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Based in Brighton,Lifestyle Music  is always on the look out for fresh talent & expanding their fan base.

Back in the day they hosted numerous D&B events at Cable & Crucifix Lane.

Label artists are local UK DJ’s/Producers Catharsis, Kreed, A.S.K & Despicable Youth alongside international acts such as Australian Lockjaw, Italian trio Jazzatron, Italian KELA & Russian Majestics.

Label owner is Catharsis & provides regular podcasts alongside guests.

 M_A had a chat with Catharsis.

So 5 years running Lifestyle Music.

Do you see yourself pushing forward for another 5 years or so?

Yes, I certainly don’t see us giving up!

As a label we have been through one heck of a journey and it would be silly to not continue with what we are doing, besides all the bigger labels are hitting 20 year plus benchmarks and are fully established, looking at where they were into their first 5 years gives me confidence.

Naturally it is about the music you release and the impact it has on the Drum and Bass scene, I feel all labels play their part in bringing new music and artists into Drum and Bass but the reason some never get as well known is that they stop releasing music.

It’s a waiting game, a rite of passage. We have continued to grow to this point so as long as we keep doing what we’re doing, then I’m sure it will lead to greater success.

The last 5 years have been a wonderful but tough journey, but also full of very passionate and interesting people. I’d like to thank everyone who has been involved so far and I hope that we have helped each other to grow into what I believe to be one of the toughest niche industries in modern music.

Aside to this we really enjoy encouraging new talent, we have seen so many artists go through leaps and bounds in the last 5 years and this is why we rebooted our remix competition and will continue to run it every year.

Reaching our fifth year is a great milestone and it has been enhanced by the labels re-brand, we have taken on a fair few fresh faces who have made a drastic improvement to the look and feel of the record label, although we love upcoming artists we are looking to gain grounding within our specific sound and artist roster for the time being.

Would you say that running a record label is a highly stressful career?

Haha, this is a great question.

Yes, probably one of the hardest but best decisions I have ever made, I do really enjoy it at the same time as it being very stressful. It could have gone smoother since we started the label and if I could go back and start again I would have done it completely differently but your learn your lessons the hard way most of the time.

One of the most stressful things we’ve had as a label, was when one of our distributors went into liquidation, once they liquidated they destroyed an awful lot of our vinyl record stock and since then we have stayed as a digital only label.

This was a pretty hard hit to take and it has taken us a while to get back up on our feet.

lifestyle type white50th release is dropping soon.
Who’s the Artist & when’s the official release date?

Yes it is, 5 years and 50 releases! That’s almost one release a month. This is set for release on Monday 25th May. We have a good range of artists on this release, featuring 10 artists in total. This compilation LP is to establish our grounding for 2015 and the artists that we plan to work closely with moving forward.

The LP is kicked off by one of the Italian artists KELA who has had two of his tracks featured in the release. KELA has just had his ‘Strage EP’ released on Lifestyle Music and we feel he has shown that he has a very strong and consistent sound.

A.S.K from Birmingham is one of our UK artists on the 50th release and joined us around the time of our last LP ‘Warp Speed’ since then A.S.K has joined the Lifestyle ranks for the foreseeable future.

Lockjaw is a fantastic producer, growing quickly as an artist and has a strong focus in this release, we have re-released his track ‘Idol’ from last year alongside his latest masterpeice ‘Mirror Image’ which really compliments the LP, this is also backed up with the winner from the Idol remix competition ‘Sensus’ from Canada who really turned the track into something else.

The Italian stallions Jazzatron have been a Lifestyle artist for some time now and most definitely deserve a place on the LP, we look forward to working with these two continually.

To add to the bunch I decided to put one of my own into the mix too, I hope you like it!

New artists to the label include Bristol based wonder-duo Despicable Youth who have agreed to work with us over the next year to bring you more of this sound, Taelimb from London who is a steadily growing artists with a fantastic sound and Instinkt the Berlin based duo who were originally operating under Rune & Kaiza who bring a darker element to the release, another duo who have promised to release with Lifestyle over the next few years.

To finish off the LP we have SubCorp. a duo from the Czech Republic.


11011290_10153353508794379_2207471471614546351_nWill you be celebrating with any special event?

We have recently established ourselves in the Brighton area and we look to celebrate the launch of this incredible 5 year milestone at Komedia on Saturday 9th May. We are joined by the mighty Gamma, a solo artist who’s also an original member of ‘Spinline’, having releases everywhere from the likes of Dispatch to Ram and Demand to Shogun Audio; we’re really excited to have him down and see what he’s got for us! Alongside that we will be greeted by Artifact, a very strong new DJ and producer on the scene at the moment with an interesting Neurofunk touch to his music and sets.

Nerv, one of Lifestyle’s own will be kicking the night off, followed by Piper, who’s been co-hosting the podcast’s recently and also operates Capital Drum & Bass on YouTube, as well as Lifestyle resident Trixx and myself Catharsis to end the evening.

Only £5 all night and we have been running competitions for people to receive a medley of vinyl and merchandise, along with 2 guest list spots and a £40 bar tab, so get involved if you can. It’s going to be a lot of fun.


What are your main goals for the rest of 2015?

For me personally it is to get back into production, over the last few years I haven’t spent enough time composing as I’ve spent a lot of time getting my feet on the ground, working on expanding the label and spending time increasing awareness around our artists roster. So it’s worth keeping an eye out for an EP or single coming from Catharsis!

From the perspective of the label, we are looking to increase knowledge of the Lifestyle sound, establish a strong following for our events in Brighton and London and to continue to deliver exclusive content through our Podcast series and MixCast series. We aim to bring attention to what we feel to be a strong artist roster over the coming years and focus on a Liquid and Neurofunk fusion. It would be any labels wish to stand out as unique but this is every labels long-term goal, you need to have the Midas Touch in this game to really make your mark and I think that we have it. I hope that people see what is unique about Lifestyle and our artists and to help to support and progress the label into the next chapter.

Many Thanks,

Lifestyle Music

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