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Exclusive Interview & Guestmix : Enjoy.

Enjoy  – music producer/Dj from Udine,Italy has been producing music since 2002.

Enjoy is becoming a familiar name to some within D&B but still a mystery to many.

Drum+Basics decided to interview Enjoy, as we all need to know more!

You have a forthcoming release on AKO BEATZ no.12.
This release focuses your ambient production skills & hard heavy hitting drums ‘ Just a vibe ‘ & ‘ Fragile ‘
( personal fave )

I’m definitely hyped for this, big love to the man like Stretch he always puts a lot of passion into his record label! 

That’s actually what I love about music in general : the rough with the smooth.

Really glad Fragile has a little part in your life, just to let you all know there’s a VIP floating around here…but cannot say anymore  than this…just stay tuned!

Did you ever think you would be having a release on an iconic record label?

I guess every dj/producer has a goal and I admit AKO BEATZ is one of them. 

I’ve been a fan of AKO since I spotted it in the late 90’s, collected maniacally every single release until now.

So yeah I dreamt of it then and I couldn’t ask for more now!

When and what record label was your first release on?

My first appearance leads back in 2004 as part of a collective called Juice Loosers, we released a tune with LTJ Bukem’s Earth Recordings on Earth Vol.7 (not bad for a start !!)

As a solo artist my first releases were on an Italian net label called Laverna in 2004 and on the Australian Materializm in 2010.Kinda jumped into the dark thing, I was experimenting basically so
what I considered  the real baptism was releasing 2 tunes from my 2 main projects (Enjoy and The Blunt Needles) on Code’s Subtle Audio Vol.2 in 2010 and just after that a split vinyl release with Nebula on Bustle Beats in 2013.

A special mention has to go to Eschaton, head of Omni Music for releasing my first ever LP in 2013 and for including me in a vinyl project along with artists like Dj Trax, Infest, LM1 and Justice (2013/2015).

Chris is a real talent scout…try and check out the Omni Music catalogue, you’ll find some usual suspects!
Anyways lets just say all of these releases were shared with other artists, so technically my very first solo vinyl is this years’ ‘Cloud/Empty Structures’ on Transmute.


Is it dominantly Drum & Bass you wish to produce in the future?

 Jungle/D’n’B is the core but I’ve always written down tempo and breakbeat stuff.
I recently had the chance to release those kind of sounds on Next Phase Records, thanks to Infest for believing in those old beats!

When it’s time for you to hit the studio, what do you focus on first with music production?
Ideas first!

It’s difficult to say where I start from because it really depends on what I have in mind, it should be a sample or a particular sound that fascinates me.

Anyway.. I quickly write a loop to have the idea there, then I work on the sounds to let them glue together,
then edits and edits and edits… I’m an edit addict (..and actually not sure if it’s good or not lol)

Any specific software?

Cubase, a little bunch of plugins and my 2 girlfriends : Roland MC505 and miniKorgXL, all the basic stuff anyways.

How long did it take to produce ‘Just a vibe’ & ‘Fragile’

I guess 2/3 weeks,difficult to say to be honest, as I jump in the studio whenever I have time from my daily work.
So it’s an hour here and there..I’m pretty slow after all.

Which do you prefer producing music or Djing?

Both of course, 2 parts of the same passion.

 2018 is approaching already, any other releases we can look forward too?

I’ve got a few releases lined up including 2 albums, 2 singles and a bunch of remixes.
I can’t reveal too much to be honest.

What I can say is to take a look at these labels…
Omni Music, Bustle Beats, AKO, Next Phase, The Dreamers and Tarantula.

Are any included in the exclusive guest mix you’ve provided for Drum+Basics?

For the mix tape I thought I’d focus on the HUGE quantity of quality beats that are out there at the moment,
there is a lot of wicked music like in the sweet old days so I gotta pay some homage to some of the people who I respect and whose music I love to the bone (despite the 1 hour limit…I could’ve done a 3 hour mix tape lol).

Anyways as well as ‘Just a Vibe’ and a very fave of mine Nebula’s ‘Spectrum of Styles’ , you’ll find a tribute remix I did for Stretch, Guyver business which i was at a crucial point  when I did it nearly 3 years ago and a special one by The Blunt Needles (me and my partner in crime and life Dany) which is still unreleased.

Hope you enjoy it!

Of course have you any final words,special thanks?

I’d like to thank you Mary-Anne and Jenny Jo at Drum+Basics for this opportunity, I definitely appreciate the passion you put into this work.

I’m feeling blessed for all the people who contact me just to give a shout or simply chat because of the music.I mean it’s something that makes my day and motivates me, I’m so grateful for this.

There’s really a lot of people to mention and I’m pretty sure I’m missing someone.

