Exclusive Interview with: Spline – Dispatch Recordings

Hey Spline, so you’re a new face to some within Drum & Bass.
Please introduce yourself…

Hello everyone.
My name is Andrey, I’m from Samara which is located on the bank of the Volga River in Russia.
I’m a DJ and a musician.
From time to time I take part in DnB music events, that take place in Samara and in other Russian cities.
I love broken rhythms and “bold“ sounds.


So you’re located in Russia.
Do you have many events, Djs and record labels there?

Yes, of course but we do not have as many record labels as in the U.K.
Also parties with underground DnB music are rarely held in Samara.
All events are mainly held in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Would you consider moving to the U.K just for D&B?

I have never been to the U.K.
Of course I want to visit your country, not only as a tourist but also as a DJ and a musician.
To be honest, I didn’t think about moving to England but who knows.


This Friday you have your debut on Dispatch Recordings.
How did this happen?

Yes, thank you!
If we talk about how I got into this culture it will be a long story, that began in the year 2000.
If we talk about how my tracks were getting released on Dispatch Recordings, then I’ll say – it was simple.
I just sent the tracks over via email and Ant TC1 said that he likes it.
So everything was quite straight forward and easy.


Are there any other record labels that you really want to have releases on?

Yes, of course and there are so many record labels i wish to release on.
I don’t bind my creativity to some kind of labels but I will mark my tunes to fit some labels.
Metalheadz have  influenced me at a certain age & that would be a dream to release on that record label.


When it comes to music production, where do you get your inspiration from?

Ohhh … It can be almost anything that can give an emotion, a thought.
I can sit around sorting out sound banks, find some FX sound that has nothing to do with DNB and make a melody from it,with which everything can begin.
Or just experiment with Bass and BOOM!
Other music influences me a lot and this is not necessarily DNB.
This is something that can be from hip-hop, or jazz or whatever.
Also it can be a couple of sounds from a scene of a movie about robots and of course the most important generator is in my bathroom!
When I go into the shower, everything falls into place!
Then suddenly a new track appears.

Any big plans for 2018?

At this moment I have a lot of projects that I’m finishing and of course I have such a big task of creating music that will be more than just music!

 Final words…

Create, experiment, be strong and appreciate your loved ones especially those who help you!

Spline ” Injection EP ” release is out on general sale this Friday.
Click the link to purchase…

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