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Featured Mix: DFECT – Isolation

X-E Dos – Those Eyes
Doom Poets – Feather
Epoxy – Isolation
Acid Lab – Fear The Fear
Genotype – Sectioned
E-Sassin – Full Circle (False Flag Remix)
Technical Itch – Mutant Species
SCAR – Stalker
Loxy & Resound – The Silent Knight
Technical Itch – The Paradox
NewKoncept – Parasite
Voyage – Invader
MAC-V – You Decide
Mind Killa – Open Aggression
Goreteks – The Terror
Just Jungle – All Ganja
Polarity – Punctured
Break & Total Science – Betamax
Abstract Drumz – Dance With The Devil
Adred – Amenity

Exclusive Guest Mix: Omega Point – Another World

Omega Point bio:

Omega Point aka Martin became involved in the Jungle / Drum & Bass scene from an early age, charting his origins in Drum and Bass as far back as the mid 90’s no less. Being around an older brother who had fallen in love with the underground scene a few years former around ‘93’ pre music divide, Omega Point followed suit also taking an interest in rave music himself.

Always the keen professional, Omega’ soon picked up the art of vinyl mixing. It wasn’t long within these early years that the urge to create his own music became unstoppable. By the turn of the millenium Omega’s began seeking the necessary skills and knowledge to do so. It was from here that he started to produce, whilst also studying music at an academic level.

Omega Point made his mark into the drum and bass movement, in the spring of 2017 with the release of his debut EP Frostbite, released through the imperative imprint Beat Spectrum. The EP was definitive in itself, showcasing Omega Points skills in the studio. Offering big funk driven beats, large twisted basslines, and experimental sound design all combined as the perfect showcase for this gifted creator.
On first listen to his work it’s easy to see that the producer and DJ primarily looks to explore the deeper, darker edges of the drum and bass scene.

Since his first release Omega has gone on to bring his sounds out on Lockdown Recordings, Rebel Music and Inhabit Recordings and currently in 2020 has further projects in the making with all 3, so keep your ears peeled!



Dom and Roland – Innersense – Metalheadz
Logistics – Dreamer of Dreams – Hospital Records
Need For Mirrors – M.I.A – V Recordings
Survival – Terrain – Exit Records
Omega Point – Skink – Lockdown Recordings
Skeptical – Duck Soup – Exit Records
Philth and Bredren – Closer to You – Flexout Audio
Icicle – Dreadnaught (tease) – Shogun Audio
Cybin & Trex – Play – Trust Audio
Fierce & Cause 4 Concern – Carrier – Quarantine Records
Need For Mirrors – So Below – V Recordings
Omega Point – The Mission – Lockdown Recordings
Digital – Dreamer – Function Records
Marcus Intalex & Jubei – Lubbly Jubbly – Metalheadz
Jungle Jungle – Total Science – Metalheadz
Omega Point – Listening – Beat Spectrum
J Kenzo – Katoku – 31 Records
Marcus Intalex & S.T Files – Warp 3 (Total Science Remix) – C.I.A
Mako & Fields – The Gap – Metalheadz
Forest Drive West – Set Free – Rupture
Ed Rush, Optical & Fierce – Alien Girl – Prototype
Gremlinz & Jesta – Departed – Metalheadz
Omega Point – Another World – Lockdown Recordings
Deskai – Night Owl – Scientific Records
Skeptical – Grub – Exit Records
Source Direct- Web of Sin – Metalheadz
Mako & Andy Skopes – Mercenary – Dispatch Recordings
Fields- Full Court Press – C.I.A
Fierce & Zero T – Second Nature – Quarantine Records
Omega Point – Romeo & Juliette – Lockdown Recordings

Featured Mix: Ronin – Mohican Wall X Dawn Sun: An Integral Soul Mix

One for the liquid heads. Gather round, gather round, and embark on an emotional journey. You’ll encounter vibes of the smooth and groove variety; feels of deep and sweet calamity, emotional twists and phat bass riffs, melodic motifs to soften the heat. Meticulously curated; crafted that elements intricately intertwine in a synergistic fulmination of Breaksy-Liquid Pleasure on a scale hitherto unheard of.

