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Response & Pliskin – Spinster [forthcoming Skeleton]
Ricky Force – Special [forthcoming Repertoire]
Defender – Feel It (2018 Clarky ReBoot) [Dub]
DJ Vapour – Insomniac [forthcoming Skeleton]
Acid Lab & Scale – Underdog [Skeleton]
DJ Trace – Aggy [forthcoming DSCi4]
Kid Drama – Architect [forthcoming Metalheadz]
Dub [forthcoming Detrimental Audio]
Josephs Perception – Phantasm [forthcoming Locked Up Music]
S.P.Y – Shadows of the Mind [Hospital]
Monita & K-Rox – Smart Kid (2018 Remix) [forthcoming Skeleton]
Gremlinz & Jesta – Departed [Metalheadz]
Future – Magellanie Clouds (Dooms Day Mix) [forthcoming Logical Direction]
Cypher – Downturn [forthcoming DSCi4]
Benny L – Skysteppa [forthcoming Metalheadz]
Jem-One [Dub]
Clarky – Regan [Dub]
Sicknote & Dissect – Knopper [forthcoming Detrimental Audio]
Champa B – Deadlights [forthcoming Skeleton]
Response – Raging Bull [forthcoming Skeleton]

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