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Kasper is a young male producer from North America.

 His music continues to be supported by DJ Marky, Bryan G, Random Movement, Command Strange and Technimatic.

Kasper first debut was back in 2013 “Brooklyn Standard EP” on Celsius Recordings.

His production is soulful & funky,his DJ sets are the full spectrum of D&B.

 In 2013,he won the Red Bull U DJ Master award in Minneapolis & continues to travel worldwide to entertain music lovers.

Hey Kasper great to be asking you a few Qs.

You’ve been known to be a Liquid D&B producer.

What’s your opinion on this ?

Thanks for hitting me up, Mary-Anne!

It was great to meet you at Sun and Bass this year.

Yes, I suppose I set myself up for that one. There’s no denying that my sound tends to hit the more melodic, funky vibes that are classified as liquid. That being said, I love ALL drum and bass.

My DJ sets tend to be a mix of everything hopefully my mix included with this interview showcases that.

In my opinion, sticking to just one style for a whole set is a bit dull.

Am i right thinking that you are a classically trained musician?

Yes, I was forced by my lovely parents to play the piano starting at the age of 6.At the time I hated it!

However, this ended up developing my love and knowledge of music.  I switched, by choice, to the violin at the age of 11 or so.

I actively played the violin in several quartets and orchestras around the Minneapolis Minnesota area for 8 years.

 I’ve taken a load of classic music theory but I really don’t like it. I prefer to play by ear. When I was 16, I started messing around in a garage band on my computer.

It wasn’t long until I put down the violin and purchase Logic 9.

Do you produce other genres of music?

Minneapolis has nice house and techno scenes.

We are also a national hub for underground hiphop with locally based record label Rhymesayers Entertainment. I’m constantly inspired by what my friends in these areas are doing.

So, yes…  I’ve got a pretty solid collection of hiphop instrumentals and house tunes. Most of the house tunes are up for free on my soundcloud. 

How did you begin your journey into D&B?

Let me set the stage for you UK/European heads.

I grew up in a suburb to Minneapolis known as Bloomington, home of the MALL OF AMERICA (which sucks btw).  It’s about an 8 hour drive from Chicago.

Everyone around me listened to country music or classic rock and called anything even remotely electronic sounding “Techno.”

Culturally, the place was like a stale piece of white bread.

I caught onto the hiphop greats like Big L, Nas, BIG, Pete Rock, ATCQ etc through my close friend Mike D.

It was his older brother, John, that introduced me to D&B and turntables at the age of 15. At home, I stumbled across Bassdrive.com and started listening while doing school work.

That was it, i was hooked.

I’m admittedly “new school.” I’m trying to learn the history and stay up to date with the present all at the same time.

Respect to the old school heads that have been junglists as long as I’ve been alive.

Does North America supply a good dose of D&B?

North America supplies some of the best D&B in the world, in my humble opinion.

Guys like Random Movement, Jaybee, Dave Owen, Submorphics, Stunna, Homemade Weapons, TRAC, Sub Killaz (the list goes on) are really turning heads and moving crowds.

I enjoy that these North American producers pushing the sound forward aren’t afraid to take risks musically and don’t give a shit about the politics/limelight.

There’s really no room for egos in NA D&B. Those chumps swiftly move on…

As far as events go, North American D&B is healthy right now and getting stronger.

Minneapolis has a few promoters that have been throwing nights regularly for over a decade (shout out to Cosmo, Nick Twist, Easyrider, and Brace).

Nationally, there are some great things happening too. More and more frequently there are UK and European headlining acts coming over for tours and hitting the festivals. That, to me is proof that things are healthy and progressing.

Shout out to the South American family killing the game right now, too. That Brasil crew knows how to do it proper. You know who you are!

What events have you enjoyed playing at the most?

It’s hard to pick one in particular. My gigs in New York City have always been special.. The last time was in December of 2014 with Stunna, TRAC, Will Miles and Sopheye. The promoter was on top of shit, the venue was packed, and the vibes were strong.

I also really enjoyed playing Poznan Poland back in 2011 for DrumObsession. I opened things up for Foreign Concept. That was one of my earlier events, and it really inspired me to keep pushing myself.

What’s your plan for releases?

Forthcoming in October on Fokuz is Kasper & Satl – Mr. Funky as part of the Mr. Funky (Various Artists) EP.

This one’s been getting some great support this summer, including DJ Marky, Random Movement, and Intelligent Manners.

The rest of the EP features tracks from Pixel, Madcap, and a Saxxon and BCee remix of a Phase tune.

LOTS in the works.

avatars-000151159689-n51zcu-t500x500Already released this year:

Kasper & BrokenDrum – Don’t Know Why – Fokuz

Kasper & JLogic – Recognize – Fokuz

Kasper – Capture Your Mind – Fokuz

Kasper – Operation Dub – Fokuz

Kasper & Satl – Ready – Fokuz

Kasper & Londy – Don’t Stop – Fizzybeats

Kasper – Blockhead – Fokuz Source of Life LP

Kasper – Vivaldi (Mos Remix) – Fokuz Source of Life LP

Kasper – The Low Road – Fokuz

Kasper & Satl – We Could Always – Fokuz

Anything special lined up?

I recently took control of the Fokuz Recordings Podcasts.

Be sure to check those out at the end of each month!

Big shouts to Marco and Valentin for all they do.

Final words..

Head on over to KasperAudio.com for more info, tunes, mixes, and free downloads.

Check out Kasper Audio – 2015 Promo Mix


Many Thanks Kasper…

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