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Drum+Basics: Weekend Planner.

It’s the weekend yet again!
Too many events too choose from.
Take your pick.
Have fun & be safe x




17/11, Birmingham. Break Thru @ Hare & Hounds Heath


17/11, London. Vivid @ 512


17/11, Brighton. WAH presents Blackout @ The Arch


17/11, Leeds. License To Jungle Invites Digital [FREE ENTRY]


17/11, Southampton. Hospitality @ Engine Rooms


17/11, Bristol. Metalheadz @ Lakota


17/11, London. Nurtured Beatz




18/11, London. RTP LDN: Benny L b2b Shimon, Phaction, DJ Nuera @ Work Bar


18/11, Bristol. Alternate x Saucy x Gutterfunk @ Lakota


18/11, Bristol. Bris-Tek 17 – Electrikal Sound System

Weekend Planner



FabricLive. Tickets

DrumNBay Tour – Brixton. SOLD OUT

Rupture 11th Birthday @ Corsica Studios

Roni Size Q+A @ Rough Trade. 18.15 – 21.15. Tickets


Central Beatz 15 Yearz & License to Jungle present DLR @ The Old Red Bus Station. Tickets


WAH w/ Calibre, Dub Phizix, Break, Alix Perez + more @ Hidden. Tickets


LTJ Bukem – Return To Trinity Ft Randall + Special Guests @ Trinity Centre.


Electrikal x Unity w/ DJ Aphrodite @ The Bongo Club. Tickets



Kapow! @ Work Bar. Tickets


1985 Music @ Blue Mountain Club. Tickets

Exclusive Guest Mix: Jungle Citizenz.


 A Jungle Crew Comprising Of Dj’s/ MC’s/ Producers / Remixes of Jungle & Dubwise based music .. They Have Vast Experience Amongst Them ..



20 Yrs in the scene,played for big events such as Fantazia//Eclipse//Milwaukees//Jungle Fever//Amazon etc



 10 Yrs producing everything from.. Hardcore ..DnB .. Breaks ..Dubstep .. and is the heart beat in the studio with his knowledge of music and technology.



 Huge experience in the scene and seems to have always been around.

A member of the famous Starlight Pirate Radio station from way back and still to this day plays various radio stations and internet and certainly knows his music.



Born and bred in Birmingham, started on the mic in 1982, for local sounds like ITAL WARRIOUR and NYAHTONE HI FI.

In 1988 he joined LOVE INJECTION SOUND.

Clashing with other sounds like SAXON, SIR COXSONE, V-ROCKET.

In these clashes CAT would hold the mic and tear up the dance also clashing with sounds from yard like STONE LOVE, GEMINI,SILVER HAWK, JARO.

In the 1990’s  CAT got a record deal with SONY MUSIC releasing BITE THE DUST, also worked with legendary dance act LEFTFIELD releasing RELEASE THE PRESSURE then CHANT OF A POORMAN for LEFTFIELD.


Here’s an exclusive mix for Drum+Basics: Langman – Jungle Citizenz.


Weekend Planner



WAH Presents… @ The Arch. Tickets


25 Years of Ram @ Motion


Listening Sessions @ Club PST. £3


Swerve Scorpio Sting Session @ Westbank Music

OMusic/Broken Beats with Double O/Syte/Jaskin/Uneven/Robotix @ Cafe 1001. 6.45 pm – midnight. FREE!

Mad Forest Cru Presents… The D&B Collective @ The Brewhouse. Tickets

Spearheads Presents… @ Egg. Tickets

Therapy Sessions vs Crash Pang Wallop. Tickets


Ashbeck Audio @ Sound Control. Tickets



RAW: The DNB Winter Conference @ Boxxed. Tickets


Sine Presents Rave On A Roundabout. Tickets

Epidemik & Fusion joint Birthday @ Fire & Lightbox. Tickets

Liquicity @ Electric Brixton


Formless 2nd Birthday @ Rebellion . Tickets

Weekend Planner



WHP17 /// 25 Years Of RAM. SOLD OUT

WAH Presents Henry’s Hidden Halloween @ Hidden. Tickets


Planet V Halloween Special. Tickets


Subfactory: Fabio & Grooverider. FREE!


