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Free Download: Renegade Riddims: The Skeptics

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Tatora – Faded
Hyroglifics – Day By Day
Rizzle And Operate – Opposites
Amoss – South of the River
Break & DLR – City Slickers (Skeptical Remix)
High Contrast, Kae Tempest, Anita Blay – Time Is Hardcore (Breakage’s Hardcore Bubblers Mix)
Molecular – Saga
The Skeptics – Bleu
Conrad Subs – Run It Pon Dem
The Skeptics There abouts
DSP – Fake Worlds
DLR & Break – Hit The Target
Objectiv – Myco
Objectiv – Purgatory
Kasra, Slay – Let It Slide
Revan – The Method
Rizzle And Operate – Toxic
Polarized x DJ CrY – Mechanical Movement
QZB – We Pretend (feat. Charli Brix)
Alix Perez & Halogenix – Perfect Stranger
Two Things – I Should Know
Olskwa & Fena – You’ll Never
Iamjake – Not Fade Away
Undefined – Regrets
Kasra – I Dont Know What The Future Brings
Workforce – Simple, Positive Things
Klinical – Control
Rizzle And Operate – Think Of You
Workforce, SP:MC – Overnight Express (Break Remix)
Coy & Coda – Blinded
OaT – 808 Bait (War remix)
GEST & Quadrant & Iris – Sequential
Conrad Subs – Fury
The Skeptics – Revival
Alix Perez & Halogenix – Unlustrous
Amoss – GHCB
GEST – Been Thru
Bigchoc – Woo Woo
Random Movement – Paw Prints
Skuff – For Real

Free Download: Renegade Riddims: Exult

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Drs, T95 – On Site
Visages – Empire (feat. Skylark)
Break – Take Me Over
Molecular – The Computer
Revan & Objectiv – Houdini
Alix Perez & Halogenix – Unlustrous
Myth – One Note Funk
DLR & Break – Hit the Target
Operate & Rizzle – Mindset (feat. Rider Shafique)
Molecular & Lavance – Replicants (Exult Remix)
Amoss – South Of The River
Data 3 – Photon
Hyroglifics – Day By Day
Klinical – Sweet Lies
Sustance – Blood Money
Workforce – Your Loss (Halogenix Remix)
Break – Flow
KASRA – Let It Slide (feat. Slay)
GROUND – Regain
QZB – We Pretend (feat. Charli Brix)
Operate & Rizzle – Think of You
Visages – About You (feat. Laville)

Free Download: Loose Lips Mix Series 310 – Happiness Stan (Devon’s Road)

Happiness Stan representing Devon’s Road label with a mix consisting of new 165bpm hardcore & jungle tracks.

Launching early in 2021, Devon’s Road will feature loads of talented producers who are passionate about rave music and have a clear talent and a unique sound to share!

This mix showcases some forthcoming tracks coming out on Devon’s Road in 2021 as well as featuring new music from Happiness Stan, Heny G, E. Hill & Mathieson, Haps & Dubz, Kin, Robin Wylie & J Kenzo & Bedsit Producers!



1. Second Realm (Hardcore Vinylist Records) – E. Hill & Mathieson
2. W.I.L. (Devon’s Road) – Happiness Stan
3. Perditions End – Kin
4. Still Time (Devon’s Road) – Haps & Dubz
5. Dreamscape 12 – Addison Groove
6. I’m Gonna Luv U (Devon’s Road) – Happiness Stan
7. Tender – E. Hill & Mathieson
8. Bass Till Late (Devon’s Road) – Haps & Dubz
9. Sovereign Melody VIP – Dillinja
10. Scattered Souls (Devon’s Road) – Haps & Dubz
11. Turn It Up – Hyroglifics & Sinistarr
12. Life’s Foundation (Devon’s Road) – Happiness Stan
13. SW Dub (Devon’s Road) – Haps & Dubz
14. Body Dat (Look Good) (Earful of Wax) – DJ Heny G/Boogie Bros
15. Rectory Grove (Devon’s Road) – Happiness Stan
16. Reptile Summer – Bedsit Producers
17. Do You Know What – Mathieson
18. So Seductive (Devon’s Road) – Dubz
19. You Heaven (Devon’s Road) – Haps & Dubz
20. Better You (Devon’s Road) – Happiness Stan
21. Untitled – Robin Wylie & J Kenzo
22. Back 2 the Ends (Devon’s Road) – Dubz
23. High Time (Moving Shadow) – Trax

Free Download: Hessle Audio feat. Ben UFO with Tim Reaper and Dwarde

Free Download: Certain Sounds 2nd Birthday Mix Drop – DJ Parody

Bringing the first wave of Dark Drum & Bass is label owner of Nyctophilia Recordings and resident DJ for West Yorkshire Jungle Collective, DJ Parody.

