Exclusive Interview: Collette Warren

Collette Warren a young female vocalist originally from Birmingham has featured on numerous previous releases from producers like

 FD,Philth,Skeptical etc.


Collette has been making moves within D&B for some time and will be continuing to do so through 2017.


Here’s a quick Q & A with Collette.


Your originally from Birmingham but chose to move to London to gain a career within music.
Surely that was a big decision to make & do you feel that is has all worked out well?

Yes definitely!

I love Birmingham and it will always be my home, but I just felt like London had more opportunities and the drum & bass scene is so strong there with so many different club nights that I could network in, I had to do it!

I wasn’t doing any music when I was living in Birmingham, just raving every weekend, so one day my best friend Zoe and I, after talking about it for years, just made the move and it was the best thing I ever did!

If I didn’t move to London I don’t know what I’d be doing now.

The opportunities came and I grabbed them and was lucky enough to follow my dreams!

So yes, it did all work out well, I’ve actually moved to Bristol now which is also an amazing place for music and full of opportunities.

You were scouted by MC TALI & were one of her backing singers.
Do you still have contact and do backing vocals for her & the jazz band?

Well unfortunately Tali moved back to her beloved country New Zealand a few years ago but thankfully we got an amazing friendship out of it and we are still in contact  but no more backing vocals for her & the jazz band.

I’ve actually started my own band since moving to Bristol which is something I have wanted to do for years & years, so I’m really happy I have finally done it.

We will be doing live versions of a lot of my drum & bass tracks, not all of them are drum & bass versions but the music we do is a mixture of d&b, soul, funk, acoustic and together as a band, we are also writing our own stuff too.

You have performed in some iconic venues.
Have those venues helped you gain more confidence?


Every gig and every venue I perform at just helps me gain more & more confidence but you can never let yourself get too confident because it takes the beauty away from it.

I always get nervous before a gig and always will!

It’s a mixture of nerves & excitement, it all adds to the adrenalin and makes you perform better!

Where’s the best country/venue you have performed in?

There are so many but I’d have to say when I performed in Brazil, for Marky & Friends at a venue called Audio Club!

It was such a dream come true to get to perform in Brazil and the gig was amazing!

It was the first time at a gig that I felt like the people there, were there to see me, as well as the other artists and it was a nice feeling!

The fans in Brazil are the best in the world and I really hope I get to go back!!

How did you become a solo artist?

It was a natural process really.

I didn’t have much confidence before Tali believed in me and I became her backing singer, and my confidence grew & grew until I was ready to be at the forefront.

I always wanted to be a D&B vocalist, so I was just waiting for the right opportunity.

It was actually when I sang at my friend Keira & Tim’s wedding, when Freddie (FD) heard me sing and asked me to work on a track with him.

The track was called ‘Want You’ and featured on Lenzman & Riya’s Metalheadz Podcast, and that’s where it all began.

Riya and yourself have been known to work alongside each other but we haven’t seen or heard anything in a while.
Whats happening with that?
Are you two in the process of getting back in the studio and working together?

Riya and I are great friends and we love singing together, but we have been working on our own projects for a while now and we also live in different cities now.

When we both lived in London it was easy to have a jam together and it was a lot of fun! I’m sure we will end up on a track again together one day.


Do you agree or disagree that females within D&B are still finding it hard & face alot of pressure within this genre?

( especially with recent events on social media )

I definitively agree!

All the hate on social media against Mollie Collins is just ridiculous!

I mean what era are we in really?

I just think it’s a joke and it’s only because she is a woman, if she was called Matthew Collins and was a guy, she wouldn’t be getting all this hate!

To be honest I think it’s good for her, no matter whether you get good press or bad press,as long as you are getting press it means you are successful.

The more hate she gets the bigger she will get and I say good for her!

At the end of the day the male/female ratio difference within D&B has always been this way and it will probably always be like that.

I mean I do definitely think that a lot more women are coming through now whether that be producers, DJs or vocalists and that’s great. The gender thing doesn’t really bother me to be honest, I’m just so used to it being this way and it is what it is.

I mean compared to when I started going raving there are a lot more women in drum and bass and at some raves you go to, you will get more men maybe at like the hard drum and bass nights but I know there are some girls that worship that hard stuff.

I think the good thing about having more women in drum and bass is that it brings a kind of feminine sexy edge to the music and it’s something for the women to look up to in this society..

Where can we see you live on the mic next?

Well my next gig isn’t till April now and it’s in Ulm, Germany.

The NME Click boys have a night out there and these boys are so great and I’ve been wanting to play out there for ages, so really looking forward to it!

Then in the summer I’m going on a US tour, so looking forward to that as well!

Who has been your favourite producer to work with?

I’ve really enjoyed working with everyone, but my favourite producer to work with, would have to be DJ Marky!

Not only is he a legend and I’m so honoured to be working alongside him but out of everyone he is the person that believes in me and my music the most out of all the producers I have worked with and he really supports me and pushes me!

I’ve had some amazing opportunities off the back of our songs, Brazil being one of them and I can’t thank him enough!

He is also a lot of fun and always so positive, especially if he has got some sushi in front of him, haha.

Also are you currently working alongside any producers for forthcoming releases?

Well I’m actually working on an EP which will come out on Innerground hopefully late summer!

I’m really excited about it, I’m so grateful for everything I’ve done but it’s nice to be not just the ‘featuring’ artist all the time, and have my own thing!

So far I have a track done with Marky of course, being Innerground and all that, hehe!

So we are just sorting out the rest of the collabs and that is all I can say for now on that.

Any final words?

Big ups to anyone out there that is enjoying what I’m doing and my music!

I really appreciate all your support and I hope you continue to like my work in the future and I really hope to see everyone at a show near you soon.

Many Thanks Collette Warren.

Here’s a few links to check out, keep up to date where and when you can hear Collette performing.



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