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Featured Mix: Rinse FM 12 February 2020: Rupture with Mantra & Decibella

Free download: Data Transmission Renegade Riddims: DJ Raggo

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Canna X Rayn – ‘Ganja Cru’
Motiv – ‘Droid’
Creatures – ‘Inflicted’
Monty – ‘STK’
Invadhertz – ‘Cold Fluid’
missledz – ‘Parallel’
Bou X Ungluded – ‘Ascendant Man’
Soko – ‘Soundboy Bredrin’
Bredren – ‘Flick Knife ‘
Defraction – ‘Insight’
Tyler Frost – ‘Illusion’
Ben Snow – ‘Pressure’
Lupo – ‘Respect’
Monty & Alix Perez – ‘Cursive’
Ajax – ‘Entity’
QZB Emperor – ‘Nixon’
Jam thieves – ‘Menace’
Alchemist – ‘Slew Riddim’
Wings & Sinic – ‘Fin’
Enei ft Charli Brix – Get closer
Submarine – ‘Return of Enel’
Nooch – ‘Paka Punch’
Terrence and Phillip – ‘Static’
Total Science & Script – ‘Devils Gate’
The Sauce – ‘Mr Robot’ ft Aoloi
Archaea – ‘Forsaken’
Lupo – ‘Licka’
Kl – ‘Horror Story’
Mr Longhandz – ‘Slinky’
Trakker – ‘Praying Mantis’

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►DJ Raggo

Free download: Law – EXPEDIT:ION #4 – All Equinox (No Sci-Wax) Mix

Another Sunday afternoon digging through the vaults. This one is a selection of Equinox records from mostly around 2004-2006.

Scientific Wax was just about resurrected by this point, but Equinox had not yet released a single track on his own label (and wouldn’t until 2011). He instead spread himself about on now essential imprints Bassbin (and offshoot Breakin’), Inperspective and Subtle Audio.

So there is not a single Sci-Wax tune to be found here.

This one goes from light and breaky, to dubbed out and rolling, before moving into the punishing amen sound the man is renowned for.

01. Equinox – The Sixth Spirit – Inperspective
02. Equinox – From Above – Breakin’
03. Equinox – I Don’t Wanna Hurt You – Bassbin
04. Breakage – Trans Bohemia (Equinox Remix) – Breakin’
05. Equinox – Love Thy Brother – Bassbin
06. Equinox – Together – Breakin’
07. Equinox – Rockers International – Bassbin
08. Equinox – Retroism (Where Are You?) – Subtle Audio
09. Equinox – Unity – Bassbin
10. Equinox – Antarctica – Inperspective
11. Equinox – Phantoms – Subtle Audio
12. Equinox – Do You Understand Me? – Planet Mu
13. Equinox – Troubled Mind (Imagine The Future) – Inperspective
14. DJ Pulse – Stay Calm (Equinox Retouch) – Creative Wax
15. Equinox – Ital Lion Tuffhead – Intasound
16. Equinox – Acid Rain (Original ’96 Mix) – Inperspective
17. Equinox – Stagger – Intasound

Free download: IIIYM909 020: Coco Bryce Guest Mix

This special mix from a guest from the Netherlands, the founder of the label Myor, Coco Bryce. 1 hour of great jungle, Enjoy.

1. DOPE – Travelling (Slow Train To Philly Mix) (Good Looking Records) 1993
2. Coco Bryce – Shine Like U (Meditator Music) 2019 @jrobinson
3. Aquarius & Tayla – Bringing Me Down (Good Looking Records) 1995
4. Coco Bryce – Ma Bae Be Luv (Unreleased)
5. Coco Bryce – Ill Behaviour 002 A (ILL BEHAVIOUR) 2019
6. Coco Bryce – Y Do U Think I’m Not U (Unreleased)
7. Decibella – Outta London (Forthcoming AKO10) @stretch_ako
8. Coco Bryce – Rising High (Forthcoming Rupture) @rupture
9. Jules Elipse – Who’s The Bad Man (Forthcoming Myor Massiv)
10. Coco Bryce – Ginger Gear (Forthcoming Sweet Sensi) @sweetsensi
11. The Chalice Crew – Blessing The Chalice (Verse 2) (The Holy Chalice ) 2019 @theholychalice
12. Jonny L – I Want You (XL Recordings ‎) 1995 @xl-recordings
13. Biobreaks – Fat Girls (Riot Beats) 1995
14. Msymiakos – Take A Break (Forthcoming PPJ) @ppjrecordings

Free download: Vykhod Sily Podcast – Kola Nut Guest Mix

Free download: Djinn – 1Xtra Heartless Crew Guest Mix – Oldskool Jungle

Tracklist :

Mirage – Feel My Dreams (Odysee Records)
Randall & Andy C – Feel It [Stakka & K Tee remix] (Ram Records)
Lick Back Organisation – Manik Musik [VIP] (Suburban Base)
DJ Harmony – Let Me In [Harmony remix] (Moving Shadow)
Dead Calm – Urban Style (Moving Shadow)
Liftin Spirits – Will I Dream (Liftin Spirit Records)
Code of Practice – Can We Change The Future [Klute remix] (Certificate 18)
Roni Size – Phyzical [Ray Keith Moody mix] (V Records)
Dillinja – LionHeart (VIP) [Dub / Unreleased)
Fallen Angels – Hello Lover [Bad Boy Snare / Desired State remix] (IQ Records)
Higher Sense – Bizarre (Moving Shadow)
Andy C – Cool Down (Ram Records)
Truper – 3A (Basement Records / Street Beats)
Splash – Babylon (Trace Remix) (Deejay Recordiings)

