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Exclusive Interview & Guest Mix: ALEGRIA


Hey Alegria great to be chatting to you…

Hey there, thanks for asking me to chat.,it’s a privilege and my pleasure!

 For those who don’t know tell us a bit about yourself…

My real name is Piotr Hauser, and I go by the name of Alegria (that’s ah-leg-RIYA, not a-LEG-ri-ya, mind…). It’s the Portuguese word for “joy/happiness”, and it’s been given to me in the world of capoeira the afro-brazilian martial art, which I practiced for about 8 years until hurting my back and other life obligations coming into play.

It organically became my DJ name, when I started out.

I’ve been spinning drum & bass since 2009 (which is rather late considering how many people have been following this music since day dot, but it also means I’m not a jaded old junglist who got bored with everything already.

I run a series of DNB nights in my city of Poznań (Poland),the events are named after the crew – DrumObsession.

Those who know me, know this particular name fits like a glove, cause I’m positively obsessed about the music and I guess you could even call me a DNB nerd… I also host two weekly radio shows every Wednesday: “DrumObsession” on Bassdrive.com (4-6 pm GMT) and a traditional radio show (aka no mixing) called “Połamana Lekkość Bitu” on my local FM station, 98,6 MHz – Radio Afera (10-11 pm GMT).


How does DNB compare where you live with the UK?

To be quite honest, it doesn’t.

Polish crowds didn’t really get to experience this music since the early 2000s, rave culture never really made it here, so the hardcore and jungle fundamentals weren’t established.

 Some of those styles made its way over here, but in general I’d say the majority of DNB event-goers follow the mainstream names but don’t seem so inclined to dig.

That being said, we’re one of the few events in the country that tends to attract the real heads, the diggers, the passionate nerds and just good people.

Some travel hundreds of miles to celebrate with us which is something I imagine is almost extinct a habit in the UK.

Is there anything you wish to change within D&B in your home country?

That’s a tough one.

I’d love it if more people took their time to research the music, its roots and history. That would then open them up to even more richness that the genre has.

Then again it takes education from the promoters for people to start doing that, I think.

We know the importance of that aspect, so we always try to incorporate that educational aspect and take risks with our bookings.

A few years ago I would have said: the unity between promoters from different towns and their cooperation, but we’ve come a really long way and I’m proud to be friends with so many crews, some really prolific.

We are all trying to build something here!


Why & how did you start DrumObsession?

Now that’s a question I can’t answer, because I wasn’t the one who founded it!

Kriss_J and Artiztix did back in 2006, and it started with the event name (because back then both of them were in different crews but were already running events together).

Somehow it evolved into them becoming a crew and their night became a regular staple of the IQ Club.

I guess the “why?” can only be answered one way, they wanted to hear the drum & bass vibe that was under represented in our city (despite neither of them are actually FROM Poznań, but it’s the biggest city in the area).

Fast forward to 2009. Artiztix found my first ever hour-long DNB mix I posted on a polish forum called dnb.pl, then suggested to Kriss_J they book me to play warm-up at one of their events and approached me about it.

I bet back then I was really rubbish but somehow they saw potential and wanted to have me on board.

Now after I started taking initiative as a promoter  my main goal was to bring artists whom I love but whom no-one in Poland dared to book before.

We still try to keep that cutting edge mentality nowadays and we were the first to bring artists like A Sides, Calculon, Dave Owen, DFunk, Icicle, Flaco, FD, Foreign Concept, Halogenix (even though I got him for an off-shoot night I did). Hydro, Jaybee, Komatic, LM1, LSB, Mako, Mark System, Moresounds, Naibu, Paul SG, Phil Tangent, Presha, Random Movement, RoyGreen & Protone, SCAR, Sinistarr, Stray, Technicolour, Tokyo Prose, Triad, Villem.

Any forthcoming events?

You literally caught me after our last DrumObsession of the season, which was our gig #73 (or technically #84 if you count our birthdays and the special ObsessionDrivenBass nights – whenever a Bassdrive-related headliner comes to town).

Moresounds played a live act, which was a first for us, but also a first time in Poland for him.

Turned out to be a wicked night of fusing the DNB and jungle aesthetic with the hectic grooves of juke/footwork and lots of bass.

We are in the process of setting new dates for the 2016/2017 season but I can already tell you the 8th of October is gonna be a special one… Our 10th birthday event, so save the date and fly over if you wanna experience some good vibes that’s way different from any English gig.

As for my gigs outside of DrumObsession, I am proud to announce my debut UK gig courtesy of Scenic & Advisory aka Sublime DNB at The Queens Head in Redditch!

They have a wicked following of heads who know!

I attended one of their events back in Birmingham in 2011 and they’re organising a massive weekend 8-9th July.

15 Years of Dispatch Recordings on Friday and Metalheadz on Saturday.

I’m blessed to be part of the Friday lineup alongside Randall & MC Conrad, Ant TC1, Survival, Amoss, Philth, Denial, MC Fokus and LJ High, and the Saturday also has a wicked lineup, so come check it out!

13321784_10206228075291802_1962312604867202557_nCan we see you being a D&B soldier at Sun & Bass this year?


Ever since attending my first one in 2009 I’m hooked and SAB is my Mecca.

I need to do an annual pilgrimage to gather vibes for the year to come and I love meeting all the worldwide family there!

So yeah, front row centre for all the artists that I love and that I can manage to catch.

