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5 Essential Labels


Heavy on their ethos of ”Contemporary Jungle” Repertoire go from strength to strength each release. Starting out in 2015 they have been releasing quality, hosting artists such as Tim Reaper, ILK, Mantra & Artilect. Music they release locks in influences from Jazz, Detroit Techno and Ambient, allying them with rapid-fire breakbeats. In 2018 it will go without saying that this high level of character will progress so they qualify perfectly for being essential to your record collection

Bandcamp: http://bit.ly/2o2kATd



Eternia Music 

Lithuanian imprint Eternia are no strangers to pushing the boundaries and taking you on musical journeys. They have built a rep for brooding, atmospheric very well thought out year 4000 style D&B, while remaining very elusive within the scene they have been lurking since 2012 with a strong roster compiling of Loxy, Antagonist, Survey, Sam KDC & Overlook.

Bandcamp: http://bit.ly/2t4370P



Rua Sound

Straight out of Ireland this solid label brings the best fusion of Jungle, Hip-Hop, Footwork, Drum & Bass and Grime. Flavours from all over the spectrum align with artists like Sully, TMSV & Lewis James. There is more coming from them as they have bought in a Jungle only sub-label Foxy Jangle also they are set to be causing ripples for music lovers and collectors. 

Bandcamp: http://bit.ly/2F9kIb7



Delta9 Recordings 

German/Italian exports Delta9 Recordings have been flying low releasing solid full spectrum D&B now since 2012. Whether you are looking for tech rollers, halftime, liquid and breakbeat infused sounds, then they are for you!. Key artists include Mystic State, Conspired Within, Sl8r and Sentic Cycle

Bandcamp: http://bit.ly/2EwAj7y



The Dreamers 

 This imprint definitely holds their own when it comes to consistency, putting out some of the most forward-thinking artists and tracks since their debut. Focusing on the wholesome side of the drum & bass scene, they have been causing a bit of a stir. The fact that The Dreamers has such a well-rounded roster, yet everyone still occupies their own spaces, is key. The roster includes HLZ, Corrupted, Kiril & Neve check out their new VA below.

Bandcamp: http://bit.ly/1UsNK7K

Mark Halflite – SVr Mix (February 2018) – Free Download

In-Deed – How You Feel [Sheer Velocity]Paul SG + Salem – Jazzstrophobia [Jazzsticks]
Subsid + mSdoS – Soul In December [forthcoming Sheer Velocity]
Redeyes + Lenzman – High + Low [Integral]
DRS – This Ain’t Love feat Calibre [Soul R]
Submorphics, T.R.A.C. + Satl – Whatchudo [The North Quarter]
Calibre – Release feat George Levin [CIA Deep Kuts]
Tim Cant + Greekboy – Deep Screams [forthcoming Sheer Velocity]
Alias – Admit To Love [Critical]
Pulsar – Melting Pot [forthcoming DNBB]
soulTec – Artform [forthcoming Sheer Velocity]
Atlantic Connection – The Johnsons [CIA Deep Kuts]
Flaco – Isla Verde [Innergorund]
Calibre – Go Back To Go Forward [Signature]
Andrezz – Happy As I Can Be [Liquid V]
Furney – Strange [Sheer Velocity]

Mark_Halflite Social

Soundcloud – http://bit.ly/2Bt62nb


Exclusive Interview: Subtle Audio.

Subtle Audio began back in 2005.

A record label dedicated to Breakbeat D&B,Jungle & Drumfunk.

This record label hosts shows on http://jungletrain.net

There has been some serious releases from producers like Equinox,Senses,Fracture & Neptune plus many more talented producers.

Here is a detailed Q & A with Subtle Audio manager Conor O’Dwyer

 ( aka Code )



Well over a decade the record label has been treating us to some great releases…Since 2005!
How did it all begin?


It all began long before that really – back in 92/93 at the beginning of my teenage years when I began to hear dance music on Irish radio and got a loan of The Prodigy Experience album from a friend at school.

This was exactly the music I had been waiting for – electronic sounds and strings over heavy, energetic beats.

