJing – is there anything you CAN’T do?

Hahaha, I think I’m lucky to do the things I enjoy and when you add that with my day job, being a dad and somehow fitting it all into a daily routine, I feel blessed.

Any forthcoming releases we should be excited about?

There’s a few coming soon I’m really excited to have Hidden Agenda with a debut release on AKO10, DJ sofa on AKO MD with her EP (which is fire btw!) and we have the AKO VIP returning along with another special a AKO10 release which will be announcing and the long-awaited Defender 2 album and a lot more.

What’s next for Stretch and AKO Beatz?

I will be playing for Sub Culture in London tonight at Prince Of Peckham and then next weekend we will be celebrating MC Bassline so i will be doing a set at Peckham Audio for Essence Of Chi & Whistle Crew Horn Crew.

We are also planning to keep upgrading the website to be more interactive with supporters. We have loads of releases planned which we are very excited about. We are looking forward to the graphic novels of Defender’s story in the future along with the game album and other surprises linked to the label. Specialist X album, another Last Ronin and Guyver Album. Planning a follow-up EP on Metalheadz with Enjoy. Look out for Verb solo release, DJ Sofa EP, Hidden Agenda Solo release, DJ Chromz and Shay. We have a new merch line dropping soon as well on the new updated website which we think you will love. Sticker packs, Coasters, speakers and you may see some sneakers.

AKO have also collaborated with J.J’s hot sauce and have been releasing a series of flavoured hot sauces which have been taken well and I’ve been selling out. We have our next hot sauces dropping for summer within the next 1 to 2 weeks. With new flavours mad mango and smoking gun fingers.

More AKO nights and collaborations with other promoters and we want to take it around the country and world, if possible, with selected artist. We have some other exciting things planned which I won’t speak about yet as I know some people will try to jump on some of these ideas but the scene is in a beautiful, strong place and there are some great labels and people that I’m proud to call friends and I look forward to the journey together to see everyone grow and live the dream.

What’s next for David?

That’s a very good question as I always think about others, but I do want to go back and study some things that are important to me. I’m very close to my daughters and I want to be there to see them succeed in their dreams as they are very ambitious, creative and been very supportive to me. I want to do more work to support the young generation to achieve and believe they can do anything in this world! I’ve seen so many things we had growing up that have now been taken away, which leaves a lot of young people living their world through a phone or device.

Any final last words?

Shout out to Marc Mac who I speak to a lot about projects and things we want to do going forward. Goldie aka big bro who always checks in on me – love you brother. Dego for having my back and advising when needed. The Reinforced family for setting the foundations and giving us all an opportunity to grow. The Rupture family, Indi and Dubz as I owe them a lot. Nami & Yukie for everything when I was over in Japan, my extended family in Japan. Blackeye, Charlotte (I don’t think I’ve seen you this year), Djinn, Sweetpea, Equinox, Moose, Mr Reaper, Dextrous, Dwarde, Anca, Decibella, Sofa, Dissonance Bristol Crew, J.J’s Hot Sauce, Unearthed Crew, The next generation of talent, all the artists and forthcoming artists on the label. We’re excited for the future!

All the supporters; AKO Tribe that have stuck with us and continue to support through thick and thin – this gives us the drive to keep going and providing you with more products that we know you love and cherish. Shout to Beau the mastering don, all the record plants. Kae Creations, Malx (underrated gem of the scene) – if you know you know. My girls Renee and Shadae continuing to push yourself. My entire music family. Verity nothing but love for you and keep doing your thing I see you shining. NE Girl, Label owners, record shops, big love to Planet Wax. Woody behind-the-scenes at AKO and everyone generally connected to the label + Drum and Basics for the support and interview. And of course, big love to my parents, always! ❤️

Stretch mix incoming as well – watch this space!

Sign up for SubCulture for tonight HERE and get your ticket for Jazfest on the 1 July HERE


Exclusive: Cadence Four::mula Promo Mix

Four::mula has announced a brand new debut Drum & Bass event launching on Friday 14th July at The Ton of Brix, London.

