Exclusive Mix: Rebel One Mix

Introducing the Rebel One album which you can pay what you like for to get all 18 tracks from the Rebel Music Bandcamp page. 100% of proceeds from this album will go to the very worthy cause ‘NHS Charities Together’.

Living in such integral times, an age which presented a ‘curve ball’ that none of us were expecting. This unexpected blow has had us all tested in many ways. Not being able to leave the house, a crucial art of the solution for us all in moving forward and getting over this thing – together.

Life has always been on a ‘time sensitive basis’ so to speak. Many of us within this new time frame, will be feeling a little ‘lost’ – without certain direction. This is perfectly natural since our daily routines have all been thrown into the air, without warning.

This being said: it is a known fact that music is an amazing healer! With this newfound time for most of us, the question is are you ready to get your home sound system busier than EVER!? The mighty Rebel Music cru have assembled, putting together their collaborative, creative energy forces to give YOU another; outstanding, world class fresh off the bassline press album.

What better way to relax, unwind – dance (at home), channel your positive energy during these unprecedented times. Presenting: The Rebel One Album!

Rebel Music is already operating with a distinct ‘family ethic’, assembled faster than the ‘The Avengers’ to bring to you, the good people a fresh album – of outstanding quality all over. If you are a first time Rebel listener you are in for an incredible ride, a unique journey through the sounds of Drum & Bass. If you already know the optimum quality, that Rebel consistently deliver then you just must hit ‘play’ to engage that new sound. – Let the journey begin!

It is noted and appreciated within these difficult times that not many of us have the money to spare for such a good cause. Therefore, it has been of the upmost importance that Rebel Music release this album with the option to get it for free. This in turn, enabling Rebel Music to provide the listeners with the sounds you need, plus – giving valid donations to the amazing NHS. Bless.

Download the album now! Donate what you can.
Also you can hear all 18 tracks here, in this mix from Omega Point.



Kolectiv (feat Shady Novelle) – Come To Me
Spratto – Warmth
Equilibrium – One Day
Omega Point – Forgotten Lands
Convex – Goober
NC-17 – God Complex
Inner Terrain – Analogue Alone
Creatures – The Unknown
Confusious – Quality Control
OB1 – The Pianist
Science Of Man – Second Look
Taelimb – Calidiscope
Dark Ops – Sequence
Tephra & Arkose – Vibrations
Hadley – Psycosis
RMS – Out Of Dodge
Whycheck – Southside
Skuff – Forever Today

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