I cained the Prodigy album for the best part of a year before eventually getting 4th or 5th hand copies of sets from the likes of LTJ Bukem (Dreamscape 5), Dr S Gachet and DJ Monk from the same friend (a friend of his had a cousin who lived in London or something!).

The music on that bunch of tapes was a step beyond what I’d heard on the Prodigy album and was even more alien and mysterious – that was it for me.

I began a mission to find out more about the people behind the music and after picking up a few editions of Generator magazine and reading an interview with Goldie, I had a list of names to go on : Fabio, Grooverider, Randall, Doc Scott, Kemistry & Storm etc etc …

Luckily I came across a Reinforced tape mixed by Randall in the local music store and followed that up with a few really good compilations of hardcore / jungle on Kickin Records.

I was quite influenced by those label compilation albums from Reinforced, Kickin and some others like the XL Recordings 2nd Chapter / 3rd Chapter series etc.

I guess the strong label logos stuck with me as did the ideas of curating music and presenting a collection of tracks in an interesting way with an overall theme.

I got my first set of turntables at the end of ’95 and once I was old enough (in ’97) I started going to clubs and trying to get involved with the DJ’ing side of things.

I got a few gigs and eventually hooked up with some other local D&B Dj’s and after doing a few one-offs we started our first regular night early in 2000.

Fast forward to 2003 and I’d made quite a few contacts both in Ireland and internationally with people who were making really good beats – unfortunately, a lot of this music wasn’t seeing a release as it was to breakbeat heavy and ‘choppy’ for a lot of the established labels at the time.

I was still highly influenced by the beats I’d heard all the way through the 90’s and wasn’t quite feeling the new direction in D&B since the turn of the century. So I thought, why not start my own label and help to get some of the unheard gems out into the public domain?

I started work on the label that year and 2 years later we were ready to go with the first vinyl releases by Alpha Omega and Equinox / Senses.


Whose involved?


In the running and promotion of the label it’s mainly just me.
I do all the A&R and have an input in the art side of things.

I’ve always sold the Subtle Audio releases directly from the website but we always had partnerships with distribution companies as well – Nu Urban (2005 / 2006), ST Holdings (2007 – 2014) and we’ve been working with Unearthed since 2015 now.

Stacks (Conor O’Riordan) does all the artwork for the 12″ singles on Subtle Audio and then Louisa (my missus) does all the cartoon drawings for Bustle Beats (she also does the album / EP sleeves and any CD releases on Subtle Audio too).

The local Wardance crew in Limerick are a great help whenever I need to do a release party or label showcase – we’ve collaborated on a few events in our hometown of Limerick.

Tamen does some overseas promotion for the label – he was Dj’ing and representing D&B / Jungle in Barcelona for many years and has recently re-located to Australia where is he’s active on the Melbourne circuit and represents the breakbeat side of things when he plays out, including plenty of Subtle Audio material.
He does some distribution of the releases too.

Artist wise, some of the main contributors over the years have been Equinox, Alpha Omega, Enjoy, Dissident, Macc, dgoHn, Nebula, Sub, NCQL, Nic TVG and Irish artists such as Polska and Mecca.

The next batch of releases on Subtle Audio will introduce new artists that we want to spotlight such as Drummotive and Scale and I’m also launching a new label for hometown Limerick related beats called ‘Treaty Treats’ (Limerick is known as the Treaty city).

The music on this imprint will mainly come from myself and long-time friend and increasingly prolific producer K3Bee.

How did you make the decision to run a record label mainly focusing on Breakbeat D&B, Jungle & Drumfunk?

Well, that was easy – it’s the music I love.

As I mentioned already, the early nineties hardcore / breakbeat / jungle style was a huge influence on me and my favourite stuff from the mid to late nineties was a continuation of that sound.

The decision to focus on this style on my own label was made easier with the direction the scene took in the early noughties, that made me even more determined to try to represent my favourite style and help to bring the breaks back.


The location of Subtle Audio is in Limerick Ireland.
Due to your location does it have any negative effects on how the label performs due to majority of producers being based overseas?