A massive big up for the support and the continuing energy goes out to Stretch, Code, Eschaton, Rob Strike, Infest , Nibbers, Maxist, Lu, Maurizio Ravalico, District, Dj Trax, Nucleus, Bob Macc, Equinox, Double O & Mantra, Greenleaf, Ricky Force, Rumbleton, MartianMan, Monita, Ricky Law, The Beautifully Crafted Jungle Crew, Dj Ardimann, Tode & Mother Inc. Crew, Neve and The Dreamers Crew, Stefano B, and of course my real muse : Dany!

Release date for Enjoy – Just a vibe & Fragile is 3/11/17


Exclusive Interview & Guest Mix – Headgear

Headgear is no stranger to Jungle / Drum and Bass; back in the 90’s he went under various artist names including Threshold.

Previous releases on Foundation X, Brain Records & Second Movement Recordings all under different artist names.

To save some confusion M_A decided to interview Headgear to get the facts & hear about his forthcoming release on AKO Beatz this month.

Was there any specific reason to change your artist name?

To be honest it’s not the first time I’ve changed or used different names.

Back in 93 I was featured on Plasmic Life Vol.2 (Brain Records – DOPE23) using the name ‘Alistar’. I was also part of ‘The TI Cru’ where I did the B-side for Tech Itch’s second release (TI002).

I then had a solo release on Tech Itch (TI005) and went under the name ‘Soundcraft’. ‘T.I.C’ was the next name I used with Mark Caro for our release on Back to Basics (B2B12023), I did the track ‘Rockers’ and Mark did ‘Too Fast’ on the flip.

After a short break from producing (can’t remember why) I got back on it and began using the name ‘Threshold’. I used this for my release ‘The Wire’ on Second Movement (SMR33).

I then did some work with ‘Ultravibe’ on some collaborative projects using the name ‘Logistics’. These tracks were put out on ‘Dubz’ (DUBZ001-3) a sister label of Back to Basics.

I than stepped away from the music for 15 years until a friend encouraged me to listen to Rupture Sessions on Jungletrain.net (Big up Rondema). I realised very quickly that I wanted to get back into making beats.

Anyway, to finally answer your question hahaha (sorry, it needed explaining.). I couldn’t go back to the name ‘Threshold’ as a certain someone (Forrester) had started using it. Funny thing is me and Forrester (new Threshold) are now good friends and we’ve collaborated on tracks since meeting at Rupture.

So now I’m HEADGEAR and I think I’m sticking with it….for now.

So you used to be part of Tech Itch in the 90s. Are you still in contact and will you be producing music together again?

I’d lost contact with Mark Caro (Tech Itch) around 95 after he moved from Birmingham to Bristol. Then, after nearly 20 or so years he gets in touch and is keen to work on something in the future. Watch this space, time permitting.

Do you personally think that you should have continued or has the long break served you well?

I definitely needed to step away when I did, I’d lost my love for the music, plain and simple. I wasn’t enjoying it and had many external pressures and responsibilities that needed my attention.

I’ve now come back to the music feeling excited like I did before. I’m not putting pressure on myself, I’m doing it for the love of doing it, and if any music opportunities come my way then it’s a bonus.

I never thought I’d get back into producing after such a long time, so to have a number of digital and now vinyl releases recently gives me the confidence in my own ability which helps give me the drive and motivation to continue. The only problem I have is the lack of time I get in the studio. Life just keeps getting in the way haha.

Now to the present..

So Headgear you’ve only had a handful of releases since your gap in music production.

There’s a great forthcoming release on AKO Beatz.

Tell us more.

This forthcoming release is a nod to just some of my favourite producers that rekindled my love for this music – you can definitely hear their influence across all 3 tracks. I’m not going to say who they are… I’m sure you can figure them out.

Will you now continue producing music with no long breaks and get the releases flowing again?

I certainly hope so, I’ve got that music making bug again.

You’re obviously known to collaborate with other producers… Do you prefer collaborations or solo music production?

It’s hard to say which I prefer but I think at the moment I want to concentrate on getting some more solo work under my belt, mainly because my time is very limited so any time I do get in the studio I want to build up my own portfolio a bit more.

However, I do like the idea of working with other artists just to see what can come of it.

Anything in the pipeline?

Got some remix projects coming up which I can’t really talk about as well as a follow up to my release on AKO. I’m also working on something for the forthcoming AKO Album ‘Unknown Elements’ due in 2018.

Have you noticed any major changes in Drum & Bass from the 90’s to now?
i.e production, social media, the way releases are planned.

Where do I start? Haha.

It’s crazy to think how things have moved on since then. You now have almost limitless possibilities when it comes to sequencing and sound manipulation. This is obviously a good thing but can also be daunting.

Back in the early days having technical limitations shaped how you worked and what you produced. These constraints made artists really push their equipment beyond what was thought possible.

I still can’t believe how patient I must have been to produce tracks on Amiga’s, ST’s and hardware samplers. You had to make do with what you had until you got your hands on the next piece of tech.

