Something Sinister Arising – Conspired Within Music ”Artist Collective LP”

Conspired Within Music based out of California has been a go to for fans of the deep atmospheric well spaced out forward thinking 170 music and they have something big lined up for 16th February 2018. The album being entitled the ”Artist Collective LP” hosts a smorgasbord of talent from the likes of Medika, Epilleptech, Out of Fuel & Akinsa. The artists serve the audience as the ”directors” if you will as they showcase this crafted almost horror movie like soundtrack, proving you that VA albums are not something that can be thrown together and not thought out.


Track highlights include fresh faced stateside artist Autosymbol,  ”Senseless” with its haunting militant pulse, heavy low end fluctuation and synths that corrupt the listeners well being. This ones a damager

Being extremely difficult to pick a favourite which is ever changing this release is definitely one for the sith lords of the drum & bass world. Another track i have to highlight is one of five bonus tracks featured on the physical copy of the LP, Epilleptech ”Shinro” is a awesome juxtaposition of techno, dub and profound harmonies


“Artist Collective L.P. features multiple artist’s on this special project which exhibits a variety of deep dnb styles and flavors, something which we take pride in”

Ryan Rossi AKA Conspired Within 

Below you can find a great selection of music bound together by an emphasis on percussive precision and atmosphere. One for the heads that know…check it out and hit up the label Bandcamp store to pre-order now on CD or digital; the LP drops there Feb 9th with all other stores following on the 16th.

Conspired Within Music 

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