Free Download: Lobster Theremin Podcast 177 //Mantra

EQ50 / Rupture’s Mantra is one of London’s most respected talents, and this mix is a perfect example of why. For this week’s LT mix, Mantra serves up just over an hour of euphoric jungle techno and broken beats, fusing vinyl and digital, and traversing through the 90s to present day unreleased dubs ⚡️

In Mantra’s words:
This mix didn’t quite go in the direction I’d planned but that’s the beauty of digging through records – and one of the very few benefits of having a disorganised record collection! I was looking for Peshay – Represent but stumbled across loads of jungle techno so decided to start on that tip. This mix is about 50/50 vinyl/ digital and features tracks from 1991 all the way through to unreleased dubs that will come out later in the year. I hope you enjoy!

Biggup, Mx

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