No, I don’t think so.
I grew up in an era when flights were becoming much more affordable and Ireland is only an hours flight from London.

I made the trip plenty of times back over the years, especially between 2000 and 2010.
I was already in touch with quite a few producers online before I met many of them in person at different nights over the years.

One of the main meeting places was the Technicality night run by Chris Inperspective.
I first went there to hear Breakage, Senses and Bailey play around the end of 2002.
I got talking to Chris on the night and told him I’d bring him and a few others that were playing Technicality over to Ireland for a show.

In the end I booked Chris, Equinox, Breakage and Senses.

One of the tracks I got on a demo CD from Equinox when he came over ended up being on one of the first Subtle Audio releases 2 years later – ‘The Phantoms’.

I was able to catch up with artists fairly regularly by booking them to play our night (or when playing abroad or catching a show in London).

There are only a handful of artists on the label that I haven’t met in person.
The only draw-back over the years has been not having as much presence in the UK clubs as I’d like – especially since I was living in Canada for 4 years between 2011 and 2015.

I’m working on that though, so there might be some kind of Subtle Audio night in the UK soon all going well.



 Has the use of social media made it more easier?


Yes, definitely !

Social media is a good platform for promotion – especially for a label like mine where we do most of the distribution ourselves.

Even before the likes of Facebook and Twitter, internet forums were a good place to post mixes and release info.

Have to give a big shout to the Subvert Central forum (which is still going strong!) – A lot of positive things happened because of online interactions within that community.

It was a great place to throw out ideas and to meet like-minded artists / Dj’s etc.

Subtle Audio has a great reputation, providing unique releases from talented producers.
How do you find these producers for forthcoming releases?

Well, sometimes I find them and sometimes they find us!

I mentioned earlier about the hook up with Equinox and how that came about – that first release led on to many more and we’ve become good friends over the years.

It’s funny because one of my favourite compilation CD’s from the early days was ‘Jungle Dub 5’ on Kickin Records – it had a track by Bizzy B & Equinox on it called ‘Brain Records Crew’. Little did I realise at the time that we’d become good friends and that I’d get to release his music on my own label years later.

A similar scenario played out with Enjoy – I played at his night in Italy early in 2008 and he was playing me some demos that sounded really good.

We were on the same page musically and now, ten years later I’ve put out quite a few tracks by him and I’m just about to do an album release for him on Bustle Beats.

I got to know Macc initially via the Subvert Central forum and then eventually met him in person at Technicality – he ended up playing his live drum set at our night in Limerick in 2004 (with his good friend dgoHn in tow). They both became a big part of the label in the years that followed.
At this stage, now that we’re more established, a lot of producers know what we’re about and come to us if they think their style fits.

I get a lot of demos sent via Soundcloud / Facebook etc.
Other times I’ll hear an interesting track from a producer on another label and I might approach them about doing something for Subtle Audio.


There’s been plenty of releases on Vinyl now I’ve noticed you’ve began releasing more on MP3.
Is this due to more high demand and quality purposes?


Actually, we’ve always done digital download releases – usually a few months after the vinyl release, but we’ve done them since the early days.

I kicked off a sub-label for digital only releases back in 2006 – Subtle Audio Digital.
Time and financial constraints mean it’s impossible to get every track onto vinyl, so it’s good to have the option of just doing a digital-only release sometimes.

Even though I love vinyl myself, I acknowledge that not everyone wants to listen this way.
As for the sound of digital VS vinyl, that’s a subjective one – I’m not getting into it, haha.

My main objective is to make sure the music is available to whoever wants to listen, so we’ve always catered for vinyl lovers, the CD fans and the digital download crew.

To my knowledge there hasn’t been a Subtle Audio Tour for a very long time.
Will you be planning one in the near future?

Yeah, you’re right about that and yes I am looking into the possibility of doing something in the UK soon.

Apart from Limerick, I got as far as Dublin to do a ‘Decade In Breakbeat’ party at the end of 2016 – we had Equinox, Mecca, Earl Grey, Aroma Nice and myself on the bill, but that has been about it.