The freshly curated Four::mula brand is determined to deliver only the best in Underground D&B representing all generations of the genre and The Ton of Brix is set to be the perfect party premises for the intimate Drum and Bass event. Not holding back on legends for the launch, Bad Company UK will be headlining with a Classics Set alongside Planet V head-honcho Jumpin Jack Frost throwing down that fresh Planet V fire. Four::mula residents comprise of scene stalwarts Promo ZO, 2Shy MC and new comer Cadence whilst Funsta and Moose firm up the bill with their hosting genius. More artists are yet to be announced completing an already heavyweight line-up.


Behind The Rave: Four::mula

Hey Zoe aka Promo Zo! You are launching a new D&B event on the 14th July with a wicked line up with DJs like Bad Company UK, JJ Frost, Cadence, you of course & MCs like 2Shy MC, Moose & Funsta. How did Four::mula come about?

After many conversations between a group of good friends we soon realised that we were all of the same mind set when it came to missing the intimate venues and the real underground clubbing experience of good music on a banging rig under one roof. So, we decided to create what it was that we were all craving, a proper night of Drum and Bass music of all generations with super solid hosts.

Who else is involved?

There are four of us in Four::mula – Myself, 2Shy MC, Chris and Cadence and fortunately between us all we have many years of experience in Drum & Bass as either promoters artists or both. If I add up the combined years we’ll sound a bit ancient so I won’t do that!

Can you talk us through the line up and why they will be playing on your debut night?

Sure, headlining the launch will be Bad Company UK with a classics set alongside our resident host 2Shy MC. If you have been to events like Wavy Garms and Drum and Bass Classics you will know how insane these sets have been and we’re certain that this energy in a more intimate space will simply blow the roof off.

We have also invited Brixton’s Drum and Bass King Mr Jumpin Jack Frost who always brings pure vibes and those gully Planet V flavas. He and Funsta will no doubt make the Ton of Brix roll.

Adding to this short list of legends we have also invited the Mic general Moose, a total veteran in the game when it comes to toasting and mic controlling.

I’ll be there naturally plus resident Cadence, a Brighton born DJ and promoter who has been creating waves in the South Coast scene will be making her London debut. You will get to sample her sound in the Four::mula Drum and Basics guest mix.

What is the hardest part of running an event?

The hardest part of running an event in 2023 for us is the change in consumer purchasing trends post-covid. Due to the lockdown process, with venues closing, events cancelling and people’s lives changing at the drop of a hat; we’ve seen a change in the way people buy tickets. Previously people purchased tickets with absolute certainty of attending events but now it seems there is a fear the event may not take place and so ravers are purchasing tickets last minute. This can really affect the marketing strategy so we’re forever trying to adapt to the consumer changes and keep up with the ever-changing social media algorithms.

What is the best thing with it?

The best thing about putting on an event is seeing ravers leave with a smile or being told how much of a good time they’ve had. Your event could be the escapism people need from the monotony of day to day life and we’ve all needed a rave in our life at some point, I know I have!

Any tips for people who are looking into organising a dnb/jungle event?

My advice has always been to only start an event if it’s born out of passion. Don’t try and put an event on to make money, also don’t put an event on that you can’t afford. It is a risk but if you pour your love and passion for D&B into the event, over time your event and brand will blossom from it.

The event will be held at The Ton of Brix on Coldharbour Ln in Brixton, what can you say about this venue? 

We were extremely keen to put an event on Brixton. It’s such a vibrant area and to bring an underground residency to the area was a huge goal for us. We’d looked at a few venues but instantly were attracted to TOB and think this will be an underground raving destination for years to come.

What else do you have going on, Promo Zo? 

Next up for me will be Worried About Henry at Dreamland Margate on 24th June, followed by Hospitality on the Beach where I’ll be resident DJ for the week plus also representing Planet V, Four::mula 14th July at The Ton of Brix obviously! Pure Science in Maidstone, D&B Classics at LDN East, Hospitality In The Woods and Sundown Festival with more to be announced soon.

