Exclusive Interview – Payback Promotions – Birmingham.

Please introduce yourself.

Hey big upz all the Drum + Basics ladies.hope all is bless.

I’m Andy Stringer founder and owner of Payback Promotions Artist Management Agency supplying established and fresh up and coming Jungle/Dnb/Oldskool and Reggae artists to events and festivals worldwide.
We also run Payback Events at Club Pst in Birmingham alongside the one they call my partner in crime the sheriff Kurt Kelly.

Payback promotions is a family affair many Djs/Producers contribute to the events in Birmingham.

Do you feel that the events will continue in Birmingham or expand into different towns and cities?

For real we at Payback have many artists repping us and contributing to our events not just from Birmingham but from all over the Uk and even internationally..

Our home for events is in Birmingham but we are always looking at opportunities to take the Payback brand and showcasing the artists on the agency and expand into other towns and cities in the Uk whether its hosting a stage at festivals to hosting a room at events Payback always brings the vibes ..

How have you as a  promoter/manager managed to keep residency at Club PST all these years?

We first started doing events in 2010 at various venues like Suki 10c and Plug in Birmingham then we came across Club Pst (PEOPLE STAND TOGETHER) in late 2010 and fell in love with the place,at the time the venue was undergoing refurbishment so we did the odd event there and at the other venues until the works was complete then we started using Pst for our events and not looked back since .

Club Pst is probs one of the best underground venues in the Uk the owners Specta,Pecka,Jake and all the crew are always so welcoming a proper family affair and the venue is so intimate and the vibes are always electric with good food,cheap drinks and of course quality events everyone who visits Pst always leaves with a smile on their face.

We are blessed to be involved with Club Pst and look forward to putting on events there in the future.


Do you feel that Birmingham is mainly dominated by Jungle & Jump up or has a mixture of line ups (sub genres)?

Birmingham is a very diverse city especially when it comes to underground events and music.

I would agree that Birmingham is dominated by Jump Up/Dnb nights but we at Payback and a couple like-minded promoters started to bring Jungle events back to Birmingham with a massive success and will continue to push it through our events for years to come.

Would you go out of your comfort zone on a line up or do you keep it to your personal style you enjoy and do you take on board what D&B heads request?

Yeah we have done Oldskool,Dnb and even Reggae as well as Jungle events in the past but the last few years has been all about the Nuskool Jungle.

We try to keep it with as much Jungle on the lineups as possible as there are enough Dnb/Jump Up events already in Birmingham gives peeps more choice.

Do you get overwhelmed by the events that you host?

Always lol, if you see me with a tear in my eye you know why!

I love it when a plan comes together and the smiles and reactions on people’s faces all having a good time makes me tick all about the good vibes trust.

Are you noticing the younger generation attending your events & their ears are being educated?

Yes, the younger generation are attending our events more and more and they are definitely getting educated.

We work alongside Kiran Bangerh (DUBGASM) and Huw (Dubsoc) who work alongside like-minded students in the midlands universities spreading the jungle and Dnb vibes after all they are the future and key to keeping the underground scene alive for generations to come same in places like Leeds,Manchester and Bristol the younger generation are attending more and more events.

What’s lined up for the rest of the year & into 2018?

Incoming for the rest of the year and into 2018 from Payback …



28/10 – JUNGLE JAM – MANCHESTER (co hosting room 2 with Bloc2bloc)





We also do a PAYBACK LIVE RADIO session once a month which is open to the public on a Sunday 4pm-10pm live from Club Pst.

Showcasing Payback artists and guests and a Payback boat party is also planned for 2018 follow Payback Promotions on FB for news on all forthcoming Payback events and to book any of the Payback artists for events/festivals check out the website for more info >>

Any final words?

I would like to thank Mary-Anne Hood and Jenny Jo at Drum+Basics  for the interview opportunity,big love!

Also shouts to all the artists repping Payback and all the artists who have played for us over the years big upz Kurt & Amanda,Specta,Pecka,Jake and all the Pst crew,Matthew Blick(flyers).

Aries,Chopstick Dubplate,Cheshire Cat,Kjah,Jungle Citizenz,Cautious,Rizzla,Ras Demo,Mono Paul & Paul Reynolds (sound).

Glenn Aston Jaytee,Jella,Patrick,Dimpz, Adi (GammaFunkula) the Manchester crew,Bloc2bloc,Kiz (DUBGASM) Huw (Dubsoc) all the Jungle Jam family all the Raiders of the Oldskool crew also shouts going out to Tenor Fly gone but never forgotten King.

Shouts to everyone working their ass off behind the scenes at Payback and lastly massive shouts to all the promoters booking Payback artists and each and every raver who come out and support our events without you all,none of this would be possible.

Many thanks,
Andy Stringer from Payback Promotions.

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