9/7, London. Origination @ Fox & Firkin

Artists A-Z

Chris Inperspective
Dark Pheonix
Dawn Walton OBE
Grace Magikal
DJ Honza
Illmatika (Live)
Major Ranks
Mr Joseph
R Vee
Spikey T
Subject 13


Origination is an event born out of passion for black electronic music that has shaped countless lives and formed strong alliances over decades in cities the world over. We have entered the fray to bring together artists from local grass roots to the internationally acclaimed as our journey begins. Sharing music culture from the heart is what drives us.

Our first event will be at one of the premier underground venues in London. The Lineup is the epitome of class and our Secret Headliner has been Looking Good for over 25 years and is a straight up Jungle Legend.

In addition we have an incredible roster of artists performing throughout the day and into the early hours. Come and join us!

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