Big ups to Stefano and all the crew for a great job they’ve been doing all these years, nuff love!

Are you still head of PR and Marketing for Jazzsticks Recordings?

Sadly not.

Paul and I parted ways some time around 2014 but I’ve been helping him out since the label’s birth.

Then again he always had a really clear vision of what he wanted to achieve with Jazzsticks, so there was no way I could help him with A&R.

Then there’s also the fact Jazzsticks is such a tight-knit family of prolific jazzy DNB producers, that he probably rarely has the need to even look for music beyond that group even now!

I am currently involved in helping Mako promote Utopia Music and manage their fan page as well as their official Soundcloud and Youtube channels.

Again, I’m more a “trusted intern” and friend than a decisive person.

Steve Mako just like Paul is a man with a strong vision of how the label should grow and develop but I’m proud and honoured to be part of his team!

For all those reading this, what advice could you to them about becoming more involved in DNB?

Just do it!

In all seriousness though, it all depends on how much time you got on your hands.

I don’t think I need to stress the importance of listening to as much music as possible to be up to date with what’s going on in your favourite labels and areas of the genre, but yeah being a fan is key.

Everyone wants to be a DJ, a promoter, a producer and basically anyone that’s “above” a punter, when the truth is,it’s the fans that are the most important and it’s their support that can elevate any artist to the top or make them succeed.

If you wanna get involved in helping your favourite labels, artists or promoters just hit them up and let them know.

There’s never enough helping hands in the scene, and it will likely not go unnoticed!


Of course any final words?

I wanna send a big shout-out to anyone who made it this far in the interview.

It’s commendable, I like to talk a lot and people nowadays have the attention span of a goldfish, so big up!

On the real though, one love to my DrumObsession family (Artiztix, Impakt, Zoo-E, Yan Koveeaq, Sebastian Grzesiak and Kriss_J whereever he may be), gotta big up my Bassdrive.com family, far too many to mention, but of course mad props to DFunk, Dvus, Magik and Overfiend – the four owners keeping the thing running for so many years now, much respect to every single one of the people attending our events and supporting DrumObsession and everything I do.

Biggest of ups and the largest amount of love goes to the love of my life – Zuzia. Thank you for putting up with me for over 3 years now and not breaking a sweat. You are my biggest inspiration, supporter and motivator.

One last shout to the Drum+Basics readers out there and beyond: you make the drum & bass scene what it is.

Use your power wisely.

Elevate the artists who really have something interesting to say in their music.

Support your local promoters so that they can bring bigger and better acts for your listening pleasure.

Do not pirate music!

Also love one another, for we are all one (shouts to OneMind aka Mako & DLR, getting me on hippie vibes hahah).

Here’s the exclusive guest mix from ALEGRIA…..

Exclusive Interview & Guest Mix: Dan Science Lab Sessions

Here’s a quick interview with Dan Science who is currently representing Brazil with his radio show The lab Sessions.


 How did the passion for D&B begin?

The D&B came into my life in 2006, with the passing of years I decided to become a Dj.
Then in 2012 I started to study in a XXXperience School Anhembi Morumbi and D-Edge project graduating in 2013.

How did you build the platform for Lab Sessions?

The Program The Lab Sessions is transmitted by site dnbradio.com.br Tuesdays with a duration of 1H:30. 
Always including a special guest with an exclusive mix.
I always have programmes scheduled.

What keeps pushing you to carry on with Lab Sessions?

What keeps me keep going is this interaction with the world and the passion I have with the music, it makes me work much harder for everyone.

Who do you wish to have as an exclusive guest on Lab Sessions?

I have had many guest mixes for The Lab Sessions including Enei, Total Science, Redeyes, DBR UK, Malaky, and others. My main dream is to have as guests are Stray, dBridge, Ivy Lab, Alix Perez, Lenzman, A.I, Sam Binga and many more.

 What else can we watch out for from yourself?

More dedication to D&B also trying to push Lab Sessions more.


Any music production?

Haha music production is very hard for me.

(Forren may persuade me).

There’s so many new record labels being set up would you consider starting one?

Not really,there are many record labels that are incredible but I’m crazy about Critical Music and Soul: R.

Which producer is inspiring you at present?

Love Calibre but at present for me it is Genio,they are my inspiration at present also Stray, Forren and Alix Perez.

What would be your dream line up for an event?

There are big parties in this world,

I would have to say in my country Brazil it would be Marky & Friends, Forbass & Tendence, Blackminds but then when i think about it Europe i.e club Fabric, Sun & Bass and other events have my dream line ups.

Of course Drum + Basics classic question…

Any final words?

Drum + Basics site is amazing, interviews, mixes & interviews .. Happy to be invited to be interviewed.
This is my first interview for an English D&B site & to share some of my work.
I want to first thank God, thank the Drum + Basics for the invitation and all for believing in my work, I am very happy.

Check out Dan Science The Lab Sessions ….

DanScience features The Lab Sessions, every Tuesday at 18:30hs (brazilian time) here in Brazil DNB Radio!
18:30PM(Brazilian Time)

Here’s Dan Science Exclusive Guest Mix for Drum+Basics

Free Download: DJ MIX_R Just-another-Mix May 2016

Exclusive Interview & Promo Mix: DNB4LIFE + DJ XTC


What is it?

& Who?

Let’s find out more…

So this year we’ve seen a new adventure happening for you both

What’s it all about?

