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Featured Mix: Black Rhino Radio: Bass Music w/ The Untouchables, DJ Mantra & Double O

Witness one of the meanest crews, Rupture London’s DJ Mantra and Double O, taking over this episode of Bass Music.

Mantra and Double O have both been consistently sharing their artistic vision within drum&bass and jungle scenes for many years, and since their first forays in Shoreditch in the early 2000s, the name Rupture has blossomed into one of the most revered names in jungle music.

See all shows at bit.ly/3o0hdMz

Featured Mix: 1 More Mix 040 – Yorobi

Please welcome Yorobi to the 1 More Mix series!

Set to the backdrop of her crucial new release – the inexorably explorative and thoughtful Eden EP on Sneaker Social Club – the longstanding Amsterdam-based artist, producer, DJ, radio host and art historian has gone in deep with this devilish dot-joining escapade that ranges from ambient to jungle via techno, breaks, hardcore and all kinds of fractured flavours in between.

From Jerome Hill to J Majik, Dolenz to Doc Scott, it’s a joyously wide-armed audio assault that blazes boundaries in all directions as the Groningen-raised selector takes us on a journey through her musical passions and inspirations that go right back to the Dutch free party movement in the 90s.

Find out more about this mix and Yorobi in our super deep interview:

Yorobi – Eden is out March 24:

Support Yorobi: @yorobi

Featured Mix: BOJ LUCKI – Four Seasons of Winter Mix


Featured Mix: Everyday Junglist Podcast 479 – N.E.GIRL

Welcome to episode 479 of the Everyday Junglist Podcast!

Episode 479 brings us one helluva mix from the one like N.E. GIRL! Iv’e been wanting to get her on for some time, she has excellent selection and this mix, like past mixes of hers has an unbelievable vibe!

N.E. Girl’s mix starts out with a beautiful atmospheric tune and then things get rowdy with amen pressure and a ting of dark steppers on the back end! This mix is runnin, she murders this one!

Let’s get to know our dj for episode 479, N.E. Girl, 3 questions coming at ya:

1. Tell us about your nirvana moment as a dj, perfect venue, set, and vibe:
Playing at Rupture London this year!

Being able to play alongside legends and artists I admire who play regularly was a huge highlight in one of my favorite venues (Corsica Studios). It also inspired me to dig a bit deeper but also challenge myself by challenging expectations of what I should play during the night – so I ended my set with Steppers and dubstep on a system that could handle the pressure weight.

2. Tell us about exciting upcoming gigs and projects.

I’m playing alongside Mala (Digital Mystiks) and Chase and Status next year in Copenhagen. Both legends in their scene. Im excited to get back into 140 and dig into Dubstep again.

Otherwise, look out for the Strom festival 2023, I’m on the curating team, so I’m looking forward to suggesting some alternative bookings to the program.

3. Tell us about your strangest and or funniest experience as a Dj.

During a night, I had a guy come up to me with his usb asking if he could go b2b because he plays footwork too. jokes.

For more music from N.E. GIRL, please click the links below:

Instagram @ negirl.fka

Enjoy the sounds of N.E. GIRL! Everyday Junglist Podcast!

Track list:
1 Pixl – Sea Of Life
2 Dwarde – Saturn Stations
3 Tim Reaper – Give Me More (Ricky Force Remix)
4 Response & Pliskin – Conquered History
5 Decibella – Be True
6 Subjects – You
7 Kloke & Tim Reaper – Foundation
8 Dev/Null – Orchstomp
9 Overdubb – Eruption (3D Mix)
10 Tech Itch – Searchin
11 Noise Factory – I bring you the future
12 David Louis – Ghetto D
13 FFF – Well Ruff
14 Guyver meets Threshold – Pain VIP
15 tORN – The Fear
16 Ruffhouse – UVB-76
17 Roho – Ikuti
18 Takuhn – Kyoda
19 tORN & Last Life – Unbridled

Featured Mix: Everyday Junglist Podcast 483 – Jungalice

Welcome to episode 483 of the Everyday Junglist Podcast!

483 brings us the stylings of Jungalice!

Jungalice’s mix combines old and new tunes! This set shows masterful track selection with amens, rollers, ravey tunes and atmospheric tracks! Jungalice puts together an AMAZING, energy filled mix that all of you will enjoy!

Let’s meet our dj for episode 483, Jungalice:

1. What are your top 3 drum n bass/jungle tunes of all-time?

Honestly I could never pick 3 definitive favourites. I like such a wide range of dnb and jungle it would be way too hard to choose!
My 3 favourite at the moment are (in no particular order ) Baiana – Nia Archives , Photing – Harmony & Fire – Sully.