To listen to the whole show, head to BBC

Featured Mix: Jack Smooth & Glenn Aston B2B Jungle Techno Set : Tango Tribute Event : Kings Heath : Jan 10th 2020

Featured Mix: Rainboh – Live In London Vol. 2

1. BC Rydah – Machete
2. Outer Heaven – Moon Funk
3. Scape – Shinigami
4. Double O – Any Man
5. Splinter – Mindwake
6. Antares – Spark of Life
7. DJ Fox – Middle East
8. Abyss – Dreams & Nightmares
9. Overlook – Shadowplay
10. Tech Itch – Veil of Six
11. Mac V – Fear No Evil
12. Rez – Six Demon Bag
13. Nucleus & Paradox – Esotericism
14. Centaspike & Indidjinous – Feel Some Pain
15. Earl Grey – Malfeasance
16. Scale – Sub Simplex
17. 6Blocc – Covert System
18. Rainboh – As Yet Unknown
19. Rainforest – Dark Passenger
20. Epoxy – Isolation
21. DLR – Standing in the Dark
22. Kayaman – Diva
23. Polarity – Mainframe
24. Infamy – Erased
25. Ornette Hawkins – Raw Sun
26. Structure – Blue Tone

Featured Mix: From The Vaults Mix Series 012 – DJ Mindset

Get ready to step into the darkside with the latest in our mix series crafted by DJ Mindset.

He is known for his love of the darker style of jungle drum and bass and this mix is definitely not for the faint hearted. He has been DJ’ing for 18 years years now and that shows in his selection and mixing. He has played on life.tv, Studio 808, Wax fm, and is a long serving member of Rudefm.com

His skills have led to him playing at events including drum&basics, Kapow, Danger Chamber, Hexagon, Lucidity and this year has led to bookings abroad.

All of this is set to continue in 2020 and we are very grateful for him coming to rep at FTV. He is also born and bred South East London!

Ready for the hardstep? click play and enjoy!

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From the Vaults @ AAJA Deptford
Saturday 21st December 2019
Event info

Featured Mix: Liquid for Lovers Mix 001 – Rhi Spect

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Featured Mix: DJ Flashback – Inmates 2 Mix

Here is a little teaser mix of the forthcoming inmates vol 2 album, coming very soon on Locked up music.

Exclusive Interview : Boston – Symmetry Recordings.

Jack Boston DJ/Producer signed to Symmetry Recordings is one talented young man.


Jack was born in Cardiff Wales.


Jack Bostons blend of soulful beats are apparent on all his releases.


Jack Bostons knowledge of music and experimental production has made him gain an head start within D&B.


From that day he has been involved with Symmetry Recordings.


Jack Boston has a lot of DJ and radio support from the likes of Friction, LTJ Bukem, Lenzman, Break and many more, the future looks very bright for this young male.




Hey Jack great to be interviewing you.


Hey Maryanne, thanks for having me!


So let’s start right from the beginning.
What was the actual year you began producing?


I think it would have been around 2011.

I was in sixth form college doing subjects that were unrelated to music.

It was a group of people I met there that got me into making electronic music.


How did you break through with releases on Symmetry?


I met Charlie & Isha at a music production seminar in Bristol.

I gave them a CD of my music and I got an email back a week or so later.

I really couldn’t believe what I was seeing when I read the email saying Break liked my tunes and they would like to meet in Bristol.

I really do owe them a lot for taking that first chance with me!



Did you have releases on any other record labels before then?


Nope they were the first label I’d ever released with.


Your forthcoming release on Symmetry features a collaboration with Madcap & Vanity Jay.
How did you arrange those collabs?


I first reached out to Madcap when I heard his tune ‘Sunset Strip’.

I still play that track on every set!

He very kindly sent it over and we started a conversation from there.

I was sketching out ‘Always There’ and just thought that characteristic Madcap sound would be perfect for it.

He brought some really great vibes to the production.

He’s also such an easy guy to talk to and a real easy going character; exactly what you want in this game!


You are very experimental with your production and cover all genres of music.
Do you go under an alias name with other genres of music?


At the moment, no.

I’m writing a lot of alternative genres at the moment and I’m still undecided whether to make a new alias for it all.

As you can tell by my current name, I’m not the best at making up Alias’s! haha.

Myself and Quartz have started writing some very experimental music, which I’m loving so no doubt we will come up with a new moniker to release that under soon!


Do you see yourself continuing to produce D&B in 5 years time?


I’m not sure.

I love writing D&B as the tempo has so much energy and the scene is so cool & unpretentious.

I think it’s the most professionally produced electronic genre and it’s really informed the productions I do today on other genres.

I work at Rockfield studios and I work bands and artists day to day, which I really love doing and will continue for the rest of my career.

I think being involved in both worlds is really beneficial as it gives me a well-rounded view of the industry.

I am definitely able to take lessons and inspiration from electronic and non-electronic genres and make something unique.

As long as it still makes me happy, I will continue to make D&B.


Who will you be working with next?


Myself and Break started something a while back, which I’m very excited about and I’m currently finalising some vocals with Tenisha Edwards on a new track.

I love collaborating and always keen to work with someone new!


Will we be seeing you Djing more sets over the next few months or are you locked down in the studio?


I haven’t been playing much this year so far as I’ve been so busy writing the album and producing for bands at the studio.

That said, I recently joined the Soul in Motion booking agency after playing there last week.

I love to travel and share my music with people so I will definitely be taking on more bookings.


Of course any special mentions and final words?


Shouts to Charlie & Isha for the continued support and guidance.

Everyone who I’ve worked with and everyone who has pre ordered the first single.

Oh and bigups to my Mum x


Pre-order Bostons new release here..



Check Out Bostons social media here …