First of all we would like to say thank you to you guys for taking the time to ask me some questions. It’s our first interview, so we are kind of excited to do this!

Secondly we would like to thank the people that have shown faith from the start, understand what we are all about and are our residents: XTC, Codebreaker, DJ Dutchie, Hijak, Agman Gora and Jesse Writes.

Without these guys we would not have a platform to build on – so we thank you!

DNB4LIFE is something that I (JG) have been thinking about for some time and we felt that this year was the right time to bring it to the forefront and get it out there.

First and foremost we are a promoter of the music we all love, that is where our passion comes from and that is what we will be about.

 The music!

The scene is very healthy at the moment, but we feel we can add something by doing events in areas of the country where the music can be pushed a bit more. Of course we will be heading into London for some events, but we feel now is the time to really push the music all over the UK & Ireland, and even overseas.

Secondly, we think it is important to have the next generation involved as much as we can. So over the next few months you can expect some announcements where we will add some up and coming talent to our brand as residents and give them a platform to build from. We think this is very important to keep the music and the scene moving forward.

Who manages this?

Me, Jasper (JG) and Adam (DJ XTC)

Take us back to the beginning why & how did this all start?

I kind of started it in my head a couple of years ago when I sensed a real positive shift in the scene and started to talking to various people in the industry about doing something like this to see what the reaction was.

Nearly everyone I spoke to felt the same and thought it was a good idea. So it was then really that I started linking up with people, to take advice on how to approach it and come up with ideas on how I want DNB4LIFE to be, ready for it be launched.

There is a long line of people who I need to thank for their support, input, advice and help!

Is there anything that is not fitting the bill for you personally and you’ve decided to take it on yourself to fill that gap?

There is one thing that we have been seeing a lot of on social media – which is something we will be focusing on for the next couple of years – and that is people outside of the usual DnB hotspots, the likes of London, Bristol, Birmingham, Brighton etc. asking for nights local to them.

With the cost of transport and accommodation it can be a rather expensive to travel to one of these locations for one night, so we are going to try to do something about this. It will take a lot of effort (a lot of local councils will need persuading) and time, but we believe we have the network behind us to make it happen.

Another thing which everyone is aware of is that venues are continually closing down, for a variety of reasons. Some of these have supported our scene and have played an integral part in promoters being able to put on events for years.

There are too many to mention, but an example of this is the Silver Bullet in London, who have just this week posted something on their page saying their lease might be bought out by a restaurant chain.

 We would urge all your readers to sign this petition:


 also we ask if everyone can support this campaign


It is vital that these venues stay in existence!

We will be doing what we can to support these venues.


So is there any forthcoming events & any partnerships with other promoters?

Our next event is for the mighty AKO Beatz label in Dublin on the 4th of June where we are collaborating with Jenni Junglist Promotions:

 Then on the 9th of June (If you are in Holland – this is a free event!) our friends over at Mass Productions have invited us to showcase some of our talents in Utrecht. Our resident DJs Dutchie, XTC and MC Agman Gora will be representing us there.

 On the 11th of June we have our first collaboration with a very talented bunch of guys called Deep Knowledge. For this one we have the legend that is Doc Scott coming to Essex hosted by the extremely talented MC Sense. This will be the first of many over the next 12 months so keep your eyes peeled!

 2nd of July we are hosting the Official Outlook Launch for Essex in Chelmsford. W are immensely proud of this line up and we are very proud to be working with a brand like Outlook for the next couple of years.

 The 6th of August we are collaborating with Payback to put on another night for AKO Beatz at PST Club in Birmingham. More details on this to follow but the date and venue are locked down for this!

 The last date which we have confirmed is one that we are already hyped about and that is an AKO Beatz Halloween label party on the 29th of October at Bar 512 in London – Trust us this one is going to be ridiculous!

 Finally, the collaboration we are all very excited about is one we are starting this year with DJ Stretch, head honcho at one of our favourite labels: AKO Beatz. We will be doing multiple promotions for his label all across the UK & Ireland this year and we have some amazing nights planned!

 So this gives our thoughts on collaboration away.We think it is very important to collaborate.

Producers in our industry do it all the time and we think for us it is important to do the same. It keeps things fresh and varied and people always have ideas that you might not have thought of.

 Will these be on a regular basis?

All these events will have a repeat event in the near future and will feature heavily on our schedule for 2017.

I think it is important that we give people something regular to look forward to and bring them fresh and varied line ups across the country and outside of the UK & Ireland as well.



Will this be a worldwide adventure?

As you know we recently had our first ever event over in Malta where we joined forces with MIB Crew (massive thanks to Jahh Roland) under the banner ABC DNB and that was a big success.

The scene is growing over there and the crowd was something to behold.We are already planning our return later this year and have some things planned for next year as well.

As we mentioned earlier we want to take things as far as we can. DnB is a worldwide thing and we want to be part of it. Holland will feature heavily next year (with Jasper being Dutch that sort of makes sense) and we are having conversations with people in various countries, as far as Canada and even Australia for 2017.

What will DNB4LIFE be achieving from this?

There will only be one thing that will benefit from this and that is the music and the people.

 Any final words?

We are here to stay and will give 100% at everything we do.

We thought about saying a special thank you to this person and that person, but we’re too worried we will miss someone out!

So, to all those who have given advice, been there to help with everything and to those that are supporting us – THANK YOU!