Warm Ears Music | Autumn edition @ Bar 512. Tickets

FabricLive Halloween


Enter & Drumfunk ‘Get Hype – Halloween takeover’ @ Eden Bar & Club.


Breakin Science: Halloween Spooktacular @ Mint Warehouse. Tickets. 


Junglism x Electrikal: Nicky Blackmarket – Halloween Special @ Smash. Tickets



Clashmouth present: Drum & Bass Label Market @ Cafe 1001. Free!

25 Years of Ram Records

AKO Beatz Halloween Jungle Special 2 @ Bar 512. Tickets

Headroom presents: Lifestyle Music @ Surya. Tickets


Critical Sound @ The Haunting, Rainbow Venues. Tickets


Alternate » Halloween Apocalypse 2017 @ Trinity Centre.


Jungle Jam @ Sound Control. Tickets


DENG Halloween PARTY @ Vines Bar. Tickets



Big Fish Little Fish Presents DJ Mrs Magoo DnB Spooktacular. Tickets


One.Seventy x Uvb-76 Music. Free!

Exclusive Interview & Guestmix : Enjoy.

Enjoy  – music producer/Dj from Udine,Italy has been producing music since 2002.

Enjoy is becoming a familiar name to some within D&B but still a mystery to many.

Drum+Basics decided to interview Enjoy, as we all need to know more!

You have a forthcoming release on AKO BEATZ no.12.
This release focuses your ambient production skills & hard heavy hitting drums ‘ Just a vibe ‘ & ‘ Fragile ‘
( personal fave )

I’m definitely hyped for this, big love to the man like Stretch he always puts a lot of passion into his record label! 

That’s actually what I love about music in general : the rough with the smooth.

Really glad Fragile has a little part in your life, just to let you all know there’s a VIP floating around here…but cannot say anymore  than this…just stay tuned!

Did you ever think you would be having a release on an iconic record label?

I guess every dj/producer has a goal and I admit AKO BEATZ is one of them. 

I’ve been a fan of AKO since I spotted it in the late 90’s, collected maniacally every single release until now.

So yeah I dreamt of it then and I couldn’t ask for more now!

When and what record label was your first release on?

My first appearance leads back in 2004 as part of a collective called Juice Loosers, we released a tune with LTJ Bukem’s Earth Recordings on Earth Vol.7 (not bad for a start !!)

As a solo artist my first releases were on an Italian net label called Laverna in 2004 and on the Australian Materializm in 2010.Kinda jumped into the dark thing, I was experimenting basically so
what I considered  the real baptism was releasing 2 tunes from my 2 main projects (Enjoy and The Blunt Needles) on Code’s Subtle Audio Vol.2 in 2010 and just after that a split vinyl release with Nebula on Bustle Beats in 2013.

A special mention has to go to Eschaton, head of Omni Music for releasing my first ever LP in 2013 and for including me in a vinyl project along with artists like Dj Trax, Infest, LM1 and Justice (2013/2015).

Chris is a real talent scout…try and check out the Omni Music catalogue, you’ll find some usual suspects!
Anyways lets just say all of these releases were shared with other artists, so technically my very first solo vinyl is this years’ ‘Cloud/Empty Structures’ on Transmute.


Is it dominantly Drum & Bass you wish to produce in the future?

 Jungle/D’n’B is the core but I’ve always written down tempo and breakbeat stuff.
I recently had the chance to release those kind of sounds on Next Phase Records, thanks to Infest for believing in those old beats!

When it’s time for you to hit the studio, what do you focus on first with music production?
Ideas first!

It’s difficult to say where I start from because it really depends on what I have in mind, it should be a sample or a particular sound that fascinates me.

Anyway.. I quickly write a loop to have the idea there, then I work on the sounds to let them glue together,
then edits and edits and edits… I’m an edit addict (..and actually not sure if it’s good or not lol)

Any specific software?

Cubase, a little bunch of plugins and my 2 girlfriends : Roland MC505 and miniKorgXL, all the basic stuff anyways.

How long did it take to produce ‘Just a vibe’ & ‘Fragile’

I guess 2/3 weeks,difficult to say to be honest, as I jump in the studio whenever I have time from my daily work.
So it’s an hour here and there..I’m pretty slow after all.

Which do you prefer producing music or Djing?

Both of course, 2 parts of the same passion.

