13/9, Live Stream. The Drum and Bass Break – Chris Inperspective

Welcome to the Drum and Bass Break radio show on SALTO Amsterdam
Every Sunday, your hosts Kredo, TradeMarc & Morty will be bringing you the hottest drum and bass exclusives and guests from around Holland and the International scene.

It’s all about drum and bass in our space and the best way to end your week-end in style!

We are excited to announce that for next Sunday’s session of the Drum and Bass Break radio show, we’re welcoming a very special guest coming over to our studio from the UK.

Our next guest is none other than Chris Inperspective! He is a record producer, DJ, he founded Inperspective Records back in 1997 and more recently Eloisa Records as well as the drum and bass label market & promotors community Clashmouth.
Chris Walton, better known as Chris Inperspective, recently co-founded the Black Junglist Alliance, a movement that fights for Black ownership and representation in the drum and bass & jungle scene.

We’ve come to a situation where an initiative as this is much needed and Chris is going to tell us all about the movement, why it’s necessary to make changes and what we all can do to stop this bloody racism virus.

Next to the BJA project, his endeavours with Inperspective Records & Eloisa are also on the table which is why Dutch DJ’s & producers Tom Phuture-t and Styke are joining us in the studio as well.

This is a show you definitely cannot miss!

Come and join us live on Salto Amsterdam:

Tune in 22.00 – 00.00 (GMT +1) via
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And still, as long as the COVID-19 virus is affecting your area: please stay safe, don’t go outside of your home if you don’t absolutely have to. Help on those in need around you and together we can beat this virus

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