You know who you are. And to the rest of you; we’ll see you on the dance floor at a venue near you very soon.

Many Thanks DNB4LIFE

Here’s an exclusive promo mix from DJ XTC

Exclusive Interview & Guest Mix: Olski


Olle Hagström / Olski Dj/Producer from Stockholm Sweden has recently released a great track alongside Blaztiks.


Not much is known about Olski so Drum+Basics asked him a few Qs.

Hey Olski, 
For many years you have been producing.
How come recently we seem to be hearing your production being released & not all them years ago?

When I stopped working with SKV18 I was really self conscious about my mixdowns. I was just never happy but some of my friends kind of ended up forcing me to send some tunes to labels.

Soul deep was the first label that released my tunes and that got the ball rolling. As a producer I think it’s good to take the time to develop and make stuff that you are 100% happy with before trying to get signed.

Tell us about your present release…

It’s a collaboration single between me and another swede, Blaztiks. He had sent a batch of impressing tunes to a friend of mine via aim (bigup 2-stars). My friend suggested that me and Blaztiks should work together so I got in touch with him and we started working instantly.

We ended up with 4-5 solid ideas for tunes and finished the ones we thought was best and I sent them to Alex (Facing Jinx) who signed them to Peer Pressure.

I’m very happy with the outcome and I think our styles mix very well together.

12745654_976096802469439_4227574707066582739_nHow many more releases can we expect over the year?

You can expect an EP from me on Peer Pressure aswell as a single on Ronin Audio.

Hopefully one more single but that’s not scheduled yet. Other than that I’m also working on a Hip Hop project with two other guys that will be releasing an EP some time this year.

Do you prefer working alone or doing collabs?

The way I do collabs is mostly by sending projects back and forth with producers that are situated somewhere else.

So even if I do collabs I work alone for most of the time. If I have a solid idea of what I want a tune to sound like from beginning to end I prefer doing that alone but sometimes it’s really refreshing when someone else have a great idea so that you can focus on just making that idea into its full potential.

Drums,details or small x-factoresque quirks for instance.

What’s your studio set up & where?

I mostly make music at home and have this kind of old very small and basic setup. Midi keyboard,access virus,a Technics sl 1210, some weird mics etc.

I have great monitors but prefer to use headphones (senheiser hd-25) because my apartment isn’t acoustically treated and I know them very well sonically.

I also love working with field recordings and try to do recording sessions in the city when I have the time. When it comes to software I prefer Logic 9 but also have Logic x and Reason installed.

1459717_553365208075936_90546286_nWhat is influencing you to produce music & who are your top producers within Drum & Bass?

From an emotional point of view it’s everyday life, grey weather and big concrete housing. Usually I will start a tune with a quick drumloop and then add some sample that I chop and tweak and build a track around that.

So it can be anything from Jazz and World music (hate that term though) to Old School Hardcore/Rave.

My top producers within the scene vary from time to time but obviously Calibre, Breakage and D-bridge have all had a special place in my heart for many years.

What will you be providing the listeners for the rest of 2016?

2016 is the year that I will showcase the darker and slightly rougher side of my sound. I had a period last year when I mostly did darker rollers so a lot of these tunes will surface this year.

On the other side of the spectrum I’m currently working with Facing Jinx on some harmonic and more mellow tunes. Really excited about that.

My EP will be a sort of homeage to the labels and producers that have inspired me through out the years.

My interpretation of the vibes that drew me in to the scene to begin with.

Any final words?

If you like my music follow me on social media for the lastest updates
facebook: https://www.facebook.com/olskidnb/
instagram: olski_official

Carrier/The promise is out now on Peer Pressure Records.

Available in all major online music stores.
Big up to everyone that is supporting my music!

Here’s the Exclusive guest mix for Drum+Basics from Olski

Exclusive Interview & Guest Mix: Missin’Link.


Missin’Link from Shrewsbury,Shropshire will be hitting London @ True Romance event presents Official Re-Launch of FLEX Records this February..


Missin’Link has been producing for many years but never thought that he was capable of having a release until last year with releases on Reformed & Flex.


Now he’s determined to keep the releases rolling.


Let’s find out more…


Hey Missin’Link,

I’ve known you for many years and have sat in your old studio & had the pleasure of hearing your tunes in progress.

Dillinja vibes!


How come back then you never sent those tunes to record labels to gain interest & feedback?

I guess I was never satisfied with the tunes I was writing – for me it was more about learning the craft.

I must of wrote hundreds of tunes too, most are still on hard disk somewhere.

Also 10-15 years ago sending demo’s was a little more complicated, there was no Soundcloud or Facebook – I remember being introduced to MySpace and thinking wow!

The only track I ever did send out was a “Back2you” remix of 4Hero’s Mr Kirks Nightmare – I think I came runner up.


Things changed for me in the years after my eldest daughter was born so producing and Dj’ing were pushed to the background.

& have you still got your music from many years ago to share with us all?

I still have tracks from 2003 on my hard disk, i will certainly bring some of them back to life.

Theres some great ideas amongst them but at the time i didn’t have the ability or the technology to finish the ideas off.

Things have changed dramatically since, I recently found a box of old Akai and Atari floppy disks from around 98-99 in my Attic.

 Last year you have had releases on Flex & at present you’ve been pushing your music more.

What do you wish to achieve this year?

Last year saw the release of two tracks on Reformed plus the “Substance EP” on Flex so I definitely want to continue writing and releasing more music, I’ve got my workflow nailed now plus a lot of inspiration.

