Guest Mix: Cambian

First time I met James, also known as Cambian (actually mostly known as Cambian) was at Shogun earlier this year without knowing anything about his mixes or scratching (To be honest, I thought I had met him before at Intent 2 Supply in June but it turned out that it was not him but someone else, so there you go!). I’m not entirely sure how I ended up downloading all of his mixes and sharing them on different networking sites but there I was, happy to have found an artist who seemed to have thought through his work. It’s like every tune matters and means something personally to him which for me a mix is all about. I wanted to know more about this person, and this little interview is a start.

So James, who are you? Well, I’m born James Bullimore, 1986 in a village outside Cambridge where my name Cambian comes from. I talked online with people and that name just kind of stuck.

How long have you been mixing and why did you start? I’ve been mixing for about 5 years and scratching a bit longer but it wasn’t until last year I started to record my mixes. I started because I was bored and a bit lonely and it looked cool when I watched other people do it, so I said to myself that I wanted to do it as well! My goal was never to be a DJ, I just wanted to learn how to mix and put together tunes to keep myself busy.

Have you got a favourite tune to mix with which you’ve used more than once? I never use a tune more than once, that’s one of my rules I’ve got.

To someone like me, who never mixed, what is the beauty of it? It just feels so good! Especially when you double drop and you get lost in the music and dance for yourself.

When you’re out clubbing or raving, do you pay attention to how the DJ is mixing? I try to listen to the mixing but sometimes it’s hard since some DJ’s got a lot of dubs they’re playing so you don’t know when one tune stops and the other start. But I have left when someone can’t mix. All I can think about is that it should be me there instead!

I have noticed that you always seem to use a theme in your mixes, do you choose tunes and theme before you start? Yeah, I pick a theme first, listen through my ipod and put tunes that will fit with the theme in a big playlist. The theme is how I want the mix to sound or be like. I listen to my playlist and pick tunes that will fit and hopefully the tunes I choose will fit together. Sometimes they don’t…

Vinyl or CD’s? Since I started with scratching, it has to be vinyl. Now I use Serrato to mix with.

What would you do instead of mixing/scratching? I would love to say that I would make music but I tried and i’m just not good enough. But sometimes I do open Logic and try to make a little tune but i’m better at mixing. I would skate a lot!

Have you ever tried to impress someone with your mixing? Yeah. I mean, all of my mixes are for someone, or something. For me music says more than words and expresses things I can’t express.

What is the best advice you would give someone who wants to learn how to mix? Practise! I wish there were some short cuts I could help with but it’s all about practise. Lock yourself in your bedroom for hours and just try it! If you’re not enjoying it, it won’t be fun anyway.

Favourite producer(s)? Oversight, Fracture, Kollizion, Relapse, Profane, Hybris, Parallel… just them… I think…

Favourite DJ(s)? Since I listen to radio a lot it has to be Bailey and Fabio.

Favourite club night? I only go to Shogun Audio’s since I know I can get my friends with me but I will definitely try other club nights!

Favourite tune? Break with DJ Die- Slow Down. The original. And Londy with Tears.

Favourite food? Erm, can I say olives…?



Profane – Something Holding Me Back (v.808) [Digital Wreka]

Calibre (Featuring DRS) – People Never Change [Signature]

Relapse – I Was A Teenage Lutraphobe [White]

Tim Reaper – Total Cyantifix [White]

Londy & Bucky – I Just Don’t Know [White]

Dub One – Bassment Dub [Scientific Wax]

Fanu – For Those Who Dream [White]

Fracture & Neptune – Apollo [Astrophonica]

Obscure & Midas – Smitten [White]

London Elektricity (Featuring Elsa Esmeralda) – Invisible Worlds [Hospital]

Fracture & Neptune – Bless Me [Astrophonica]

Little Dragon – Twice (LSB Remix) [White]

Calibre (Featuring DRS) – Closing Doors [Signature]

Parallel – Textures [White]

Eschaton – Photon (Relapse Remix) [White]

Londy – Tears [White]

Technicolour – Tangled Dream [White]

High Contrast – Brief Encounter [Hospital]

Oversight – Fight To Live Another Day [White]

For more of Cambian’s mixes; visit his SOUNDCLOUD page

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