Exclusive Interview: Missrepresent

Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions for Drum+Basics!

You’ve been in the dnb/jungle scene for a while now, how long is it and how did you first come across it?

Hey thanks for reaching out.

I’ve been DJing now 17 years, after a stint of attending raves such as Helter Skelter as a kid and Accelerated Culture. I used to always wander from the hardcore rooms into the jungle rooms, big smokey rooms with people swaying to big bassy tunes, and I fell in love with the vibes and music. I remember the whistles and horns, dancing on stage and ended up watching Nicky Blackmarket at The Brunel Rooms in Swindon one night thinking I’d love to do that. I was working as a store manager at Domino’s Pizza when I was 19, attending house parties and the boys wouldn’t let me touch their precious Technics so my franchisee bought me my first set of Numark decks and mixer, and I practised loads. Gloucester is a small city and everyone knows everyone, and word got round I was mixing well and I got a set at Jo Jo’s in Stroud with Micky Finn headlining and within 6 months I was playing European gigs which progressed to worldwide bookings abroad.

You produce, DJ and also run your own record label Sliced Note Recordings. What do you enjoy the most and how did you end up doing all of this? What else are you involved with within the music industry?

I enjoy it all. I started DJing, I then got into producing, which led onto running my label. That then progressed to interviews and doing work on DNBMuzik, which has now progressed to JDNB. Fortunately I have a great team on JDNB, that site is huge amounts of work, we get about 250 emails a week now which have to be replied to and posted up. I do audio interviews for DNBHQ – shouts to J Swif there he is a good bloke and a good friend of mine, and I also write peoples bio’s. On top of that I make artwork and make music videos. I’ve done a series of music videos recently for Trauma who is based in Cambridge. I guess, it’s all creative work, and I really enjoy making things and creating music and art.

What’s the hardest part of being an artist/DJ/producer? Has it changed over time?

The late or early drives home. Playing 6am sets and then having to drive 2 hours home is a killer! The only thing that has changed is the equipment, and it’s changed for the better as I no longer have to lug a massive record box around, it’s just a couple of USB’s and headphones which is great!

It’s been a lot of talk lately about the lack of females in the dnb/jungle scene, what do you think?

Well if people think it’s bad now, they should of been around 17 years ago when I started out, when I could literally count the amount of women on two hands. Yes it’s bad but it’s nothing like it used to be. I set up LadiesOfDNB to showcase the women we have in dnb and it’s worth seeing how many beautiful, talented ladies we do have about.

You’re a raver too, do you remember your first rave? Do you still go out even if you’re not playing?

Of course! It was Helter Skelter at The Sanctuary Milton Keynes. (RIP). I was 15! A long time ago but that music has been in my veins ever since.

I have 2 young babies, with my husband as only childcare, so rarely go out now as when I’m off, which isn’t often, he is then out, so we are both making the most of our weekends. I think being a DJ is pretty good at getting you out to places, and I always know loads of people at events so I have a good catch up and socialise when I’m out and enjoy it still.

When you’re not being busy with music, what do you do?

I’ve just taken up horseriding again and training for my BHS stages which are pretty intense. It’s getting me extremely fit though! I love to make music videos and artwork, but to be honest with everything I do, I don’t really get much spare time! I’m usually at my laptop when the babies are asleep!

What’s next in store for you?

I’m working on a 2 track jump up EP, and I have a track finished with Cutty Ranks, just waiting for a release date. I have a 2 track project in the works with my friend Ollie, aka Exception and I’ve been asked to do several remixes recently but just don’t want to commit until I get these projects out of the way – which I’m finding time quite hard to find.

When can we see/hear you play?
Jul 14 2018 Stardust – The Monetry Digbeth Birmingham

Jun 30 2018 Playaz BBQ SoBar Southampton
Apr 28 2018 Basskicks Leicester
Apr 25 2018 Guest Mix On Rinse With Harry Shotta On Marcus Nasty Show
Apr 14 2018 Audio Assault Brighton Volks – Jungle Set
Apr 07 2018 Paris – This Is Drum & Bass
Mar 31 2018 Dirty Dubz – The Peacock Peterborough
Mar 28 2018 Rough Tempo – The Full Range – Late Weds 1am

Any famous last words?

Just thank you to everyone who’s supported me for the last 17 years and big up all the artists, promoters and ravers who keep our awesome music scene alive! Thanks to you as well for reaching out. Big up ;) x

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