Featured Mix: DJ Mag On Cue – Warlock


Alienationist ‘Don’t Worry, You Can Always Re-Born As A Screenshot’
Fingers Of God ‘Modal Resonator’
Tammo Hesselink ‘Water Plus’
Imaginary Number II ‘Somebody’
Bluetoof ‘Kaput’
Eich ‘Induction’
Farsight ‘Flash Flood’
Mystic Letter K ‘Soul Storm’
Controlled Weirdness ‘In The Shadows’
Underground Resistance ‘Fibre Optic Commando’
Imaginary Number II ‘Grv’
Delay Grounds ‘Marcelo’s Whistle’
Samba x Chokez ‘Ghostly (Calm Stiege Funky Edit)’
Cocktail Party Effect ‘Racka’
Untold ‘No One Likes A Smart-Arse’
Satin Storm ‘EBGB’
Meat Beat Manifesto ‘Bo Bots’
An Avrin ‘Parisian Pitstop’
Hooverian Blur ‘Delusion’
Jason Code ‘City 17’
DJ ADHD & Nikki Nair ‘Rips’
Warlock ‘Granular’
Warlock ‘Clysm’
Warlock ‘Flash Crash’
Kodah ‘Ghost Machine’
Nebuchadnezzar ‘Link my pager’
Warlock ‘Rush Rush’
Warlock ‘Stinger’
Asquith ‘Forget The Past’
INVT ‘Pop, Motion’
Flore ‘Coded Language (3Phaz Remix)’
FFF ‘Ambush’
Hooverian Blur ‘Red Scare’
Hooverian Blur ‘Cut and Dried’
Bulu ‘Warrior’
Swarmm ‘Coils’
Objekt ‘Bad Apples’
Ploy ‘5G Bats’
Toma Kami ‘Later to the Bone’
Speedy J ‘In-Formation’

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