Featured Mixes: Sunandbass EQ50 Special 1 & 2 hosted by Marcus Intalex Music Foundation Radio & DJ Flight

During SUNANDBASS 2019, we were proud to host EQ50’s special talk presented by Marcus Intalex Music Foundation Radio. The talk was hosted by DJ Flight who brought together and interviewed many of the badass womxn from our community and which ultimately inspired us to present them bit by bit this December calendar.

These conversations are finally to be released as videos and podcasts for you to (re)discover little by little.
It goes without saying that the MIMF would be deeply grateful for any kind of donation.

Stay tuned. Stay home. Stay safe. Lift up your spirits.


It has only been a little more than a year, but it feels like another era since DJ Flight held the EQ50 talk for us on a sunny September day in La Cinta Beach Bar. Aren’t you curious what happened to everyone? Digging deep into how the community will respond to the urgent call for equality further sparked by the blacklivesmatter movement, but also how including and encouraging of equality can be displayed in a COVID world swept void of gigs. What are future plans and has anyone had space for creativity while major life changing events happened nonetheless? DJ Flight brought us an update with Chickaboo, Reid Speed, Philo, Sweetpea, Mantra and Alleycat, and a big thank you to all these artists for taking part. Now, go and grab some of these yummy Christmas cookies and a hot chocolate, listen and enjoy.

Finally, what can we say about 2020? Apart from souls lost and dreams shattered, we‘ve learned a lot of lessons this year. To honour what we have lost means to make every day count. Let’s build on it and join forces to create a happier and better place. There were so many people volunteering and ready to help selflessly, raising money through music for charity. A lot of virtual events were inclusive and showed how successful and colourful we’d be if we leave no-one behind. Whatever the future is going to be, it is in our hands to write a happy ending and share love, trust and respect. It may be hard to predict where the world is going in 2021, but let’s not sit around and wait for something to happen. This year, we will bring on the SUNANDBASS monthly podcasts, interesting talks, label releases and make new dreams come true. We hope this is a year where we can all create new things and continue to push through these difficult times together.
Let’s rise above the challenge and look forward to 2021 and beyond!


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