After been unable to hold out event with WYJC earlier in the year were buzzing to have DJ Parody drop a mix for us. Expect the usual dose of old and new darkness from the Fright Night Radio and
Underground Liar regular.

@djparody | facebook.com/DJParody

Ahmad – Hydra
Mønic – Parallels
Cartridge – Pyramid Of Fear
Argento – The Hidden (Kaizen’s Blind Leading The Blind VIP)
Jack Rapture – Hypnotized
Last Life – Ghosts
John Rolodex – Tell Me When To Let Go
Paragon – Furious
Terror Cell & Layer 3 – Vortex
Facs – Demon Eyes (Recon Remix)
Voyage – Drone
Grief – Hammer Vortex
Brakken – Taste The Cloud

Free Download: Certain Sounds 2nd Birthday Mix Drop – Polarity

For the final mix of our Birthday mix drop were bowing out with some ruff and ready beats from the man like Polarity!

With track support from the likes of Double 0 and releases on Criterion Records, Ronin Ordinance and a forthcoming music on Nyctophilia Recordings, Polarity has been killing it as of late. He became a firm favorite among the Certain Sounds crew after playing at our Certain Sounds x FNR event in summer of 2019 stepping in for Artilect and smashing out a set not to far from the vibes what he’s dropped for us today.

A quality ending to our mix drop from one of the North’s finest dj’s & producers!

@pol-r | facebook.com/polaritydnbuk

B Key – The Test
Eye-D – Unicorn MF (Black Sun Empire remix)
B Key – Element –
Danny C – Long Road
Dylan – Oracle
Loxy – Genesis –
DJ Ink & Dylan – Need You (Phobia remix)
Kryptic Minds & Leon Switch – Thirteen Skulls
Keaton & Hive – The Plague
Ewun – Guntalk
Skitty – Apocalypse
Dylan – Corkscrew
B Key – Real World
Limewax – Ritual Station
Aspect – Warning Sign
Titan – Nightbreed
T.Z.A – 1000 Prayers (SPL remix)
Blame – Psychotropic
Dylan & Loxy – Retribution
B Key – Final Conflict
Black Sun Empire – Arrakis (Noisia remix)

Free Download: Certain Sounds 2nd Birthday Mix Drop – Earl Grey

When we thought about adding a Drumfunk set to this mix drop only one man sprung to mind, Manchester’s very own Earl Grey.

The producer/dj has spent the last few years gracing the scene with releases on labels such as Inperspective and Hypercharger to name few. 2020 saw the release of highly regarded HY CH AD which features the track ‘Blue Rhythm’, the opening tune of this mix and a perfect start for our Drumfunk feature mix.

@earl-grey | facebook.com/EarlGreyMusicUK

Earl Grey – Blue Rhythm
Amen Andrews – Thinrider
dgoHn – Internal Ropes
Dub One – What Goes Around
Paradox – Drumpaper
Squarepusher – Port Rhombus
Thugwidow – Television
Tim Reaper – Floating Through
dgoHn – Ninnyhammer
Earl Grey – Levitate VIP
Ricky Force – Special
Macc & dgoHn – Mustard Greens
Nebula – Properties Of Terror

Free Download: Certain Sounds 2nd Birthday Mix Drop – Atlas & K Super

Certain Sounds very own Atlas & K Super with the 3rd mix in our Birthday drop!!

Although they’ve been unable to host any Certain Sounds events, the two have been a busy dropping a few guest mixes here and there throughout the year, as well as focusing on production gaining a release on Repertoire and preparing for some forthcoming bits on vinyl, on the way in 2021.

They’ve dug out some personal favourites from the mid 00’s era of Upfront DNB along with some Drum and Bass classics for this mix!

