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Exclusive Interview & Guest Mix: Catalyst .AD

Thank you for taking time for the interview and making for us an exclusive mix. Your new EP “Off The Chain” is released today on Conjunction Recordings which you manage. The EP is available exclusively on Beatport for 2 weeks then all other stores on 13th July. Your first EP “Coming Home” is also re-released today and it’s available on JunoDownload.

Conjunction Recordings is a new music label launched in the summer of 2019. How was the first year of the label? What kind of challenges do you face managing it?

The first year was brilliant for us. I had always thought about setting up a label after having worked for other D&B labels and a record shop business in the past. The title track for the first release (Coming Home) was inspired by and sampled from the record-breaking Red Bull Stratos Space Dive. I had a very talented friend, Simon Vella, who produced an animated video for the title track and sent this off to Red Bull. We were all really pleased when Red Bull came back and loved the whole idea, they kindly then offered to share it with their audience on social media which was great exposure for us. The plan from the outset was quality rather than quantity so we had aimed at putting out 4-5 releases a year, however the recent lockdown situation coupled with a kidney donation to my brother in the U.S meant that things had to be pushed back a bit. The landscape for record labels has changed so much in recent years with streaming etc so you really have to maximise certain things now in order to be noticed in quite a saturated market. 

Wow, that’s an amazing start of the label! Hope both of you are well. That’s true, streaming has made some changes in the scene. Why did you start and what is your vision with Conjunction Recordings?

Having worked behind the scenes at labels in the past, it had always been my ambition to do something myself one day. A few years ago, I invested in my own studio which in turn resulted in more output so it seemed a good idea to create a platform to release my own music. I didn’t want to tie the label to a specific genre so the music policy is varied as I also like to produce more down tempo tracks at 140 BPM, it’s always good to have variety on a label and keeps things more interesting and unpredictable. Our focus will always be quality rather than quantity, we are looking to have around 4-6 releases a year with some of these being 4 track E.P.’s so there should be a healthy supply!

It’s great that you’d like to have more variety on the label and keep it interesting like that. Who inspired you producing “Off The Chain” EP?

Good Question! I would have to say the title track “Off The Chain” was definitely inspired by the late Spirit (R.I.P.). I was always a massive fan and strongly believe that the kind of sound and style he championed needs to live on. Hip hop has always been a big influence for me so that’s where the vocal hook came from.  We had aimed to release the E.P. much earlier this year but due to lockdown situation we had to hold back. In a strange way the title track is now quite relevant now that the restrictions are being eased!

Great work on the release and all tracks have a unique sounding and a great, catchy melody. Everyone can find their favourite. Speaking of which, which is your favourite track from the EP?

That’s a tough one but I would have to say the remix from DJ E. When I showed him the original idea his eyes lit up and I could see he had some ideas buzzing round his head.  I was amazed at how quick he went to work on it and when he sent me back the remix I was blown away. He’d managed to capture the original vibe of the track yet somehow put his own unique twist on it. The classic breaks he also used went really well with the whole hip hop idea and the reese was just devastating.

I read on Conjunction Recordings website that in the recent years you have dedicated more of your time to production. What made you want to start producing in the first place rather than just being a listener?

I’ve always juggled dj-ing with some production over the years, I started out as a radio DJ and production just progressed from that.  Production started to take over more from when I was involved in the “Able Danger” project where we had some releases on big labels. I found it increasingly harder trying to hold down my weekly radio show on top, then unfortunately I was diagnosed with an inner ear condition that left me with some damaged hearing and chronic tinnitus in one ear, so I soon realised I had to limit the exposure and use my ears more wisely.

That’s a real challenge but you deal with it really well, hats off! Do you master your own tracks?

No, I would love to one day but as I mentioned just now, my hearing is slightly compromised so I rely on Fanu who has really helped me in this area. I think it’s also always good to have a second pair of ears on your music as your ears can play tricks with you, mine certainly do at times!

That’s a really good advice. What is your studio set up?

So, my studio consists of a PC and large Nektar midi keyboard. I also have my technics turntables connected for sampling, however a lot of the time I use computer-based instruments and synths such as Massive and Serum, with Ableton Live. I spent quite a bit of time getting the acoustics correct in my studio and have treated certain parts of the room so I get a good clear sound when working. I also have 2 Rokit 5 monitors which are really good to work with.

What advice would you give people who have just started making music?

