Featured Event – Clashmouth Drum & Bass Record Market.


Clashmouth began as a private Facebook group, established in 2015 as a place for D&B promoters & record labels, small and large to share their forthcoming dates in aim to prevent any event clashes, hence the name!


The Clashmouth Drum and Bass Label Market was the next step to add a little more unity to the community.


Record Store Day 2017 saw the first ever ‘D&B Label Market’ featuring a selection of small to large independent record labels who took over Cafe 1001, setting up shop for the day to sell their records directly to the public.


People were attracted by the limited edition vinyl releases and merchandise.


The event was the brainchild of Chris Inperspective who felt there was a much ignored need for a D&B specialist label market.

There has been so many genre specific vinyl events that it seemed strange that no one had done a jungle / D&B one. After linking with Dexta the dream became a reality.


The event team has since grown from just Chris Inperspective and Dexta to a team of 5

(Gemma, Rob and Will)


The next Clashmouth Drum and Bass Label Market is expanding and moving to House of Vans London on Saturday 21st April 2018 this is due to needing a bigger space to fit all the labels in and House of Vans have been incredibly supportive of this project.


Clashmouth are in early plans to expand this to different countries & considering their options but they wish to spread the love far and wide.


On the day you can purchase plenty exclusive vinyl and merchandise from a range of drum and bass record labels across the whole spectrum of D&B.



Also on the day Clashmouth are introducing group discussions with DJs/Producers Sound Engineers & Record Label managers.


Bob Macc from Subvert Central Mastering will be moderating the Running a Label panel discussion.


DJ Sweetpea Natasha Harber will also be joining us for the Rise of the DJ/Producer panel discussion also Concealed Identity.


Record Label Management Panel Discussion.

This panel will provide an insight into what it takes to run a successful Drum & Bass label. The panel of experts will discuss management, mastering, merchandise, marketing and any other relevant “m” words.
Presented by representatives from: Critical, Inperspective, Med School, Foundation X and more.


That’s not all…


Diversity Panel Discussion.

It has been argued that there is a problem with representation in the electronic music community, particularly within the world of Drum & Bass.

This panel aims to establish whether there is a genuine diversity problem across all facets of the scene, and to discuss potential solutions to this serious issue.
Presented by: Drum and Bass Against Racism Love Dabar, DJ. Mantra, Robyn Chaos, Blackeyemc and more TBA


For more info check out there Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/clashmouth/

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