Again I’ve got another little addition to my family so finding a work/life balance is priority but I’m determined not to let it affect my music as much this time, having a few releases behind me has definitely given me more motivation.

I’d also like to get a few more Dj bookings this year, playing out seems to ignite a fire for me which in turn reflects in the music I write.


So Flex is doing a one off event..

Tell us some more about the event & what we can expect from you on the night?

So yeah, legendary Flex records is back!

To celebrate we’re hosting a re-launch party alongside True Romance.

The main man himself L Double is headlining along with Randall and JJ Frost. We have a lot of fresh Flex artists on the line-up too and even a live PA with DBO General performing “Arsonist” – It’s going to be an awesome party to celebrate the return of one of the scenes pioneering labels.

You can catch me playing an early set, I have a few dubs I want to test on the night so get your backsides down to the Qube project in London Feb 19th.

Have you any production at present which includes other producers,vocalists?

Of course the “Because of you” track on the EP features the voice of Drum+Basic’s own MaryAnne.
Currently nothing solid, although I’ve had a lot of interest from other artists.

I’d like to get some work done with other Flex artists like Motiv, L Double and of course our mutual friend CPH.

I’m currently in talks with a good vocalist too, which I’m really looking forward to.

I’ve still got a lot of work in the pipeline to get through first for releases on Reformed as well as an exciting remix of a classic Flex track.


Why did you start your weekly radio show on GlobalDnB?

Mainly to keep the ball rolling after the birth of my youngest daughter, I’ve had to turn down release offers due to time constraints but I didn’t want the trail to go cold.

I thought a good way to keep promoting my music was to play weekly on the radio, the opportunity came up so I grabbed it,globaldnb.com is a great station too, I’ve had lots of support from DJ’s like Charks, nJam and DJ Funk.

The show also offers opportunity to other DJ’s – the idea with the “Link’Up Show” is that I offer I guest slot each week to another DJ and they share the spotlight.

Can you see yourself continuing with music production in 10 years time?

Always, yes.

When can we expect your next release?

I’ve been working on a few tracks for a liquid compilation on Reformed which is due out end of Feb so keep your eyes out for that, plus lots of stuff lined up for Flex and other labels, this is going to be a busy year for me.

Any final words?

I would like to say a massive thank you to Jason Influential and to Chris CPH for kicking me back into production despite me having so much else going on.

Shout to all the DJ’s at Global, all the artists at Flex, a huge thanks to Mark Vyper at Reformed and last but no means least – Josh and Lee at Flex for believing in me.

Don’t forget to lock in to globaldnb.com Saturdays 6-8pm and check my Soundcloud page for exclusives and free downloads, hopefully we’ll see you at the Flex re-launch party 19th Feb.

Many Thanks Missin’Link for answering my Q’s & providing a mix.



Exclusive Interview & Guest Mix: IRIS.

Karen and Leigh

Iris is a female D&B Dj/producer from Seattle U.S.A.


Iris began listening to electronic music at the young age of 12.


Her musical interests started with UK Hard House,Trance and finally focused on Drum and Bass.


Iris produces D&B alongside her husband Quadrant & they both Dj in various countries together.


With her high production skills alongside Quadrant/Kid Hops they have had releases on Metalheadz,Hospital,CIA,Dispatch,Commercial Suicide plus many more.


Hey Iris,

You were listening to many different genres of music before you focused on D&B, How did you make your decision on producing D&B?

Oh boy, I went through quite a lot of genres before I think i really fully appreciated DnB.

I’ve been listening to electronic music since I was about 12, but when I started DJing I was pretty heavily into Trance and UK Hard House.

From there I moved more into techno and tech house before discovering Pendulum, at that point I fully launched into listening to and playing DnB.

Leigh (Quadrant) is really the one that got me into producing DnB. It was about a year or so after we’d got married and he kept pestering me to come join him in the studio.

It had always been something I’d dabbled in and I had a lot of ideas about so I figured I’d go for it.

 Is it your main focus or do produce other genres?

DnB is definitely the main genre, but we dabble in others here and there.

Not as much as I would like since Leigh and I don’t work that fast and we really like keeping the main focus on DnB.

We did have a tune come out for free awhile back that’s a 2-step and jackin house remix of the tune Pulse feat. Key by Heavy1.

This was a tune we did with Kyle (Kid Hops) and thought it would be fun to release under the moniker All Crew.

How do you find working alongside your partner,surely you must disagree?

We definitely disagree on occasion, our Metalheadz release, Anthropocene would have had a very different bassline if we hadn’t had an argument about it during the writing process.

That being said we have a lot of similar ideas so our opinions about where a tune should go don’t tend to become serious arguments.

 U.K D&B events whats your opinion on them?

All the events I’ve been to in the UK have been amazing experiences.

They are typically comprised of a wish list of my must see artists from start to finish so you really can’t go wrong there.

Watching Ant TC1 and Fierce go back to back in an all vinyl Dispatch vs. Quarantine set will definitely go down as one of my all time favorite sets.

Aside from that from the handful of events we’ve been to the UK has a great scene and one we’ve met some amazing people through.

540242_610795872273861_278862063_nDo the U.S.A provide better events?

It’s really hard to compare the US to the UK.

Since DnB was developed in the UK and the country is a lot smaller than the US you kind of end up with a tighter knit group.