 2018 is approaching already, any other releases we can look forward too?

I’ve got a few releases lined up including 2 albums, 2 singles and a bunch of remixes.
I can’t reveal too much to be honest.

What I can say is to take a look at these labels…
Omni Music, Bustle Beats, AKO, Next Phase, The Dreamers and Tarantula.

Are any included in the exclusive guest mix you’ve provided for Drum+Basics?

For the mix tape I thought I’d focus on the HUGE quantity of quality beats that are out there at the moment,
there is a lot of wicked music like in the sweet old days so I gotta pay some homage to some of the people who I respect and whose music I love to the bone (despite the 1 hour limit…I could’ve done a 3 hour mix tape lol).

Anyways as well as ‘Just a Vibe’ and a very fave of mine Nebula’s ‘Spectrum of Styles’ , you’ll find a tribute remix I did for Stretch, Guyver business which i was at a crucial point  when I did it nearly 3 years ago and a special one by The Blunt Needles (me and my partner in crime and life Dany) which is still unreleased.

Hope you enjoy it!

Of course have you any final words,special thanks?

I’d like to thank you Mary-Anne and Jenny Jo at Drum+Basics for this opportunity, I definitely appreciate the passion you put into this work.

I’m feeling blessed for all the people who contact me just to give a shout or simply chat because of the music.I mean it’s something that makes my day and motivates me, I’m so grateful for this.

There’s really a lot of people to mention and I’m pretty sure I’m missing someone.

A massive big up for the support and the continuing energy goes out to Stretch, Code, Eschaton, Rob Strike, Infest , Nibbers, Maxist, Lu, Maurizio Ravalico, District, Dj Trax, Nucleus, Bob Macc, Equinox, Double O & Mantra, Greenleaf, Ricky Force, Rumbleton, MartianMan, Monita, Ricky Law, The Beautifully Crafted Jungle Crew, Dj Ardimann, Tode & Mother Inc. Crew, Neve and The Dreamers Crew, Stefano B, and of course my real muse : Dany!

Release date for Enjoy – Just a vibe & Fragile is 3/11/17


Weekend Planner



Brookes Brothers & Friends ‘Orange Lane’ Album Launch @ Work Bar. FREE with guestlist

20/20 @ Phonox. Tickets

LTJ Bukem + Ant Tc1 & Visionobi, Transit Mafia @ Village Underground. Sold out but check facebook wall for re-sale

Fridays at EGG: Netsky & Friends with Riton, Le Malls. Tickets



Intrigue x SpectraSoul LP launch @ Thekla. Tickets


Overflow @ Wire. Tickets


No Motive DNB Invites Elevated Bass @ The Locomotive


WAH Present.. @ Junk. Tickets



DJ Storm: A History of Drum & Bass @ Archspace. Tickets

AWOL @ Ministry Of Sound. SOLD OUT


Listening Sessions: Sully – Escape LP Launch @ Club PST. Tickets 

25 Years of RAM Records @ The Rainbow Venues. Tickets


Resonate @ Source Bar. Tickets


Exit Records @ Trinity Centre. Tickets

Exclusive Interview & Guest Mix – Headgear

Headgear is no stranger to Jungle / Drum and Bass; back in the 90’s he went under various artist names including Threshold.

Previous releases on Foundation X, Brain Records & Second Movement Recordings all under different artist names.

To save some confusion M_A decided to interview Headgear to get the facts & hear about his forthcoming release on AKO Beatz this month.

Was there any specific reason to change your artist name?

To be honest it’s not the first time I’ve changed or used different names.

Back in 93 I was featured on Plasmic Life Vol.2 (Brain Records – DOPE23) using the name ‘Alistar’. I was also part of ‘The TI Cru’ where I did the B-side for Tech Itch’s second release (TI002).

I then had a solo release on Tech Itch (TI005) and went under the name ‘Soundcraft’. ‘T.I.C’ was the next name I used with Mark Caro for our release on Back to Basics (B2B12023), I did the track ‘Rockers’ and Mark did ‘Too Fast’ on the flip.

After a short break from producing (can’t remember why) I got back on it and began using the name ‘Threshold’. I used this for my release ‘The Wire’ on Second Movement (SMR33).