2. What lead you to working at RK Bass?

I was hooked when I first bought my first ever record there. I couldn’t stop going back and eventually ended up volunteering before being employed by RareKind, it just felt like where I was meant to be.

3. If you could be Batman or Robin, who would you be and why?

Umm I think I’d have to go for Robin on this one, he’s a trusty side kick who’s always there when you need him, and his life generally seems a bit happier and less stressful!

For more music from Jungalice and to check out RK Bass Records, click the links below:

Instagram @ jungalicemusic
Instagram @ rkbassrecords

Enjoy the sounds of Jungalice!

1. Full Train – Stones Taro
2. Down To The Foundation – Double O
3. Plum Sauce – Fluid Haunts
4. Planet X – Arcane Ft. Samurai Breaks
5. 161 – Baithead
6. Crazy Eyes – Harmony
7. Loosen Grip – T-Cuts
8. The Cold – Cold Leader
9. Just Can’t – Charla Green
10. Do You Know – LMajor
11.JUNGLE TEKNAH – Sherelle
12. Outta London – Decibella
13. Piano Soul – Harmony
14. Goliath – Enei Ft. DRS
15. 0860 – Fracture Ft. Eastman
16. Rhythm Remix – DJ Rap & Voyager
17. Uncanny Valley – Kloke
18. Spiritual Aura – DJ Rap
19. Age Of Insanity – Folosaphers
20. Can’t Get Enough – Tim Reaper & Dwarde
21. Harmony & Extreme – Temple Of Heaven
22. Be My Night – Hornchurch Hardcore
23. All On Me – Subjects
24. Cause Of The Phaerohs – Arcane
25. Recognize The Rush – Cold Leader
26. Hold You – Lemon D Remix

Featured Mix: Everyday Junglist Podcast 486 – DJ Rhi Spect

Episode 486 brings us a mix from the boss of Devon’s Road Recordings, Rhi Spect!

Rhi’s mix has a beautiful flow and great track selection, combining atmospherics with tuff amen tunes and some forthcoming bits from Devon’s Road Recordings! Rhi Spect smashed it!

Let’s meet our dj for episode 486, Rhi Spect:

1. Who was my biggest musical influence? –
It’s really really hard to pick one influence! Unless i can just say my family – as I’ve raved with brother, who is a sick 93 hardcore dj (DJ Hijack) and sister from being a teenager to this day and we’ve discovered new music together, gone through changes in our music taste together, plus my brother bought me my Technics for my birthday, which was the best bday present ever and was the start of my djing journey, so that was a game changer. My dad was also a massive influence for me musically, he plays harmonica & saxophone in blues bars, festivals & carnival every year and is self-taught. I mean come on, family has gotta be my biggest musical influence as I probably wouldn’t be that into music at all if it wasn’t for growing up with music surrounding me.

If it has to be an artist it would be DBridge I think… but it’s so difficult as there’s so many artists I rate!
Dbridge is one of my biggest influences, from being part of Bad Company who made some of the best drum & bass tracks which I will always love, probably as they were the tunes I first bought and started mixing with and still do, to his own releases which for me, are always soulful, dark and moody. One of my favourite tunes ever is Inner Disbelief, proper moving, but with that bad bassline that you have to wait for and then today running Exit.

2. Tell us about anything new and upcoming for Devons Road Recordings
, We have just released the tune Just u & me on limited edition 10″ dubplate, we have Volume 2 of Time and Motion coming out in April and exciting releases coming from Bomb Shelter Crew and Anti Traxx later this year plus we are looking forward to more parties at Four Quarters in Peckham, SE London where all the crew get to test out their dubs! The next one is on Thursday April 6th and it’s free entry.

3. I’m having a bit of insomnia. What’s the best sound to fall asleep to, ocean waves or a spring rain storm?

Luckily, I don’t get insomnia, but if I needed some sound to help me sleep, I’d choose ocean waves. I think that would be more calming than lively spring rain!

For more music from Rhi Spect or to purchase music from Devon’s Road Recordings, please click the links below:

Instagram @ dj_rhispect
Instagram @ devonsroadrecordings

Enjoy the sounds of Rhi Spect! Everyday Junglist Podcast!