A lot of the big players in the genre and the people who helped make it what it is live in the UK so that really shapes the events.

Its so much more accessible to people to get into and come out and listen.

In the US we’re very spread out so the events will really vary from state to state and city to city.

Seattle has a great scene and we bring a lot of DnB through the city, but I rarely see the turnout for the events here that I have in the UK.

What’s your most memorable event where you’ve played or been a raver?

This one is hard, I’m probably going to have to go with Sun and Bass though.

We met so many amazing people and saw so many amazing sets.

It was a great week from start to finish. Getting to play at it on top of all that was even better.

I witnessed you DJ in Brixton for Dispatch Recordings night along time a go & it was just a ridiculously good set!

Thanks! We had so much fun that night!

Will you be returning to the U.K soon?

I’m not sure we’ll make it out this year, but we’re definitely hoping to make another trip to Sun and Bass if at all possible.

Leigh will be in London for a short trip next month to play at the Renegade Hardware final show.

We’ll see how the year progresses though!

I’d like to make getting over to the EU at least a yearly thing.

Any forthcoming releases 2016?

We’ve made lots of promises to people for tunes that we haven’t yet completed so stuff will be coming soon!

Next month we have an EP coming out on Vandal Records and there will be another amazing release that’s quick to follow that I cannot announce yet.

That’s all that’s been set in stone at this point, but the year is early so many more releases to come!

Final Words…

Believe it or not this is always the hardest part of an interview…final words…

Thanks to everyone who’s supported our music thus far and special thanks to all the amazing producers out there who have provided us with such amazing music to play!

Hope you all enjoy the mix!

Exclusive Guest Mix: CPH (Dec 2014)

We are taking it back to 2014.

Drum+Basics Exclusive Guest Mix from upcoming producer CPH.

CPH was once known as Rapture back in the Mass Effect D&B days where those very memorable events were held every month in Shrewsbury.

CPH has now been sat in the studio & getting his head down on beats for your listening pleasure.

This is one fresh producer to listen out for in 2016!

Exclusive Interview & Guest Mix: Lost Recordings


Lost Recordings was only founded last year 2014 by Rafiki & Draize.


On this label there has been numerous of great releases from HLZ, Blacklab, L,Amour,Testa Breaks,Sixth Sense and the latest release from Narxy One.


Lost Recordings host a radio show on Originuk Dot Net supplying headz with fresh sophisticated beats.


As the label is only reaching its 1st year anniversary lets dive in a little deeper with the founders themselves.


Hey Rafiki & Draize,


 So you’re reaching your 1 year milestone with the label Congrats!

Take us back to the beginning the early days of why you started Lost Recordings.

 We looked for a few venues to push our sound through, and it was quite difficult to find the right platform.

So we decided to start Lost Recordings, we want to find all the hidden gems from producers from all levels of drum and bass.

We always used to talk about it on the drives back from origin, so we decided “nuf talk”!

 Do you wish to become a succesful big label or just keep it small and sweet?

 It’s not something that we have thought about that much, but we are always trying new things to promote ourselves, the label and our artists.

We discuss in depth our plans constantly either on our drives to radio or throughout our working week.

 On your radio shows is it strictly you two or do you have guests come along and host too?

 We play a lot just by ourselves and we really enjoy it but we love bringing Djs and Producers down to keep things varied.

It’s a great way of meeting people, we recently had Cursa down for a show with us, it was awesome and we are both big fans of their tunes.

Check out their shows http://originuk.net

 How many releases do you have planned for the rest of 2015?

We never rush releases from producers we work with, we find it is better to allow people to work at their own pace and spend real time on their projects.

At present we do have some pretty cool tunes confirmed.

1907796_1472991889627420_9059679042149841430_n Will you still be releasing your own production on your label?

We have some stuff in the pipeline not too sure on dates yet but what we can say is…..

Rafiki– I’ve been working on an EP for a while which I’m hoping to have out by the end of the year.

Its pretty hard to find the time to work on music at the moment but I’m pretty pleased with the way its come along so far and I’m looking forward to getting it finished and released.

Draize– I have been working on a remix for one of my favourite musicians which I am really excited about, I have just finished the first phase of it.

 Will you be considering launch events for your label or just keep everything plain and laid back?

 We have a confirmed date next year for an event that we are currently working on. We have a line up confirmed that we are really excited about!

 Any final words?

 We wanna give a massive shout out to all the people who have supported and worked with Lost this last year :HLZ, Cursa, Amoss, Mauoq, All the Guys at Origin, Narxy One, Testa Breaks, LNO, Sixth Sense, Belly & Spar, Caloz, Hunger, Miles and Ben at Dose, La’more, Bodee, Chloe Exodus, Yara , the Inreach crew, Craig Spindall & Sam Kalm, Mum, Dad and Imaginary Friend!

Fresh Mix for your ears from Lost Recordings!


Drum+Basics Presents: Kasper Audio Interview & Promo Mix.



Kasper is a young male producer from North America.

 His music continues to be supported by DJ Marky, Bryan G, Random Movement, Command Strange and Technimatic.

Kasper first debut was back in 2013 “Brooklyn Standard EP” on Celsius Recordings.

His production is soulful & funky,his DJ sets are the full spectrum of D&B.

 In 2013,he won the Red Bull U DJ Master award in Minneapolis & continues to travel worldwide to entertain music lovers.

Hey Kasper great to be asking you a few Qs.