I then did some work with ‘Ultravibe’ on some collaborative projects using the name ‘Logistics’. These tracks were put out on ‘Dubz’ (DUBZ001-3) a sister label of Back to Basics.

I than stepped away from the music for 15 years until a friend encouraged me to listen to Rupture Sessions on Jungletrain.net (Big up Rondema). I realised very quickly that I wanted to get back into making beats.

Anyway, to finally answer your question hahaha (sorry, it needed explaining.). I couldn’t go back to the name ‘Threshold’ as a certain someone (Forrester) had started using it. Funny thing is me and Forrester (new Threshold) are now good friends and we’ve collaborated on tracks since meeting at Rupture.

So now I’m HEADGEAR and I think I’m sticking with it….for now.

So you used to be part of Tech Itch in the 90s. Are you still in contact and will you be producing music together again?

I’d lost contact with Mark Caro (Tech Itch) around 95 after he moved from Birmingham to Bristol. Then, after nearly 20 or so years he gets in touch and is keen to work on something in the future. Watch this space, time permitting.

Do you personally think that you should have continued or has the long break served you well?

I definitely needed to step away when I did, I’d lost my love for the music, plain and simple. I wasn’t enjoying it and had many external pressures and responsibilities that needed my attention.

I’ve now come back to the music feeling excited like I did before. I’m not putting pressure on myself, I’m doing it for the love of doing it, and if any music opportunities come my way then it’s a bonus.

I never thought I’d get back into producing after such a long time, so to have a number of digital and now vinyl releases recently gives me the confidence in my own ability which helps give me the drive and motivation to continue. The only problem I have is the lack of time I get in the studio. Life just keeps getting in the way haha.

Now to the present..

So Headgear you’ve only had a handful of releases since your gap in music production.

There’s a great forthcoming release on AKO Beatz.

Tell us more.

This forthcoming release is a nod to just some of my favourite producers that rekindled my love for this music – you can definitely hear their influence across all 3 tracks. I’m not going to say who they are… I’m sure you can figure them out.

Will you now continue producing music with no long breaks and get the releases flowing again?

I certainly hope so, I’ve got that music making bug again.

You’re obviously known to collaborate with other producers… Do you prefer collaborations or solo music production?

It’s hard to say which I prefer but I think at the moment I want to concentrate on getting some more solo work under my belt, mainly because my time is very limited so any time I do get in the studio I want to build up my own portfolio a bit more.

However, I do like the idea of working with other artists just to see what can come of it.

Anything in the pipeline?

Got some remix projects coming up which I can’t really talk about as well as a follow up to my release on AKO. I’m also working on something for the forthcoming AKO Album ‘Unknown Elements’ due in 2018.

Have you noticed any major changes in Drum & Bass from the 90’s to now?
i.e production, social media, the way releases are planned.

Where do I start? Haha.

It’s crazy to think how things have moved on since then. You now have almost limitless possibilities when it comes to sequencing and sound manipulation. This is obviously a good thing but can also be daunting.

Back in the early days having technical limitations shaped how you worked and what you produced. These constraints made artists really push their equipment beyond what was thought possible.

I still can’t believe how patient I must have been to produce tracks on Amiga’s, ST’s and hardware samplers. You had to make do with what you had until you got your hands on the next piece of tech.

Social media has become integral to the scene, it’s made the world smaller. Lets just say things are much easier now lol.

Any special thanks & final words?

Much love to all that have supported and believed in me over the years. There’s too many people to mention so I wont reel off a load of names plus I’m pretty sure I’ll forget someone. Near and far you know who you are, Big up.

P.S. thanks for the interview Drum + Basics.

Many Thanks Headgear…

Headgear  – Planet03EP ( AKOBO11 ) Release date: 1st November 2017 click the link for more info… 


Also many thanks to Thumbs Footage Photography.



Exclusive Interview with: Spline – Dispatch Recordings

Hey Spline, so you’re a new face to some within Drum & Bass.
Please introduce yourself…

Hello everyone.
My name is Andrey, I’m from Samara which is located on the bank of the Volga River in Russia.
I’m a DJ and a musician.
From time to time I take part in DnB music events, that take place in Samara and in other Russian cities.
I love broken rhythms and “bold“ sounds.


So you’re located in Russia.
Do you have many events, Djs and record labels there?