Release wise I have a Konnect (UK) release “Dystopian Summer” plus a Conrad Subs remix of “Six Foot Deep” due to drop at the end of July early August on Conjunction Recordings followed by a solo release entitled “Sandi” coming on In-Reach Records later this summer.

Any final last words?

I have to big up all the Four::mula team, all the artists and everyone supporting the cause and of course big love to Drum and Basics as always.

Get your ticket for Four::mula here!

You can follow Four::mula on socials:


Exclusive Guest Mix: Rainboh

1. Edward Xavier – Pain
2. Kratos – Risky Roads
3. Indidjinous – Superarchaic
4. Trainspotter – Full Potato
5. Antagonist – Enso
6. MAC-V – Phong Nha
7. Jem-One & SR – Stronger
8. BMA – The Delayed
9. MAC-V – Vicious
10. Acid Lab – Just Trust
11. Necrotype – Demon’s Tilt
12. Krugah – Pride of Soul (Part Three)
13. BMA – Escape
14. Antagonist – XY
15. Scale – Eigengrau
16. Scale – Take Off
17. Infamy – Erased
18. Contact Lost – Untitled Jungle
19. Art Cuebik – Tribal Summer
20. Outrage – Underground



Behind The Label: Primitivizm

We found out that one of our previous interviewees, producer and DJ Indidjinous has been very busy since we last had a chat with him in 2019, so of course we needed to know more! His latest LP ‘Animal Style’ will be released on his new label Primitivizm via bandcamp where you can download it for free (pay what you want, even if that’s zero) for a limited time. Get it here!

Hey Indidjinous and thank you for answering our questions. We last had a chat with you in January 2019 – what have you been up to since then?

We were still doing Tech Itch Recordings label nights back in 2019, so we hosted a few shows in London and Bristol that year. Releases since then include my second collab LP with Centaspike, a remix, a single track and a solo EP on Biotic, an EP on AGN7 Audio, and an uncharacteristically jungly couple of tracks on Detrimental Audio with Fushara.

How did you cope with the lockdowns and everything surrounding that period?

I was doubly lucky because I was able to work at home and I am married so I wasn’t totally isolated. So I didn’t have the economic or social stress that many had. Musically it was challenging because our event plans were ruined but it didn’t take too long to realise it was a golden opportunity to focus on production. So it was a time of adaptation and ultimately led to where I am today with the studio, sound meditation practice and Primitivizm.

How did Primitivizm come about?

In 2021 several milestones converged to inspire Primitivizm. First, I had my 100th track released, so it felt like time for a new direction. Second, I finished my first solo dn’b LP. Third, my sound meditation project kicked into high gear. I felt a need for a central outlet that tied everything Indidjinous together in one place. That’s Primitivizm.

Where did the name come from?

Primitivizm captures the primal essence that is the foundation of my sound, particularly when I use the didjeridu, the world’s oldest wind instrument. It’s also a nod to the art movement known as “primitivism” which takes inspiration from ancient art. Primitivizm translates that visual tradition into auditory form.

What kind of music will be released on Primitivizm?

Primitivizm will feature all my solo work. That includes drum & bass tracks, soundscapes for sound meditation, didjeridu recordings, other live jams, and mixes via Primitivizim Radio. I will continue releasing on other labels like Biotic and Tech Itch Recordings, but those will be mostly collabs with artists on those labels. For now Primitivizm will be based at a Bandcamp store, but will eventually expand to a standalone website that will offer didjeridu lessons, DJ and meditation events, merch, and possibly hand crafted didjeridus.

Will you be releasing other artists too?

Only if it’s an Indidjinous collab.

First release is your LP ‘Animal Style’; what can you tell us about it?

Animal Style is experimental techstep drum & bass. Some tracks stretch the genre’s definition like the dark-jazz halftimer ‘The Den’ with its offset kick drum and ‘Tarantism’, an industrial/tribal war dance built around an unusual break. Clear tributes to my formative influences are sprinkled throughout with ‘Vespertine’ reminiscent of Tech Itch, ‘Twilight Predation’ exuding Dom & Roland vibes, and ‘Scavenger’ inspired by early Teebee. My didjeridu is heard across the LP, bringing a guttural, animalistic contrast to the mechanised programming. Massive thanks out to the mighty Macc from Subvert Central Mastering for making these tracks shine!

