Exclusive Interview & Guest Mix: Missin’Link.


Missin’Link from Shrewsbury,Shropshire will be hitting London @ True Romance event presents Official Re-Launch of FLEX Records this February..


Missin’Link has been producing for many years but never thought that he was capable of having a release until last year with releases on Reformed & Flex.


Now he’s determined to keep the releases rolling.


Let’s find out more…


Hey Missin’Link,

I’ve known you for many years and have sat in your old studio & had the pleasure of hearing your tunes in progress.

Dillinja vibes!


How come back then you never sent those tunes to record labels to gain interest & feedback?

I guess I was never satisfied with the tunes I was writing – for me it was more about learning the craft.

I must of wrote hundreds of tunes too, most are still on hard disk somewhere.

Also 10-15 years ago sending demo’s was a little more complicated, there was no Soundcloud or Facebook – I remember being introduced to MySpace and thinking wow!

The only track I ever did send out was a “Back2you” remix of 4Hero’s Mr Kirks Nightmare – I think I came runner up.


Things changed for me in the years after my eldest daughter was born so producing and Dj’ing were pushed to the background.

& have you still got your music from many years ago to share with us all?

I still have tracks from 2003 on my hard disk, i will certainly bring some of them back to life.

Theres some great ideas amongst them but at the time i didn’t have the ability or the technology to finish the ideas off.

Things have changed dramatically since, I recently found a box of old Akai and Atari floppy disks from around 98-99 in my Attic.

 Last year you have had releases on Flex & at present you’ve been pushing your music more.

What do you wish to achieve this year?

Last year saw the release of two tracks on Reformed plus the “Substance EP” on Flex so I definitely want to continue writing and releasing more music, I’ve got my workflow nailed now plus a lot of inspiration.

Again I’ve got another little addition to my family so finding a work/life balance is priority but I’m determined not to let it affect my music as much this time, having a few releases behind me has definitely given me more motivation.

I’d also like to get a few more Dj bookings this year, playing out seems to ignite a fire for me which in turn reflects in the music I write.


So Flex is doing a one off event..

Tell us some more about the event & what we can expect from you on the night?

So yeah, legendary Flex records is back!

To celebrate we’re hosting a re-launch party alongside True Romance.

The main man himself L Double is headlining along with Randall and JJ Frost. We have a lot of fresh Flex artists on the line-up too and even a live PA with DBO General performing “Arsonist” – It’s going to be an awesome party to celebrate the return of one of the scenes pioneering labels.

You can catch me playing an early set, I have a few dubs I want to test on the night so get your backsides down to the Qube project in London Feb 19th.

Have you any production at present which includes other producers,vocalists?

Of course the “Because of you” track on the EP features the voice of Drum+Basic’s own MaryAnne.
Currently nothing solid, although I’ve had a lot of interest from other artists.

I’d like to get some work done with other Flex artists like Motiv, L Double and of course our mutual friend CPH.

I’m currently in talks with a good vocalist too, which I’m really looking forward to.

I’ve still got a lot of work in the pipeline to get through first for releases on Reformed as well as an exciting remix of a classic Flex track.


Why did you start your weekly radio show on GlobalDnB?

Mainly to keep the ball rolling after the birth of my youngest daughter, I’ve had to turn down release offers due to time constraints but I didn’t want the trail to go cold.

I thought a good way to keep promoting my music was to play weekly on the radio, the opportunity came up so I grabbed it,globaldnb.com is a great station too, I’ve had lots of support from DJ’s like Charks, nJam and DJ Funk.

The show also offers opportunity to other DJ’s – the idea with the “Link’Up Show” is that I offer I guest slot each week to another DJ and they share the spotlight.

Can you see yourself continuing with music production in 10 years time?

Always, yes.

When can we expect your next release?

I’ve been working on a few tracks for a liquid compilation on Reformed which is due out end of Feb so keep your eyes out for that, plus lots of stuff lined up for Flex and other labels, this is going to be a busy year for me.

Any final words?

I would like to say a massive thank you to Jason Influential and to Chris CPH for kicking me back into production despite me having so much else going on.

Shout to all the DJ’s at Global, all the artists at Flex, a huge thanks to Mark Vyper at Reformed and last but no means least – Josh and Lee at Flex for believing in me.

Don’t forget to lock in to globaldnb.com Saturdays 6-8pm and check my Soundcloud page for exclusives and free downloads, hopefully we’ll see you at the Flex re-launch party 19th Feb.

Many Thanks Missin’Link for answering my Q’s & providing a mix.



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