I would say to persevere and don’t try to run before you can walk. When I first started out, I would get so carried away with an idea and not spend enough time on the actual sound quality, so I would listen back weeks down the line and feel really disappointed when I compared my stuff to released music. I would also highly recommend checking out tutorials online, there are some amazing video tutorials available these days, I find it quite refreshing now how producers are keen to share their ideas and skills rather than keep them secret. Education and Bass have really been a game changer in this respect and I have learnt so much from them.

Thank you for the great advices. What’s coming next for Catalyst .AD?

In terms of the label, after this release, I am aiming to put out a couple of liquid tracks which I have had in the pipeline then we will be putting out an E.P. from DJ E which we are really looking forward to. I will also be including a collab track with him on this. I can tell you now though the title track is a monster! I also have some remixes lined up from some new and fresh popular talent coming through, and also some tracks with my wife (K.I.M.) who also works with the label. Besides this I also have a fair amount of other tracks lined up which I am pushing out to some other labels. Hopefully once the restrictions ease, I will also be back out playing live again with some guest radio shows lined up as well as some events.

We are looking forward to listen to these planned releases on Conjunction Recordings. Keep up the great work! 😊

Until that dear readers, have a listen to this wicked mix exclusively made for us at Drum+Basics where you can hear two tracks “In The Shadows” and “Off The Chain”  from the newest 4 tracks EP “Off The Chain”. ❤️

27/6, Live Stream. Hospitality House Party

Sun’s out! Time to announce this Saturday’s House Party!

From 9pm-midnight (BST) we’ve got huge sets from GRAFIXB-Complex and Radiax. Hold tight, this one’s going to blow your roofs off!

As usual, lock in on our Facebook or the Hospital Records YouTube account.

See you in the comments! 🦀☀️

26/6, Live Stream. Intrigue Lockdown Sessions with Ben Soundscape & Collette Warren

► Fri 26th June 7pm BST – Collette’s b’day special!
► Sun 5th July 7pm BST – Sunday vibes
► Wed 8th July 7pm BST – Aerosoul Limited Junglist Movement facemask launch

LISTEN LIVE LINK >>> http://www.facebook.com/intriguednb <<<

** SHARE THE LOVE! Please share the event, invite people and tell everyone you know so we can build up the audience **

We are taking donations in these difficult times.
If you’d like to donate, please paypal info@intrigue.org.uk However big or small, your donation will keep the music coming and directly support us. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who’ve donated so generously so far 🖤

27/6, Live Stream. Doc Scott

The last Saturday of every month will be an old skool themed livestream and this weekend will be 92-94 (140-150bpm) An era where you could still here the rave influences, techno influences and the birth of jungle. These kind of tunes and more, join me on Twitch this Saturday, should be fun 😎✌️


26/6, Live Stream. Shogun Audio

Shogun Audio x Free From Sleep up the levels once more this Friday – Technimatic, Pola & Bryson, Document One, GLXY and Visionobi will be broadcasting live between 7pm and 11pm BST from Lockdown TV 2020 in the heart of London in front of Shogun’s flagship production setup. Expect cutting edge drum & bass brought to you live from a top-of-the-range broadcasting studio with lighting and visuals controlled by the production team behind Sector 6 @ Boomtown.

Sign up through the link below to be in with the chance to be invited to an exclusive Zoom call with other Shogun artists and fellow stay-at-home ravers, that allows you to take centre stage within the stream from wherever you are!

Zoom invite sign up link: http://eepurl.com/g7O-eL

20/6, Live Stream. Critical Sound

Set Times:
13:00 – 14:00 // Klippee
14:00 – 15:00 // Waeys
15:00 – 16:00 // Coco Bryce (Jungle set)
16:00 – 17:00 // Charli Brix (DJ Set)
17:00 – 18:00 // Buunshin
18:00 – 19:00 // Fade Black
19:00 – 20:00 // Particle
20:00 – 21:00 // Levela
21:00 – 22:00 // Serum (Critical Vinyl Set)
22:00 – 23:00 // Kasra (Studio 338 Set W/ MC GQ)
23:00 – 00:00 // Enei

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/criticalmusicdnb

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/criticalmusicdnb

Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/critical_music


Throughout the day we will be accepting donations via Paypal Donate. The money recieve will be split between two charities that we have been working closely with.

The Trussell Trust – A UK based charity working to stop UK hunger and poverty. Their network of foodbanks provides emergency food and support to people in crisis.