Social media has become integral to the scene, it’s made the world smaller. Lets just say things are much easier now lol.

Any special thanks & final words?

Much love to all that have supported and believed in me over the years. There’s too many people to mention so I wont reel off a load of names plus I’m pretty sure I’ll forget someone. Near and far you know who you are, Big up.

P.S. thanks for the interview Drum + Basics.

Many Thanks Headgear…

Headgear  – Planet03EP ( AKOBO11 ) Release date: 1st November 2017 click the link for more info… 


Also many thanks to Thumbs Footage Photography.



Weekend Planner + Exclusive Guest Mix



OMusic @ Cafe 1001. FREE!

Metalheadz @ XOYO. Check tickets on FB wall

DnB Special: Fabio & Grooverider @ The Nest. Tickets


Rumble In The Jungle @ Lakota. Tickets



117 – Alldayer @ The Victoria. Tickets


Subvision @ Blue Mountain Club. Tickets

MethoDNB 02 @ Black Swan. Tickets


Mantra Festival 004. Tickets


Hospitality @ The Old Firestation. Tickets


Planet V @ The Volks. £7 BEFORE MIDNIGHT £!0 AFTER



Soul In Motion

Jungle Zen – Big Vibes

To get you in the mood for the weekend, enjoy this exclusive guest mix from Hi-Fi & FreQuenCee

Exclusive Interview & Guest Mix: Distant Planet >> Louise Plus One & Hughesee

Hello Simon and Louise who run Distant Planet. Thanks for answering my questions and making a mix for us!

From what i gather, you’re both DJs & promoters. Are you involved with other things within the dnb/rave scene?

We also sell records online and at the Clashmouth D’n’B Record Fair, the next one is coming up on 28th October in Cafe 1001, Brick Lane in London. It’s a great opportunity for a get together with other DJs, Producers, Promoters and Label owners, not just for buying records but also to hang out and chat with out being at a rave. We only sell records so we can buy more. Lol.

How did you get involved with the raving scene and how did you end up together (if you don’t mid me asking…)?

Simon: We generally like to go out raving to the sounds that are important to us not to just attend events when we are booked we love the social aspect. We have guested on radio shows on various stations such as Originuk.net, Koollondon.com, Cambridge105.fm and Jungletrain.net to name a few.

Louise: I used to go to the odd rave from about 87, however, it was when I started going to squat parties in 94 that the rave scene took its hold on me. Within a few years I had bought some decks and started co organising events and put my own night on called Re-Rave-All in the Dungeons in Hackney. I used to put on a Sunday all dayer with Jerome Hill at a pub called the Pembury Tavern in the late nineties. I was lucky enough to play in some huge warehouses to massive crowds. Eventually I started playing on Interface Radio which I think was the first Internet Dance Music Station. and became aware of Simon. We would bump into each other at parties and 7 years ago we started to hang about together on a more regular basis, raving, doing radio shows and and eventually forming a relationship. Putting on an event together was a natural progression and we linked up with a few like minded people and formed Distant Planet.

What was the plan with Distant planet from the beginning?

Simon: We always wanted to achieve consistency in terms of quality music with decent sound quality at our events with a friendly vibe and I think we have achieved this. My main ambition for Distant Planet has always been to put on outdoor events in the countryside which is something we are working towards.

What has been toughest in running your own night and what have you learnt along the way?

Louise: The hardest bit about running a night is getting out of bed at 4am to go flyering in the middle of winter. However, I think this is essential to make a success out of an event. Hopefully we now have a fairly decent following so we still flyer but not to the extent we did. I have learned to be more confident about what we are doing. I think Simon and I have learned a lot from each other. He has taught me to be a bit more careful about the financial aspects of putting on an event and he I think he has learned about promotion and putting himself out there.

You’re both ravers I assume – what do you enjoy the most; djing, promoting or raving? How has the raving scene changed since you started going out?

Simon: For me DJ’ing .. simple as! Best hobby ever, I tend to say that quite a lot in conversation. How has the rave scene changed? Seems like it’s the same idea a lot of people coming together through music. The scene has changed in terms of new clubs starting and it seems like so many iconic clubs we knew and grew fond of in London closing down which is a shame. The structure of the more mainstream events seems more focused on digital DJing quick mixes and getting as many DJ’s on the bill but we don’t really go to many of them nights for that reason the nights we do go to seem to keep the core basis about what the raves back in the day were all about, good music, dj’s and great vibes!

I love all three. But it’s fantastic being involved in an event and DJing at it. Putting on events is great as I have something to look forward to. I’ve seen the rave scene go up and down in terms of popularity, however, I am always optimistic and I suppose we are lucky here in London as there is always so much going on. The growing festival scene is a great sign that people do want to get together in a field and dance, which is amazing. I love the fact that festivals are popping up all over the place.