Your album was made in the new North London studio which is a collaboration between Tech Itch Recordings & Biotic Recordings, what can you tell us about that?

After our elaborate plans for a Tech Itch/Biotic soundclash event called BIO-TECH in 2020 were ruined by the pandemic, Biotic label owner Facs and I decided to build a new studio where we could keep our vision alive during lockdown. The studio has been a real refuge throughout covid that has spawned all sorts of music experiments, including a live jam project featuring myself, Facs, Scythe and City Pains, and two monthly radio shows on WeekendRushFM. Second Thursdays are Primitivizm Radio from 8-10pm, third Thursdays are BIO-TECH Radio from 8-11pm. 

I know you also have completed a yoga certification programme to be a sound meditation facilitator, how did that come about? For people who are not familiar with this, can you explain what a sound meditation facilitator is?

Sound meditation events, or sound baths as they are known, are guided meditation sessions centred on spiritual instruments like gongs, shamanic drums and singing bowls. Think of the mysterious, percussion-less voids before drops on a typical drum & bass track, and extend that vibe to an hour or two and you have a sound bath! The didjeridu has its origins not as a musical instrument but more of a ceremonial device, so it adapts well to the Naad Yoga tradition from which sound baths originate. I am hosting my first public sound bath on 21 May in Notting Hill alongside three other graduates from our training. Join us for something different!

This sound meditation event is 90 minutes long and will feature myself and three other practitioners on a variety of traditional ceremonial instruments including the didjeridu, gongs, bells, chimes and various forms of percussion and vocalisation. Tickets are available here

What is next for Primitivizm and Indidjinous?

After the Animal Style LP, Primitivizm will shift into low gear with a sci-fi meditation soundscape LP later this year. Expect an expedition across rich layers of sonic vibrations featuring equal parts digital and analogue instrumentation.

Thank you!

Behind the Label: Devon’s Road Recordings

Exciting new record label Devon’s Road Recording are releasing their first album called ‘Time and Motion Vol 1’ exclusively on Bandcamp this Friday, and we wanted to know a bit more. We reached out to label manager Rhi for some questions…

So how did the idea for Devon’s Road come about? For some time I’d been a bit disillusioned with the music scene. I’d been playing garage out for a few years and wasn’t really feeling the direction the music was going in. I had dreams of doing my own night but wasn’t really sure where to start. Then covid hit which gave me time to reflect and think. During that time, my boyfriend had started to make tunes and after being sent an old break from a previous track from Darren, he wrote Just You & Me. I remember the day that he played it all to me – and I was honestly amazed and really emotional too as it’s such a wicked tune with a lot of personal meaning behind it. It was at that point that I thought that we should start our own label. In the past we’d put a lot of work into other brands so I really felt this time was an opportunity to create something of our own, something which we loved and could be proud of and which reflected our true values. After that everything started to fall into place, albeit slower than expected due to covid.

Why the name Devon’s Road?  So Devon’s Road is a place in East London where I lived for many years and I have the best memories from living there! I was proper into mixing loads, disturbing the neighbours, going free parties, raving all weekend and travelling to my first gigs – just so many good memories! I didn’t want to pick something fashionable that may sound dated in a few years and I wanted the name to mean something to me too, plus I think it sounds good!

Are you running the label by yourself and what would you say is the hardest part of running it? The label was co-founded by myself and my partner, Junior Buzz who is one half of Bomb Shelter Crew, (the other half being DJ Dublah) and I run the whole business side of things. After both working on other brands for some years we decided it was time to do our own thing where we had creative control.

There is a ton paperwork and admin to do as well as social media posts & emails to get through so fitting this in around work is the hardest part – it’s safe to say I’ve had more than a few late nights working into the early hours to make sure things are done on time!