Before that I was in Canada, so the opportunity to do a tour on this side of the world hasn’t been there.

The release schedule on the label is quite full for 2018, so it would be good to get out there to promote the sound a bit.

I have some ideas, so lets see what happens.


Any big forthcoming releases we need to know about?


We just did a collaboration release called ‘Elysian Boundary’ with 7th Storey Projects and Scientific Wax which (at the time of writing) is still available from the 7th Storey Projects website.

All profits go to charity.

Apart from that there are 3 new releases in the works at the moment – I just got the testing pressings back for all 3, so things are on course for a late April / early May release via the Subtle Audio site.

Have a few digital only releases lined up too which should be available via the Subtle Audio Bandcamp site a few weeks before the new vinyl bits go live.

The next release on Subtle Audio itself is from a Dutch producer called Drummotive. A very talented guy who has had a few releases on Infest’s Next Phase label already.

It’s a 3 track vinyl – with 2 D&B / Drumfunk style tunes and 1 live sounding jazz track.

I’m very happy with how the tracks work together (it’s always an important consideration for every release) and I think it’s something a bit different to what’s doing the rounds at the moment.

On Bustle Beats there’s an album project by Enjoy due very soon – it’s a 3×10″ release with 6 tracks.
Being on Bustle Beats, it’s got more of a oldskool / jungle sound to it with strong grooves for the dance floor.

I’m delighted to have the honour of releasing an album for Enjoy – he’s a great talent and it’s great to see him getting more recognition these days, he’s also had vinyl releases on AKO Beatz and Transmute in recent times.

I’m also kicking off a brand new sub-label called ‘Treaty Treats’. This is for music made in my hometown of Limerick or by producers that have some kind of connection to the place.

The first release features something from local producer K3Bee and then there’s something of mine on the flip-side.
We’ve been working on remixes of an Irish indie act called Audrey & The Icons and those should see a release in the future too.

There’s even a mad (non D&B) remix by Naphta (he’s not from Limerick but we’re thinking of giving him a pass as he lived here for a few months and he DJ’d in Limerick before!)


Obviously last question from us here at Drum+Basics..
Any special mentions, thanks?


My main thank-you goes to the supporters of the label who have kept us going for over 12 years now.

Many of them have been with us since the very first release and without that hardcore support, there would be no Subtle Audio.

Thanks, of course, to the artists – again, without them, there would be no label.

Want to give a big thanks to Beau and Bob Macc who are the nicest and most accommodating mastering engineers you could hope to have – they’ve both really helped to make us sound good over the years.

A huge thank you to Conor (Stacks) and Louisa for their great artwork over the years.

Big thanks to Manny (Deepcut) in Limerick who has been really helpful with promoting and staging Subtle Audio related nights in Limerick over the last few years.

Shouts to all the regular listeners to the Subtle Audio Show on Jungletrain – they’ve put up with countless technical issues over the last few years but still come back for more – lol.

Really though, the chat-room crew make it much more fun to play and because they are so into their beats, they help to remind me that there is an audience out there for this stuff.

Shouts to Chris Inperspective, still soldiering on after all these years.

Shouts to Simon @ 7th Storey Projects and Marlon (Equinox) @ Sci Wax – was great to collaborate on the 3×12″ release recently – respects.

Shouts to all the local Limerick crew!

Big thanks to Drum & Basics for doing this feature on the label and big shout to anyone I’ve forgotten.


Many Thanks Conor.

Check out these links for more info & releases you need to purchase from Subtle Audio…


Exclusive Guest Mix: Mark Halflite – Sheer Velocity Recordings.

Brush off those Monday blues and start saying your goodbyes to  January 2018!


This mix from record label manager Mark Halflite will certainly help with its funky uplifting liquid vibes.


Sheer Velocity Recordings aim is to provide quality beats with real soul and pieces of music that will stand the test of time.


 To check out more on Sheer Velocity Recordings head over to their Facebook page..