Best rave you’ve ever been too?

Simon: Too many to say one favourite so many parties different for different reasons. I would have to say Rupture seems to come up very high due to the consistent quality of DJ’s that play there and the awesome vibes of so many friends under one roof. There has been so many great free parties back in the day that I went to and helped with sound systems like the Oxford Ridgeway Moots they used to really kick off with sound systems from all over the UK great times!

Louise: Its very difficult to say as I can’t remember. I’d like to mention Rupture here as Indi and David put on probably the best underground event in London, if anyone reading this hasn’t been I recommend you check it out. Castle Morton Common in 92 was amazing. I wish I could go back and do it again.

Lots of clubs are closing down and it seems to be hard to find good venues, what do you think is going to happen with the raving/club scene?

Simon: In London it seems a way different place to rave then it was when I first started going out, so many iconic clubs have shut down or been demolished. It’s becoming more harder to put parties on you really have to go to some lengths to make it work so it’s good to see people putting the effort in. Perhaps a shift more towards festivals? isn’t that already happening?

Louise: There is a venue shortage, however, in London you can always find somewhere if you really think outside the box and look about, especially in London. It feels like I get invited to more things every weekend than ever. Although they might be smaller events there is a raving spirit still there. It does worry me the lack of stuff happening in some towns outside the big cities.

Louise; as a woman, do you think you’ve had to work extra hard to prove you’re a good DJ?

I seem to be fairly well respected as a woman dj, especially on the London Jungle and Old Skool scene, I have always had maximum respect off people. Whether or not I would get more bookings as a man I’ll never know. lol. I do hear about women not being taken seriously on other areas of the scene. Also on many of the lineups at bigger events there seems to be very few female DJs. I think the number of women DJs is increasing slowly.

When are you guys playing out next and when is the next Distant Planet?

The next time we play out will be at the next Distant Planet on September 30th which will be an all day event at The Royal Sovereign in Hackney. We will be focusing on 1992 and previous years musically. We have a treat in store as David Rupture who is going to be doing a 91 Techno set which is the era that he represented, playing at venues such as the Doncaster Warehouse back in the day. Simon and the staff are really behind our events we do there which is nice so thanks to them. We also have Morgan OSL who played on Rinse FM and Format FM back in the early Nineties. He is going to be doing a 90/91 Rave Set. Sharon Taylor coming up from Kent to do an Acid House set, plus Sherrine will be starting of the proceedings with a wicked 2 hour mix of Dancehall, Dub and Roots Reggae. Myself and Simon will be playing too. The pub is really chilled, and as always at Distant Planet Parties the vibes are really friendly. As its child friendly a lot of ravers can bring their kids and have a proper catch up with everyone. There is a big garden out the back and excellent Pizza.

How do you go on about choosing the DJs for a night?

Louise: I’m starting to realise how important it is to book DJs who are really out there doing their thing. It’s important they represent the music style we want and can play a good vinyl set. They don’t necessarily have to be a big name, just play quality music and promote themselves well. Also we favour people who come to our night as they will an understanding of what we are about and what we will expect from them as a DJ.

You’ve done a mix for us as well, what can you say about it?

In our mix we have included tunes that we love and you will hear us play out, many of them are Old Skool from 93/4, however, there is so much good stuff coming out at the moment so we have included some of the more recent stuff.

What’s next for you?

Simon: More Raving, DJ’ing and Production. We are really trying to push ourselves in the production area and we really like old hardware we have a fair few Synths, Samplers, Drum machines and Effects units that can make some really awesome sounds.. lots of fun.

Louise: I want really want to take Distant Planet to festivals. We are going to be knuckling down in the studio over the next few months and putting on more parties.

Any famous last words?
Shouts out to everyone we know, we started to make a list and it got so long and we were so scared of leaving people out.

Big up Jenny for your support.


Follow Distant Planet on Facebook, Twitter,  YouTube.

More info about the 30th All dayer: Distant Planet

Featured Event: Sine – & Function:al London ft John B,Randall,Storm & more.

This friday Sine are proud to announce one of the DnB scenes most well respected producers; Digital bringing his imprint label night to Lightbox, London in collaboration with SINE & Function Records to present ‘FUNCTION:AL – with an exceptional line-up delivering the finest DnB – so if you like ya beats & bass then get involved!!
Line up:
John B (Bluenote Set)
Digital b2b Spirit
Double O
MCs: GQ & Blackeye.

Also remember on Thursday 6th April the Function crew host Lightbox live 019, featuring the legend DJ Storm alongside Rupture’s finest Double O and hosted by the mighty MC AD – Streaming live from Lightbox main ahead of Friday’s main event FUNCTION:AL.

For more info >>> http://bit.ly/lblivefunctional-rsvp.