What are Devon’s Road values and what kind of sounds are you looking for in a tune? We value creativity and want to push music forwards without losing that old skool essence that has been a big influence on our lives. We also highly rate the soulful but ravey footwork tracks as well as the slower more pensive breakbeat tunes which take you on a journey.

Overall the label is all about variety with the common denominator being rave! You can expect uplifting, euphoric hardcore as well as dark and moody drum and bass and whilst always showing love for the old skool, we also love new styles and want to push music forward.

Really exciting with the release on the 15th April! What I have heard sounds great! What can you tell us about ‘Time and Motion Volume 1’? Our first release is a showcase of the sounds you can expect to hear from us in the future. There are 8 tracks by 7 up and coming artists and they all vary in style ranging from the dark and serious to the more uplifting breakbeat kind of sound. We did plan on releasing vinyl from the start, but the turn around times and expensive shipping costs has meant it’s just not practical at the moment but it is definitely what we are aiming towards in the future.

There are a lot of new names on this album, who are they?

So we have:

Robin Wylie – We are so happy to have Irish producer Robin on the label. He is one of the few producers that truly understand a multitude of genres and has his own unique, bass heavy sound, in which he manages to incorporate acid, breakbeat, garage and jungle all into one lot of badness!

Tenta Ghoul – Whilst co-running Rat Face Records and managing the bar at Aaja Tenta Ghoul has managed to fit in time to make Maniac – a dark and serious track which will murder any dancefloor. We actually met Tenta Ghoul some time ago when djing at Pop Brixton when he asked Kennie to play the Dilinja track he’d just bought on vinyl. It was clearly meant to be.

Bomb Shelter Crew – The Bomb Shelter Crew comprising Kennie (Juniorbuzz to some) and Darren (dublah) come together to make new jungle & hardcore tracks which takes us straight back to the 90s in SW London.

E.Hill & Mathieson – These up and coming producers have known each other since they were 3 and they have nailed that 4×4 hardcore breakbeat sound which is something to be proud of! I imagine they had that sound drummed into them every weekend as they are the sons of old skool ravers!

Subbreak – Growing up in the rave scene in the early 90’s and attending raves/clubs throughout this time period have given him his foundation and love for Hardcore/jungle and Dnb. His Flavour represents his experiences and memories of the Rave scene.

Anti Traxx – this producer is a professional at sound design and his music is different, contains mental basslines and will take you to another space and time.

Mindset – Southeast Londoner, now living in Kent. Been Djing for many years: on radio (RudeFM), clubs & festivals. He recently started making tunes where he is experimenting with different genres and finding inspiration in the sounds around him. 

What are your main hopes and aspirations for the label? We want to keep releasing good music that will be played out on loud sound systems from up and coming producers – and hope to be releasing on vinyl as well as digital going forward. We understand the importance of diversity and we are holding the door wide open for female, non-binary and trans artists to come our way and join the crew. Please send all demos to info@devonsroadrecordings.co.uk

Will you be doing anything else than release records? We will also be doing some events this year too. We have our first one down at Four Quarters in Peckham on 28 April which is a free event on a Thursday night to celebrate our first release.

Are you still DJing? Yes I still DJ and have a monthly show every 1st Saturday of the month on AAJA dedicated to jungle, hardcore & drum & bass and me and Junior Buzz also have a monthly residency on Threads Radio called Bass n That where we play anything bass from breaks & garage to jungle & hardcore.

What’s next for Devon’s road? We will be releasing another VA compilation on digital this year as well as doing some small events in South East London and we are hoping to have our first vinyl release lined up by the end of this year too. I am also learning to produce and will definitely be contributing to a Devons’s Road VA release in the future! The support & feedback we have had so far on the label has been amazing and we are really looking forward to what the next year brings for us and for the rave scene as a whole!

Big ups & thanks
Threshold– supporting & believing in us from day one
Shucks Art & Illustration for our artwork
Richy Hughes, our master at Binary Feedback
All our friends and family who have been supporting us!

