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Featured Mix: SUNANDBASS Podcast #98 – Homemade Weapons

Deep, Dark and Dutty. Homemade Weapons, one of the stand out and most talked about sets of last years festival has spun us this dutty wobbler from his weapon cave. Decent set of headphones or a detached house for this puppy, this is like Coronavirus in sound form.

Check out the 7th and latest release on Weaponry – Roho – Alter Ego EP

Aswell as Homemade Weapons remix of B-Traits’ new project ‘Baby T’

@homemadeweapons on Insta & FB

You can support Homemade Weapons over on his bandcamp

Featured Mix: Seba – UK Hardcore Vol.1 (1994)

A Jungle / Hardcore vinyl DJ-mix by Seba from 1994, digitalized from cassette tape. From Elisabeth Tegner’s Rave Archive. Seba is one of the participants in the book “Från diskofeber till rejvhysteri”, which includes accounts of the early swedish jungle scene — previously hidden under the radar of Swedish mainstream media.

Photo by Stefan Holm Mardo from the book ‘No Limit’.

Featured Mix: DFECT – Isolation

X-E Dos – Those Eyes
Doom Poets – Feather
Epoxy – Isolation
Acid Lab – Fear The Fear
Genotype – Sectioned
E-Sassin – Full Circle (False Flag Remix)
Technical Itch – Mutant Species
SCAR – Stalker
Loxy & Resound – The Silent Knight
Technical Itch – The Paradox
NewKoncept – Parasite
Voyage – Invader
MAC-V – You Decide
Mind Killa – Open Aggression
Goreteks – The Terror
Just Jungle – All Ganja
Polarity – Punctured
Break & Total Science – Betamax
Abstract Drumz – Dance With The Devil
Adred – Amenity

Featured Mix: Ronin – Mohican Wall X Dawn Sun: An Integral Soul Mix

One for the liquid heads. Gather round, gather round, and embark on an emotional journey. You’ll encounter vibes of the smooth and groove variety; feels of deep and sweet calamity, emotional twists and phat bass riffs, melodic motifs to soften the heat. Meticulously curated; crafted that elements intricately intertwine in a synergistic fulmination of Breaksy-Liquid Pleasure on a scale hitherto unheard of.

Tw@ me: @Ronin_Sound

Crush my dreams

Full Mix Free Download

Wallpaper / Artwork Free Download


Mohican Sun – Where Did You Go
Dawn Wall – Seeds of Change
Mohican Sun – Fixation
Dawn Wall – Blinded
Dawn Wall – Lemon Dogs
Mohican Sun – Don’t Wait
Artificial Intelligence – Waiting Room
Dawn Wall – Between The Sheets
Satl & Malaky Ft. Harland & Steo – A Minute After Always
Souls – I Wait For You (Dawn Wall Remix)
Dawn Wall – I Should Have Been There
Chase & Status – All Goes Wrong (Dawn Wall Remix)
The National – This Is The Last Time (Ronin Bootleg)
Mohican Sun – Providence
Satl – Everything Anything
Dawn Wall – Kythera
Dawn Wall – Never Say
Dawn Wall – Ember
Dawn Wall – Devil’s Night
Phil:osophy – Consequence
Dawn Wall – Rain God
Mohican Sun – Defiance
Dawn Wall – Mantis
Dawn Wall – Twin Falls
Mohican Sun – Sudden Change
Dawn Wall – Spears
Dawn Wall – Longshanks
Fluidity – Feeling Inside
Artificial Intelligence – Intimacy
Dawn Wall – If I Smiled
Dawn Wall – Shy
Artificial Intelligence – Reprisal
Artificial Intelligence – Boxed In
Mohican Sun – Living This Way
Dawn Wall – Holding On
Mohican Sun – Calgary
Dawn Wall – Take Control

Featured Mix: AKO Beatz History Part 1 – Mixed By OSL

AKO Beatz – History Part 1 – Mixed By OSL

DJ Stretch – Hungry Tiger (Skitty Refix)
Ricky Force feat. Tango – Universal
The Guyver Meets Threshold – Pain VIP
Ricky Force – Closure
Headgear – Dem Deh
Headgear – Dem Deh (Dub One Remix)
DJ Stretch – Hungry Tiger (Ricky Force Refix)
Enjoy – Fragile
Goldie – Dog Day (Original Mix)
Double O – Brothers Darkness (Original Mix)
Jem One – Hummingbird
Theory – Rage Inside (Original Mix)
Threshold – Crabs (Original Mix)
Threshold – Blackboard Jungle
Sobotka – Overstand (Original Mix)
DJ Stretch – Papa Lover (Ricky Force)
Threshold – Molecule
Double O – Cutlass Style (Original Mix)
Alpha Omega – Ravers Delight (Original Mix)
DJ Future & Eric Electric – Twisted Fragments (Original Mix)

Featured Mix: MNMT 247: Forest Drive West

Drum ‘n bass and mind-bending vibrations by rising star Forest Drive West in episode 247 of the MNMT Podcast