Tickets can be purchased from the following link…


Here’s a Blue Note promo mix from headliner John B.





Drum+Basics Exclusive Guest Mix from : Rivmic.

Rivmic has been around D&B for many years but sadly private life can sometimes take over & stop fanatics from pursuing & bringing their talents forward.


Next year we will be seeing Rivmic come back & do what he does best.


Here’s Rivmics Mix & Blend to bring 2016 to an end!


Drum+Basics Event – Dj Stretch Ako Beatz + more


Free Entry  

( Print off official invite which can be found bottom of this page )

Friday 16th December.

11PM – 3AM.


The Cavern 
The Buttermarket 
Howard Street 

* Over 18s only – Bring photo I.D *

Line Up…

(Reinforced Records)

Our special guest for the night is Stretch Ako Beatz ( Reinforced )

Check the link to know more…



Two local DJs who happen to be a couple will be providing the best in some dark rollers!


Undefined is a new upcoming producer Jack Humphreys whose tunes are just pure gold..alongside we have Roca bringing some true lush vibes!


Swell will be representing the Mass Effect DnB which was an event many years go in Shrewsbury.

* M_A *

Drum+Basics own M_A ( birthday girl ) will be stepping up.
She’s usually the other side of the decks,so not to be missed!


These two will be jumping on the mic for DJ Swell Mass effect reunion set..

For more info head over to our Facebook event page


Official invite to gain Free Entry.


Exclusive Interview: FD – Sun & Bass Curator 2016.

FD has deep roots in Europe’s underground scene which sees him providing varied styles of D&B in his DJ sets.


FD music production has the same characteristics of his mixes,ambient ,up beat & unique elements.


FD has had releases on recognisable labels like Soul:R, Metalheadz, Critical and Subtitles.


In the studio he has already collaborated with well-respected producers including Lenzman, Ulterior Motive, Fracture and vocalist Collette Warren.


Here’s a short Q&A with FD.


What gave you the push to start music production?

I was 19 and had a good friend who had already been making tunes for some time.
He offered me to come and make some tracks and I really enjoyed it, even if I had no idea what was going on!
We did a few together and I quite got the bug for it.
Eventually about 5 or 6 years later I bought my own set up, and that’s when I started taking things a bit more seriously – although I’d say I didn’t make a tune I was happy(ish!) with till about 4/5 years later!

Over the last few years you have collabed with various producers & last couple of releases have been solo.
Will we see this more often in 2016 or will you be back in studio working alongside others?

A lot of my early releases were collabs as I love working with people, i find it really enjoyable – but i then wanted to spend some time doing some solo stuff and really try to develop what ‘FD’ stood for, and get better at my craft.
I’ve really enjoyed doing that, but as I said, I love working with people too, so I’ve just recently started some collabs with a few producers whose work I like and respect and I hope some of them will see the light of day of soon!

Any producers you wish to work with?

Quincy Jones! Of course many good dnb ones too…

On that note,forthcoming releases?

I’m currently finishing EPs for SUNANDBASS Recordings and CIA, i hope they’ll see the light of day at the back-end of 2016, early 2017.

When can we expect you in the UK Djing?

I’m about a fair bit, have had some great gigs in London and Bristol recently – looking forward to many more!

FD has been officially announced as one of the Curators for this years Sun & Bass festival in Sardinia.


Do you have a lot of input with Sun & Bass recordings?

Yes, I’m helping with the label and releasing music with them.
My next EP should be coming soon!

Recently numerous of D&B producers have started their own record label…
What’s your opinion on this?

I understand why people do it, and it’s something I’ve personally always wanted to do.
It’s a great feeling to be able to control how a product looks, sounds, feels all the way from start to finish and you can really make it exactly how you want.
There’s also financial benefits too and you can control scheduling to suit you etc.

So you’re saying you would consider starting an independent record label?

 Yes deffo.

Any final words?

Thanks a lot for having me and apologies for the longness! 

Many Thanks FD.

Keep up to date with FD music here…

& social media here https://www.facebook.com/fdbeats




Exclusive Interview & Guest mix: 2nd Base.

2nd Base.

Two males

( Phuture Dee & K-I )

Have joined forces.

They both have numerous amounts of personal experience within D&B.

Fresh talent coming your way as a duo.

As you know Drum+Basics like to know more.

Here’s a quick interview.


You two have been into D&B for quite some time now,there must have been a huge impact on you from various producers.
Who inspired you & how did you both come together?

P-DEEWell back many years about 16 years ago I was actually friends with K-I father who was DJ at the time & that’s how we were introduced back in 1988.

There was huge impacts on us both from a huge collection of tunes on record labels such as Hospital,Ram & Renegade to name a few, obviously I’m a lot older than K-I but from the help of being a friend of his father we got to know each other and this was how we were formed and began our friendship and share the passion we have for the music D&B & we both have the same taste in all the different styles well i think we have….