Simon Bassline Smith- Midnite- Deep Jungle
Heavyweight-Untitled 4- Heavyweight- Volume 2
Basic Rhythm- Help Me Revival EP- Basic Rhythm (Bandcamp)
Bomb Shelter Crew-J ust u and me- Devon’s Road Recordings
Stones Taro- Yakasugi- Breaks n Pieces
Bomb Shelter Crew- W.I.L.- Devon’s Road Recordings
Anti Traxx- Poison Pill- Devon’s Road Recordings (forthcoming)
Kola Nut- Untitled- R Whites vol 2
DJ Sofa- So Soft- Myor Massiv
Type- Emilio- Type (Bandcamp)
Shay- Push Up- AKO
Stones Taro- Mint- Lost City Archives Vol 4
Harmony- Dance with me- Deep Jungle
Bomb Shelter Crew- Deep Love- Devons Road (forthcoming)
Tek 9- Slow down (Enjoy remix) – AKO
Bomb Shelter Crew- Come wid it!- Devons Road (forthcoming)
Kid Lib- Jungl3r- Deep Jungle
Bomb Shelter Crew- Scattered Souls- Devon’s Road (forthcoming)
Cheetah-Cloud- Sine
Stretch- Kisses- AKO
Street Science- Come to Me- Desert Storm
J Majik- Meridian-Infrared Records
Kloke- Tuff Luv- Future Retro

Featured Mix: Everyday Junglist Podcast 463 – Pod Imiya

Episode 463 brings us a mix from the ultra-talented, Pod Imiya!

Pod Imiya comes out swinging with some heavy upfront tunes and amens! The energy stays high on this one with wicked rollers, amens, and steppers, absolute blinders to be sure! She went in on this mix! Crushing it!

Let’s meet our dj for episode 463, Pod Imiya:

Based in Manchester, Pod Imiya plays a mix of jungle and drum n bass styles from all eras, dropping in hardcore, IDM and sped-up electro. Pod Imiya’s sets are usually centred around rough breaks with dark but uplifting selection.

Starting out as a regular DJ at Hit & Run, she quickly went on to play at nights across the UK such as Rupture, License to Jungle, Chicken Shop Events and Sheffield-based night Anomalies, which showcases the wonkier side of 170bpm.

For more music and to download Pod Imiya’s release on Repertoire, please click the links below:


Enjoy the sounds of Pod Imiya! Everyday Junglist Podcast!

Track list:
Goldie & Rob Playford – The Shadow (Process mix)
Subculture – Styles of beyond (Dylan & Ink remix)
Ricky Force – Get on up
SR – Out there
Concept 3 – Rush (Remix)
Elementz of Noize – Tornado
Champa B – Jah jah dub
Sonar’s Ghost – Hustled
Breakage – As we enter
Ricky Force – Hyper dream
Effra – Herder
Holsten – Momentum (with vocal Kate Gately – Flow)
Double O – Dark thoughts
Pod Imiya – Dawn
Elementz of Noize – Sleepless
GY96 – Track D
Quartz – Snakes
Biostacis – Leap
Harmony – Crazy eyes
Chatta B – Kill a sound tonight
Mark System – Wanna dance
Quartz – Hydra
Resound – Ghetto funk
Taxman – TDK (with vocal from
Sonar Circle – Cry
Echo 1 – Shifting sounds
Atic & Exosphere – Animals
Soul Intent – Rushin’ 91
Total Science – Lightweight
Pod Imiya – H3artbr3aker
Mizeyesis ft Elijah Divine – Ruffneck 3rd Eye junglist
Pod Imiya – Smoke & mirrors
Genotype – How we getz down
Stu Haxton – Miss sunshine (Fracture & Neptune remix)
Equinox – Ital Lion Tuff Head
DJ Aleph – Presence over confidence
Tactical Aspect – Original sound (wish Ital tek – Bladed terrain)
Sicknote – 2000 AD (with acapella of Agnes – Release me)
Fracture & Neptune – Tape fog
Decoder – Dead fall
DJ Trace – Tactic (J:Kenzo 98 style remix)
Pod Imiya – The Bed’s 2 big
Jules Venturini – Keep me close

Featured Mix: Subculture Mix Series.002 – Dead Man’s Chest

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Featured Mix: NTS Thursday · Demon Poetry w/ Dwarde

ANTHILL MOB My Selector (Back To 92 Mix)
ON REMAND… Blacksteel (Part 2)
WAX DOCTOR Herbal Tekno
SKANNA Untitled
ORCA Yakka
APHRODITE Cocaine (DJ Phantasy X Aphrodite Remix)
KID TWIST Live And Direct
URBAN WAX You Take Me Up
DYNAMIX Directions
DWARDE & TIM REAPER Globex Corp Black Label Track 2
URBAN WAX Rollin Intelligence
ORCA Rain Of Drums
THE JB & ASEND The Dreamer
UNKNOWN Mystery Jungle Dub
DWARDE Globex Black Label Track 3

Featured Mix: Rinse FM · Rupture with Double O & Boj Lucki