9/8, London. Calibre + Ben UFO + Joy Orbison + Kahn



Joy Orbison

Calibre’s Dub Lab (powered by RC1):

Kahn (All Night)

For 10 consecutive Fridays throughout July, August and September, Calibre brings some vey special guests to the XOYO booth…

Simply put, who knows what will happen when three of the most beloved DJs and produces enter out booth on the same night. All have elevated the craft of DJ’ing into an art form, delivered ethereal productions which has changed the sonic landscape and above all – creates a sense of euphoria on every dance floor through intertwining countless number of genres.

Green Room: Caibre’s Dub Lab

We’ve installed Sinai Sound System and RC1 to power the green room aka Calibre’s Dub Lab every Friday. Over the weeks, Calibre has invited a variety of guests to play dub sets in addition to some of his own dub heroes.

Up in the Dub Lab we have one of the pioneers of dubstep, Kahn. Raised on reggae, dub, dubstep & drum and bass, be prepared for the best on-point vinyl-only and dubplate-heavy DJ set from an icon who moves between styles effortlessly.


32-37 Cowper Street; Shoreditch; London EC2A 4AP; United Kingdom

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