Yes, of course but we do not have as many record labels as in the U.K.
Also parties with underground DnB music are rarely held in Samara.
All events are mainly held in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Would you consider moving to the U.K just for D&B?

I have never been to the U.K.
Of course I want to visit your country, not only as a tourist but also as a DJ and a musician.
To be honest, I didn’t think about moving to England but who knows.


This Friday you have your debut on Dispatch Recordings.
How did this happen?

Yes, thank you!
If we talk about how I got into this culture it will be a long story, that began in the year 2000.
If we talk about how my tracks were getting released on Dispatch Recordings, then I’ll say – it was simple.
I just sent the tracks over via email and Ant TC1 said that he likes it.
So everything was quite straight forward and easy.


Are there any other record labels that you really want to have releases on?

Yes, of course and there are so many record labels i wish to release on.
I don’t bind my creativity to some kind of labels but I will mark my tunes to fit some labels.
Metalheadz have  influenced me at a certain age & that would be a dream to release on that record label.


When it comes to music production, where do you get your inspiration from?

Ohhh … It can be almost anything that can give an emotion, a thought.
I can sit around sorting out sound banks, find some FX sound that has nothing to do with DNB and make a melody from it,with which everything can begin.
Or just experiment with Bass and BOOM!
Other music influences me a lot and this is not necessarily DNB.
This is something that can be from hip-hop, or jazz or whatever.
Also it can be a couple of sounds from a scene of a movie about robots and of course the most important generator is in my bathroom!
When I go into the shower, everything falls into place!
Then suddenly a new track appears.

Any big plans for 2018?

At this moment I have a lot of projects that I’m finishing and of course I have such a big task of creating music that will be more than just music!

 Final words…

Create, experiment, be strong and appreciate your loved ones especially those who help you!

Spline ” Injection EP ” release is out on general sale this Friday.
Click the link to purchase…

Weekend Planner + Exclusive Guest Mix



OMusic @ Cafe 1001. FREE!

Metalheadz @ XOYO. Check tickets on FB wall

DnB Special: Fabio & Grooverider @ The Nest. Tickets


Rumble In The Jungle @ Lakota. Tickets



117 – Alldayer @ The Victoria. Tickets


Subvision @ Blue Mountain Club. Tickets

MethoDNB 02 @ Black Swan. Tickets


Mantra Festival 004. Tickets


Hospitality @ The Old Firestation. Tickets


Planet V @ The Volks. £7 BEFORE MIDNIGHT £!0 AFTER



Soul In Motion

Jungle Zen – Big Vibes

To get you in the mood for the weekend, enjoy this exclusive guest mix from Hi-Fi & FreQuenCee

Exclusive Interview – Payback Promotions – Birmingham.

Please introduce yourself.

Hey big upz all the Drum + Basics ladies.hope all is bless.

I’m Andy Stringer founder and owner of Payback Promotions Artist Management Agency supplying established and fresh up and coming Jungle/Dnb/Oldskool and Reggae artists to events and festivals worldwide.
We also run Payback Events at Club Pst in Birmingham alongside the one they call my partner in crime the sheriff Kurt Kelly.

Payback promotions is a family affair many Djs/Producers contribute to the events in Birmingham.

Do you feel that the events will continue in Birmingham or expand into different towns and cities?

For real we at Payback have many artists repping us and contributing to our events not just from Birmingham but from all over the Uk and even internationally..

Our home for events is in Birmingham but we are always looking at opportunities to take the Payback brand and showcasing the artists on the agency and expand into other towns and cities in the Uk whether its hosting a stage at festivals to hosting a room at events Payback always brings the vibes ..

How have you as a  promoter/manager managed to keep residency at Club PST all these years?

We first started doing events in 2010 at various venues like Suki 10c and Plug in Birmingham then we came across Club Pst (PEOPLE STAND TOGETHER) in late 2010 and fell in love with the place,at the time the venue was undergoing refurbishment so we did the odd event there and at the other venues until the works was complete then we started using Pst for our events and not looked back since .

Club Pst is probs one of the best underground venues in the Uk the owners Specta,Pecka,Jake and all the crew are always so welcoming a proper family affair and the venue is so intimate and the vibes are always electric with good food,cheap drinks and of course quality events everyone who visits Pst always leaves with a smile on their face.