Tw@ me: @Ronin_Sound

Crush my dreams

Full Mix Free Download

Wallpaper / Artwork Free Download


Mohican Sun – Where Did You Go
Dawn Wall – Seeds of Change
Mohican Sun – Fixation
Dawn Wall – Blinded
Dawn Wall – Lemon Dogs
Mohican Sun – Don’t Wait
Artificial Intelligence – Waiting Room
Dawn Wall – Between The Sheets
Satl & Malaky Ft. Harland & Steo – A Minute After Always
Souls – I Wait For You (Dawn Wall Remix)
Dawn Wall – I Should Have Been There
Chase & Status – All Goes Wrong (Dawn Wall Remix)
The National – This Is The Last Time (Ronin Bootleg)
Mohican Sun – Providence
Satl – Everything Anything
Dawn Wall – Kythera
Dawn Wall – Never Say
Dawn Wall – Ember
Dawn Wall – Devil’s Night
Phil:osophy – Consequence
Dawn Wall – Rain God
Mohican Sun – Defiance
Dawn Wall – Mantis
Dawn Wall – Twin Falls
Mohican Sun – Sudden Change
Dawn Wall – Spears
Dawn Wall – Longshanks
Fluidity – Feeling Inside
Artificial Intelligence – Intimacy
Dawn Wall – If I Smiled
Dawn Wall – Shy
Artificial Intelligence – Reprisal
Artificial Intelligence – Boxed In
Mohican Sun – Living This Way
Dawn Wall – Holding On
Mohican Sun – Calgary
Dawn Wall – Take Control

Featured Mix: AKO Beatz History Part 1 – Mixed By OSL

AKO Beatz – History Part 1 – Mixed By OSL

DJ Stretch – Hungry Tiger (Skitty Refix)
Ricky Force feat. Tango – Universal
The Guyver Meets Threshold – Pain VIP
Ricky Force – Closure
Headgear – Dem Deh
Headgear – Dem Deh (Dub One Remix)
DJ Stretch – Hungry Tiger (Ricky Force Refix)
Enjoy – Fragile
Goldie – Dog Day (Original Mix)
Double O – Brothers Darkness (Original Mix)
Jem One – Hummingbird
Theory – Rage Inside (Original Mix)
Threshold – Crabs (Original Mix)
Threshold – Blackboard Jungle
Sobotka – Overstand (Original Mix)
DJ Stretch – Papa Lover (Ricky Force)
Threshold – Molecule
Double O – Cutlass Style (Original Mix)
Alpha Omega – Ravers Delight (Original Mix)
DJ Future & Eric Electric – Twisted Fragments (Original Mix)

Featured Mix: MNMT 247: Forest Drive West

Drum ‘n bass and mind-bending vibrations by rising star Forest Drive West in episode 247 of the MNMT Podcast

Read more: MNMT Magazine

Exclusive Interview: missledz

Hey missledz! Let’s start with how you got your DJ/producer name missledz.

It’s actually a bit of a silly story! My original artist name was Ledz, which I suppose links in with my “raving” background. I was 18 and wanted something cool, so thought L.E.D lights, and I’ll add a Z to be edgy (haha). Around five years later, I thought it wasn’t feminine enough so I added miss and was Miss Ledz for a while and then eventually merged it together to one word – missledz.. I’m still not sure how I feel about my artist name, I sometimes wish I had just stuck with Ledz!

From what I have gathered when talking to you, you are originally from Australia and moved to London, right? How did you end up in the UK?

That’s right. I’m from South Australia. My mother was born in England and I had always wanted to visit or potentially live here. I’d got to a point where I was happy with what I’d achieved with DJing/music in Australia and was in contact with a few people running labels/radio in the UK, so thought it might be time to actually make the move and see what I can do over here. I had started producing, but wanted to really throw myself into it professionally and I thought there would be no better place than where drum & bass originated, the UK!

