Featured Mix: AH010D: Pod Imiya – All Hands On Deck Mix Series

Based in Manchester, Pod Imiya plays a mix of jungle and drum n bass styles, dropping in hardcore, IDM and sped-up electro. Her sets are often centred around rough breaks and mash-ups of heavy jungle with female acapellas and melodic leads. Starting out as a regular DJ at Hit & Run, she has played nights such as Rupture, License to Jungle, Chicken Shop Events and new Sheffield-based night Anomalies, which showcases the wonkier side of 170bpm.

Here’s what she said about this mix:
I try to play stuff that’s dark and uplifting at the same time. I like the rush those sort of tunes give you, like a party at the apocalypse, especially when surrounded by other people dancing and feeling the same!

We’re so excited to invite Pod Imiya to contribute to the series, enjoy!


Zero Crossing Point – Joy eza
Shonen Bat – Expect frozen revolution
Futureboi – Alienhunt remix
The Untouchables – Steppah
Macc – Boomer
Ricky Force – You’ll never know
Fixate – Percussive agressive
Enjoy – The shark
Farquaad – Phase 2 (Transmission)
Tech itch – Death Trip 95
K – Otrivin
Netsh – Drink bleach
Doom Poets – Agony
Loxy & Overlook – Harbour
Sicknote – Spectre
Total Science – Lightweight
Peshay – The nocturnal
Remarc – Suicidal
DJ Sappo – Ding dong bass remix
Arcon 2 – The probe
Elementz of Noize – Planet
Ed Rush, Trace & Nico – Droid
Dee Jay – Half shark half alligator
Doom Poets – Ruby eyes
Spirit – Request line
Digital – Fig jam
Farquaad – Phase 3 (Distribution)
T.G.M. – Journey within
Chromatic – Eclipse
Ital Tak – Bladed terrain
Tactical Aspect – Original sound
Soundboy Killah – Abra cadabra
Code & Sketch – Whatever
Artilect – Blink
Dom & Roland – Zodiac
Response & Pliskin – Persecution
Somatic Responses – Tangled
Special Request – Stairfoot lane bunker / This mortal Coil – Song to the Siren
Urban Wax – Take me up (layered with something I can’t remember!!)
Harmony & Xtreme – Temple of heaven
Autechre – 2nd bad vilbel
Prayer – First light
Detboi – Welcome to the darkness
Smith & Brown – Dancing in the shadow
Oneohtrix Point never – Emil Cioran
Scott Monteith – Ghazal 2 / Spednar – Exoburb
Mulder & Scully – Clip from X files

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