Exclusive interview: Kalm & Spindall

Kalm and Spindall sat down with us to discuss their new release and the hard work behind it…

SleeveHello Kalm and Spindall! Thank you for answering our questions.

Spindall: Hi guys cheers for having us.

Kalm: EZ

Let’s start from the beginning. How did you two end up working together and producing this EP?

Spindall: Kalm and I are good friends and have worked together since around 2009 having met on rude FM a few years before. When we started the label it was always a plan to do an EP together for it.

What’s with your artist names?

Spindall: haha I’ve had mine since I was 13, I’m not even sure how I came up with it. I thought it sounded good at the time and 20 years later, here I am still using it !

Kalm: I was so excited about D&B as a youngster, everyone (inc. some fairly well know dnb artist’s) at the time kept on saying “Calm Down” cos i was always asking about the titles of dubs etc .. It just seemed logical one day.

Very exciting release! What can you tell us about Cataclysm EP?

APPS PHOTOGRAPHYSpindall: thank you! It’s the result of a lot of hours and hard work, and we feel it’s a very 360 display of what the labels about there’s something on there for everybody who likes the deeper end of the genre. There’s a roller, a dark side minimal aspect aswell as liquid & upfront minimal elements. I’m proud to be part of it.

Kalm: Very pleased with how the whole ‘Cataclysm ep’ has come together we just did tunes for fun, then one day we looked up and saw it had become a full grown ep.. which was great.

My favourite tune is definitely Destiny – really feeling that one! All tracks are quite different from each other in a sense, did you have a theme or are they all separate?

Spindall: thanks again. There wasn’t theme as such we just wanted to make something solid & lasting. The tracks were all wrote at different times and stages so we was on different vibes each time we sat down, guess that’s why it’s so diverse.

Kalm: Yes agreed, I think it does cover all sorts of dnb angles, and as Spindall said on different days we felt like getting on something distinctly one style etc, so it was purely organic how we reached the final tracklist, but in a way it feels like it came out better than if we had contrived the same idea prior.

Talk us through the process behind the EP!

Spindall: normally when we sit down to work on a Track we get an idea going from say a sample or idea for the track then take it from there, it’s all about creating the right vibe.

11178383_10152842484678596_2084727625_nKalm: Every process is unique for a start, so making tunes with Craig is very different from doing tunes on my own, or with my Kolectiv bro’s …  and same goes for all other collab’s i do, with all other people. For these tracks and working with Craig, it was a case of: I know Craig’s DJ style so i made things that represent the common ground we have in taste that would also fit in both our sets, and with Craig letting me know when we were getting closer I think it worked well as a system for this ep, but as I said: its always different depending on the crew!

Do you share a studio or is everything made online? What equipment do you use?

Spindall: the EP was actually written at 3 different locations, it was a project that lasted over a 2 year period and Sam actually moved house in that time. All written on the same equipment which belongs to Sam. The project started in Manor House and was finished in letchworth!

Kalm: a mac with Logic, monitors, few handy plug ins, nothing fancy really.

You both are DJs as well, does this mean that we will see you both behind the decks as a back2back anytime soon?

Spindall: We’ve actually done many b2bs at our event over the past 3 years aswell as on RudeFM. The recordings can be found on my soundcloud as well as the Nurtured Beatz soundcloud. There will be more, no doubt!

What’s next for you guys?

Spindall: Firstly getting the EP out to the masses! Then this summer we are teaming up with Proximity recordings for the 2nd time this year and taking the event to Bristol. In terms on the label there’s exciting projects and eps coming out from C-Side, Mystic State & more as well as some top secret remix projects from the likes of Kolectiv, fearful, Tephra & Arkoze + others.

Kalm: Plenty of exciting events and material on the way, so no snoozing…

Any famous last words…?

Spindall: Please keep supporting the label and coming to the events.