Are you happy you moved to the UK? How do you think your music career would look like if you hadn’t?

I definitely think I would have regretted it if I didn’t give it a shot. I feel like being surrounded by creatives here has motivated and inspired me a lot. I don’t think I would have pushed myself this much being back home. If I had stayed in Adelaide I would probably still be co-hosting the radio show, The Ones and Twos on Fresh92.7, and continuing to play events and make music, but the process of improving in my production would potentially have been a lot slower. Difficult to say really! But I think it’s good I stepped out of my comfort zone and made the move. I do miss home a lot. It is difficult being away from my family and friends.

How long have you been djing and producing and how did that happen?

I’ve been DJing for about 14 years now. My boyfriend at the time was into drum&bass and is responsible for introducing me to it. We bought our first set of belt driven turntables together and started learning how to mix. I fell in love with mixing and soon after this was playing out in clubs.

Production took a bit longer for me to get into. I dabbled when I first started DJing, but didn’t really take it seriously until around 4 years ago (I think). It’s hard to specify how long because I was so on/off with it but I’ve been trying to work on music regularly since I moved to England in July 2017.

You’re also a raver – do you remember your first dnb night?

I do, yes! I come from a punk/metal background and didn’t really start listening to drum & bass until I was 18. My first rave involving drum & bass was Stardust at The Shores in Adelaide. Andy C and Carl Cox played. I have to admit though, I wasn’t sold on the genre yet at that time, and spent a lot of the event listening to Slipknot and Mudvayne in my headphones (oops)! It was still a lot of fun though. We had some awesome multi-genre festivals back then!

How’s the Aussie dnb scene?

Everyone always asks me this and I find it a bit difficult to answer now that I don’t live there. I think the scene is quite strong though, and (as far as I’m aware) there’s a drum & bass community in every state. In Adelaide, there have been periods where it has been quiet but from what I can see it’s really healthy now, which is great. Perth and Melbourne also have really strong scenes and host some really big lineups. It’s been great seeing promoters working together too.

How would you describe your music?

Dark, techy and weird.

What do you enjoy the most; DJ or to produce?

Hmm DJing I think. I do love making tunes though! One of my dreams is to play main stage Let it Roll. I think that would be the most exhilirating experience!

Where do you get your inspiration from?

A lot of places! Other artists, nature, anything really. My first inspirations drum&bass wise were artists like Ed Rush & Optical, Audio, Current Value.. heavy stuff! I love techstep and neuro from the 2005 – 2010(ish) era! I have tried to make neuro but I struggle.. I think my tunes are quite minimal but with a tech influence.

What’s your production set up/studio?

I have a really old and slow laptop, Yamaha HS7s, Scarlett Focusrite 2i2, Novation Launchkey 61 and a Launchpad mk2 (however I’ve not even used the Launchpad yet!). Oh, and I use Ableton.

Best tip for people interested in producing music?

Download a trial of the DAW you’re thinking of using and try to learn as much about that before you start looking at external plug ins. Watch tutorials on Youtube for like 6 months solidly. There’s a great one for beginners on Ableton called “Your First 30 Minutes in Ableton Live 9”. I always recommend that to people starting out on Ableton.

There are a lot of fantastic resources out there now to assist learning, like Sample Genie tutorials, Computer Music magazine, Education & Bass, workshops.. etc.. it’s about just taking that first step and throwing yourself into it!

Do you prefer to produce by yourself or collaborate?

Probably by myself. I enjoy collaborating too, but I prefer collabs in person which can be quite difficult. A lot of my friends don’t live near me so we need to send stems back and forth and I take forever to work on collabs like that.

You recently arranged a charity EP for Red Cross Australia – wicked idea and great cause – what can you tell us about that?

Thank you! I’m really pleased with the support for the release. It came about as I felt quite helpless being on the other side of the world whilst my country was going through such an extreme crisis. I wanted to help and thought a collaborative drum & bass release would be a positive way I could use my music to raise some money!

