Exclusive interview: Kalm & Spindall

Kalm and Spindall sat down with us to discuss their new release and the hard work behind it…

SleeveHello Kalm and Spindall! Thank you for answering our questions.

Spindall: Hi guys cheers for having us.

Kalm: EZ

Let’s start from the beginning. How did you two end up working together and producing this EP?

Spindall: Kalm and I are good friends and have worked together since around 2009 having met on rude FM a few years before. When we started the label it was always a plan to do an EP together for it.

What’s with your artist names?

Spindall: haha I’ve had mine since I was 13, I’m not even sure how I came up with it. I thought it sounded good at the time and 20 years later, here I am still using it !

Kalm: I was so excited about D&B as a youngster, everyone (inc. some fairly well know dnb artist’s) at the time kept on saying “Calm Down” cos i was always asking about the titles of dubs etc .. It just seemed logical one day.

Very exciting release! What can you tell us about Cataclysm EP?

APPS PHOTOGRAPHYSpindall: thank you! It’s the result of a lot of hours and hard work, and we feel it’s a very 360 display of what the labels about there’s something on there for everybody who likes the deeper end of the genre. There’s a roller, a dark side minimal aspect aswell as liquid & upfront minimal elements. I’m proud to be part of it.

Kalm: Very pleased with how the whole ‘Cataclysm ep’ has come together we just did tunes for fun, then one day we looked up and saw it had become a full grown ep.. which was great.

My favourite tune is definitely Destiny – really feeling that one! All tracks are quite different from each other in a sense, did you have a theme or are they all separate?

Spindall: thanks again. There wasn’t theme as such we just wanted to make something solid & lasting. The tracks were all wrote at different times and stages so we was on different vibes each time we sat down, guess that’s why it’s so diverse.

Kalm: Yes agreed, I think it does cover all sorts of dnb angles, and as Spindall said on different days we felt like getting on something distinctly one style etc, so it was purely organic how we reached the final tracklist, but in a way it feels like it came out better than if we had contrived the same idea prior.

Talk us through the process behind the EP!

Spindall: normally when we sit down to work on a Track we get an idea going from say a sample or idea for the track then take it from there, it’s all about creating the right vibe.

11178383_10152842484678596_2084727625_nKalm: Every process is unique for a start, so making tunes with Craig is very different from doing tunes on my own, or with my Kolectiv bro’s …  and same goes for all other collab’s i do, with all other people. For these tracks and working with Craig, it was a case of: I know Craig’s DJ style so i made things that represent the common ground we have in taste that would also fit in both our sets, and with Craig letting me know when we were getting closer I think it worked well as a system for this ep, but as I said: its always different depending on the crew!

Do you share a studio or is everything made online? What equipment do you use?

Spindall: the EP was actually written at 3 different locations, it was a project that lasted over a 2 year period and Sam actually moved house in that time. All written on the same equipment which belongs to Sam. The project started in Manor House and was finished in letchworth!

Kalm: a mac with Logic, monitors, few handy plug ins, nothing fancy really.

You both are DJs as well, does this mean that we will see you both behind the decks as a back2back anytime soon?

Spindall: We’ve actually done many b2bs at our event over the past 3 years aswell as on RudeFM. The recordings can be found on my soundcloud as well as the Nurtured Beatz soundcloud. There will be more, no doubt!

What’s next for you guys?

Spindall: Firstly getting the EP out to the masses! Then this summer we are teaming up with Proximity recordings for the 2nd time this year and taking the event to Bristol. In terms on the label there’s exciting projects and eps coming out from C-Side, Mystic State & more as well as some top secret remix projects from the likes of Kolectiv, fearful, Tephra & Arkoze + others.

Kalm: Plenty of exciting events and material on the way, so no snoozing…

Any famous last words…?

Spindall: Please keep supporting the label and coming to the events.

Kalm: Wanted to say thanks for the support to our genuine friends that really have been on our side massive love and respect to y’all. Please come find us we have a bandcamp store with bonus and free material, Give it try you might find its better than the bigger flashier “names” but without the cheese, spam and ego-overloading hype machine style; bigger band marketing fakery. SUPPORT THE GRASS ROOTS UNDERGROUND LABELS! (not just the ones who have loads of cash it doesn’t mean they love dnb more or are better! just cos they have had loads cash since day one) we still get about exactly nothing from this, AND take a lot of knocks cos we dont have all the same expensive stuff as everyone else, but stay ahead day by day working on the “art form”, I guess we’ll have to keep on using our imagination :) … the only REAL way.

Spindall: thank u and big ups

Thank you guys!

Get the album from Bandcamp and follow Nurtured Beatz on FACEBOOK + TWITTER.

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