Free Download: Resonant Frequency mY-dJ 002 – Structure

1. Homemade Weapons-Patrol
2. Apostroph-Bounty Hunter VIP
3. Ahmad & Akinsa-Monolith
4. The Untouchables-From The Ashes
5. Amit-Second Cut
6. Epilleptech-Rem 7
7. Double O-Da Lion
8. Ahmad-Kronos
9. Jem One-Deeper
10. Skru-Elder Jedi (If-Read Remix)
11. Acid Lab-The Corporation
12. Mac-V-Fear No Evil
13. Asanyeh-Ever Since
14. Amplicon-Dark Matters
15. Sicknote-Ruck
16. Fanu-The Unconscious
17. Paradox-Hold The Beat
18. Overlook-Shadowplay
19. If-Read-Alone U (Asymmetric Remix)
20. BKey & Smyla-The Sign
21. Terror Cell-Cryostasis

002 of mY-dJ is london based DJ Structure!
A regular on the DJ circuit in london and also having a regular friday slot on LIFE FM that never fails to be anything but banging! We are hyped to have him involved in this feature ! The mix is a fine example of why we wanted to involve him exhibiting his darker and harder selection of dance floor menacing DnB cuts !
As always check out the website for the full interview to find out all about him too!
Enjoy RF x

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