Black Lives Matter – An international charity organisation dedicated to the movement to fight for freedom, liberation and justice to the black community.

DONATE HERE >> https://bit.ly/critical_charity

20/6, Live Stream. Hospitality House Party

This Saturday we’ve got brand new sets all round for our next House Party!

Dilemma will be kicking things off in style from 9pm (BST), Keeno takes to the controls at 10pm (BST) with a huge Bristol Mix Sessions Episode 40 set and Mountain takes us all the way to midnight, shutting your houses down with a bang! 💥

You don’t want to miss this! Lock in on our Facebook page or Hospital Records YouTube account.

26-27/6, Live Stream. Wonky Goose Audio – Goosetek Festival

Goosetek V2.0
This time in support of BLM and other associated charities
All posts will be shared to the Wonky Geese – community group

Wonky Goose Audio Facebook profile

3-4/7, Live Stream. Lost Horizon Festival (Virtual)

Lost Horizon is a REAL festival in a virtual world. The world’s largest music and arts festival in virtual reality is filled with wild dance-floors, secret headliners and hidden venues.

Four Stages, 50+ Music Acts, 100+ Artists, Over 200 Artworks

GAS TOWER line up, curated by Orca Sound Project, includes: Carl Cox, Fatboy Slim, Jamie Jones, Noisia (DJ Set), Peggy Gou, Seth Troxler

FREEDOM line up includes: A.Skillz, The Alabama 3, Coldcut, Frank Turner, MY BABY, My Bad Sister, Krafty Kuts

NOMAD line up includes: 24hr Garage Girls, Amen4Tekno Records, Born on Road, Critical Records, Hospitalitydnb, Hold Tight Records, Kaotik Kartel, RUN TINGS RECORDS, Uncommon Records.

SHITV, (Shangri-La International Television) will broadcast everything from the absurd to the enlightened, from the sidelines, frontlines and backstages of alternative culture. Here you will find archive footage from the field and our wider community, plus film, documentaries theatre, live art, comedy animation and talks.

Lost Horizon is raising money for The Big Issue and Amnesty International UK.

Explore via Sansar on PC, VR or mobile app or stream live and direct to wherever you are on the planet via Beatport and Twitch.


20/6, Live Stream. Doc Scott

Week 14 DJ Livestream info.
Thank you to everyone that tuned in last weekend for DNBvid-19 E13 on Twitch and thank you to everyone that made donations that helped to raise £111.82 for the charity – University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire Charity.

I think what we’ll do going forward is the last Saturday of every month (as it looks like this lockdown is going to last a while when it comes to clubbing) will be an old skool edition.
So this week its the regular script, brand new fresh music with some personal faves and lost classics.
Same time, same place, Twitch. who’s in?

Doc Scott Live stream – DNBvid-19 E14 –
20.06.20 at 20.00 GMT 😎✌️– https://www.twitch.tv/docscott31

As usual half of all money donated will go to charity and this week 50% of all money raised from this weekends upcoming DJ livestream will be go to the charity – Coventry Haven Women’s Aid : We offer specialist support to women & children who are experiencing or fleeing from all types of abuse. As well as safe refuge, we also provide community support & training to professionals in health, police, education & social care to recognise signs of abuse & provide a safe referral pathway.


Also as usual is this is free for everyone to enjoy, try and forget about the crazy world for 2-3 hours and try to make it feel like a Saturday night for everyone, myself included, but if you would like to and more importantly if you can, send £1 or $1 or €1 to my Paypal account – docscott31@gmail.com – then that would be awesome.

Or if you can and I would prefer it if you donate directly on my Twitch page via a donate button which takes you to the link below, as I have had some phishing emails to the email address listed above and I want to delete it from my paypal account, thank you.

Doc Scott Live stream – DNBvid-19 E14 –
20.06.20 at 20.00 GMT 😎✌️– https://www.twitch.tv/docscott31

20/6, Live Stream. RAMlive

20/6, Live Stream. UCOJ Live Stream – Supporting The Steven Lawrence Trust – #BLM

Geplaatst door United Colours of Jungle op Woensdag 10 juni 2020

United Colours Of Jungle – Black Lives Matter Campaign Live Stream

Raising Money For The Steven Lawrence Trust

Supported by the Jungle dnb Community


Streaming From the United Colours Of Jungle FB page