Read more: MNMT Magazine

Featured Mix: Rinse FM 12 February 2020: Rupture with Mantra & Decibella

Free download: Data Transmission Renegade Riddims: DJ Raggo

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Canna X Rayn – ‘Ganja Cru’
Motiv – ‘Droid’
Creatures – ‘Inflicted’
Monty – ‘STK’
Invadhertz – ‘Cold Fluid’
missledz – ‘Parallel’
Bou X Ungluded – ‘Ascendant Man’
Soko – ‘Soundboy Bredrin’
Bredren – ‘Flick Knife ‘
Defraction – ‘Insight’
Tyler Frost – ‘Illusion’
Ben Snow – ‘Pressure’
Lupo – ‘Respect’
Monty & Alix Perez – ‘Cursive’
Ajax – ‘Entity’
QZB Emperor – ‘Nixon’
Jam thieves – ‘Menace’
Alchemist – ‘Slew Riddim’
Wings & Sinic – ‘Fin’
Enei ft Charli Brix – Get closer
Submarine – ‘Return of Enel’
Nooch – ‘Paka Punch’
Terrence and Phillip – ‘Static’
Total Science & Script – ‘Devils Gate’
The Sauce – ‘Mr Robot’ ft Aoloi
Archaea – ‘Forsaken’
Lupo – ‘Licka’
Kl – ‘Horror Story’
Mr Longhandz – ‘Slinky’
Trakker – ‘Praying Mantis’

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Free download: Law – EXPEDIT:ION #4 – All Equinox (No Sci-Wax) Mix

Another Sunday afternoon digging through the vaults. This one is a selection of Equinox records from mostly around 2004-2006.

Scientific Wax was just about resurrected by this point, but Equinox had not yet released a single track on his own label (and wouldn’t until 2011). He instead spread himself about on now essential imprints Bassbin (and offshoot Breakin’), Inperspective and Subtle Audio.

So there is not a single Sci-Wax tune to be found here.

This one goes from light and breaky, to dubbed out and rolling, before moving into the punishing amen sound the man is renowned for.

01. Equinox – The Sixth Spirit – Inperspective
02. Equinox – From Above – Breakin’
03. Equinox – I Don’t Wanna Hurt You – Bassbin
04. Breakage – Trans Bohemia (Equinox Remix) – Breakin’
05. Equinox – Love Thy Brother – Bassbin
06. Equinox – Together – Breakin’
07. Equinox – Rockers International – Bassbin
08. Equinox – Retroism (Where Are You?) – Subtle Audio
09. Equinox – Unity – Bassbin
10. Equinox – Antarctica – Inperspective
11. Equinox – Phantoms – Subtle Audio
12. Equinox – Do You Understand Me? – Planet Mu
13. Equinox – Troubled Mind (Imagine The Future) – Inperspective
14. DJ Pulse – Stay Calm (Equinox Retouch) – Creative Wax
15. Equinox – Ital Lion Tuffhead – Intasound
16. Equinox – Acid Rain (Original ’96 Mix) – Inperspective
17. Equinox – Stagger – Intasound

Free download: IIIYM909 020: Coco Bryce Guest Mix

This special mix from a guest from the Netherlands, the founder of the label Myor, Coco Bryce. 1 hour of great jungle, Enjoy.

1. DOPE – Travelling (Slow Train To Philly Mix) (Good Looking Records) 1993
2. Coco Bryce – Shine Like U (Meditator Music) 2019 @jrobinson
3. Aquarius & Tayla – Bringing Me Down (Good Looking Records) 1995
4. Coco Bryce – Ma Bae Be Luv (Unreleased)
5. Coco Bryce – Ill Behaviour 002 A (ILL BEHAVIOUR) 2019
6. Coco Bryce – Y Do U Think I’m Not U (Unreleased)
7. Decibella – Outta London (Forthcoming AKO10) @stretch_ako
8. Coco Bryce – Rising High (Forthcoming Rupture) @rupture
9. Jules Elipse – Who’s The Bad Man (Forthcoming Myor Massiv)
10. Coco Bryce – Ginger Gear (Forthcoming Sweet Sensi) @sweetsensi
11. The Chalice Crew – Blessing The Chalice (Verse 2) (The Holy Chalice ) 2019 @theholychalice
12. Jonny L – I Want You (XL Recordings ‎) 1995 @xl-recordings
13. Biobreaks – Fat Girls (Riot Beats) 1995
14. Msymiakos – Take A Break (Forthcoming PPJ) @ppjrecordings

Free download: Vykhod Sily Podcast – Kola Nut Guest Mix

Free download: Djinn – 1Xtra Heartless Crew Guest Mix – Oldskool Jungle

Tracklist :

Mirage – Feel My Dreams (Odysee Records)
Randall & Andy C – Feel It [Stakka & K Tee remix] (Ram Records)
Lick Back Organisation – Manik Musik [VIP] (Suburban Base)
DJ Harmony – Let Me In [Harmony remix] (Moving Shadow)
Dead Calm – Urban Style (Moving Shadow)
Liftin Spirits – Will I Dream (Liftin Spirit Records)
Code of Practice – Can We Change The Future [Klute remix] (Certificate 18)
Roni Size – Phyzical [Ray Keith Moody mix] (V Records)
Dillinja – LionHeart (VIP) [Dub / Unreleased)
Fallen Angels – Hello Lover [Bad Boy Snare / Desired State remix] (IQ Records)
Higher Sense – Bizarre (Moving Shadow)
Andy C – Cool Down (Ram Records)
Truper – 3A (Basement Records / Street Beats)
Splash – Babylon (Trace Remix) (Deejay Recordiings)

To listen to the whole show, head to BBC