Exclusive Interview: Yung-E


Yung-E is a great producer who is sure making his music well known.

You may have seen him Djing at Nutured beatz events & will be seeing him at plenty more in 2015.

With his top quality level of production on his previous release Cosmic Dust/Mindset on Nutured beatz,we all can say we are looking forward to forthcoming material.

Hey Yung-E,

This year has seen you have a outstanding release on Nutured Beatz with support from many other fellow producers..

Did you think that those tracks have gave you more determination in the studio?

Thanks glad you like my music : ) And yeah i guess it does makes you want to finish more music i think most producers will agree your the most critical about your own material, I’m never happy but there has to be a cut of point to get music finished otherwise there just stay half finished tunes on your computer so deffo something i do now is start a track and finish it also people and fellow producers giving you support only gives you more confidence about what your trying to achieve also putting a lot more time and effort into my music and production you don’t get anywhere without hard work !!!


 Is producing now your full time job?

Yeah it is but its still a struggle tho i love what i do its not about the money for me i think once you have more success with your music and expand your profile the money will come but we all know theres not a lot of money been made from your music as theres still a huge culture of free downloading music and general piracy my advice would be get some good music out then the bookings will follow !!

 Noticed you have been using Dsi Pro 2 & MFB Doninion in the studio.

 Not many people will know what this is.

 Please explain for those who dont know.

Yeah the DSI Pro 2 is a friend of mine and the MFB Dominion 1 is mine : ) The Pro 2 is a hybrid mono synth great parameters on it can sculpt sounds with ease also has great fx on it great for pads leads drones bass mids all rounder really great synth The MFB Dominion 1 is a total mono synth is brand new only been on the market for a few months think i was one of the first in the country to get one its an amazing synth got a very pro 1 sound too it pure analog great for bass its so warm sounding but has a very raw edge to it you can only get so far with vst soft synths like NI Massive FM8 etc Iv always been into my analog synths got a virus b too.Looking to buy a Eventide H9 to go with my MFB and maybe some modular stuff : )

 Would you say that you strictly keep to this while producing?

The MFB is a big part of my sound spend ages doing sound design sessions but i want to add more equipment to my setup soon, problem is the stuff i like is so expensive haha but the key is doing it bit by bit,finding that right balance between hardware & Digital plugins etc companys like UAD do great sounding analog emulations really good sounding plugins but i always prefer the real hardware units but there super pricey i know people who do it all with plugins in the box and others that have loads of hardware bits !!

 Will you be producing with others this year?

Yeah maybe some point in the year i’ll do some collabs think its good to work with others as you always learn new ways of doings things and tracks turn out differently to when you make music on your own but for the moment I’m just concentrating on writing more music and getting better in my production !!

 Any forthcoming releases you can share with us?

Yeah theres some more music coming from me in the near future all very hush hush at the moment haha but very focused in the studio also i don’t really like to release lots and lots of stuff as i find it saturates yourself bit banging out tunes all the time but you will be hearing a lot more of my music very soon : )

Many Thanks Yung-E.

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