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Exclusive Interview & Guest Mix: Taelimb

Hey Taelimb and thank you for answering my questions for drum+basics! Let’s start with the obvious; your name. Where did you get that from?

I went through loads of names years back when trying to settle on something and every time I found a cool name there were already hundreds of other DJs who had got there before me. So I decided to come up with something random. Now when you Google Taelimb, nothing but me comes up. I only wish I had made it a one syllable word so that people couldn’t miss pronounce or misspell my name.

You are a DJ and you produce music; how did you start? Have you experimented with other genres as well?

I started out making hip hop when I was around 18 because that and Jungle was what the London scene was all about. Now I mainly release DNB and definitely enjoy producing it the most. I’ve started to enjoy DJing more recently, it’s far more fun playing out to a crowd than to a wall in my bedroom.

Where do you make your music and what’s your set up like?

Most of my music is made at home on my set up in my bedroom, mainly on my headphones (Beyerdynamic dt880 pros). I also have a pair of Yamaha 880s, which for the money are awesome. Apart from that, it’s just an iMac, some good plugins and a midi key board. I only really go in to the studio for final mix downs and to test masters, etc.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

I draw inspiration from all kinds of places, sometimes I just go wondering around my house with my Zoom, recording all kinds of stuff to sample and then manipulate on the computer.

Also just trying to listen to as much music as possible from non DNB genres, like grime, house dub even metal.

Favourite DJ/producer right now?

OOOOoooh thats hard! Can’t pick one! but defo Breakage, Alix Perez, Arkaik, Conscience, Amoss, Fre4nkcy, Data 3, I could go on and on and on…

Do you do any collabs as well?

My longest standing collaborator is Conscience; he’s the only one who will really put up with me. But I generally find I work best on my own. I also finished tracks with Fearful and Anile. I’ve got loads that I have started with other people though I just never seem to get them finished.

Your new EP has recently been released on Demand Records. Tell us about that!

YES! Finally got something out, the EP is called Snapback. I haven’t released in ages but I’m now back in full production mode. Got loads more projects in the pipeline so keep your eyes peeled on my Instagram and Facebook pages. There’s a mix of tunes in there, so should be something for everyone, a bit for the dance floor and some deeper stuff too.

When you’re not being a cool producer, what do you do?

I am a carpenter and build studios, acoustic spaces and refurbish houses and flats. I also love martial arts, which I have been doing in various forms since I was 15.

I haven’t seen you out in AGES – do you still go out raving?

Yeah I do, but it tends to be more so when I’m playing out or have been invited somewhere specifically. I still love raving, but it just gets harder and harder to recover these days!

When can we see you DJ anytime soon? Just played a DNB Arena night at Studio 338, which is a sick venue. Next up I’ve got a gig in Bristol on the 23rd November with the MTF crew. They are relatively new to the scene but they put on banging nights.

You’ve done a wicked mix for us, tell us a bit more about it.

Tried to take you on a little journey through some of the new and old music out there that is inspiring me at the moment and gets me excited about what’s happening in our scene at the moment.

What’s next for Taelimb?

At the moment really trying to make a big push for next year – got a load of projects; one in particular that i’m quite excited about involving Joe Raygun and Visionobi. I also have a couple of other EP’s coming in the next few months so keep an eye out for those too!

Other than that I am getting some help from a friend of mine Paleblu. He has been helping to manage me and my socials, pushing Taelimb as a brand etc so hopefully this will lead to generally getting a bigger following behind me and open up more opportunities in the DNB comunity

Any famous last words or shout outs?

Big up to all who have supported the new EP, legends!!!! and Carlos at Demand for putting in so much work for such little reward, man is a diamond and the label should get more credit!

Obvs all my Flexout gang and the all the girls repping hard for our scene right now!!! Big up Sweetpea, Kyrist, Djinn and all the others putting in the hard work, about time we had a push for some more female involvement in the DNB scene.

Oh yeah and Paleblu for hooking me up with his show on reprezent radio 107.3fm, will be on every 2nd month – first one in October with Breakage and MC Visionobi

Featured Mix: Cathy Whatever – September Mix

September digital mix!


1. Let The Truth Be Heard – Mako – Samurai Music
2. Push Through It – Calibre + Jet Li – Function Records
3. Warriors – Acid Lab & Scale – Skeleton Recordings
4. Restart – Vromm – Cosmic Bridge
5. Spiral – Eusebeia – Repertoire
6. Retina – Homemade Weapons & Red Army – Samurai Music
7. Return to Swanborough – Ilk – Repertoire
8. Never been to Berghain – Om Unit & Sam Binga – BUnit
9. Konsequence (Original Mix) – Dead Sync + Kilobite – Lost Recordings
10. Bounty Hunter (Homemade Weapons Remix) – Apostroph – Eternia Music
11. Believe (Original Mix) – KITT – Lost Recordings
12. Pitch Black – Skeptical – Exit Records
13. Concussion – Artilect – Samurai Music
14. Empire – Survey, Tephra & Arkoze – Dispatch Recordings
15. Skysteppa – Benny L – Metalheadz
16. Don’t Talk Back – Sweetpea – Terabyte Records
17. Memory Glitch – Rizzle – Dispatch Recordings
18. Send Out The Patrol – NotioN – Eternia Music

