Exclusive Interview & Guest Mix: Olski


Olle Hagström / Olski Dj/Producer from Stockholm Sweden has recently released a great track alongside Blaztiks.


Not much is known about Olski so Drum+Basics asked him a few Qs.

Hey Olski, 
For many years you have been producing.
How come recently we seem to be hearing your production being released & not all them years ago?

When I stopped working with SKV18 I was really self conscious about my mixdowns. I was just never happy but some of my friends kind of ended up forcing me to send some tunes to labels.

Soul deep was the first label that released my tunes and that got the ball rolling. As a producer I think it’s good to take the time to develop and make stuff that you are 100% happy with before trying to get signed.

Tell us about your present release…

It’s a collaboration single between me and another swede, Blaztiks. He had sent a batch of impressing tunes to a friend of mine via aim (bigup 2-stars). My friend suggested that me and Blaztiks should work together so I got in touch with him and we started working instantly.

We ended up with 4-5 solid ideas for tunes and finished the ones we thought was best and I sent them to Alex (Facing Jinx) who signed them to Peer Pressure.

I’m very happy with the outcome and I think our styles mix very well together.

12745654_976096802469439_4227574707066582739_nHow many more releases can we expect over the year?

You can expect an EP from me on Peer Pressure aswell as a single on Ronin Audio.

Hopefully one more single but that’s not scheduled yet. Other than that I’m also working on a Hip Hop project with two other guys that will be releasing an EP some time this year.

Do you prefer working alone or doing collabs?

The way I do collabs is mostly by sending projects back and forth with producers that are situated somewhere else.

So even if I do collabs I work alone for most of the time. If I have a solid idea of what I want a tune to sound like from beginning to end I prefer doing that alone but sometimes it’s really refreshing when someone else have a great idea so that you can focus on just making that idea into its full potential.

Drums,details or small x-factoresque quirks for instance.

What’s your studio set up & where?

I mostly make music at home and have this kind of old very small and basic setup. Midi keyboard,access virus,a Technics sl 1210, some weird mics etc.

I have great monitors but prefer to use headphones (senheiser hd-25) because my apartment isn’t acoustically treated and I know them very well sonically.

I also love working with field recordings and try to do recording sessions in the city when I have the time. When it comes to software I prefer Logic 9 but also have Logic x and Reason installed.

1459717_553365208075936_90546286_nWhat is influencing you to produce music & who are your top producers within Drum & Bass?

From an emotional point of view it’s everyday life, grey weather and big concrete housing. Usually I will start a tune with a quick drumloop and then add some sample that I chop and tweak and build a track around that.

So it can be anything from Jazz and World music (hate that term though) to Old School Hardcore/Rave.

My top producers within the scene vary from time to time but obviously Calibre, Breakage and D-bridge have all had a special place in my heart for many years.

What will you be providing the listeners for the rest of 2016?

2016 is the year that I will showcase the darker and slightly rougher side of my sound. I had a period last year when I mostly did darker rollers so a lot of these tunes will surface this year.

On the other side of the spectrum I’m currently working with Facing Jinx on some harmonic and more mellow tunes. Really excited about that.

My EP will be a sort of homeage to the labels and producers that have inspired me through out the years.

My interpretation of the vibes that drew me in to the scene to begin with.

Any final words?

If you like my music follow me on social media for the lastest updates
facebook: https://www.facebook.com/olskidnb/
instagram: olski_official

Carrier/The promise is out now on Peer Pressure Records.

Available in all major online music stores.
Big up to everyone that is supporting my music!

Here’s the Exclusive guest mix for Drum+Basics from Olski

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