Question for P-Dee – So when you were a DJ back all those years ago & still are, were you playing out at events or was it on a radio station?

I was Djing on a pirate radio station called WAX FM 102.4. I throughly enjoyed playing on that station and the vibes were great.

Now to this present day you have continued playing out on radio stations,tell us some more..

So yeh me and K-I DJ on Emergency FM 3 shows a week.


Tuesday 8pm-10pm……….Fridays 4pm-6pm……….Saturday 4pm-6pm.

 It’s the full spectrum really we don’t pigeon hole music we try to provide it all.
We do a lot of soul-searching with the music we play, yeh we like the deeper minimal sound & we like the liquid vibes one thing i dislike is jump up.

K-I I’m the one who provides the jump up,if that’s what he dislikes it doesn’t matter really along as we both play what we love and keep it well varied we are happy.


Do you think there are certain producers or various styles that are under-rated at present?

P-DEEWe do think that liquid is so under-rated, hence why we play it as much as possible in our mixes.

We feel that certain producers or styles come into an age bracket..

The older you are,you become more mature with what you listen too and really we have noticed same with events in the U.K too.

Like a few weeks back we attended Redditch Sublime events, everyone was a lot older & knew a lot about the producers playing sets that night & had a really underground vibe and everyone appreciated the music a lot more.


Anyway let’s get into the production side of things.
You’ve recently teamed up together.
Who does what in the studio?

P-DEEWell production is not fairly new with K-I, he has been producing for a while now & has various projects on the go but Djing on the radio was the first call.

  I felt that I shown a big interest in wanting to learn production but i do sit there and wonder how everything can be done so well from K-I.

I mainly give the ideas & then K-1 structures it well together.
I’ve got to give him a lot of credit for showing me and helping me gain more interest.

K-IA lot of people look at production tools and it seems all alien to them but with myself it one big interest,i currently use Ableton, various Vsts & Sausage Fat.
Sounds funny but its a great production tool.

So will this mean we can hear some forthcoming material from you both?

P-DEEWell everything is still in the pipeline but K-I has a numerous amount forthcoming.

K-II have something forthcoming on Soul Trader Records.

 ” Progression moving forward. ” 

There’s been various remixes of my tunes from Duo Science & Voltage.
I’m currently working on a project with Bcee, all mainly solo projects at present.


So when we were doing the official Skype interview my daughter popped her head in & asked both of you a good question.
What advice would you give to all those teenagers out there wanting to start in the music industry?

K-IThe most valid point would be, buy some Technics ha ha.

P-DEEBe yourself don’t follow the crowd,create your own personality.

K-IAlso its important that you don’t follow these kids who use the sync button so learn how to beat match.

P- DEE – Be original & push the boundaries too.

So you’ve probably noticed we’ve had our summer already this year but what have you both got planned for the rest of the year?

K-I – Well 29th July there’s a 3 track ep from myself on MWS digital a new founded label also got to sort something out for Ray Keith so mainly in studio.

BOTH – We would love to be booked to DJ out this year so yeh hopefully someone shows interest in what we do.

P-DEE – I’m heading back to Redditch Sublime for Back 2 The Future, we will just be getting our heads down and keeping ourselves occupied with the music.

Any tunes that help you through the summer?

P-DEE – For me too many but all we got to say is  ” CALIBRE ” – Godfather of DnB!

Of course any final words?

P-DEE – Thank you so much we are very humbled to be asked to do this means a lot.

We love to entertain and appreciate for you taking time out to do this,thanks to my Mum and Dad all the family really for the support also ALB.

There’s so many to thank but we like to say thanks for giving us the music Basic Forces & Scenic & Advisory for hosting Sublime nights.

Reform Records also Canadian lot Dj L + Lady J for the support.

K-I – Big love to all the labels, Run Audio,Good News Boppers.

Emergency FM.

Stamina & TK Wax FM.


Exclusive Interview & Guest Mix: ALEGRIA


Hey Alegria great to be chatting to you…

Hey there, thanks for asking me to chat.,it’s a privilege and my pleasure!

 For those who don’t know tell us a bit about yourself…

My real name is Piotr Hauser, and I go by the name of Alegria (that’s ah-leg-RIYA, not a-LEG-ri-ya, mind…). It’s the Portuguese word for “joy/happiness”, and it’s been given to me in the world of capoeira the afro-brazilian martial art, which I practiced for about 8 years until hurting my back and other life obligations coming into play.

It organically became my DJ name, when I started out.

I’ve been spinning drum & bass since 2009 (which is rather late considering how many people have been following this music since day dot, but it also means I’m not a jaded old junglist who got bored with everything already.

I run a series of DNB nights in my city of Poznań (Poland),the events are named after the crew – DrumObsession.