Kalm: Wanted to say thanks for the support to our genuine friends that really have been on our side massive love and respect to y’all. Please come find us we have a bandcamp store with bonus and free material, Give it try you might find its better than the bigger flashier “names” but without the cheese, spam and ego-overloading hype machine style; bigger band marketing fakery. SUPPORT THE GRASS ROOTS UNDERGROUND LABELS! (not just the ones who have loads of cash it doesn’t mean they love dnb more or are better! just cos they have had loads cash since day one) we still get about exactly nothing from this, AND take a lot of knocks cos we dont have all the same expensive stuff as everyone else, but stay ahead day by day working on the “art form”, I guess we’ll have to keep on using our imagination :) … the only REAL way.

Spindall: thank u and big ups

Thank you guys!

Get the album from Bandcamp and follow Nurtured Beatz on FACEBOOK + TWITTER.

Photo credit: Apps

Questions & Answers with Pennygiles

Stuart Maccallum, aka Pennygiles introduced himself to Drum & Bass listeners back in 2011 with his big tune ‘Au Revoir Blackbird’ which was released on Fizzy Beats in 2012. Since then he has released tunes on labels such as Innerground, V Recordings, C.I.A and I.M LTD, and collaborated with producers like RoyGreen & Protone, Phil Tangent, Spirant, and Mr Joseph.

Drum + Basics had a little chat with the producer…

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Featured Event: Tech:nology 8th Birthday 26th January

This night is a night you don’t want to miss! The line up includes DJ’s like Ed Rush, Octane & DLR, BTK, Meth, Spirit, Vicious Circle, Cause4Concern, InsideInfo and more… The date to remember is Saturday 26th January and the venue is Hidden in London.

BTK did a mix to get you in the mood for this big birthday bash so let the party begin…


TICKETS are £12 in advance (plus booking fee). Early birds are already sold out so get your tickets now to avoid disappointment.
The best way to get to the venue, HIDDEN, is to take Victoria Line to Vauxhall and then walk or BUSES: 2, 36, 77, 87, 88, 156, 185, 196, 344, 360, 436 (night buses: N2, N36, N87, N136) or cab.

Here’s a MAP to help you find it and to plan your journey, use TFL’s journey planner.

See you all the 26th!

The Weekend Is Soon Here… (and here’s some drum&bass raves for you)


Spearhead Presents… @ Relay (Cable), London. The line up includes BCee, Metrik, AI, Mutated Forms, Hybrid Minds, Savage Rehab. £12 on the door.

Jungle Syndicate @ Black Swan, Bristol. Bkey, Smyla, Remarc, Script and many more. £8 before 23.00, £10 after.

FabricLIVE, London. Soul:ution in room 2: Calibre, Marcus Intalex, Alix Perez, Lenzman, Jubei, Phil Tangent, SP:MC, Justyce, Strategy. £17 on the door.

Faster @ Warehouse, London. DJ Hype, Friction, Wilkinson, Mampi Swift, AMC.

Twisted Technology @ Sidings Warehouse, London. Mampi Swift, Crissy Criss, SLY, Brockie, Bryan G, Logan D plus many more.

Urban Jungle @ Brixon Jamm, London. Nicky Blackmarket, Error, Rota and much more. Pay £7 if you dress up as an animal…

Chew The fats meets Jet Jam @ Cable, London. High Rankin, DC Breaks B2B Document One, Marco Del Horno and more. £10 in advance, more on the door.

Resonance Presents Run Tingz @ Concorde2, Brighton. Top Cat, Serial Killaz, Serum, Bladerunner, Aries and much more.

Sine Language @ Volks, Brighton. Aba Shanti, Amit and V.I.V.E.K. £6 before midnight, £7 after.

Rave To Save @ Scala, London. Charity Event! 

Origins Launch Party @ Lab11, Birmingham. Total Science, Ant TC1, Amoss, Foreign Concept and much more.

Proximity Recordings Labelnight @ Recyclart Art Center, Brussel. Basher, Data, Gerra&Stone and more. €6 before midnight, €8 after.

Critical Sound Presents Enei Album Launch @ Clbw ifor bach, Cardiff. £6 before 22.30. Advanced tickets sold out!