You can follow them on devonsroad.bandcamp.com

Exclusive Guest Mix: Pressa New Jungle Mix

Track list:

Bartholomew Kind – Sweetheart (Forthcoming Breaks ‘N’ Pieces)
DJ Sunroof – Break The Mould (Forthcoming Extra Spicy)
Denham Audio – Top Boy (Forthcoming Lobster Theremin)
Asquith – Clapton Rider (Forthcoming Asquith)
Low End Activist – Engineers Origins (Forthcoming Low End Activism)
Pugilist – Siphon [Coco Bryce Remi] (Dext)
Mani Festo – Full Circle (E-Beamz)
TMSV – Abyss Watcher (Sub Merchants)
Drumskull – Battle Stations (Seagrave)
Samurai Breaks – Marathon (Sub Merchants)
Tim Reaper – Who Run It ( Lobster Theremin)
Borai – Nice Tripsies (Higher Level)

Exclusive Interview: Illmatika & Sofi Mari

Hey Illmatika & Sofi Mari! Thank you for answering my questions for us.

Let’s start from the beginning. For those who are not familiar with your names – can you tell me a little bit about yourself, how long you’ve been doing what you are doing and how you ended up in the music/dnb scene?

ILLMATIKA: I’m an artist/host and I’ve been doing it for more than a hot minute, ended up in the scene by giving a demo tape to my barber who was on pirate radio on weekend rush 92.3

SOFI: I’ve been involved as a drum and bass vocalist and host MC since 2008, starting in Miami. I met some mates in middle school who introduced me to d&b and I got into it properly from there. While a couple of them would practice spinning, others would MC, and I would improvise singing over those sets too. That led to me jumping on the mic at house parties and as time went on I met Stereotype [Formation, Intrigue, Driven AM] while at college for music business. I was already working with a jazz fusion band at the time and upon finding a fellow d&b head, that DJ’d and produced, I didn’t hesitate to agree to working with him on some drum and bass.

Do you guys remember your first rave?

ILLMATIKA: I remember my first rave: it was Voodoo magic at Equinox, Leicester Square. MC flux was there on the night and I remember MC Five O and Andy C. I also remember lots of ravers on that night approaching me for pills and drugs and I had no idea why they continually were asking me. Later on I would find out why.

SOFI: I can’t say I really remember my very first rave, as I’m sure it was a house party of some sort in the early 00’s. Global Gathering was a massive rave in downtown Miami that was thrown in what I think was 2002 or 2003 and that was my first proper experience in a major club setting. I remember Goldie, Fabio and Grooverider were playing in the main room and Africa Baby Bam of the Jungle Brothers hosted an outdoor stage with hip hop. I’ll never forget that night. The music was incredible, everyone was there to simply let go and have a great time. I ended up meeting Baby Bam after he let some of us jump on the mic to freestyle. I sang and he approached me asking how serious I was about being a vocalist. That led to him linking me with producer and drummer [Mike Cupino] who asked me to join the jazz fusion band he was in. That was when my professional vocal journey started. It’s mad reminiscing over what’s happened since that one night.

How are you guys coping with what’s going on in the world right now? Has it affected your creativity in any way?

ILLMATIKA: It can be hard at times however there are some positives from it. It has given me more time to be around family and more time to concentrate on writing; but the performing side is very hard to take not being able to do. So some days I’m feeling very creative, other days I just can’t be bothered.

SOFI: I’ve managed this whole year by placing more focus on my well being and overall health. The initial shut down and uncertainty of both the hospitality and entertainment industries caused me to uproot myself and relocate. It’s been a roller coaster of emotions and although I’ve managed to get some writing in, I haven’t been as creative as I was aiming to be this year. These releases have been the silver lining: reminding me that you can’t force something. When the time is right you will know.

Let’s chat about the track! ‘Perfect Summer’ is a beautiful tune which really takes me back to warmer and more easy going times…. Late summer nights, watching the sunset, no worries about tomorrow… What was the inspiration behind the track and the lyrics?