Those who know me, know this particular name fits like a glove, cause I’m positively obsessed about the music and I guess you could even call me a DNB nerd… I also host two weekly radio shows every Wednesday: “DrumObsession” on Bassdrive.com (4-6 pm GMT) and a traditional radio show (aka no mixing) called “Połamana Lekkość Bitu” on my local FM station, 98,6 MHz – Radio Afera (10-11 pm GMT).


How does DNB compare where you live with the UK?

To be quite honest, it doesn’t.

Polish crowds didn’t really get to experience this music since the early 2000s, rave culture never really made it here, so the hardcore and jungle fundamentals weren’t established.

 Some of those styles made its way over here, but in general I’d say the majority of DNB event-goers follow the mainstream names but don’t seem so inclined to dig.

That being said, we’re one of the few events in the country that tends to attract the real heads, the diggers, the passionate nerds and just good people.

Some travel hundreds of miles to celebrate with us which is something I imagine is almost extinct a habit in the UK.

Is there anything you wish to change within D&B in your home country?

That’s a tough one.

I’d love it if more people took their time to research the music, its roots and history. That would then open them up to even more richness that the genre has.

Then again it takes education from the promoters for people to start doing that, I think.

We know the importance of that aspect, so we always try to incorporate that educational aspect and take risks with our bookings.

A few years ago I would have said: the unity between promoters from different towns and their cooperation, but we’ve come a really long way and I’m proud to be friends with so many crews, some really prolific.

We are all trying to build something here!


Why & how did you start DrumObsession?

Now that’s a question I can’t answer, because I wasn’t the one who founded it!

Kriss_J and Artiztix did back in 2006, and it started with the event name (because back then both of them were in different crews but were already running events together).

Somehow it evolved into them becoming a crew and their night became a regular staple of the IQ Club.

I guess the “why?” can only be answered one way, they wanted to hear the drum & bass vibe that was under represented in our city (despite neither of them are actually FROM Poznań, but it’s the biggest city in the area).

Fast forward to 2009. Artiztix found my first ever hour-long DNB mix I posted on a polish forum called dnb.pl, then suggested to Kriss_J they book me to play warm-up at one of their events and approached me about it.

I bet back then I was really rubbish but somehow they saw potential and wanted to have me on board.

Now after I started taking initiative as a promoter  my main goal was to bring artists whom I love but whom no-one in Poland dared to book before.

We still try to keep that cutting edge mentality nowadays and we were the first to bring artists like A Sides, Calculon, Dave Owen, DFunk, Icicle, Flaco, FD, Foreign Concept, Halogenix (even though I got him for an off-shoot night I did). Hydro, Jaybee, Komatic, LM1, LSB, Mako, Mark System, Moresounds, Naibu, Paul SG, Phil Tangent, Presha, Random Movement, RoyGreen & Protone, SCAR, Sinistarr, Stray, Technicolour, Tokyo Prose, Triad, Villem.

Any forthcoming events?

You literally caught me after our last DrumObsession of the season, which was our gig #73 (or technically #84 if you count our birthdays and the special ObsessionDrivenBass nights – whenever a Bassdrive-related headliner comes to town).

Moresounds played a live act, which was a first for us, but also a first time in Poland for him.

Turned out to be a wicked night of fusing the DNB and jungle aesthetic with the hectic grooves of juke/footwork and lots of bass.

We are in the process of setting new dates for the 2016/2017 season but I can already tell you the 8th of October is gonna be a special one… Our 10th birthday event, so save the date and fly over if you wanna experience some good vibes that’s way different from any English gig.

As for my gigs outside of DrumObsession, I am proud to announce my debut UK gig courtesy of Scenic & Advisory aka Sublime DNB at The Queens Head in Redditch!

They have a wicked following of heads who know!

I attended one of their events back in Birmingham in 2011 and they’re organising a massive weekend 8-9th July.

15 Years of Dispatch Recordings on Friday and Metalheadz on Saturday.

I’m blessed to be part of the Friday lineup alongside Randall & MC Conrad, Ant TC1, Survival, Amoss, Philth, Denial, MC Fokus and LJ High, and the Saturday also has a wicked lineup, so come check it out!

13321784_10206228075291802_1962312604867202557_nCan we see you being a D&B soldier at Sun & Bass this year?


Ever since attending my first one in 2009 I’m hooked and SAB is my Mecca.

I need to do an annual pilgrimage to gather vibes for the year to come and I love meeting all the worldwide family there!

So yeah, front row centre for all the artists that I love and that I can manage to catch.

Big ups to Stefano and all the crew for a great job they’ve been doing all these years, nuff love!

Are you still head of PR and Marketing for Jazzsticks Recordings?

Sadly not.

Paul and I parted ways some time around 2014 but I’ve been helping him out since the label’s birth.

Then again he always had a really clear vision of what he wanted to achieve with Jazzsticks, so there was no way I could help him with A&R.