Agro’s 5th Birthday @ Lakota, Bristol. Black Sun Empire, Phace, Tech Itch, The Sect & MC Hostile and more. £15 on the door.

Brighton’s Calling @ H Bar & Club, Brighton. Ruffstuff & Harry Shotta, Ed Solo, Rhythm Beater and more. First 50 girls for free otherwise £5 before 11 and £7 after.

Stay safe!

Free Download: Syrenz Mix Series 001: Elis

dBridge – So Lonely (Consequence Remix)
Judda & Treo – 6th Element (Dub Phizix Remix)
Foreign Concept ft Riya – Affliction
Villem ft Fields – Discordia
Break – Something New (Xtrah Remix)
Spinline – Life (Clarity Remix)
L 33 – Tracer
Clarity – Parallels
Fracture – Get Busy
Xtrah ft Codebreaker – Set The Levels
Data – Passive Aggressive (Stray Remix)
Dub Phizix ft Fox – Never Been
Dub Phizix – Forgotten Instinct
Vicious Circle – Emma’s Dilemma
Sabre ft Riya – Injustice
Foreign Concept – Jaipur (Villem Remix)
Ulterior Motive & Hybris – Bring Out
Data – The Chronicle
DRS ft S.P.Y & Kemo – Renegade
Spectrasoul – Organizer (Foreign Concept Remix)
Skeptical & Dub Phizix ft Sparkz – Half Man

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Free Download: A Liquid July 2012

Our friend Chris aka Disco77 has made an amazing liquid mix for you to enjoy. Just click on the link and start the download.

1) Pennygiles – Au Revoir Blackbird
2) Eva Cassidy – Fields of Gold (Mr Joseph Fizzy Liquid Bootleg)
3) Lenzman feat Riya – How Did I Let You Go
4) Wretch 32 ft Ed Sheeran – Hush Little Baby (Fred V & Grafix Remix)
5) High Contrast – Wish You Were Here
6) Savage Rehab – Keep You Close
7) dB Audio & Dramatic – Tears
8 ) dB Audio & Dramatic – Coast to Coast
9) Mr Joseph – Wonderful Feeling
10) Savage Rehab – Desire
11) Marky & SPY – Yellow Shoes
12) Marky & Makoto – Togetherness
13) Benny Page – Sneaker Pimp
14) Dr Meaker – Music in the Night
15) P-Money ft Vince Harder – Everything (Blame Remix)
16) Utah Jazz – Midnight Oil
17) Calibre – Even If


This Weekend We’re Raving Here…

Spearhead Records @ Carnival Norwich. Octane&DLR, BCee and more. £5 all night! More info.

Rekyl & Trädgården @ Trädgården, Stockholm, Sweden. Goldie, Breakage, Redlight, MC DRS and more. More info.

Fabric, London: Sin City, S.P.Y’s dnb Surgery and Med School. Tickets and info.

Soul:ution @ The Vaults, Shrewsbury. Marcus Intalex, Phil Tangent and more. Free entry for early comers. More info.

Moondance Camden Palace Reunion @ KOKO, London. Micky Finn, DJ Sy, Ratpack, Randall & Kenny Ken and much, much more. More info.

London’s Calling @ Bussey Building, London. Jumpin Jack Frost, Bryan Gee, Bailey, Serum, Jordan V + MC’s. £5 all night! More info. 

Flex Out @ Brixton Jamm, London. Break, Need For Mirrors, dRamatic & dbAudio, Retraflex b2b Philth, Kenny Ken,
eleven8 and more. More info.

BlackOut @ Cable, London. Black Sun Empire, Dillinja, Ed Rush, dBridge, BTK, Neonlight, Alley Cat + MC’s. More info.

Motive @ The Volks, Brighton. Loxy, Motive Ulterior, Foreign Concept + more. £5 before midnight, more after. More info. 


Mix: Klute for MixMag

We’re going to Nymfo’s Album Launch Party at Cable on Saturday and Tom Klute has done a mix to get us in the mood… It’s working! We can’t wait!

For tickets and information, just click on this link.

See you there!