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Exciting new record label Devon’s Road Recording are releasing their first album called ‘Time and Motion Vol 1’ exclusively on Bandcamp this Friday, and we wanted to know a bit more. We reached out to label manager Rhi for some questions…

So how did the idea for Devon’s Road come about? For some time I’d been a bit disillusioned with the music scene. I’d been playing garage out for a few years and wasn’t really feeling the direction the music was going in. I had dreams of doing my own night but wasn’t really sure where to start. Then covid hit which gave me time to reflect and think. During that time, my boyfriend had started to make tunes and after being sent an old break from a previous track from Darren, he wrote Just You & Me. I remember the day that he played it all to me – and I was honestly amazed and really emotional too as it’s such a wicked tune with a lot of personal meaning behind it. It was at that point that I thought that we should start our own label. In the past we’d put a lot of work into other brands so I really felt this time was an opportunity to create something of our own, something which we loved and could be proud of and which reflected our true values. After that everything started to fall into place, albeit slower than expected due to covid.

Why the name Devon’s Road?  So Devon’s Road is a place in East London where I lived for many years and I have the best memories from living there! I was proper into mixing loads, disturbing the neighbours, going free parties, raving all weekend and travelling to my first gigs – just so many good memories! I didn’t want to pick something fashionable that may sound dated in a few years and I wanted the name to mean something to me too, plus I think it sounds good!

Are you running the label by yourself and what would you say is the hardest part of running it? The label was co-founded by myself and my partner, Junior Buzz who is one half of Bomb Shelter Crew, (the other half being DJ Dublah) and I run the whole business side of things. After both working on other brands for some years we decided it was time to do our own thing where we had creative control.

There is a ton paperwork and admin to do as well as social media posts & emails to get through so fitting this in around work is the hardest part – it’s safe to say I’ve had more than a few late nights working into the early hours to make sure things are done on time!

What are Devon’s Road values and what kind of sounds are you looking for in a tune? We value creativity and want to push music forwards without losing that old skool essence that has been a big influence on our lives. We also highly rate the soulful but ravey footwork tracks as well as the slower more pensive breakbeat tunes which take you on a journey.

Overall the label is all about variety with the common denominator being rave! You can expect uplifting, euphoric hardcore as well as dark and moody drum and bass and whilst always showing love for the old skool, we also love new styles and want to push music forward.

Really exciting with the release on the 15th April! What I have heard sounds great! What can you tell us about ‘Time and Motion Volume 1’? Our first release is a showcase of the sounds you can expect to hear from us in the future. There are 8 tracks by 7 up and coming artists and they all vary in style ranging from the dark and serious to the more uplifting breakbeat kind of sound. We did plan on releasing vinyl from the start, but the turn around times and expensive shipping costs has meant it’s just not practical at the moment but it is definitely what we are aiming towards in the future.

There are a lot of new names on this album, who are they?

So we have:

Robin Wylie – We are so happy to have Irish producer Robin on the label. He is one of the few producers that truly understand a multitude of genres and has his own unique, bass heavy sound, in which he manages to incorporate acid, breakbeat, garage and jungle all into one lot of badness!

Tenta Ghoul – Whilst co-running Rat Face Records and managing the bar at Aaja Tenta Ghoul has managed to fit in time to make Maniac – a dark and serious track which will murder any dancefloor. We actually met Tenta Ghoul some time ago when djing at Pop Brixton when he asked Kennie to play the Dilinja track he’d just bought on vinyl. It was clearly meant to be.

Bomb Shelter Crew – The Bomb Shelter Crew comprising Kennie (Juniorbuzz to some) and Darren (dublah) come together to make new jungle & hardcore tracks which takes us straight back to the 90s in SW London.

E.Hill & Mathieson – These up and coming producers have known each other since they were 3 and they have nailed that 4×4 hardcore breakbeat sound which is something to be proud of! I imagine they had that sound drummed into them every weekend as they are the sons of old skool ravers!

Subbreak – Growing up in the rave scene in the early 90’s and attending raves/clubs throughout this time period have given him his foundation and love for Hardcore/jungle and Dnb. His Flavour represents his experiences and memories of the Rave scene.

Anti Traxx – this producer is a professional at sound design and his music is different, contains mental basslines and will take you to another space and time.

Mindset – Southeast Londoner, now living in Kent. Been Djing for many years: on radio (RudeFM), clubs & festivals. He recently started making tunes where he is experimenting with different genres and finding inspiration in the sounds around him. 

What are your main hopes and aspirations for the label? We want to keep releasing good music that will be played out on loud sound systems from up and coming producers – and hope to be releasing on vinyl as well as digital going forward. We understand the importance of diversity and we are holding the door wide open for female, non-binary and trans artists to come our way and join the crew. Please send all demos to

Will you be doing anything else than release records? We will also be doing some events this year too. We have our first one down at Four Quarters in Peckham on 28 April which is a free event on a Thursday night to celebrate our first release.

Are you still DJing? Yes I still DJ and have a monthly show every 1st Saturday of the month on AAJA dedicated to jungle, hardcore & drum & bass and me and Junior Buzz also have a monthly residency on Threads Radio called Bass n That where we play anything bass from breaks & garage to jungle & hardcore.

What’s next for Devon’s road? We will be releasing another VA compilation on digital this year as well as doing some small events in South East London and we are hoping to have our first vinyl release lined up by the end of this year too. I am also learning to produce and will definitely be contributing to a Devons’s Road VA release in the future! The support & feedback we have had so far on the label has been amazing and we are really looking forward to what the next year brings for us and for the rave scene as a whole!

Big ups & thanks
Threshold– supporting & believing in us from day one
Shucks Art & Illustration for our artwork
Richy Hughes, our master at Binary Feedback
All our friends and family who have been supporting us!

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