Exclusive Interview: Ray Uptown.

Drum+Basics have been getting to know Ray Uptown since his release on Metalheadz alongside SCAR a few years back.


We thought it’s about time we sent him some questions.

Here’s a quick interview with Ray Uptown.




You have recently landed in the U.K.
Why did you decide to travel overseas to the U.K?

See some family and friends,hear some great dnb and see how it’s done here.


Was the long journey from America just for the music?

Not at all, my bro,bros [Sense Mc,Tephra & Arkoze of DYING STAR & GOAT Team Alpha],Scar,Lewes Eldridge and Jason Athwal[Intel Ukb] are all here to name a few, these are good people in my life,it was a must to meet up.

Turns out there is opportunity to teach music production,recording and song writing with Studio 808,shouts to Paul Wilkinson and Alex Finney [Studio 808] they really have together over there,was very impressed.


Whats your opinion on U.K D&B?

It’s very street.

It’s so hiphop it’s not even funny.

The vibe at the first event I attended [Delirium at The Volks,Brighton] was beyond real to witness, rammed and SO loud ha..

That show was Randall and Scar,Halogenix, I linked with Mike [Script] and drove down to Brighton with Tephra,it was jokes…Shouts to them.


When and where will you be Djing?

May 12th-Launch w/ Anile // Dbr Uk // Sense Mc-London,England.

May 18th & 20th-Sol Fud & Initial w/ Sense Mc-Dublin,Ireland.

June 8th-Rough Tempo Livecast w/ Sense Mc-Braintree,England.

 June 9th Hexagon / DYING STAR & GOAT Team Alpha
Tephra // Arkoze // Ray Uptown // Sense Mc, London.



Let’s talk about your music production.

Previous releases from yourself were on Metalheadz which in my eyes is a huge achievement.

Thank you.

It def changed my life for the better. I couldn’t have ever thought something like this would happen, it’s been such a blessing.


So how did it all happen?

Been a fan of Scar, [Survival & Script] and def wanted to work with them musically.

I was just consistent on keeping in touch about projects and life as we could. Timed up right,happened to unknowingly contact Steve Survival during the process of [Scar] recording the Orkyd Project Lp with Naomi Pryor and Eleanor Higgins they sent some ideas to me, I found the one I vibed most with and everyone involved [Goldie,Ant Tc1,Scar] really liked my vocal I recorded which ended up being “Your Mistake” w/ Naomi Pryor from Australia.

I was pretty blown away at the response and final product.


Have you been producing music while over here in the U.K and who with?

Yea for sure, got right to all three outlets, recording vocals, playing out and producing dnb with the fellas.

Started a few projects [DYING STAR w/ [Sense Mc // Tephra // Arkoze // Ray Uptown] as well as GOAT Team Alpha which is [Sense Mc & Ray Uptown]as well as collabs w/ many others that I cant say right now,still creating and getting things lined up for release.



Any forthcoming releases?

Yea, no doubt, lookout for some dnb production with “Crankshaft and Manta” for Uk Breakbeat In May-April 2018 plus a dnb production collab with Grey Code [Dispatch Recordings] that I’m happy to say will be released this year [2018] on Methlab Recordings.

Shouts to everyone involved,I feel great about it all.


As always any special thanks and mentions?

Many thanks to my mother Aery Jean Upton [Rasheedah] for being my biggest fan,I love you very much ma.

Shouts to my brothers Jason and Malcolm back home in Vallejo.Shouts to The Bay to LA to DC and everyone trying to do something positive out there.

Shouts to Goldie,Ant Tc1,Scar,Naomi Pryor,Eleanor Higgins and Metalheadz for having me involved with the Orkyd Project and the legendary label.

Shouts to Thomas Reece,Nick Modern,Lewes Eldridge,Jason Athwal [Intel for Uk Breakbeat],Rob Machete at Respect L.A.,Golden State Drum And Bass,Stamina Sf,Shelter Sf,Dystopia Dnb in Oakland,I Love LA[Apx1 & Crs?],Resonate D.C.,My Hawaii folks,Cree at Spawntaneous Prod.,Dave Bass Windu,Patrick Currier,Elm Imprint,Becka Ward,Adred,Grooverider,Darrell Invaders,Seba,Secret Operations,Robert Manos,Klute,Paul Smith,Total Science, Xtrah, SS,Formation Records,Mainframe Recordings,Rockers 175,Minority Dnb Recordings,Dexta,Diffrent Music,Cecil Ramey,NC-17,Sense Mc[brother],Rhys Tephra,James Arkoze,[lil brobros],Paul Wilkinson & Alex Finney[Finstar] for Studio808 [Watch out for monthly live stream and production/writing courses]

Andy Skopes,Phil Tangent,Wish,Crime.Wav,Cypher,I could go on forever,so many good people in my life to thank.

Thank you Mary-Anne and Jenny,Ben at Drum & Basics and to everyone who has believed in me..

All love-Ray Uptown #DyingStar #GoatTeamAlpha

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