4/7, Live Stream. Doc Scott

Week 16 DJ Livestream info.
So this week its back to the regular script, brand new fresh music with some personal faves and lost classics.
Same time, same place, Twitch. who’s in?
Half of all money donated will go to charity and this week 50% of all money raised from this weekends upcoming DJ livestream will be go to the charity – The Trussell Trust : We support a nationwide network of food banks and together we provide emergency food; support to people locked in poverty and campaign for long-term change.


As usual is this is free for everyone to enjoy, but if you would like to and more importantly if you can, you can now donate directly on my Twitch page via a donate button which takes you to the link below, thank you.

Doc Scott Live stream – DNBvid-19 E16 –
04.07.20 at 20.00 GMT 😎✌️– https://www.twitch.tv/docscott31

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