Exclusive Interview & Guest mix: 2nd Base.

2nd Base.

Two males

( Phuture Dee & K-I )

Have joined forces.

They both have numerous amounts of personal experience within D&B.

Fresh talent coming your way as a duo.

As you know Drum+Basics like to know more.

Here’s a quick interview.


You two have been into D&B for quite some time now,there must have been a huge impact on you from various producers.
Who inspired you & how did you both come together?

P-DEEWell back many years about 16 years ago I was actually friends with K-I father who was DJ at the time & that’s how we were introduced back in 1988.

There was huge impacts on us both from a huge collection of tunes on record labels such as Hospital,Ram & Renegade to name a few, obviously I’m a lot older than K-I but from the help of being a friend of his father we got to know each other and this was how we were formed and began our friendship and share the passion we have for the music D&B & we both have the same taste in all the different styles well i think we have….

Question for P-Dee – So when you were a DJ back all those years ago & still are, were you playing out at events or was it on a radio station?

I was Djing on a pirate radio station called WAX FM 102.4. I throughly enjoyed playing on that station and the vibes were great.

Now to this present day you have continued playing out on radio stations,tell us some more..

So yeh me and K-I DJ on Emergency FM 3 shows a week.


Tuesday 8pm-10pm……….Fridays 4pm-6pm……….Saturday 4pm-6pm.

 It’s the full spectrum really we don’t pigeon hole music we try to provide it all.
We do a lot of soul-searching with the music we play, yeh we like the deeper minimal sound & we like the liquid vibes one thing i dislike is jump up.

K-I I’m the one who provides the jump up,if that’s what he dislikes it doesn’t matter really along as we both play what we love and keep it well varied we are happy.


Do you think there are certain producers or various styles that are under-rated at present?

P-DEEWe do think that liquid is so under-rated, hence why we play it as much as possible in our mixes.

We feel that certain producers or styles come into an age bracket..

The older you are,you become more mature with what you listen too and really we have noticed same with events in the U.K too.

Like a few weeks back we attended Redditch Sublime events, everyone was a lot older & knew a lot about the producers playing sets that night & had a really underground vibe and everyone appreciated the music a lot more.


Anyway let’s get into the production side of things.
You’ve recently teamed up together.
Who does what in the studio?

P-DEEWell production is not fairly new with K-I, he has been producing for a while now & has various projects on the go but Djing on the radio was the first call.

  I felt that I shown a big interest in wanting to learn production but i do sit there and wonder how everything can be done so well from K-I.

I mainly give the ideas & then K-1 structures it well together.
I’ve got to give him a lot of credit for showing me and helping me gain more interest.

K-IA lot of people look at production tools and it seems all alien to them but with myself it one big interest,i currently use Ableton, various Vsts & Sausage Fat.
Sounds funny but its a great production tool.

So will this mean we can hear some forthcoming material from you both?

P-DEEWell everything is still in the pipeline but K-I has a numerous amount forthcoming.

K-II have something forthcoming on Soul Trader Records.

 ” Progression moving forward. ” 

There’s been various remixes of my tunes from Duo Science & Voltage.
I’m currently working on a project with Bcee, all mainly solo projects at present.


So when we were doing the official Skype interview my daughter popped her head in & asked both of you a good question.
What advice would you give to all those teenagers out there wanting to start in the music industry?

K-IThe most valid point would be, buy some Technics ha ha.

P-DEEBe yourself don’t follow the crowd,create your own personality.

K-IAlso its important that you don’t follow these kids who use the sync button so learn how to beat match.

P- DEE – Be original & push the boundaries too.

So you’ve probably noticed we’ve had our summer already this year but what have you both got planned for the rest of the year?

K-I – Well 29th July there’s a 3 track ep from myself on MWS digital a new founded label also got to sort something out for Ray Keith so mainly in studio.

BOTH – We would love to be booked to DJ out this year so yeh hopefully someone shows interest in what we do.

P-DEE – I’m heading back to Redditch Sublime for Back 2 The Future, we will just be getting our heads down and keeping ourselves occupied with the music.

Any tunes that help you through the summer?

P-DEE – For me too many but all we got to say is  ” CALIBRE ” – Godfather of DnB!

Of course any final words?

P-DEE – Thank you so much we are very humbled to be asked to do this means a lot.

We love to entertain and appreciate for you taking time out to do this,thanks to my Mum and Dad all the family really for the support also ALB.

There’s so many to thank but we like to say thanks for giving us the music Basic Forces & Scenic & Advisory for hosting Sublime nights.

Reform Records also Canadian lot Dj L + Lady J for the support.

K-I – Big love to all the labels, Run Audio,Good News Boppers.

Emergency FM.

Stamina & TK Wax FM.


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