I put a call out on Facebook for potential contributors to the project and was overwhelmed with the response. I had over 50 track submissions which was amazing, but a bit unmanageable. So, with some help, chose 20 tracks for the release.
The money raised is going directly to Red Cross Australia, who provide support for those affected by events like severe bushfires.

I’m really proud of everyone involved and I think it’s a really strong, diverse compilation. The release is available to download via Play it Forward

Do you produce other genres too?

My focus is predominantly drum & bass but I do like experimenting with other genres for creative purposes. I’d like to make some downtempo/dubstep kind of stuff eventually.

What’s next for missledz?

I had a pretty busy start to the year with releases so I want to keep up that momentum.. but I need to finish some more tunes first!
I’ve just recorded a guest mix for one of my favourite drum & bass radio shows, and have guest mixes coming out this year for Noxious Records, Ransaked Records and Strictly Rollers. I also have a tune coming out soon on Bare Necessity Records.

I’m working on a two track single at the moment and one of the tracks features Matt Freeman on vocals. I’m got quite a few collabs in the works at the moment as well – with Dilemma, Incus, Sam Harris, Soligen and Commit.

I’ve recently moved to Bristol and I’ll be playing at an event here next month called I Love Hard Beats. And also playing at a festival in Europe in August, which is super exciting!

Any famous last words?

I’d love to do a shout out to some of my lovely fellow artists over here – Dilemma, Blu and False Relation, along with Salzone MC and Ari (Sistym) back home. And to the Strictly Deep DNB, Boey Audio and Inbound Records crews. They have all been incredibly supportive of me through my journey and are amazing friends!

Also, to my family back home because I love them and they put up with me playing drum & bass back home for years when they didn’t really like it. :)

And much love and respect to anyone else supporting me and my music! I appreciate you all so much <3

Finally, a big thank you to Drum+Basics for your time and the interview! :)

You can follow Missledz on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & SoundCloud.

Behind The Event: West Yorkshire Jungle Collective

No photo description available.Hey West Yorkshire Jungle Collective! Thank you all for answering my questions for drum+basics!

Thank you for getting in touch. We were honoured when Drum + Basics started picking up our events in the listings, so to have a chance to say hello to all your visitors and readers is fantastic!

Let’s start from the beginning. Who is who in WYJC and how did it all come about?

The spark for the WYJC was ignited in a Junglism vs. Jungle Syndicate event (at The Old Red Bus Station (ORBS) in December 2017), as a discussion about the opportunities for jungle and drum & bass DJ’s to play vinyl at events. With a lot of venues and events moving to purely digital setups, it was becoming increasingly difficult to find an outlet if you were vinyl only, or preferred playing wax. The original idea was of a collaboration between DJ’s to try and promote each other when discussing bookings with promoters. This idea soon evolved into putting on our own events, which turned into an offer of a monthly residency from our good friends at ORBS.

Our current roster is

Ark X
Chewie Lewie
Hollie Anthwax

What’s the purpose of WYJC?

Our main goal is to showcase the music we love. It sounds cliche, but we came together through jungle / drum & bass, and enjoy playing it as much as possible. We also want to give people who don’t necessarily get a chance to play in the North an opportunity to come and turn some heads. As long as there’s a crowd, we’ll bring the beats!

You organised a lot of events last year with really good line ups, how do you decide about that?

As a collective we want people who come to our nights to hear something they won’t hear at any other night. This is achieved partially through the difference in styles within the collective, as we all have our own unique take on jungle / drum & bass, but also from the guests we invite. Narrowing down the list of potential guests can be an interesting challenge, especially as it is a collaborative discussion between members, however we ultimately look for someone who can bring something unique to the night – whether it’s an up front selection, a set of their own productions, or a deep dive into a collection to draw for some hidden gems.

What’s the hardest part of running your own night?