You’ve been known to be a Liquid D&B producer.

What’s your opinion on this ?

Thanks for hitting me up, Mary-Anne!

It was great to meet you at Sun and Bass this year.

Yes, I suppose I set myself up for that one. There’s no denying that my sound tends to hit the more melodic, funky vibes that are classified as liquid. That being said, I love ALL drum and bass.

My DJ sets tend to be a mix of everything hopefully my mix included with this interview showcases that.

In my opinion, sticking to just one style for a whole set is a bit dull.

Am i right thinking that you are a classically trained musician?

Yes, I was forced by my lovely parents to play the piano starting at the age of 6.At the time I hated it!

However, this ended up developing my love and knowledge of music.  I switched, by choice, to the violin at the age of 11 or so.

I actively played the violin in several quartets and orchestras around the Minneapolis Minnesota area for 8 years.

 I’ve taken a load of classic music theory but I really don’t like it. I prefer to play by ear. When I was 16, I started messing around in a garage band on my computer.

It wasn’t long until I put down the violin and purchase Logic 9.

Do you produce other genres of music?

Minneapolis has nice house and techno scenes.

We are also a national hub for underground hiphop with locally based record label Rhymesayers Entertainment. I’m constantly inspired by what my friends in these areas are doing.

So, yes…  I’ve got a pretty solid collection of hiphop instrumentals and house tunes. Most of the house tunes are up for free on my soundcloud. 

How did you begin your journey into D&B?

Let me set the stage for you UK/European heads.

I grew up in a suburb to Minneapolis known as Bloomington, home of the MALL OF AMERICA (which sucks btw).  It’s about an 8 hour drive from Chicago.

Everyone around me listened to country music or classic rock and called anything even remotely electronic sounding “Techno.”

Culturally, the place was like a stale piece of white bread.

I caught onto the hiphop greats like Big L, Nas, BIG, Pete Rock, ATCQ etc through my close friend Mike D.

It was his older brother, John, that introduced me to D&B and turntables at the age of 15. At home, I stumbled across Bassdrive.com and started listening while doing school work.

That was it, i was hooked.

I’m admittedly “new school.” I’m trying to learn the history and stay up to date with the present all at the same time.

Respect to the old school heads that have been junglists as long as I’ve been alive.

Does North America supply a good dose of D&B?

North America supplies some of the best D&B in the world, in my humble opinion.

Guys like Random Movement, Jaybee, Dave Owen, Submorphics, Stunna, Homemade Weapons, TRAC, Sub Killaz (the list goes on) are really turning heads and moving crowds.

I enjoy that these North American producers pushing the sound forward aren’t afraid to take risks musically and don’t give a shit about the politics/limelight.

There’s really no room for egos in NA D&B. Those chumps swiftly move on…

As far as events go, North American D&B is healthy right now and getting stronger.

Minneapolis has a few promoters that have been throwing nights regularly for over a decade (shout out to Cosmo, Nick Twist, Easyrider, and Brace).

Nationally, there are some great things happening too. More and more frequently there are UK and European headlining acts coming over for tours and hitting the festivals. That, to me is proof that things are healthy and progressing.

Shout out to the South American family killing the game right now, too. That Brasil crew knows how to do it proper. You know who you are!

What events have you enjoyed playing at the most?

It’s hard to pick one in particular. My gigs in New York City have always been special.. The last time was in December of 2014 with Stunna, TRAC, Will Miles and Sopheye. The promoter was on top of shit, the venue was packed, and the vibes were strong.

I also really enjoyed playing Poznan Poland back in 2011 for DrumObsession. I opened things up for Foreign Concept. That was one of my earlier events, and it really inspired me to keep pushing myself.

What’s your plan for releases?

Forthcoming in October on Fokuz is Kasper & Satl – Mr. Funky as part of the Mr. Funky (Various Artists) EP.

This one’s been getting some great support this summer, including DJ Marky, Random Movement, and Intelligent Manners.

The rest of the EP features tracks from Pixel, Madcap, and a Saxxon and BCee remix of a Phase tune.

LOTS in the works.

avatars-000151159689-n51zcu-t500x500Already released this year:

Kasper & BrokenDrum – Don’t Know Why – Fokuz

Kasper & JLogic – Recognize – Fokuz

Kasper – Capture Your Mind – Fokuz

Kasper – Operation Dub – Fokuz

Kasper & Satl – Ready – Fokuz

Kasper & Londy – Don’t Stop – Fizzybeats

Kasper – Blockhead – Fokuz Source of Life LP

Kasper – Vivaldi (Mos Remix) – Fokuz Source of Life LP

Kasper – The Low Road – Fokuz

Kasper & Satl – We Could Always – Fokuz

Anything special lined up?

I recently took control of the Fokuz Recordings Podcasts.

Be sure to check those out at the end of each month!

Big shouts to Marco and Valentin for all they do.

Final words..

Head on over to KasperAudio.com for more info, tunes, mixes, and free downloads.

Check out Kasper Audio – 2015 Promo Mix


Many Thanks Kasper…

Exclusive Interview & Guest Mix: Tephra & Arkoze


Tephra & Arkoze are Dj/Producer collab from

Hertfordshire UK.

They have many years of Djing experience and have been mainly focusing on production since 2011.

2013 seen their first release on Proximity Records Contrast E.P 

This duo are well known for their Dj sets within Nutured beatz where they have played numerous times supplying deeper vibes on the night.

