Exclusive Interview & Guest Mix: IRIS.

Karen and Leigh

Iris is a female D&B Dj/producer from Seattle U.S.A.


Iris began listening to electronic music at the young age of 12.


Her musical interests started with UK Hard House,Trance and finally focused on Drum and Bass.


Iris produces D&B alongside her husband Quadrant & they both Dj in various countries together.


With her high production skills alongside Quadrant/Kid Hops they have had releases on Metalheadz,Hospital,CIA,Dispatch,Commercial Suicide plus many more.


Hey Iris,

You were listening to many different genres of music before you focused on D&B, How did you make your decision on producing D&B?

Oh boy, I went through quite a lot of genres before I think i really fully appreciated DnB.

I’ve been listening to electronic music since I was about 12, but when I started DJing I was pretty heavily into Trance and UK Hard House.

From there I moved more into techno and tech house before discovering Pendulum, at that point I fully launched into listening to and playing DnB.

Leigh (Quadrant) is really the one that got me into producing DnB. It was about a year or so after we’d got married and he kept pestering me to come join him in the studio.

It had always been something I’d dabbled in and I had a lot of ideas about so I figured I’d go for it.

 Is it your main focus or do produce other genres?

DnB is definitely the main genre, but we dabble in others here and there.

Not as much as I would like since Leigh and I don’t work that fast and we really like keeping the main focus on DnB.

We did have a tune come out for free awhile back that’s a 2-step and jackin house remix of the tune Pulse feat. Key by Heavy1.

This was a tune we did with Kyle (Kid Hops) and thought it would be fun to release under the moniker All Crew.

How do you find working alongside your partner,surely you must disagree?

We definitely disagree on occasion, our Metalheadz release, Anthropocene would have had a very different bassline if we hadn’t had an argument about it during the writing process.

That being said we have a lot of similar ideas so our opinions about where a tune should go don’t tend to become serious arguments.

 U.K D&B events whats your opinion on them?

All the events I’ve been to in the UK have been amazing experiences.

They are typically comprised of a wish list of my must see artists from start to finish so you really can’t go wrong there.

Watching Ant TC1 and Fierce go back to back in an all vinyl Dispatch vs. Quarantine set will definitely go down as one of my all time favorite sets.

Aside from that from the handful of events we’ve been to the UK has a great scene and one we’ve met some amazing people through.

540242_610795872273861_278862063_nDo the U.S.A provide better events?

It’s really hard to compare the US to the UK.

Since DnB was developed in the UK and the country is a lot smaller than the US you kind of end up with a tighter knit group.

A lot of the big players in the genre and the people who helped make it what it is live in the UK so that really shapes the events.

Its so much more accessible to people to get into and come out and listen.

In the US we’re very spread out so the events will really vary from state to state and city to city.

Seattle has a great scene and we bring a lot of DnB through the city, but I rarely see the turnout for the events here that I have in the UK.

What’s your most memorable event where you’ve played or been a raver?

This one is hard, I’m probably going to have to go with Sun and Bass though.

We met so many amazing people and saw so many amazing sets.

It was a great week from start to finish. Getting to play at it on top of all that was even better.

I witnessed you DJ in Brixton for Dispatch Recordings night along time a go & it was just a ridiculously good set!

Thanks! We had so much fun that night!

Will you be returning to the U.K soon?

I’m not sure we’ll make it out this year, but we’re definitely hoping to make another trip to Sun and Bass if at all possible.

Leigh will be in London for a short trip next month to play at the Renegade Hardware final show.

We’ll see how the year progresses though!

I’d like to make getting over to the EU at least a yearly thing.

Any forthcoming releases 2016?

We’ve made lots of promises to people for tunes that we haven’t yet completed so stuff will be coming soon!

Next month we have an EP coming out on Vandal Records and there will be another amazing release that’s quick to follow that I cannot announce yet.

That’s all that’s been set in stone at this point, but the year is early so many more releases to come!

Final Words…

Believe it or not this is always the hardest part of an interview…final words…

Thanks to everyone who’s supported our music thus far and special thanks to all the amazing producers out there who have provided us with such amazing music to play!

Hope you all enjoy the mix!

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