@atlasdnbjungle | @k-super | facebook.com/atlasksuper

DStar – If
Subject – Dig This
Zero Tolerance + Mentality – Last Resort
Usual Suspects – Calimist
Dillinja – I Wanna Know
Apex – T Dance
DJ Die – Reminisce
Total Science – Lust
Dillinja – Unexplored Terrian
D Kay & Dj Lee – Wax’d
Total Science – Voltage
Sonic & Silver – Cool Intentions
Digital – Restless
Manix – Hardcore Junglism (Total Science)
Dylan – Sweet Sensation

Free Download: Certain Sounds 2nd Birthday Mix Drop – DJ Other

Stepping up to drop us some classic 90’s Atmospheric vibes is Dj Other.

The blackburn dj is the promoter behind of one of the North Wests long standing Drum and Bass events events ‘Vinyl Fantasy’ which over the years has hosted the likes of Dj Crystl, Storm and Globex Corp.

Whether hes playing Breakbeat Hardcore or Jungle flavors, DJ Other delivers instant go to mixes, a certified quality selecta.

@djothervf | facebook.com/vinylfantasyevents

Aphrodite – Beautiful Bass (remix)
Klute – FPOP
DJ Fokus – Untitled
The Sentinel – Pulse of Life
D4 – X Attack
Bounty Killaz – Do it Now (Pulse remix)
Sounds of Life – Spice of Jazz
Hopa & Bones – Ok Coral
Dillinger – Believe the Bass
Higher Sense – People of the Universe
Skanna – Find Me
Voyager – Knowledge
Dillinja – Sovereign Melody
Dr S Gachet – Remember the Roller

Free Download: Certain Sounds 2nd Birthday Mix Drop – Amen Holmes

Next up on the Birthday Mix Drop we’ve got Ruff Cutz head honcho and Certain Sounds resident and connoisseur of all things Jungle…. Amen Holmes.

The Pick & Mix Soundsystem dj has been playing at free parties in Manchester and throwing Ruff Cutz Jungle & Hardcore events since 2015 bringing headliners such as Dwarde, Champa B & Lemon Drizlay crew to the North West, from there starting the label releasing music under the Ruff Cutz name. With music on the lebel from the likes of Tim Reaper, Jahganaut and Thugwidow to name a few, look out for some solo productions from Amen Holmes on the forthcoming ‘The Run Outside EP’.

@amenholmes | www.facebook.com/ruffcutzmcr

Tracklist :
Solution – What Can I Do
City Connection – Impact
Gang Related / Mask – Soldier
Amazon II ‎– Beat Booyaa!
Remarc Ricky (Remarc VIP Mix)
Percussive P – Gunsmith
Majistrate – What’s Up?
Just Jungle – Pause Tearout
Pure – Anything Test
Remarc – Ice Cream & Syrup (Hard Mix)
Tim Reaper & Sydenham Knights – Open Up The Trunk
The Interrogator – Awareness
Champa B – Bigga Tings (North Side Mix)
Rev – P – 1994
Northern Connexion – Re-think
Keen – Volume 1

Free Download: LT Podcast 137 – Coco Bryce

Following his recent release on our LT White imprint, Dutch DJ and Producer Coco Bryce extends his sonic prowess into a vinyl-only mix for our podcast series. Settle into an hour of gritty breakbeat percussions, dreamy pads and playfully pitched vocals.

In Coco Bryce’s own words:

It’s an all vinyl mix. I kind of went with my usual approach; pulled a selection from my record cabinets, see what could fit together nicely, ranging from laid back stuff to some more heavyweight tunes, without fully laying out the entire mix beforehand.

Most of the time I’ll try to make it a nice blend of old and new, and also have some well known tracks mixed with slightly more obscure bits. I hadn’t played that Hokusai 12” in ages and always felt like it makes for a perfect intro tune, seeing as it starts off with chopped amens right off the bat, but then switches to a super mellow, kinda jazzy vibe halfway through, like it teases you with the rough and the smooth, and yet after the breakdown it completely pulls back and leaves you with this perfect foundation to start building up again.

Hokusai – Jade
Perfect Combination – 100 Years
Photek – The Water Margin
Necrotype – Fever
Coco Bryce – Ginger Gear
Jules Elipse – Who’s The Bad Man
Coco Bryce – U Can C In There
Torchman – Shine
Sonic – Serendipity
FFF – The Burial
Digital & Spirit – Gateman
Dead Man’s Chest – Foundation Days
Ray Keith – Special Technique
Bizzy B – The Weekend

Free Download: RinseFM: Metalheadz with Commix & Jem One – 18 November 2020