There’s more releases lined up from themselves on Invisible Recordings, Proximity Recordings, Nurtured Beatz plus more that we will sure find out about soon. 

 Lets get to know these chaps more.

Hey fellas,

This year has certainly been a busy one for you two.
Whats been your best experience within D&B so far?

It would be hard for us to put it down to one thing, playing at the Sun & Bass DJ Comp Finals was definitely up there for both of us, as is our forthcoming release on Invisible Recordings.

Why did you both decide to produce D&B in 2011?

After years of mixing we started to workout the structure of a track, so decided to give production a go. At first we did it separately and one summer when James was back from Uni we decided to collaborate. We did some tutorials with Simon from Vicious Circle, and Rhys did one before that with Nick Data. From there we started to take production more seriously.

Why didn’t you two start earlier?

We often ask ourselves the same question. To be honest we never really thought about it too much before, Rhys tried teaching himself but didn’t have much luck! This is what lead to the tutorials.

I know you two are great friends but do you ever have big disagreements in the studio?

 We wouldn’t say we have big disagreements but like any duo or group in music we both have our own ideas that can sometimes collide. However, most of the time we tend to agree with each others input, often replicating each others thoughts.

Would you both prefer to be collab with other producers?

We think it depends on who you are working with.Sometimes we collab with people that work in very different ways to us and it can be tricky to get your thoughts on a project. However we have worked with many artists that work in a similar way, which can be beneficial as everyone has their own ideas which easily expressed.

When can we hear the next release?

Our next release is a track entitled ‘Pattern’ and is a collab with Survey, this one is forthcoming on Invisible Recordings and is out on both digital and vinyl format. Audio for this track is included in our guest mix.

What’s on the agenda for you both in these last few months of 2015?

We are headlining at a night called Abstract in Northampton next month, and then we playing at Addictive Behaviour x In-Reach @ Konnect (London) in December!

So here’s the rolling exclusive guest mix featuring their forthcoming release alongside Survey on Invisible Recordings.



Introducing: Thomas B. Exclusive interview and guest mix

For people who are not familiar with you, please introduce yourself…thomas

Hello I am Thomas B short for Thomas Brinson. I grew up on Long Island, NY and have been living in Tucson, Arizona for the last 12 years. I love all forms of music, creativity, art and expression as long as it is done well, with good intent, with passion and dedication to the craft. I have been a dj pushing mostly drum and bass since 1996

How did you end up producing music, and for how long have you been doing it?

I started producing around 2010. I have always been interested in making music but spent so long as a dj getting booked regularly it was hard to gather the time and equipment necessary to persue production. Around 2010 I started to sit with a close friend Corbin Dooley. He showed me ableton and I have been hooked ever since then.

What do you do when you’re not producing music?

I hang with my lovely wife, go on hikes, hang with close friends and explore Tucson and I try to eat the best food I can find. I love to try new dishes and going out to eat at restaurants. I love to look at art magazines like Juxtapoz, VNA, and High Frutcose. I help throw events with long time friend Ronnie Spece of PHAT Entertainment. I have a career as a Logistics Supervisor for a Herman Miller furniture dealer here in Tucson which keeps me very busy during the week.

jungleHow would you describe your music?

Soulful, techy, ethereal, textural, bass.

Is it only drum&bass you produce?

I also make footwork/ juke, hip hop, half step (If that’s separate) and some dub step. I try not to pigeon hole my creativity.

You’ve done an absolutely amazing mix for us – thank you and big up! What can you tell us about it?

I wanted to shine light on the Free Love Digi VS E.P picking some of my favorite bits from the compilation while mixing in some of my favorite tunes at the moment from the likes of Crypticz, Eprom, Subtension and Spectrasoul.

Favourite producer?

To hard to narrow down to one. Right now I would have to say Alix Perez, Eprom, Amon Tobin, Noisia, Om Unit and I love most everything the Ivy Lab dudes do. Most everything on Exit records gets my attention.

What do you prefer: to go out raving or producing/djing?

Producing/ djing. It takes a lot for me to go “Rave” if I am not involved with the show in some way or if its not a huge act that I never get to see here in Arizona. I’m old guy married status so going out isn’t as easy as it used to be ;)

What inspires you to make music, if anything?

Nature, Urban walks, the beach, a piece of art work, film and good conversation.

What kind of studio set up do you have?

I use Ableton as my daw. I’m a pc guy myself and had a buddy build a hefty machine a couple years ago. For out board gear I have an Aturia microbrute, a Teenage Engineering Op-1 and a tiny fun little korg volca keys. I use Adam f5 as my monitors and I treated my room with acoustic foam to reduce reflections.

Any forthcoming releases we should keep our ears out for?

I have a tune called “Body Business” that will be coming out on LowRise Sounds Volume 3. I am unsure of the release date on that.

What’s next for Thomas B?tommy_websize-32

I am currently working on a mixed tempo solo ep and haven’t begun to shop it yet. Stay tuned:) I am also working on a collab E.P with my buddy Tyler aka Tetrakt pretty heavy minimal stuff. And Ghast and I have flirted with the idea of doing another collab project but have not started anything solid yet.

Any famous last words?

Shout outs to the boss man Quentin Hiatus, Ronnie Hardcase, Ghast, Tetrakt, The AZ DNB community and the LowRise Sounds crew.

Thank you!

Don’t forget to enjoy the exclusive guest mix…