Exclusive Interview: FD – Sun & Bass Curator 2016.

FD has deep roots in Europe’s underground scene which sees him providing varied styles of D&B in his DJ sets.


FD music production has the same characteristics of his mixes,ambient ,up beat & unique elements.


FD has had releases on recognisable labels like Soul:R, Metalheadz, Critical and Subtitles.


In the studio he has already collaborated with well-respected producers including Lenzman, Ulterior Motive, Fracture and vocalist Collette Warren.


Here’s a short Q&A with FD.


What gave you the push to start music production?

I was 19 and had a good friend who had already been making tunes for some time.
He offered me to come and make some tracks and I really enjoyed it, even if I had no idea what was going on!
We did a few together and I quite got the bug for it.
Eventually about 5 or 6 years later I bought my own set up, and that’s when I started taking things a bit more seriously – although I’d say I didn’t make a tune I was happy(ish!) with till about 4/5 years later!

Over the last few years you have collabed with various producers & last couple of releases have been solo.
Will we see this more often in 2016 or will you be back in studio working alongside others?

A lot of my early releases were collabs as I love working with people, i find it really enjoyable – but i then wanted to spend some time doing some solo stuff and really try to develop what ‘FD’ stood for, and get better at my craft.
I’ve really enjoyed doing that, but as I said, I love working with people too, so I’ve just recently started some collabs with a few producers whose work I like and respect and I hope some of them will see the light of day of soon!

Any producers you wish to work with?

Quincy Jones! Of course many good dnb ones too…

On that note,forthcoming releases?

I’m currently finishing EPs for SUNANDBASS Recordings and CIA, i hope they’ll see the light of day at the back-end of 2016, early 2017.

When can we expect you in the UK Djing?

I’m about a fair bit, have had some great gigs in London and Bristol recently – looking forward to many more!

FD has been officially announced as one of the Curators for this years Sun & Bass festival in Sardinia.


Do you have a lot of input with Sun & Bass recordings?

Yes, I’m helping with the label and releasing music with them.
My next EP should be coming soon!

Recently numerous of D&B producers have started their own record label…
What’s your opinion on this?

I understand why people do it, and it’s something I’ve personally always wanted to do.
It’s a great feeling to be able to control how a product looks, sounds, feels all the way from start to finish and you can really make it exactly how you want.
There’s also financial benefits too and you can control scheduling to suit you etc.

So you’re saying you would consider starting an independent record label?

 Yes deffo.

Any final words?

Thanks a lot for having me and apologies for the longness! 

Many Thanks FD.

Keep up to date with FD music here…

& social media here https://www.facebook.com/fdbeats




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