Then there’s also the fact Jazzsticks is such a tight-knit family of prolific jazzy DNB producers, that he probably rarely has the need to even look for music beyond that group even now!

I am currently involved in helping Mako promote Utopia Music and manage their fan page as well as their official Soundcloud and Youtube channels.

Again, I’m more a “trusted intern” and friend than a decisive person.

Steve Mako just like Paul is a man with a strong vision of how the label should grow and develop but I’m proud and honoured to be part of his team!

For all those reading this, what advice could you to them about becoming more involved in DNB?

Just do it!

In all seriousness though, it all depends on how much time you got on your hands.

I don’t think I need to stress the importance of listening to as much music as possible to be up to date with what’s going on in your favourite labels and areas of the genre, but yeah being a fan is key.

Everyone wants to be a DJ, a promoter, a producer and basically anyone that’s “above” a punter, when the truth is,it’s the fans that are the most important and it’s their support that can elevate any artist to the top or make them succeed.

If you wanna get involved in helping your favourite labels, artists or promoters just hit them up and let them know.

There’s never enough helping hands in the scene, and it will likely not go unnoticed!


Of course any final words?

I wanna send a big shout-out to anyone who made it this far in the interview.

It’s commendable, I like to talk a lot and people nowadays have the attention span of a goldfish, so big up!

On the real though, one love to my DrumObsession family (Artiztix, Impakt, Zoo-E, Yan Koveeaq, Sebastian Grzesiak and Kriss_J whereever he may be), gotta big up my Bassdrive.com family, far too many to mention, but of course mad props to DFunk, Dvus, Magik and Overfiend – the four owners keeping the thing running for so many years now, much respect to every single one of the people attending our events and supporting DrumObsession and everything I do.

Biggest of ups and the largest amount of love goes to the love of my life – Zuzia. Thank you for putting up with me for over 3 years now and not breaking a sweat. You are my biggest inspiration, supporter and motivator.

One last shout to the Drum+Basics readers out there and beyond: you make the drum & bass scene what it is.

Use your power wisely.

Elevate the artists who really have something interesting to say in their music.

Support your local promoters so that they can bring bigger and better acts for your listening pleasure.

Do not pirate music!

Also love one another, for we are all one (shouts to OneMind aka Mako & DLR, getting me on hippie vibes hahah).

Here’s the exclusive guest mix from ALEGRIA…..

Exclusive Interview & Guest Mix: Dan Science Lab Sessions

Here’s a quick interview with Dan Science who is currently representing Brazil with his radio show The lab Sessions.


 How did the passion for D&B begin?

The D&B came into my life in 2006, with the passing of years I decided to become a Dj.
Then in 2012 I started to study in a XXXperience School Anhembi Morumbi and D-Edge project graduating in 2013.

How did you build the platform for Lab Sessions?

The Program The Lab Sessions is transmitted by site dnbradio.com.br Tuesdays with a duration of 1H:30. 
Always including a special guest with an exclusive mix.
I always have programmes scheduled.

What keeps pushing you to carry on with Lab Sessions?

What keeps me keep going is this interaction with the world and the passion I have with the music, it makes me work much harder for everyone.

Who do you wish to have as an exclusive guest on Lab Sessions?

I have had many guest mixes for The Lab Sessions including Enei, Total Science, Redeyes, DBR UK, Malaky, and others. My main dream is to have as guests are Stray, dBridge, Ivy Lab, Alix Perez, Lenzman, A.I, Sam Binga and many more.

 What else can we watch out for from yourself?

More dedication to D&B also trying to push Lab Sessions more.


Any music production?

Haha music production is very hard for me.

(Forren may persuade me).

There’s so many new record labels being set up would you consider starting one?

Not really,there are many record labels that are incredible but I’m crazy about Critical Music and Soul: R.

Which producer is inspiring you at present?

Love Calibre but at present for me it is Genio,they are my inspiration at present also Stray, Forren and Alix Perez.

What would be your dream line up for an event?

There are big parties in this world,

I would have to say in my country Brazil it would be Marky & Friends, Forbass & Tendence, Blackminds but then when i think about it Europe i.e club Fabric, Sun & Bass and other events have my dream line ups.

Of course Drum + Basics classic question…

Any final words?

Drum + Basics site is amazing, interviews, mixes & interviews .. Happy to be invited to be interviewed.
This is my first interview for an English D&B site & to share some of my work.
I want to first thank God, thank the Drum + Basics for the invitation and all for believing in my work, I am very happy.

Check out Dan Science The Lab Sessions ….

DanScience features The Lab Sessions, every Tuesday at 18:30hs (brazilian time) here in Brazil DNB Radio!
18:30PM(Brazilian Time)

Here’s Dan Science Exclusive Guest Mix for Drum+Basics

Free Download: DJ MIX_R Just-another-Mix May 2016