26/10, Birmingham. Broken Minds – Halloween Jungle Ft: Kenny Ken


Kenny Ken
Dj Escape
Vytol DnB

Hosted by Mc Busta DNB & Mc Margaman

£5 / £8 tickets at Skiddle

Hare & Hounds Kings Heath

Hare & Hounds, High Street, Kings Heath, B14 7JZ Birmingham

5/10, Birmingham. Liquescent 1st Birthday @ Lab11


LTJ Bukem

+ residents

hosted by : Visionobi / Ruthless



B5 5NL Birmingham, United Kingdom

3/11, Birmingham. Break Thru x TNQ @ Amusement 13

Break Thru x The North Quarter

+ more tba


Amusement 13

71 Kent Street, B5 6RD Birmingham, United Kingdom

15/9, Bristol. Jungle Vision @ Lakota

– Line Up –

MAIN ROOM (Raze the Roof Stage Takeover):

Ray Keith
The Brockie & Det experience
Jumpin Jack Frost
Nicky Blackmarket
Tribe Steppaz w/ Ragga Twins
Bryan Gee

Moon Club:

Ruffneck Ting Takeover (Line up TBA)


Raze the Roof Residents

Tickets start from £5

Lakota – Bristol

6 Upper York Street, Stokes Croft, BS2 8QN Bristol, United Kingdom

8/9, Bristol. Lakota presents: A History of Drum & Bass


Special Guest TBA
Buckfast Boys Club
A R Records
Bristol City Music
Calm & Collective
Dj Low
+ more tba



On the 8th of September get ready to take a journey through the D’n’B vaults from the classic jungle tracks of the 90s to the hard-hitting sounds of jump up. A selection of local Bristol DnB acts alongside special guests will provide the soundtrack to your Saturday night!

Lakota – Bristol

6 Upper York Street, Stokes Croft, BS2 8QN Bristol, United Kingdom

Free Download: Space Age Volume 1 by DRS & LSB

DRS & LSB present Space Age Volume 1
SpaceCadet001 coming soon

5/10, London. Break ‘Another Way’ Album Launch Party w/ Special Guest + DLR

Symmetry Recordings boss Break joins us for a huge Friday night of DnB with the labels biggest hitters to celebrate the release of his forthcoming album ‘Another Way’.

With Symmetry Recordings releasing a wide spectrum of high quality music the label is home to many of the scenes most exciting names including Calyx & Teebee, DJ Die, SpectraSoul and Kyo.

For this album launch, Break will be joined by a very special guest, fellow Symmetry Recordings and Shogun affiliate DLR, Total Science, SP:MCc and LX One.


32-37 Cowper St, EC2A 4AP London, United Kingdom

20/10, London. DBridge Album Launch @ Village Underground

One of DnB’s true all-time greats, dBridge, launches his first LP in 10 years alongside some very special guests at Village Underground. The iconic 90’s selector will be spinning some of the purest rhythms in DnB discourse to transcend you through to the early hours.

A veteran producer and one of the most experienced artists in Drum & Bass, Darren White aka dBridge, is an artist whose multiple transformations and evolutions glide through a staggering list of achievements. Over the course of a long and distinguished career, he has been at the heart of some the most exciting collaborative partnerships Drum & Bass has ever seen, from Future Forces to Bad Company and Club Autonomic.

Today, dBridge, continues to drop equally diverse and genre defying DJ sets at events across the world. However, there are surely none as special as this, which marks the release of his first album in a decade!

With special guests Radioactive Man, Skeptical and Fixate also taking on selecting duties, this is an truly unmissable night for DnB-heads.


Village Underground

54 Holywell Lane, EC2A 3PQ London, United Kingdom

5/10, Liverpool. Kaiju Promotions Presents History Sessions @ District

▀▀ ★LINE-UP ★ ▀▀

T>I (Low Down Deep – Co-Lab)
SOURCE DIRECT (Metalheadz – Good Looking)
DJ Dappa G
★ Ballistik
★ Sick & Twisted

★ RivalTechnique
MC Steppa
★ Mela-Don (KoolLondon)


▀▀ ★ DATE, VENUE & ENTRY ★ ▀▀
Friday 5th October 2018
District, 61 Jordan St, Liverpool L1 0BW
Doors open 10.00pm – 4am
Last Entry is 3:00am ;)
Ages 18+

▀▀ ★ ACCEPTED I.D.★ ▀▀
Ideally something with your name & photo. We may ask to see your social media page on your phone to check details if there’s an issue with your ticket.

Over 18’s, your ID must be valid


61 Jordan Street, L1 0BW Liverpool

Exclusive Guest Mix: Blaine

We are very pleased to introduce our latest exclusive guest mix, this time from the one they call Blaine.

Track list

Luiqicty – Deepe Vibe
SCAR – One of Our Own
Digital, Flava, Horrific James – LAVA
Black Barrel – Time-Tombs
Rude Operator – Arrowhead
SD – Elevator Swing
Kasra – Truly One (Enei Remix)
Voltage – Submarine
Jubei and Marcus Intalex – Lubbly Jubbly
Foreign Concept, Monty – Ron Millonario
SCAR – Close My Eyes (ft. Martyna Baker)
SD – Cold Blade
SCAR – Clear as Day
Nymfo, ZeroZero – Soundboy
Arkaik, Mystic State – Cobalt
Vorso – Needle (QZB Remix)
Break, Kyo – Who Decides
Break, Fields, Villem, Mcleod – Intention Dub

Enjoy <3