6/3, London. London Some’ting


Shotz TSC

MC Moose
MC Det
MC Irah

London Some’ting is a celebration of the UK music scene stemming from the early London sound system parties of the 80s, through to the Acid House parties of the 90s, on to Hardcore, Jungle, UKG, Dubstep, Grime, House and all other music genres that make up the current UK electronic music scene.

Founder of London Some’ting Records, Dj Ron has been a part of the Hackney music scene since the TNT Roadshow squat parties of the 80s through to his Jungle heyday of the 90s “…like the samples used to create our music, I want to throw parties with a mix of Djs, music and ravers…I don’t really mind what the DJs play, they’re all at the top of their game and its a pleasure having them on board”.


Orange Yard Soho
Manette Street, W1D 4JB London, United Kingdom

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