Honestly, the budgeting. Our nights are always free entry, fitting with the ethos of events at ORBS to offer a free jungle/dnb night every Friday, so we don’t necessarily have the budget we’d need to invite certain guests to come and play for us. However, this actually helps us, as it makes us dig a bit deeper for selectors to invite, rather than simply booking names people are used to seeing. It gives us something different, and we’re starting to see people commenting that if we are putting someone on, that person is definitely worth seeing.

What’s the best part?

For me, the best part is receiving some of the feedback we get from people about our events. Knowing that someone has chosen to spend their Friday night with us and has thoroughly enjoyed themselves is a real boost. The support we get from our regulars, and from people who drop in and like what we do makes it all worthwhile.

Dream line up?

If budget was no problem, I think Sinistatek would immediately book Special Request and Dub One for the same night!

Leeds and raving; how is the city’s nightlife?

Leeds has a solid history with regards to nightlife including legendary acid/house/techno nights Kaos and Back to Basics, whilst producing well known names such as LFO, Nightmares on Wax and Special Request. Like any northern town we’ve got our fair share of Yates’ types though! Ha ha! Probably the most well known aspects of Leeds nightlife is the healthy dub sound system culture which is inspired and propagated by Iration Steppas and the legendary Subdub at the West Indian Centre. Arguably Leeds was at one point saturated with dub, drum n bass and dubstep events. In spite of this there’s always been a bit of a lack of proper jungle nights providing tear-out amens, which is why it’s important to realise what the Old Red Bus Station has created for the city.

Big night ahead for WYJC with Equinox playing on the 21st February, what can people expect?

Something special, we hope! Equinox is a fantastic DJ and selector, who has everything we want in a DJ – a rich and varied collection of music from the history of our scene, as well as a collection of unreleased tracks and forthcoming releases that people would love to get their hands on. We also have Polarity joining us, who has releases on Criterion and Danger Chamber Digital, and some forthcoming material that will test any system. All said, we’re expecting a busy dancefloor to be destroyed by heavy artillery – and that’s before the residents get involved!

What’s next?

We’ve got our next event of our monthly residency on the 13th March at ORBS with an all-residents line up, and are heading over to Manchester for a clash with our good friends at Certain Sounds on the 10th April on the Pick ‘n’ Mix Soundsystem. We also have a habit of throwing an all-day event in the summer at the Fenton pub in Leeds, hosted by the Symbiosis Soundsystem – this year including two well known junglists playing something unusual! – so keep your eyes on our pages for more information.

Any famous last words?

A massive thank you to the Drum + Basics crew for this interview (and to anyone who’s read this far!). Huge shout to our friends at The Old Red Bus Station, Champion Up North and the License To Jungle crew. Massive respect to the crews at Certain Sounds in Manchester, Anomalies in Sheffield, Junglism in Huddersfield and the Northern Sound Alliance (NSA). Shouts also to Symbiosis Soundsystem, Jungle Syndicate, Jungletrain, Fright Night, Energy1058, Kemet FM, The Underground Lair, Bassport FM, G.O.D. Soundsystem, and too many more to mention.

For more information about West Yorkshire Jungle Collective, follow them on Facebook. Their next event is on the 21 February at The Old Red Bus Station.

