Featured Mix: Everyday Junglist Podcast 479 – N.E.GIRL

Welcome to episode 479 of the Everyday Junglist Podcast!

Episode 479 brings us one helluva mix from the one like N.E. GIRL! Iv’e been wanting to get her on for some time, she has excellent selection and this mix, like past mixes of hers has an unbelievable vibe!

N.E. Girl’s mix starts out with a beautiful atmospheric tune and then things get rowdy with amen pressure and a ting of dark steppers on the back end! This mix is runnin, she murders this one!

Let’s get to know our dj for episode 479, N.E. Girl, 3 questions coming at ya:

1. Tell us about your nirvana moment as a dj, perfect venue, set, and vibe:
Playing at Rupture London this year!

Being able to play alongside legends and artists I admire who play regularly was a huge highlight in one of my favorite venues (Corsica Studios). It also inspired me to dig a bit deeper but also challenge myself by challenging expectations of what I should play during the night – so I ended my set with Steppers and dubstep on a system that could handle the pressure weight.

2. Tell us about exciting upcoming gigs and projects.

I’m playing alongside Mala (Digital Mystiks) and Chase and Status next year in Copenhagen. Both legends in their scene. Im excited to get back into 140 and dig into Dubstep again.

Otherwise, look out for the Strom festival 2023, I’m on the curating team, so I’m looking forward to suggesting some alternative bookings to the program.

3. Tell us about your strangest and or funniest experience as a Dj.

During a night, I had a guy come up to me with his usb asking if he could go b2b because he plays footwork too. jokes.

For more music from N.E. GIRL, please click the links below:

Instagram @ negirl.fka

Enjoy the sounds of N.E. GIRL! Everyday Junglist Podcast!

Track list:
1 Pixl – Sea Of Life
2 Dwarde – Saturn Stations
3 Tim Reaper – Give Me More (Ricky Force Remix)
4 Response & Pliskin – Conquered History
5 Decibella – Be True
6 Subjects – You
7 Kloke & Tim Reaper – Foundation
8 Dev/Null – Orchstomp
9 Overdubb – Eruption (3D Mix)
10 Tech Itch – Searchin
11 Noise Factory – I bring you the future
12 David Louis – Ghetto D
13 FFF – Well Ruff
14 Guyver meets Threshold – Pain VIP
15 tORN – The Fear
16 Ruffhouse – UVB-76
17 Roho – Ikuti
18 Takuhn – Kyoda
19 tORN & Last Life – Unbridled

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