Exclusive Interview & Guest Mix: ‘ Ricky Force ‘

Drum+Basics first exclusive interview & a guest mix of 2017 comes from Ricky Force.

Ricky originates from Dublin, Ireland.


Director of Pressin’ Hard Records.

Has had many previous releases on Skeleton Records, Mac 2, Flex & obviously not forgetting Reinforced.


This year we have already seen Ricky nominated for the Jungle Awards.

A lot more is forthcoming for Ricky, so lets find out more!


1999 You became part of the Bassbin Crew in Dublin playing on pirate radio.

 How did you get onto playing pirate radio stations?

I began Djing properly in 1999 however I didn’t start playing with Bassbin until I had a few nervous sessions on Power Fm with Don Rosco.

Power Fm was a truly great station with such a great spectrum of music..

 Did the regular slot on pirate station help you gain residency at events?

Yes, it did both on Power FM and Raidio Na Life,however there wasn’t that many decent events about.

Bassbin were at the top so I was happy enough to have a regular slot there.

After that you began running your own events many years back, alongside like minded friends.
Whats your view on the whole promotion game?

The people I ran the events with were somewhat like-minded at the time but that all changed as time went on.

Events became quite difficult and taxing on the pocket.

Let alone the cold nights handing out flyers to drunken ravers..!

We would book artists from overseas and lose lots of money sometimes,empty rooms were frequent.

Saying that we had many serious nights..

One of the best events I attended was one of our own parties with Randall, Kenny Ken and Criminal K,it was incredible, all worth it for those ones..

It takes a certain person to promote and do a great job at it, I have the utmost respect for them as they are essentially the door for people to access the music.

Would you start running an independent event again?

No, definitely not in Dublin.

 I don’t  have the time to invest in what’s necessary but also the scene is somewhat divided and different here now, the same age-long rules of respect don’t apply anymore.

There are lots of established artists living here from the likes of my good friend Beta 2 (Metalheadz), Mecca + Code (Subtle Audio), Jet Li (Phase 2), Genetix (Basic), Calibre (Signature) to name just a few.

They don’t get booked here, be it at clubs or festivals and if they do it’s extremely rare, including myself.

That attitude puts me off the scene here and has done for many years.

It’s definitely an unfortunate one as there is so much talent here.

There is really only one or two decent promoters, one being Jenni,she has a good eye for booking quality acts as she has passion for the music.


 2005 is when the production started.

Why wait so long to start producing music?

Being the worlds best procrastinator, had a part I think.. I wanted to make tunes for years,I knew exactly what I wanted but took me a while to get into it.

Thankfully I had people like Elmo, Naphta and Beta 2 of Bassbin to guide me,starting on their hardware, then on to software.

I have so much respect for those guys,I was very lucky to have them around.

Big up!

What was your first release?

My first release was digital on Exegene recordings.

The Aerial EP.

Cube from Subvert central (the place where I could nerd out before social media) was the man behind it.

Any past & present influences within music?

My influences come from everywhere.. Not really within music..

I’m quite a nostalgic person (surprise). I get influenced by my surroundings and the seasons also obviously relationships, like any musician I guess.

I’ve just had the most difficult heartbreaking 3 years of my life.

Wasn’t able to write anything for a long time.. That influences me about 80% if I’m honest.

Soon you’ll be visiting the South of England for Brighton loves Jungle showcasing Dj Stretch record label AKO BEATZ..

Yes! Brighton Loves Jungle, I can’t wait to play there again.

Last time I played there was 2013,such a killer night.

This time along side legends.. FBD Project and DJ Stretch.

 More info here.. https://www.residentadvisor.net/event.aspx?917994


Have you any forthcoming releases on AKO BEATZ?

I have a new 12″ on AKO coming in the next couple of weeks. Pre orders have gone live

! I also have a track which features Mecca that may make an appearance on AKO soon.

Noticed you will be heading out to the USA.
Will you be touring anywhere else this year?

Yes, I’ve just returned from a tour in the US Oct – Dec ’16.

This year I will hopefully be returning for 2 more,provided that idiot in charge over there gives me the okay!

I have a few other events lined up this year, Dublin, Galway, Leeds, Bangface and Boomtown so far.

Possibly Australia too.


Any other achievements you wish to accomplish this year?

A couple!

I’m planning to get into some serious sound design work this year,I also want to take up Aikido and get a license to train dogs.

Final words?

I want to thank Reinforced, Flex and AKO for getting me on board,It means a lot to me.

Randall, L Double, Stretch, Remarc, Equinox and Marc Mac, props to you guys.

Finally to everyone who had the patience for my music over the last few years.

A lot more coming your way!

Check out Ricky Force Exclusive Guest mix for Drum+Basics.


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