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Free Download: Vykhod Sily Podcast – Eusebeia Guest Mix


1. Eusebeia – The Burning (Rebellion Electronics)
2. Eusebeia – Passage (Rebellion Electronics)
3. Eusebeia – Annihilation Of Inhibition (Forthcoming Literature Recordings)
4. Eusebeia – Ward (unreleased)
5. Eusebeia – In The Cut (Mindtrick Records)
6. Eusebeia – Pure Intentions
7. Eusebeia – Shamer’s Rock (unreleased)
8. Eusebeia – Transmute (Rebellion Electronics)
9. Eusebeia – The Temple (Hangout Music)
10. Eusebeia – All Will Be Revealed (unreleased)
11. Eusebeia – No Stone Unturned (Forthcoming Literature Recordings)
12. Eusebeia – Downcast
13. Eusebeia & Atiq – Through The Motions
14. Eusebeia – Insight
15. Eusebeia – ???

Free Download: Mark Kloud – August 2018

Free download: Carlito & Addiction – Fabriclive Promo Mix

So here is a mix curated by Carlito and Addiction and mixed by DJ Addiction. This mix comprises of very carefully selected tracks that we love for various reasons whether it be production skills or just the vibes, also we have thrown one of our classic tracks “Supergrass” and a fresh new track “Rumors” that was part of our lost catalogue, its had a fresh edit and remix and due to be released on DJ Marky`s Innerground label 2018.

Track Listing:

1. Zero T & Villem – String Therapy
2. Foreign Concept – Kilersdon
3. Calibre – Leave
4. Carlito & Addiction – Supergrass
5. Carlito & Addiction – Rumors
6. Villem & McCleod feat Leo Wood – let It Breathe
7. Need for Mirrors – Crystalline
8. The Vanguard Project – Flln 4 U
9. Jubei & Marcus Intalex – Fannys ya Aunt
10. Q Project Spirit & Digital – To Meeee
11. Trex – Dirty Greens
12. Grooverider – Charade (Vocal Mix)
13. Basic Forces & Philth – Alone
14. Break DLR & Randall – Song & Dance

For more from Addiction & Carlito, please go to:


Catch Addiction & Carlito at fabric 24th August, tickets available here

Free download: Vykhod Sily Podcast – Monita Guest Mix

Response & Pliskin – Spinster [forthcoming Skeleton]
Ricky Force – Special [forthcoming Repertoire]
Defender – Feel It (2018 Clarky ReBoot) [Dub]
DJ Vapour – Insomniac [forthcoming Skeleton]
Acid Lab & Scale – Underdog [Skeleton]
DJ Trace – Aggy [forthcoming DSCi4]
Kid Drama – Architect [forthcoming Metalheadz]
Dub [forthcoming Detrimental Audio]
Josephs Perception – Phantasm [forthcoming Locked Up Music]
S.P.Y – Shadows of the Mind [Hospital]
Monita & K-Rox – Smart Kid (2018 Remix) [forthcoming Skeleton]
Gremlinz & Jesta – Departed [Metalheadz]
Future – Magellanie Clouds (Dooms Day Mix) [forthcoming Logical Direction]
Cypher – Downturn [forthcoming DSCi4]
Benny L – Skysteppa [forthcoming Metalheadz]
Jem-One [Dub]
Clarky – Regan [Dub]
Sicknote & Dissect – Knopper [forthcoming Detrimental Audio]
Champa B – Deadlights [forthcoming Skeleton]
Response – Raging Bull [forthcoming Skeleton]

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Free download: SUNANDBASS Podcast #74 – FD & Dan Stezo

The next release on SUNANDBASS Recordings will hit the shelves on 17th August, a 3 tracker from label stalwart FD, and he’s put together this month’s podcast alongside compatriot Dan Stezo to celebrate the occasion.

Their first collaboration invites you to start packing your bags for the yearly pilgrimage to San Teodoro. Latter day classics nestle alongside cutting edge plates, all tied together with Stezo’s unique Hip Hop inspired flow to create a fresh and intriguing mix. This one will have you raving and crying in equal measure!

Sit back and take in this warm up for the 15th Anniversary of SUNANDBASS, and keep your eyes peeled for FD’s ‘All Yours EP’, coming soon!