Photo credit: Lewis Beresford

Featured Mix: Rinse FM 12 February 2020: Rupture with Mantra & Decibella

Free download: Data Transmission Renegade Riddims: DJ Raggo

Follow our Drum & Bass Spotify Playlist


Canna X Rayn – ‘Ganja Cru’
Motiv – ‘Droid’
Creatures – ‘Inflicted’
Monty – ‘STK’
Invadhertz – ‘Cold Fluid’
missledz – ‘Parallel’
Bou X Ungluded – ‘Ascendant Man’
Soko – ‘Soundboy Bredrin’
Bredren – ‘Flick Knife ‘
Defraction – ‘Insight’
Tyler Frost – ‘Illusion’
Ben Snow – ‘Pressure’
Lupo – ‘Respect’
Monty & Alix Perez – ‘Cursive’
Ajax – ‘Entity’
QZB Emperor – ‘Nixon’
Jam thieves – ‘Menace’
Alchemist – ‘Slew Riddim’
Wings & Sinic – ‘Fin’
Enei ft Charli Brix – Get closer
Submarine – ‘Return of Enel’
Nooch – ‘Paka Punch’
Terrence and Phillip – ‘Static’
Total Science & Script – ‘Devils Gate’
The Sauce – ‘Mr Robot’ ft Aoloi
Archaea – ‘Forsaken’
Lupo – ‘Licka’
Kl – ‘Horror Story’
Mr Longhandz – ‘Slinky’
Trakker – ‘Praying Mantis’

►Data Transmission
Spotify: goo.gl/p1gaWy
YouTube: goo.gl/3JmFbF
Facebook: goo.gl/ZAsYwY
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►DJ Raggo

Free download: Law – EXPEDIT:ION #4 – All Equinox (No Sci-Wax) Mix

Another Sunday afternoon digging through the vaults. This one is a selection of Equinox records from mostly around 2004-2006.

Scientific Wax was just about resurrected by this point, but Equinox had not yet released a single track on his own label (and wouldn’t until 2011). He instead spread himself about on now essential imprints Bassbin (and offshoot Breakin’), Inperspective and Subtle Audio.

So there is not a single Sci-Wax tune to be found here.

This one goes from light and breaky, to dubbed out and rolling, before moving into the punishing amen sound the man is renowned for.

01. Equinox – The Sixth Spirit – Inperspective
02. Equinox – From Above – Breakin’
03. Equinox – I Don’t Wanna Hurt You – Bassbin
04. Breakage – Trans Bohemia (Equinox Remix) – Breakin’
05. Equinox – Love Thy Brother – Bassbin
06. Equinox – Together – Breakin’
07. Equinox – Rockers International – Bassbin
08. Equinox – Retroism (Where Are You?) – Subtle Audio
09. Equinox – Unity – Bassbin
10. Equinox – Antarctica – Inperspective
11. Equinox – Phantoms – Subtle Audio
12. Equinox – Do You Understand Me? – Planet Mu
13. Equinox – Troubled Mind (Imagine The Future) – Inperspective
14. DJ Pulse – Stay Calm (Equinox Retouch) – Creative Wax
15. Equinox – Ital Lion Tuffhead – Intasound
16. Equinox – Acid Rain (Original ’96 Mix) – Inperspective
17. Equinox – Stagger – Intasound

Free download: IIIYM909 020: Coco Bryce Guest Mix

This special mix from a guest from the Netherlands, the founder of the label Myor, Coco Bryce. 1 hour of great jungle, Enjoy.

1. DOPE – Travelling (Slow Train To Philly Mix) (Good Looking Records) 1993
2. Coco Bryce – Shine Like U (Meditator Music) 2019 @jrobinson
3. Aquarius & Tayla – Bringing Me Down (Good Looking Records) 1995
4. Coco Bryce – Ma Bae Be Luv (Unreleased)
5. Coco Bryce – Ill Behaviour 002 A (ILL BEHAVIOUR) 2019
6. Coco Bryce – Y Do U Think I’m Not U (Unreleased)
7. Decibella – Outta London (Forthcoming AKO10) @stretch_ako
8. Coco Bryce – Rising High (Forthcoming Rupture) @rupture
9. Jules Elipse – Who’s The Bad Man (Forthcoming Myor Massiv)
10. Coco Bryce – Ginger Gear (Forthcoming Sweet Sensi) @sweetsensi
11. The Chalice Crew – Blessing The Chalice (Verse 2) (The Holy Chalice ) 2019 @theholychalice
12. Jonny L – I Want You (XL Recordings ‎) 1995 @xl-recordings
13. Biobreaks – Fat Girls (Riot Beats) 1995
14. Msymiakos – Take A Break (Forthcoming PPJ) @ppjrecordings

Free download: Vykhod Sily Podcast – Kola Nut Guest Mix