We are blessed to be involved with Club Pst and look forward to putting on events there in the future.


Do you feel that Birmingham is mainly dominated by Jungle & Jump up or has a mixture of line ups (sub genres)?

Birmingham is a very diverse city especially when it comes to underground events and music.

I would agree that Birmingham is dominated by Jump Up/Dnb nights but we at Payback and a couple like-minded promoters started to bring Jungle events back to Birmingham with a massive success and will continue to push it through our events for years to come.

Would you go out of your comfort zone on a line up or do you keep it to your personal style you enjoy and do you take on board what D&B heads request?

Yeah we have done Oldskool,Dnb and even Reggae as well as Jungle events in the past but the last few years has been all about the Nuskool Jungle.

We try to keep it with as much Jungle on the lineups as possible as there are enough Dnb/Jump Up events already in Birmingham gives peeps more choice.

Do you get overwhelmed by the events that you host?

Always lol, if you see me with a tear in my eye you know why!

I love it when a plan comes together and the smiles and reactions on people’s faces all having a good time makes me tick all about the good vibes trust.

Are you noticing the younger generation attending your events & their ears are being educated?

Yes, the younger generation are attending our events more and more and they are definitely getting educated.

We work alongside Kiran Bangerh (DUBGASM) and Huw (Dubsoc) who work alongside like-minded students in the midlands universities spreading the jungle and Dnb vibes after all they are the future and key to keeping the underground scene alive for generations to come same in places like Leeds,Manchester and Bristol the younger generation are attending more and more events.

What’s lined up for the rest of the year & into 2018?

Incoming for the rest of the year and into 2018 from Payback …



28/10 – JUNGLE JAM – MANCHESTER (co hosting room 2 with Bloc2bloc)





We also do a PAYBACK LIVE RADIO session once a month which is open to the public on a Sunday 4pm-10pm live from Club Pst.

Showcasing Payback artists and guests and a Payback boat party is also planned for 2018 follow Payback Promotions on FB for news on all forthcoming Payback events and to book any of the Payback artists for events/festivals check out the website for more info >>

Any final words?

I would like to thank Mary-Anne Hood and Jenny Jo at Drum+Basics  for the interview opportunity,big love!

Also shouts to all the artists repping Payback and all the artists who have played for us over the years big upz Kurt & Amanda,Specta,Pecka,Jake and all the Pst crew,Matthew Blick(flyers).

Aries,Chopstick Dubplate,Cheshire Cat,Kjah,Jungle Citizenz,Cautious,Rizzla,Ras Demo,Mono Paul & Paul Reynolds (sound).

Glenn Aston Jaytee,Jella,Patrick,Dimpz, Adi (GammaFunkula) the Manchester crew,Bloc2bloc,Kiz (DUBGASM) Huw (Dubsoc) all the Jungle Jam family all the Raiders of the Oldskool crew also shouts going out to Tenor Fly gone but never forgotten King.

Shouts to everyone working their ass off behind the scenes at Payback and lastly massive shouts to all the promoters booking Payback artists and each and every raver who come out and support our events without you all,none of this would be possible.

Many thanks,
Andy Stringer from Payback Promotions.

Weekend Planner



Bass Collective x Lengoland @ Amusement 13. Tickets


Skrewface #35 Celebrating DJ Scatta’s Naughty Fortieth. £10 on the door


FabricLive. Tickets


Relapse. Tickets


WAH presents Camo & Krooked, Emperor, Sub Zero. Camo & Krooked, EmperorDNB, Sub Zero, Arcane b2b Stature. Hosted by: Deefa MC & DaxtaMc. Tickets



Distant Planet Family Friendly All Dayer. FREE!

Six Degrees X DJ Mag Live Presents Guidance with Ulterior Motive. Tickets

Milton Keynes

Synrgy Invites ‘Utopia Music’. Tickets


MethLab. Tickets


Exit Records: DBridge b2b Skeptical b2b Jubei b2b Fixate. Tickets

Delirium, Exit After Party @ The Volks


Subdub / Metalheadz / Bandulu @ Beaver Works. Tickets


Bass Klinic Presents… @ 53 Degrees. Dj Hazard, Serum & Inja, Upgrade, R3dx. Tickets