Exclusive Interview & Promo Mix: DNB4LIFE + DJ XTC


What is it?

& Who?

Let’s find out more…

So this year we’ve seen a new adventure happening for you both

What’s it all about?

First of all we would like to say thank you to you guys for taking the time to ask me some questions. It’s our first interview, so we are kind of excited to do this!

Secondly we would like to thank the people that have shown faith from the start, understand what we are all about and are our residents: XTC, Codebreaker, DJ Dutchie, Hijak, Agman Gora and Jesse Writes.

Without these guys we would not have a platform to build on – so we thank you!

DNB4LIFE is something that I (JG) have been thinking about for some time and we felt that this year was the right time to bring it to the forefront and get it out there.

First and foremost we are a promoter of the music we all love, that is where our passion comes from and that is what we will be about.

 The music!

The scene is very healthy at the moment, but we feel we can add something by doing events in areas of the country where the music can be pushed a bit more. Of course we will be heading into London for some events, but we feel now is the time to really push the music all over the UK & Ireland, and even overseas.

Secondly, we think it is important to have the next generation involved as much as we can. So over the next few months you can expect some announcements where we will add some up and coming talent to our brand as residents and give them a platform to build from. We think this is very important to keep the music and the scene moving forward.

Who manages this?

Me, Jasper (JG) and Adam (DJ XTC)

Take us back to the beginning why & how did this all start?

I kind of started it in my head a couple of years ago when I sensed a real positive shift in the scene and started to talking to various people in the industry about doing something like this to see what the reaction was.

Nearly everyone I spoke to felt the same and thought it was a good idea. So it was then really that I started linking up with people, to take advice on how to approach it and come up with ideas on how I want DNB4LIFE to be, ready for it be launched.

There is a long line of people who I need to thank for their support, input, advice and help!

Is there anything that is not fitting the bill for you personally and you’ve decided to take it on yourself to fill that gap?

There is one thing that we have been seeing a lot of on social media – which is something we will be focusing on for the next couple of years – and that is people outside of the usual DnB hotspots, the likes of London, Bristol, Birmingham, Brighton etc. asking for nights local to them.

With the cost of transport and accommodation it can be a rather expensive to travel to one of these locations for one night, so we are going to try to do something about this. It will take a lot of effort (a lot of local councils will need persuading) and time, but we believe we have the network behind us to make it happen.

Another thing which everyone is aware of is that venues are continually closing down, for a variety of reasons. Some of these have supported our scene and have played an integral part in promoters being able to put on events for years.

There are too many to mention, but an example of this is the Silver Bullet in London, who have just this week posted something on their page saying their lease might be bought out by a restaurant chain.

 We would urge all your readers to sign this petition:


 also we ask if everyone can support this campaign


It is vital that these venues stay in existence!

We will be doing what we can to support these venues.


So is there any forthcoming events & any partnerships with other promoters?

Our next event is for the mighty AKO Beatz label in Dublin on the 4th of June where we are collaborating with Jenni Junglist Promotions:

 Then on the 9th of June (If you are in Holland – this is a free event!) our friends over at Mass Productions have invited us to showcase some of our talents in Utrecht. Our resident DJs Dutchie, XTC and MC Agman Gora will be representing us there.

 On the 11th of June we have our first collaboration with a very talented bunch of guys called Deep Knowledge. For this one we have the legend that is Doc Scott coming to Essex hosted by the extremely talented MC Sense. This will be the first of many over the next 12 months so keep your eyes peeled!

 2nd of July we are hosting the Official Outlook Launch for Essex in Chelmsford. W are immensely proud of this line up and we are very proud to be working with a brand like Outlook for the next couple of years.

 The 6th of August we are collaborating with Payback to put on another night for AKO Beatz at PST Club in Birmingham. More details on this to follow but the date and venue are locked down for this!

 The last date which we have confirmed is one that we are already hyped about and that is an AKO Beatz Halloween label party on the 29th of October at Bar 512 in London – Trust us this one is going to be ridiculous!

 Finally, the collaboration we are all very excited about is one we are starting this year with DJ Stretch, head honcho at one of our favourite labels: AKO Beatz. We will be doing multiple promotions for his label all across the UK & Ireland this year and we have some amazing nights planned!

 So this gives our thoughts on collaboration away.We think it is very important to collaborate.

Producers in our industry do it all the time and we think for us it is important to do the same. It keeps things fresh and varied and people always have ideas that you might not have thought of.

 Will these be on a regular basis?

All these events will have a repeat event in the near future and will feature heavily on our schedule for 2017.

I think it is important that we give people something regular to look forward to and bring them fresh and varied line ups across the country and outside of the UK & Ireland as well.



Will this be a worldwide adventure?

As you know we recently had our first ever event over in Malta where we joined forces with MIB Crew (massive thanks to Jahh Roland) under the banner ABC DNB and that was a big success.

The scene is growing over there and the crowd was something to behold.We are already planning our return later this year and have some things planned for next year as well.

As we mentioned earlier we want to take things as far as we can. DnB is a worldwide thing and we want to be part of it. Holland will feature heavily next year (with Jasper being Dutch that sort of makes sense) and we are having conversations with people in various countries, as far as Canada and even Australia for 2017.

What will DNB4LIFE be achieving from this?

There will only be one thing that will benefit from this and that is the music and the people.

 Any final words?

We are here to stay and will give 100% at everything we do.

We thought about saying a special thank you to this person and that person, but we’re too worried we will miss someone out!

So, to all those who have given advice, been there to help with everything and to those that are supporting us – THANK YOU!

You know who you are. And to the rest of you; we’ll see you on the dance floor at a venue near you very soon.

Many Thanks DNB4LIFE

Here’s an exclusive promo mix from DJ XTC

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