ILLMATIKA: The concept of experiencing that very ‘perfect moment’ was the initial idea for the track. For example: having that perfect evening or having that perfect bite of a chocolate, and then it grew from there… The energy of the track really came from Mr Joseph. He sent me the beat and from there I thought of Sofi Mari because we had been talking about getting on a track together for a while and this seemed like the perfect opportunity.

SOFI: Illmatika initially sent me the track with his first verse recorded. That verse, and the feel good summery vibe of the track itself, inspired me to write from one of the possible viewpoints of a woman (or anyone really) being approached by someone who is interested in them. I did go based on some of my own experience as well as experiences I’ve known others have had.

How did you put the track together?

ILLMATIKA: In terms of putting the track together I had an idea of the arrangement and I shared that idea with Sophie before going to the studio, once we got to the studio the magic came together quickly with Sofi’s big pad of rhymes and writing on the spot and recording.

SOFI: Most of it was done separately until Illmatika and I got together to record in studio. I arrived and realised my verse was a bit too short so I got straight to adding more to it while Illmatika recorded. We’d accomplished all recording in that one session. It was great. I really do miss being in a proper studio setting.

How long have you been working on it?

ILLMATIKA: The actual making of the song didn’t take long at all. We spent maybe 3 hours in the studio together. Sofi and I with the beat and it was done and we sent Mr Joseph the vocals so he could put the finishing touches to it.

SOFI: This collaboration was one of those lucky ones where we all got it completed and recorded within a matter of days. Illmatika and I were pretty shocked at how quickly and smoothly it all came together. We kept wondering what the catch was—Haha!

It is coming out on Liquid V on the 2 December (today!). Big label and big release! How did that come about?

ILLAMTIKA: We’ve all had previous releases on liquid V so it was a case of just sending the track to Bryan G and he loved it and said it would be good to release on liquid v.

SOFI: It’s been amazing to represent and be represented by such a legendary and well respected label in the game! Thankfully we’ve all had past releases on the label, so that definitely helped us. Illmatika and Mr. Joseph got this particular single locked in for us. Bryan Gee was feeling it once he heard it and, well, here we are!

Illmatika; can you tell me a bit more about your artist name and how that came about?

Long story, I’ll tell you when I see you.

Sofi Mari;  You are living in the USA at the moment, but have been living in London too – can you tell me how you ended up in London in the first place?

I was born in the UK and have family there. Once I finished my bachelors degree back in Florida I wanted to live in England, even just for a little while. I packed up and moved over, initially aiming to move to Bristol. Locking in a place to live there was challenging and I ended up in London thanks to friends I knew living there.

What is the hardest part of doing a collaboration?

ILLMATIKA: The hardest part for me is ensuring that I’m not dominating a discussion and allowing for office to put their point across because I think, at times, once I get a picture in my head that’s the only thing that I can see. But I think with a collaboration it’s important to listen to all points of view and ensure that you are all happy with the representation that you are giving of yourselves on the music.

SOFI: I’d say the hardest part is simply making sure everyone gets their fair say in the process of getting the work completed. It’s a proper challenge when having to remember a collaborative effort is actually a team effort; there’s no I in team. That and the distance. Some people would much rather work together in the studio, but often can’t due to where everyone involved lives.

What’s next?

ILLMATIKA: More music on continuing to spread that soulful sound within the dnb arena

SOFI: Looking forward to more collabs with both Illmatika and Mr. Joseph for sure! I’ve also got another 2-track EP with Mozey forthcoming on liquid V later in December. Keep an eye out for that too!

Any famous last words?

ILLMATIKA: Yeah big up and thanks for having us! Shouts out to the liquid V family and shout out to all the people that have been supporting us in buying our music, commenting and giving us good vibes.

SOFI: Big shouts to Illmatika and Mr Joseph here for such a great experience working with them. Bryan Gee, Jumping Jack Frost and everyone involved in the V Recordings camp, as well as everyone worldwide who has supported our journey and music! And thanks so much to you, Drum and Basics crew, for interviewing us. All Love!

Thank you guys and big up!


Buy the tune here.

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