Exclusive Interview & Guest Mix: AKO Beatz DJ Stretch.

 We thought it’s about time we got an interview & exclusive guest mix from the main man Stretch.


Stretch built the platform for AKO BEATZ & strongly supports Reinforced Records.


 Here’s the Q & A.



Originally launched back in 95 but then relaunched again in 2014..

Yes I started the label back in 1995 to release move of mine and other producers music. In 98 I decided to stop the label as I was starting to do other things and wasn’t able to give the label 100% of my time.

In 2013 after an inspiring night at Rupture, I knew what I needed and wanted to do. In 2014 I got the ball rolling again and have now my passion is bigger than ever.


What do you think makes AKO a prominent sound of underground music?

For me it’s all about the ethos without that it would be nothing.
It’s the sound i like & was heavily influenced by.

The music reflects on my vision the whole vision of jungle music also the artists vision.
It’s just about going back & not forgetting the foundation of what it was and bringing the key elements to what it is now.

Real music for real heads.


Limited edition vinyl is a main aspect of the label.
Do you feel that Vinyl is back in high demand?

Of course Jungle/Drum & Bass as a whole being released on vinyl is in high demand you can see that from other record labels releasing tunes back on vinyl.
Also the sales statistics are a main contribute to this.

Vinyl is a product that you can keep for a life time and you can always go back to with Digital releases the feeling and excitement is more of a now feeling then often forgotten about or lost on some hard drive moths later.

Don’t get me wrong I have nothing against digital releases i just feel that vinyl sound is just a lot better & has more of a sentimental value.

Also merchandise is a big hit & recently you’ve had some amazing items for sale.

What’s your main aim of selling these?

It’s all due to the constant demand the label has.

There’s nothing better than going to an event and seeing someone wearing one of the AKO Tees,
for me i feel that it’s all about an identity to help build the label the brand more also it makes people feel that they are part of the label contributing showing passion for the music.

One problem we are facing is that everything sells out so quick due to the limited runs, so the demand just gets higher but I thank everyone who is supporting.

I just wish to keep pushing the label forward with our merchandise and music.


 AKO has partnered up with a new event promotional team in the UK.
So what are these events when are they happening?

Yes we’ve linked up with DNB 4 Life to do a few AKO label parties. I’ve known Jasper for quite some time now and we had a brief conversation then an official meeting in regards to AKO events.

We have the same ideas on when and where and why we wish to start the events.

Jasper is a passionate guy and loves the music but understand why it takes and what i’m about ‘the people’
I’m just trying to push the boundaries build a good reputation for the label, promote at the same time just keep building up AKO.

We have numerous planned we have one forthcoming in Dublin, Ireland on 4/6/2016.
Birmingham Club PST in 6th August.

Then the big one with a great line up happening in London late October & that’s one not to be missed!

As i’m a DnB geek i’ve heard that you’ve got some cheeky collabs happening.
Please supply some more info.

Ha ha yes at present I’ve been working alongside a few producers as I missed it.

Currently planned is a track with VERB for the final Renegade Hardware.
A jungle track with SKITTY, MARC MAC (Cold Mission) & TIM REAPER.
finished a track with THRESHOLD which is due out around September.

Also some unreleased bits and retrospective music on AKO150 sister label Retrospective.


So i would like to know whats your thoughts on D&B at present?

It’s just so strong at present with a lot of constant releases from labels also good events happening so frequently and having great numbers attending.

Sadly there is a down side at present there seems to be a few negative people that find things to complain about or maybe that’s just the thing sometimes with social media.

We all need to keep thinking outside the box, be more creative get out there attend and support your Rupture’s, Launch BCJ, AKO, Carbon etc events which can be inspiring listen to some real music take it all in and produce tunes that have been heavily influenced by the atmosphere at those events.

Get out and explore, search for the music be inspired.

We are luckily enough to have an exclusive guest mix from yourself to share with everyone.
Whats been included in your guest mix?

This mix is just what i love what i feel passionate about.

It includes forthcoming releases from various producers.

Of course it’s been such pleasure interviewing you.
Have you any final words?

I would just like to say a big shout out to everyone supporting the label, music, club nights and projects like this interview.

Keep the support coming keep the music pushing forward,push the boundaries & of course be very creative!
Love and live life.

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