Free Download: Red Tape – DMR

Free Download from DMR Over on Soundcloud…

Check it out!…

Free download: DJ Johnny 5 Presents – The July Roll Out

Early July mix featuring tracks from Imprint, LSB, PRTCL, Forest Drive West, Benny L SB81 and so much more..
Tune in, like, share and comment but most importantly, Enjoy….

Download link

Free Download – Esskay – June 2018

Leeds based Esskay laid down a heavy mix of flavours recently we just had to share it some Sunday listening. Sam has played around the Yorkshire circuit a handful of times always lighting up dancefloors alongside the likes of Dj Hazard, Lenzman, Total Science & more. Check out his latest below.

Malicious – Hydro & War
Song and Dance – Break, Randall and DLR
Bagleys – Future Cut & Ulterior Motive
Aversive – Bredren
Brainwashed – Nymfo, Coppa & Zero Zero
Transmitter – Enei, Kara & Jakes
Africa – Klinical
Vlad The Inflator – T>I
Gas Dem – Traumatize
Let It Go – Damage Report
Creeper – Break, Critical Impact & Skibadee
Flashizm – Mefjus & Emperor
What You Say – Hoogs
Grub – Skeptical
Dust Me Off – Icicle
Centuria (Amoss Remix) – Mayhem & Logam
Anomaly – Noisia
D Day – Pleasure & Origin
Airshift – Current Value
Thor (Break Remix) – Dabs & Disprove
Count To Ten – Enei & DRS
Tank – Agro
Back Track – Submarine & Survey
Magma – Monty
Another Chance – DLR
Exhale – Levela
High Times (Dub Mix) – L-Side & MC Fats
Kronos – HLZ
Cabal – Marcus Intalex
Sykura – J Kenzo
Night Prowler – L-Side & Inja
Section VIP – Fierce & Vicious Circle
Tokyo Rising – Kumarachi & Section
Trunk – Alibi & MC Coppa
Muzzle – Dauntless
Sleeping Giant (Annix & Profile Remix) – Brockie & Ed Solo
A Day That Never Comes (Break Remix) – Calyx & TeeBee
Remedy (Serum Remix) – Dr. Meaker
Sinkhole – Mefjus
Rollcage – Alix Perez & Halogenix
Rude Love (Spectrasoul Remix) – Becky Hill
Southside – Oz
Buss It Up – Dub Motion
Scaredy Cat – Shimon & Trimer
On The Wire – Taxman
Sleazebag – Mefjus
Skyline – Command Strange & Alibi
RPM – Need For Mirrors
Who Can Draw? – Scar
Sharks – Benny L & Shimon
Time Tripping – Hazard
Chicago Outfit – Jam Thieves
Look Ahead – Enei & Kasra
Acid Fashion – Nazca Linez
Deep Inside – Serum
Air Guitar – Hazard

SC: https://soundcloud.com/dj-esskay-1


22/6, London. Roadkill Presents: Progress + Guest Mix



Ill Truth
Hosted by Hainsey




3 Chapel Market, N1 9EZ London, United Kingdom

Roadkill Presents: Progress – Fluidity Promo Mix


Solace – Discern (Free Download)

Belgian producer Solace (Halogen Music, Ronin Ordinance, Lifestyle) has kindly given away a fresh minimal funk roller, check out his Soundcloud for more…


SC: https://soundcloud.com/solacednb
FB: https://www.facebook.com/Solacednb/

Solace latest release ”Who Knows” available worldwide via Lifestyle Music’s ”Belgian Connection LP”


Free download: SunAndBass Podcast #72: Hugh Hardie

Hospital’s Bristol via Cambridge recruit Hugh Hardie steps up for SUNANDBASS Podcast #72.

Already building a strong following for his upfront soul music, the young talent has in the last couple of years become a firm pillar in the soulful Drum & Bass scene. His name stands for beautiful compositions that tick all the boxes for home listening whilst still retaining a certain dancefloor je na sais quoi.

Currently busy in the studio (when not on busting moves on his board), Hugh has kindly taken the time to put together our latest Podcast, and has chocked it full of exclusives from both his peers and himself. Dig in!

Free download: DJ Johnny 5 Presents The Amen One, June 2018

Download link